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The Next Big Challenges for Low-Cost Airlines

This episode of the Skift podcast explores a major hurdle for low-cost airlines: how to make long-haul flights make money. Our experts are Skift Senior Aviation Business Editor Brian Sumers and Seth Kaplan, editor of Airline Weekly, a 14-year-old newsletter that Skift recently bought.


Travel's Tough Truths and Inspirations

This episode of the Skift podcast explores uncomfortable truths about travel, as well as the things that inspire us about the industry. The conversation was sparked by two pieces of writing from Skift Founder and CEO Rafat Ali, who is one of our guests. He's joined by Skift Co-Founder Jason Clampet, who is also general manager of Skift Table, and Skift News Editor Hannah Sampson.


Puerto Rico and the Fight for Caribbean Tourism

On this episode of the Skift podcast, we’re talking about the efforts to keep tourism afloat in Puerto Rico amid the debt crisis and Zika outbreak, what officials have learned about coping with crisis, and how Caribbean destinations are sharing tips and information. Our guests are Ingrid Rivera, executive director of the Puerto Rico Tourism Company, and Clarisa Jiménez, president and CEO of the Puerto Rico Hotel & Tourism Association.


Why Business Owners Struggle to Take Time Off

In this special edition of the Skift podcast, we’re taking a look at why it's especially hard for small business owners to take a vacation and examining some potential solutions. Joining us on the podcast are Ida Kroll, founder and CEO of Eventland in New York City, and Katie Denis, senior program director of Project: Time Off. This podcast is sponsored advertising content produced by SkiftX for the Marriott Rewards Premier Business Credit Card from Chase.


Top Hotel CEOs and Executives Talk Direct Booking, Airbnb and Cuba

On this episode of the Skift podcast, we’re talking about hot topics in hospitality: direct booking, the rise of the sharing economy, opportunities and challenges in Cuba, evolving loyalty programs, and more. We have interviews with executives from Marriott International, Choice Hotels, Virgin Hotels, AccorHotels, and Red Lion Hotels, all of whom spoke to Skift editors Deanna Ting and Greg Oates while they were in town for the NYU International Hospitality Industry Investment Conference.


What Happens When Travel Meets Politics and Global Unrest

On this episode of the Skift podcast, we're talking politics: the legacy of the Obama administration when it comes to travel, priorities that have not yet been accomplished, and what's at stake for the industry as the country prepares to elect a new president. Our guest is Roger Dow, president and CEO of the U.S. Travel Association.


Understanding the Business of Modern Budget Travel

On this episode of the Skift podcast, we're talking frugal travel: who does it, how travel companies are providing budget-friendly options, and what travelers might give up to save some bucks. Our guests are Dan Saltzstein, a travel editor at The New York Times, and Tom Meyers, founder and editor-in-chief of the booking and advice site


What Keeps Travel CMOs up at Night

We dedicate this episode of the Skift podcast to the topics we've been exploring in our CMO interview series: the modern challenges marketers face in their jobs, where they get insights, what helps them make smarter decisions, and what keeps them up at night. Our guests this week are Rich Fontaine, CMO of small-ship expedition company Lindblad Expeditions, and Noelle LeVeaux, CMO of Visit Dallas.


The Invention of Online Travel, and How it Changed The Future Of Travel Forever

On this episode of the Skift podcast, we're talking about the history of online travel, listening to stories from some of the founders, and learning about behind-the-scenes drama from the early days. Our guest is Skift news editor Dennis Schaal, who spent months researching and writing the Definitive Oral History of Online Travel, featuring candid interviews with more than two dozen insiders.


Why New York's High Line Became the Attraction Smart Cities Want

On this episode of the Skift podcast, we welcome some park enthusiasts to talk about the creation of New York's High Line, its legacy and the quest to create the next big thing in public space. Our guests this week are Adrian Benepe, who was the New York City parks commissioner before becoming city park development director at The Trust for Public Land, and Meg Daly, founder and president of Friends of the Underline in Miami.


The Relevance of Travel Media in an Age of Media Abundance

On this episode of the Skift podcast, we’re talking about the changing role of travel media, how publications are adapting to shifting consumer habits, and what that means to the travel industry as a whole. Our guests this week are Nathan Lump, editor of Travel + Leisure, and Pavia Rosati, founder and CEO of the travel website Fathom. Both of them bring years of experience on both the print and digital side of travel media at multiple brands and startups.


Busting The Myths Of Bad Travel Advice

On this episode of the Skift podcast, we welcome some travel experts to help us bust myths, check facts, and answer frequently asked questions about an industry that too often benefits from consumers' confusion. Our guests this week are George Hobica, the founder of Airfarewatchdog, who has written extensively about deals, loyalty, and industry trends, and Scott Mayerowitz, the Enterprise Airlines Reporter at Associated Press, where he reports on both airlines and the travel industry at...


What Do The World’s Wealthiest Travelers Want?

On this episode of the Skift podcast, we’re talking about what it takes for travel companies to reach the 1 percent — and keep them happy. We are joined by Edie Rodriguez, president and CEO of Crystal Cruises, which is growing fast and venturing beyond ships. Also with us is Doug Gollan, co-founder of Elite Traveler magazine, who writes about ultra-high-net-worth individuals and consults with companies trying to get more business from the very rich.


When Everything Is An Adventure, What Happens to Adventure Travel?

On this episode of the Skift podcast, we’re talking about who can claim to be an adventure traveler, how the word is used (or overused, in our guest's opinion), and how social media is a blessing and curse for operators. We are joined by Bruce Poon Tip, founder and CEO of G Adventures. Also with us is Casey Hanisko, VP of marketing for the Adventure Travel Trade Association.


Do Tourism Slogans Matter In Modern Marketing?

Like any other brand that tries to sell its benefits with a catchy phrase, destinations have to grab consumers’ attention and get an idea stuck in their brain. This week we discuss the relevance of tourism slogans in modern marketing, with two guests who have iconic tourism taglines. We are joined by Virginia Tourism Corporation President & CEO Rita McClenny and by Arnie DiGeorge, Executive Creative Director of R&R Partners' Las Vegas account, which was behind what is also becoming an iconic...


Are You Ready for the Next Wave of Chinese Travelers?

On today’s episode of the Skift podcast, we’re discussing the next generation of Chinese travelers, what they want, who is trying to deliver it and what it all means to the rest of the world. Joining us are Adam Goldstein, president and chief operating officer of Royal Caribbean Cruises and Michael Zakkour, a consultant at Tompkins International here in New York who co-authored the book "China’s Super Consumers: What 1 Billion Customers Want and How to Sell it to Them."


How Business Travel Is Trying to Become More Traveler-Friendly

In 2016, business travel spending is expected to increase to $1.25 trillion. It’s a massive industry that’s going through big changes. Helping us sort through what’s real, what’s hype and what’s important in business travel is Mike McCormick, Executive Director and COO of the Global Business Travel Association, and Evan Konwiser, VP Digital Traveler for American Express Global Business Travel.


Creating a Better City With Bike Shares And Smart Payments

In this week's podcast we discuss smarter and more efficient bike-share programs, how wise cities set aside politics for transportation progress, and the ways contactless payments make everything easier for tourists. Joining us for the podcast is Hany Fam, a 20-year veteran of MasterCard and its President of Enterprise Partnerships and Seth Schultz, Director of Research, Measurement & Planning at C40 Cities Climate Leadership Group.


Creating a Smarter City for Tourists and Locals, Part 1

For this episode we're focusing on the urban environment and talking to our friends at MasterCard about how cities and technology companies are working together to make smarter, more seamless environments. Joining us for the podcast is Hany Fam, a 20-year veteran of Mastercard and its President of Enterprise Partnerships, where he is focused on bringing the company's network, analytics, products and solutions to areas outside of its traditional payment sphere. Along with Fam, we hear from...


Where Family Travel Is Headed in 2016

Family travel is one of the fastest growing segments in tourism, accounting for a third of all leisure trips. This podcast looks at the family travel segment and what it has become as generations have aged, the economy has changed. Guests: Rainer Jenss, president and founder of the Family Travel Association and George Fleck, VP of global brand management for Le Meridien and Westin