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Episode 63: Haleakala Sunrise on Maui

A Haleakala sunrise is quite an epic experience. Haleakala is more than one of the largest dormant volcanic craters in the world. It’s a place of cultural, historical and spiritual significance to the land and people of Hawaii. There is a special feeling you get to the summit of Haleakala. Some people are amazed by the scenery and landscape. Others are choked with emotion by the indescribable serenity and quiet inside crater. Seeing the sun rise over the crater is an experience that you...


4 Minute Friday: Maui News and Events - November 16

Uncle Willie K performs at Makawao 3rd Friday, make plans now to get your tickets for the Holiday Express on the Sugar Cane Train, Maui Jim Invitational tournament is coming, and ideas for your Thanksgiving on...


Episode 62: Farmers Markets on Maui

On your trip to paradise, don’t miss out on going to one of the many farmers markets on Maui. You know by now that Maui is full of wonderful restaurants and food trucks and amazing activities, but your trip won’t be complete without experiencing at least one local farmers market. There is a huge community of local farmers and ranchers, who share their abundance from the land in various markets around the island. It’s a great way to immerse yourself in the local food culture, meet local...


4 Minute Friday: Maui News & Events - Friday, November 9, 2018

Lahaina 2nd Friday celebrates with the Chinese Heritage Festival, make plans now to get your tickets for the Holiday Express on the Sugar Cane Train, Maui Jim Invitational tournament is coming, and ideas for your Thanksgiving on...


Episode 61: Oahu Day Trip from Maui

An Oahu day trip from Maui is a great adventure. There’s so much to see and do on Oahu. The USS Arizona Memorial is the most popular and visited attractions in all of Hawaii. Waikiki is probably the most famous beach in Hawaii. Photos from the top of Diamond Head are Instagram-worthy. If you’re spending your vacation on Maui and wonder what it’s like on the island known as “The Gathering Place,” we’re giving some ideas for an Oahu Day Trip on today’s...


4 Minute Friday: Maui News and Events - November 2, 2018

Wailuku First Friday, Made in Maui County Festival, Haleakala Sunrise reservations, and Santa is coming to town! News and events from the island of Maui. Resources What’s Next? COMMENT on FOLLOW us on social media at @thealoha360, @johncaubble, @lcaubble SUBSCRIBE on iTunes or your...


Episode 60: Grandparent's Guide to a Maui Vacation

Maui is a beautiful place enjoyed by people of all ages. Whether you’re 8 or 80, there’s something for everyone to enjoy. If you find yourself in a stage of life that you’ve needed to slow down, there are still many wonderful things to experience on Maui. We know many adventurous senior adults, and on today’s episode we’ve invited two of them to be our guests. No, you won’t find them biking down Haleakala or surfing Jaws, but as you’ll see they found plenty to keep them...


4 Minute Friday: Maui Hawaii news and events - October 26, 2018

News and events from the island of Maui! Resources Episode 48: How to Volunteer on your Maui Vacation What’s Next? COMMENT on FOLLOW us on social media at @thealoha360, @johncaubble, @lcaubble SUBSCRIBE on iTunes or your favorite podcast provider EMAIL...


Episode 59: Mama's Fish House

Aloha! There is one place on Maui that tops the must-do list for most visitors. Mama’s Fish House is described by some as a once-in-a-lifetime fine dining experience. In fact, Mama’s repeatedly has made Top 10 fine dining in America lists multiple times. On Episode 59, we finally make the pilgrimage ourselves to see what all the fuss is about. Later in the show, we’ll also speak with the winners of the Maui Trip Giveaway, Brandon and Kristi...


4 Minute Friday: October 19, 2018 Maui, Hawaii news and events

The winner of the Maui trip giveaway has been announced! Hawaii ranks in the Top 10 of best honeymoon destinations in the world. Volunteer weekend in the Haleakala crater, big concerts announced, Made in Maui County Festival, and more news and events from Maui. Resources Episode 14: Honeymoon in...


Episode 58: Maui Trip Giveaway

The Aloha 360 podcast launched one year ago. In today’s episode we announce who the winner is of the Maui Trip Giveaway. Entries have been emailed since January 1, and we’ve heard stories from some amazing listeners. Find out who gets to come to Maui! Resources What’s Next? COMMENT on FOLLOW us on social media at @thealoha360, @johncaubble, @lcaubble SUBSCRIBE on iTunes or your favorite podcast provider If you leave a comment, review or...


4 Minute Friday: October 12, 2018 Maui News and Activities

Maui welcomes the first humpback whale return, Maui Marathon, Lahaina 2nd Friday, Caring K9s Maui, Halloween in Lahaina, and a BIG announcement coming next week! Resources Episode 21: Whale Watching with Redline Rafting Episode 55: 10...


Episode 57: 10 Favorite Maui Coffee Shops

Maui is a small island, but it’s a great place to explore the local coffee scene. With ideal growing conditions on the islands, you can enjoy some of the freshest coffee in the world. On Episode 57, Jonathan and Jared join the show and talk about their personal favorite coffee stops and what they like to order. Whether it’s a fresh drip coffee or a flavored latte, in the middle of town or surrounded by jungle, there’s a coffee place for everyone on...


4 Minute Friday: October 5, 2018 Maui Hawaii events

Made in Maui County Festival, Kula Country Farms pumpkin patch, and Hawaii Volcanoes National Park has reopened! This, plus more news on festivals and events on the 4 Minute Friday. Special guests Rick & Irene Proctor from Arkansas help us out on this episode. Resources Read about the Made in Maui County Festival...


Episode 56: 10 Fall Activities in Maui, Hawaii

Why should someone consider fall activities in Maui? Does anyone travel across the Pacific Ocean to paradise in search of pumpkins and corn mazes? Probably not! However, Maui is a wonderful place to visit during the fall season. The temperatures are cooler, it’s less crowded, and there are some unique ways to celebrate fall on the island. On today’s episode, we’ll share some of our suggestions how to incorporate fall activities into your Maui...


Episode 55: Maui Living - Our Personal Wellness Journeys

Personal wellness and health are topics we haven’t thought much about in the last 40 years. Yes, we’ve had plenty of season when we’ve packed on some extra pounds. Our idea of wellness was, to at least try, to whip ourselves back into shape. Since moving to Maui 18 months ago, our wellness mindset has begun to grow and evolve. Day by day, we are coming to realize that the idea of health and wellness is a journey, not a destination. On this episode we share some of our personal struggles,...


4 Minute Friday: 9/21/18 - Road to Hana, Haleakala, Maui Marathon, festivals and events

Road to Hana news, Haleakala sunrise and sunset reminders, Kula Country Farms pumpkin patch opens soon, and the Maui Marathon is coming up soon. Did you know it’s the longest running marathon west of the Mississippi River? More news on festivals and events on the 4 Minute Friday. Resources Follow Luke’s adventures on Instagram! @lukemauigolden What’s Next? COMMENT on...