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The Worlds of Nonprofits and The Worlds of Planning

Travel the many and various nonprofits worlds, whether you are travelling or staying put. How did the nonprofit worlds become so important to us in our daily lives? How come we are, to a great part, unaware of the nonprofit worlds? How has planning - city, urban, and national - changed and how will it change? Join John Casey, a Nonprofit Guru, and Ethel Sheffer, a planner, and learn about the relationships and interrelationships.


Chinese New Year 2010

This week's show is expected to raise your IQ level on all things Chinese. We'll talk about some of the most honored customs and traditions the people of China have carried to the present day. We'll also hit on some of their popular dishes and what they signify. And we'll make reference to China's historical sites and places of interest. There are special packages and promotions for 2010 too. You'll hear about these and more from our featured guests. They include Ms. Agnes Hsu, Director of...


Way To Go!

Make new friends! Help the world! Build a school! Sleep on a strange couch! This week on Let's Travel Susi explores the worlds of global volunteering and couch surfing.


The Galapagos Islands: A Living Museum and Showcase of Evolution

Travel with Susi to the Galapagos Islands, a UNESCO World Heritage site, and the place which inspired Charles Darwin to write his "Origin of the Species". Learn what is so unique about the Galapagos and what is being done to preserve and conserve the extraordinary biodiversity.


Traffic, Bridges, Infrastructure, etc.

Explore traffic, infrastructure, bridges, including bridges that can be "interrogated" remotely on their condition, etc., with Samuel I. Schwartz, a.k.a., Gridlock Sam. How come America spends so little on its infrastructure? Can bikes and cars get along? Can people, trucks, cars, bikes, trains live happily together? How did Sam save the Williamsburg Bridge? What is traffic calming?


Judaic Sites / Italy

This week's guests include Natalia Indrimi, Director of the Primo Levi Center in New York, George Sacredote, President of Sacredote and Co.,Inc., Rabbi Dr. Umberto Piperno, author and consultant to the Italian Kosher network of restaurants in the U.S. including San Domenico in New York, Gabe Goldstein, Associate Director of Yeshiva University Museum and others who will talk about the significance of Jewish Art, Tradition and Customs by virtue of the many historic sites you'll find in Italy...


Travelers All

Plan your 2010 adventures to Cambodia, Thailand, England, Latvia, India and more exotic places with our Let's Travel's Intrepid Friends, Nan, Linda, Louise and Barry, on our end-of-year round-up of Insider Travel. We wish everyone a Fun-Filled Happy New Year!


Food For the Holidays

This week's guests include Anna Teresa Callen, noted cookbook author and educator and founding member of the James Beard Institute in New York, Mr. Paolo Vannini, Vice President/Managing Director of Alta Cucina, a members only organization of shoppers of gourmet Italian food products and services, Mr. Morten Sohlberg, President and CEO of Smorgas Chef Restaurant Group, perveyors of Scandinavian cuisine with three restaurants in New York including Scandinavian House, where the theme is the...


Traveling the Silk Road

Journey with Susi this week back to a time when the information superhighway was a network of land routes that stretched 4,600 miles from Xi'an in Eastern China through the cities and empires of Central Asia and the Middle East west to the Mediterranean -- along the fabled Silk Road. Our guides are: Dr. Mark Norell, Chairman and Curator-in-Charge, Division of Paleontology, American Museum of Natural History, home to an exhibit on the Silk Road, who introduces us to the diversity of the...


Music, Rock and Roll, Food and Romance, Opera

Let's Talk and Let's Travel! with Catherine M. Perebinossoff and her guests, Jerry Solomon, Author, Artist, Caterer, etc., and Marc A. Scorca, President and CEO of Opera America, the National Service Organization for Opera. What could be better than music, food, and romance? Music-as-Food and vice versa. Rock and Roll vs. Opera OR Rock and Roll and Opera?


The Basque Country of Spain

Continuing our Spanish odyssey, we head north through Zaragoza, Spain's fifth largest city. Spain's most water-bearing river the Ebro runs through it, and it is home to the Basilica del Pilar, Aljaferia Palace (a World Heritage site), great tapestries and the Caesaraugusta route with Roman ruins on the site of the old Jewish quarter. Then it's on to the Basque Country, Donastia-San Sebastian, with it's beautiful bay and beach fabulous restaurants including Martin Berasategui's Michelin...


Architectural Lighting and Design Worldwide

Lighting to reveal scope, space and form, using the best technology to achieve a functional, creative and environmental result. An enlightening discussion with Herve Descottes, an Architectural Lighting Designer and Principal of L'Observatoire International, Inc.


Music Heard 'Round the World

This week's show highlights the world of music. Titled Music Heard 'Round the World, we will explore the popular modes of music including Opera, Jazz, Modern and Contemporary, to name a few. You'll hear from those who know it best. Guests to date include: F. Paul Driscoll, Editor, Opera News, Brian Hunter, President of the Dailey-Thorp and Conlin Travel, Robert H. Browning, President of the World Music Institute, and others.


The SS United States and Philanthropy

"Sail" and discover The SS United States, a wonderful ocean liner, with Dan Trachtenberg, Chairman of The SS United States Foundation. Can you change its fate? Peruse the worlds of Philanthropy with Richard Marker, a Co-Principal of Marker Goldsmith Philanthropy Advisors. See how Philanthropy touches many aspects of our lives and its reach and impact are growing very rapidly.


China's World Heritage

Travel with Susi this week to explore some of China's lesser-known World Heritage sites such as the Three Parallel Rivers of Yunnan, Jiuzzhaigou Valley and Mount Emei including the Leshan Giant Buddha. Guests Lulu Zhou of The Nature Conservancy China Program and Mei Zhang, founder of WildChina, a travel company, also discuss the challenges and opportunities for sustainable tourism in China.


Traveling Safely

The best way to make sure you have a great trip is to plan ahead for the unexpected. This week Susi talks with two experts who help travelers do just that: Roy Berger, President/CEO, MedjetAssist, an emergency medical evacuation membership program for travelers and Peter J. Evans, EVP, which offers both consumer and business travel insurance.


Hail Columbus! Region of Liguria, Italy

Liguria is the "Italian Riviera," the ancient capital port city of Genoa, Europe's largest Medieval city, the birthplace of Christopher Columbus whose discovery of the Americas we celebrate this weekend, of San Remo, the music capital of Italy and its famous Casino, of noted resorts in Cinque Terre, Portofino and Portovenere and the ancient Roman cities of Imperia, Savona and La Speza, withArt that precedes the Renaissance and its famous cuisine. Savor Pesto, Focaccia, and Farinata, three...


"Bob's Your Uncle" / Travel Guru Tom Parsons

This week Let's Travel! explores the "world of difference" between British English and American English and helps travelers to both countries "crack the code" of language and cultural differences. Then our Travel Guru, Tom Parsons, of gives us the "inside scoop" on Fall travel.


Ethiopia, a Discovery

Ethiopia is one of the world's oldest civilizations, a land of discovery. You'll hear from Ethiopia's Consul in New York, Rena Alomo Nega, Secretary Elias Melaku Feleke, and Ethiopian Airlines Regional Director, Kagnew F. Asfaw, as well as Nicholas Mancino, President of Journeys Unlimited, Chef/Proprietor Henock Kejela and the representatives from the new exhibit at Discover Channel's showcase in New York on "Lucy."


World Heritage in the US

Discover "Your World Heritage" in the United States this week as Let's Travel! takes listeners to some of the 20 World Heritage sites. In the fifty states. We journey from the Everglades in Florida to George Washington's home, Mt. Vernon, near DC. to the Redwood forest in California. We'll discover some American Indian sites along the way and also learn about UNESCO's World Heritage Center.