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All about the RV Lifestyle – News, Tips, Trip and camping reports and ideas


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All about the RV Lifestyle – News, Tips, Trip and camping reports and ideas








The Best Internet for RV Nomads

Finding the best Internet for RV Nomads is a daunting task but we have the best advice for you in this episode of the RV Podcast from the two experts who know more about the topic than anyone else you can find. With the help of Chris and Cherie of Technomadia, the RV Lifestyle’s top Internet experts, we’re going to tell you what companies and what plans are the best for today’s demanding RVer. They candidly warn us what companies to stay away from and what service providers are offering the...


RV Podcast 312: RV Stories from Real RVers living the RV Lifestyle

This week in the RV Podcast Interview of the Week, we’ll hear from a group of RVers who will share their individual RV stories about how they got into the RV Lifestyle, what challenges they’ve had, and what the RV Lifestyle is really like. These are REAL RV stories from REAL RVers, unedited and I think you’ll find them very encouraging. Inspirational even. Whether you are a newbie RVer, someone just dreaming about getting an RV, or an experienced RVer for many years, I know you’re going to...


RV Podcast 311: Try Moochdocking for cheap RV Overnights

You surely have heard the term moochdocking by now, a variation on the boondocking trend that is so popular with RVers these days. While boondocking is typically off-grid camping in remote areas, moochdocking is camping – usually without hookups – in people’s driveways or the back of their property. This week, we’ll learn about a new website that will help you find places to inexpensively do some moochdocking, offering still another resource for RVers who want to avoid overcrowded and...


RV Podcast 310: Great News about the 2021 Quartzsite RV Show [IT’S ON!]

This week we learn about the 2021 Quartzsite RV Show, scheduled Jan. 16-24. This just may be the biggest RV show in the world, drawing from the estimated 750,000 to 1 million visitors (most in RVs) who flock to the tiny desert town every January. Our guest on the RV Podcast Interview of the Week is Kimmy King, producer for the 2021 Quartzsite RV Show. Plus we have lots of RV news, tips and travel ideas, including an off the beaten path report from the Burketts. You can listen to the podcast...


RV 309: The maddening frustrations of getting RV repair and service

The first thing RV owners learn when they start the RV Lifestyle is that if something can break… it will. The second thing is getting RV repair and service done is never an easy task. That’s one of the top reasons many RV fulltimers are coming off the road. RV repair and service is nothing like automobile service. Getting parts, warranty service and repairs can easily take weeks. Before COVID, the average wait time for RV repair or service was 21 days, according to the national RV Technical...


RV Podcast #308: Overnight RV Parking at churches

Tired of noisy Walmarts and crowded CrackerBarrels for your overnight stops? Now you can do Overnight RV Parking at churches where it's quiet, secluded, and safe. This week in the RV podcast interview of the week, we learn all about Faithful Parking, a website that helps RVers find overnight RV parking at churches. Often those spots come with electric hookups, too. Plus we have RV News of the week, tips about getting rid of mice in an RV, and an off the beaten path report from the Burketts....


RV Podcast 307: Who says you can’t boondock in a big rig?

There are a lot of RV myths out there and one big one is that you can’t boondock in a big rig. This week, we dispel that bit of fake news by introducing you to two couples who not only boondock in big RVs, but both are thriving on it! Jason and Rae Miller are known as the Getaway Couple on their blog and YouTube community and they travel and boondock regularly in a huge Fifth Wheel. Mark and Julie Bennett, who publish the RV Love channel and blog and are authors of a very popular book on...


RV Podcast 306: How to find a campsite despite the crowds

A lot of RVers are asking these days: How to find a campsite despite the crowds? The national news media has been filled with stories in recent weeks claiming that campgrounds are bursting at the seams across the country as people are taking up camping and RVing because they are afraid to take traditional vacations or stay in hotels, fly airplanes or deal with crowds in amusement parks and resorts. Believe it! This week in Episode 306 of the RV Podcast, we hear from real campers who tell us...


RV Podcast 305: What RV travel during COVID is REALLY like

This week in the RV Podcast, we hear what RV travel during COVID is like. RVers from across North America candidly share their experiences, what was open, what was closed, how welcome they were, and what it’s like trying to do the RV Lifestyle in these challenging times. This week in our interview of the week segment we turned to our RV Lifestyle social media followers for their insight into RV travel during COVID as they encountered restrictions and shutdowns in various locations. There is...


RV Podcast #304: Rising COVID fears and RV Travel

Rising COVID fears and RV Travel uncertainty are causing RVers to stay closer to home and be much more cautious in their plans for the rest of the summer and into fall. As the nation once again finds COVID rates dramatically rising, RVers are wondering what to do with summer travel plans. "Should we stay or should we go?" is a question we've been asked a lot this past week. So in this 304th episode of the RV Podcast, we're going to talk about that. We’ll share our feelings and hear from a...


RV Podcast 303: What RV travel looks like for the rest of the year

With travel restrictions looming again, here's our best take on what RV travel looks like for the rest of the year. As COVID-19 raises its ugly head again with more infections and hospitalizations, things that once were opening are closing again. This week on the RV Podcast Episode 303, we offer straight talk about what the rest of the year may look like for RVers. Plus we have an interview about an interesting place where RVers can go to get their RVs renovated called RV Renovation Camp. We...


RV Podcast #302: A handy RV toll road pass

In this jampacked 302nd Episode of the RV Podcast: We’ll learn about a handy RV toll road pass. We’ll also share the most important questions you should ask when taking possession of a new RV and we’ll report the RV News of the week during these very challenging times. Here’s a player to the audio version of this RV Podcast episode. You can also listen to the RV Podcast on your favorite podcast app. A full article with links, transcripts, photos, and other resources follows: Show Notes for...


8 Super Easy Tips on How to Sell Your RV

This week on the RV Podcast, we give you inside tips on how to sell your RV. Don't get low balled from a dealer that offers to buy it or take it in as a trade-in. Sell it yourself! We did and the process couldn't have gone more smoothly. And in the process, we learned a lot that literally saved us tens of thousands of dollars when it came time to sell our RV so we could buy a new one. This week in Episode 301 of the RV Podcast, we share our personal experience in selling our RV (we did so...


RV Podcast #300: Top 10 RV Rules for Couples who want to get along

This week on the RV Podcast, we share our Top 10 RV Rules for Couples who want to get along in a motorhome! In honor of this being the 300th episode of the RV Podcast, we will share our Top 10 Rules for RV Couples who want to get along in the confined space of an RV. The advice is timeless, especially with so many newcomers coming to the RV world. We also have lots of important RV news this week, plus your RV questions, RV tips, and a fun off the beaten path report from the Burketts. Show...


Off the Beaten Path: RV Podcast Trip to the world of carnivorous plants

By Tom & Patti Burkett RV Podcast Off the Beaten Path Reporters This spring our rhubarb plant went out of control. It sprouted three huge flowering stalks which bent from their own weight and then grew sideways and then up again reminding us of nothing so much as Audrey 2 from the Little Shop of Horrors. “Feed me!” we imagined her saying as we passed close by. So Patti got out the clippers and lopped off her offending parts, then most of the leaves (from which she mad rhubarb pudding cake,...


RV Podcast 298: RV Battery and RV air conditioner gadget hack for boondocking and moochdocking

We love our RV air conditioner…except when it’s really hot and we’re boondocking or moochdocking and we don’t have enough RV battery power to run it. That's where SoftStartRV comes in. This week on the RV Podcast we dig deeply into RV battery and power management challenges faced by those who enjoy off-the-grid boondocking or moochdocking (camping in the driveways of friends and relatives) and want to run their RV air conditioner. Our guest in the RV Podcast interview segment is a top RV...


RV Podcast: Summer RV Trip Challenges 2020

Your summer RV Trip faces unprecedented challenges this year. We’re still in the middle of the coronavirus pandemic. Camping and non-essential travel is restricted in many places. Dangerous riots have erupted across America in every major city and in many smaller ones. The Canadian border is closed. There are safety concerns, financial concerns, and seemingly a new crisis every day. This week in the RV Podcast, we talk about those summer RV trip challenges and how you can make your RV travel...


RV Podcast Good News: The RV Lifestyle has resumed!

The RV Lifestyle and camping looks different than it does before the lockdown but on this episode of the RV Podcast we have lots of news about the RV Lifestyle resuming. People are out and about in their RVs, and we’re going to report on the RV Podcast about what’s open for camping, what’s not and how RVers are finally setting out once again after a very active Memorial Day weekend that saw many campers getting out there for the first time in months. We’ll have the latest…plus RV tips, an...


RV Financing changes: Your complete new guide to RV loans for 2020

RV sales are booming these days like we haven’t seen in years. But knowing the ins and outs RV financing and RV loans can be a daunting task. With the economy taking a big hit because of COVID-19, you may have heard interest rates are at an all-time low. That may be true for home mortgages but it sure isn’t for RV financing rates for RV loans. So, this week in our interview of the week segment (scroll down), we talk to an expert on getting RV loans and RV financing. We’ll talk about what’s...


Ultimate Harvest Host Review on what to expect

Curious about Harvest Hosts? Here's our ultimate Harvest Host review featuring a podcast interview and videos of what you can expect at a Harvest Host location. By now, everyone's heard of Harvest Hosts, that awesome membership service that lets RVers stay overnight for free at leading wineries, farms, golf courses, and tourist attractions. But it's time for a Harvest Hosts Review in which we tell you - from our first-hand experience and an interview with Joel Holland, the CEO of Harvest...