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Black Mountain, NC




Pilgrimage Tour to Eastern Tibet With Julie Thorner Connects Women

Liquid Spark Foundation founder Julie Thorner leads small groups of women through Eastern Tibet with a mission to connect with women on the other side of the world and learn a different way of life. She began the non-profit foundation to help provide education sponsorships to Tibetan young women to go to college, as well as fund projects at the nunnery they visit based on the needs and interests of the nuns. With the help of a few tour guides in Tibet, Julie designed a tour that includes...


Embracing Van Life with Asheville Van Life Founder Micah Pulleyn

Asheville Van Life founder & director Micah Pulleyn explains how the van life culture is rising to stardom. Find out how people thrive in their careers while exploring the world and enjoy the freedom and flexibility of being digital nomads. Asheville Van Life operates with the principles of respect, imagination, curiosity, connection and humility. The beauty of the van life community is in its diversity and high standards of respect and personal dignity.


A Career Break Adventure with Grant and Megan Baird

Grant and Megan Baird are self professed travel junkies and took a giant leap of faith when they left to travel around the world. Find out how they shook things up and changed their lives for the better. We talk about making the decision to leave comfortable careers, their home and pets, and how they prepared for this epic journey and created the freedom to find themselves.


Adriana and Ron Stamey Love Traveling as a Couple for Work and Pleasure

Adriana Chavela Stamey and Ron Stamey are a husband and wife pair and lifelong entrepreneurs who founded Hola Carolina Magazine. While Adriana and Ron are business partners, they insist that couples going into business together remember to put the same investment into their own relationship. In fact, they share the same thirst for adventure and love traveling to new places just as much as they love each other


Tourism Impact and Rainforest Conservation in Costa Rica Inspires Filmmakers

For Eytan Elterman and Marco Bollinger, making the film 2.5%-The Osa Peninsula, was the catalyst that led them to launch Lokal Travel and work to transform the travel industry for the better. Eytan and Marco fell in love with the Osa Peninsula while filming their documentary and partnered up to form Lokal Travel in an effort to address the lack of support for local communities like in the Osa Peninsula. www.lokaltravel.com


George and Elizabeth Ellison Find Peace and Inspiration in the Mountains

Did you know spending time in nature improves your brain, reduces stress and keeps you fit? I know when I walk through the forest and climb up to a mountain overlook, it clears my head and allows me to reboot. As John Muir said, "The clearest way into the Universe is though a forest wilderness.” At home in NC’s Great Smoky Mountains, naturalist and writer George Ellison and his artist wife, Elizabeth, share their creative insights into nature and speak about inspirations and love of...


5JBarrow Experience a Beautiful Side of Humanity Through Music and Travel

Eryn Murman and Jason Hite of 5JBarrow recently took a one-year tour of the US, moving their life out of NYC and into a van, getting married, and finding out how different our culture is from town to town. They explain how busking is different in cities and towns like NYC, Asheville, New Orleans, Burlington, San Francisco, and how they witnessed their music to be an amazing tool in breaking down walls between themselves and strangers. Travel has taught Eryn and Jason to go with the flow...


Mark Medlin and Patrick Fitzsimmons Take an Epic Trip to Patagonia

Mark and Patrick took a trip of a lifetime to Patagonia and added challenge and excitement to their lives. They ventured outside of their bubble of protection to live this adventure to the fullest and explain how the trip unfolded and why they chose to go there. Find out why this epic journey was so worth all the effort to make it happen and the gifts they received for this incredible experience.


Mike Aiken Sails the World in Search of Music

Mike Aiken is a musician whose love for singing, songwriting, and sailing has taken him all over the world. He talks to us about sailing the world in search of music, what it's like to view the world from the deck of a sailboat and his newest album, Wayward Troubadour. And he reminds us that no matter where you travel, there are good people everywhere!