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Episode 18 - Why Travel Cannot Escape Politics Right Now

Mark made it from Florida to NYC and back despite his recent injury, and a quick trip to the northeast reminded him of different types of US drivers. 24/7 coverage of politics is poisoning people's minds, and it needs to get out of travel. Also, hear what Marriott/Starwood's recent data breach means for you and different types of unexpected instances can happen to anyone while traveling.


Episode 17 - Inspiring Travel Takes a Village

What you might not know about air travel and airplanes: some might leave you shaking! Hang glider hangs on for dear life in Switzerland. A community for agents to share their thoughts on inspiring travelers.


Episode 16 - Turkey Day Travel Deals: You Can Still See Mom!

Turkey Day Deals on Airfare: Means no excuses for missing Mom’s pumpkin pie. We hear from Benet Wilson on airline etiquette, or lack thereof. WWE star gets kicked off a flight.


Episode 15 - Is Mexico Safe? New Documentary is out! Dirty diapers and used tampons? What’s lurking in the seatback on your next flight… plus Irish traveler giving the Irish a bad rep and hooray for the end of hurricane season! Last minute airline trips t

Documentary on travel safety to Mexico, shot in September, is out and showing real travelers on the ground in Mexico. You’re not going to believe what flight attendants have found in seat backs on airplanes; dirty diapers, used tampons, “loose” condoms and old sandwiches. Another reason to skip on that inflight magazine. Plastic awareness is in full swing, and you can make a difference. Last, how to save big on airfare by looking at more distant travel options than you might be used to. It’s...


Episode 14 - Midterm Elections Non-Impact on Travel & How to Get a Steal on a Cruise

Midterms? Who cares? Make politicians certifiable! Mark hits the road to go south for the winter and discusses the non-impact of the midterms on the travel industry. WTF is he doing in an RV park? Hear all about Mark's new fad and how to get a steal on a cruise.


Episode 13 - The New Titanic & Disney Is A Place To Spread Ashes

Be prepared for more incorrect negative news coverage on Mexico when this caravan hits the border - Mark lets you know why. Would you get on an exact replica of the Titanic and sail along the same route? Find out whether Mark would take this maiden voyage or not. Also, learn about the absolute coolest way to celebrate New Years Eve, thanks to Crystal.


Episode 12 - Green Travel on the “Last Mile” meets broken ass.

Green Travel on the “Last Mile” meets broken ass. Seeing Emergency Responders in action! Will he have to give up his butt modeling career and other ridiculous considerations. Oh yeah, and some travel tips: Get your stinky ass out of my section of the plane. Some trauma nurses should switch careers and try torturing animals (Jesus, just kidding!) In this week’s podcast Mark breaks down the “Last Mile” effort by green transpotation companies that run the gamut from the Boosted Board...


Episode 11 - Dumb Cruise Questions, Example Of Travel Agent Importance & One Nutty Emotional Support Animal

Will Mark ever return from Mexico? Do cruise crew members sleep on-board? Answers to these questions and more. No one working TSA between Philly and Mexico get Mark's jokes about smart luggage and livestock, the most nutty emotional support animal of them all, and as if you need a reason to keep your shoes on while flying, we have them for you.


Episode 10 - Another Social Media Loser Wrong on Mexico, Taking Selfies is Killing Tourists, & Tips for Planning a Cruise in October

Mark is coming to you this week from Playa del Carmen with a happy ending to his debacle with Sixt and the best tips for booking a cruise during during October's #ChooseCruise month. Another social media loser gets it wrong on travel media and tourism to Mexico. Also, why is taking selfies killing tourists more than ever before? Don't be stupid when traveling. Later in this episode, Mark gives expert insight into how hotel rates are priced.


Episode 09 - The Real Influencers in Travel, More TripAdvisor Reviews Questioned, Christmas River Cruising Tips

Mark provides an update on his car rental debacle, TripAdvisor reviews questioned... 33% are fake?! The influencer charade and the truth about the real influencers in travel. Mark also talks about Christmas on the rivers of Europe.


Episode 08 - Bogus TripAdvisor Reviews, Tips For Fall Foliage Travel & Why Travel Insurance Matters

Mark is back from yet another trip to Mexico and kicks things off with a less-than-pleasant experience renting a car with Sixt. Also, hear why reviews on TripAdvisor cannot be trusted and actually landed a man in jail for 10 years, and get all the tips you need when it comes to travel insurance and touring the countryside to see beautiful fall foliage.


Episode 07 - Lightning Strikes, Baggage Blunders & The Dumbest Travel Questions

Mark reviews his most recent flight through Philadelphia International that included a lengthy tarmac stay due to lightning, which was followed by baggage blunders. Also, hear why a passenger needed to be told, "You're not God, so sit the f@&k down." at 30,000-feet. Plus, some of the dumbest travel questions people ask and travel deals to Canada.


Episode 06 - Hearing From Travelers/Agents in Mexico, Food Police Raid Florence, Hawaii is BACK - Time To Get Your Aloha On

While in Cancun, Mark Murphy reports on what the team is hearing from travelers and travel agents on the ground in Mexico and how most online reviews don't paint an accurate picture. Also, Mark talks the latest in crazy travel news, which includes lions in Crimea, the food police in Florence, Italy and how the TSA caused a situation due to some pepper spray. Hawaii is BACK and it's time to get your Aloha on!


Episode 05 - #FakeNews Reporting on Mexico, Obese Tourists Breaking Asses (Donkeys) in Santorini, PLUS Shagging Great Deals To Hawaii Right Now

Mark Murphy doesn’t hold back when going after mainstream media outlets that completely f%#^ed up reporting on Cancun this week. Also, Mark shares insider tips on getting your “fake grenades” through TSA without shutting down the airport and how fat tourists from the USA and Great Britain are getting the blame for crippling donkey in a popular Mediterranean destination. Besides shagging on planes, fall is your best time to shag a travel deal. Mark tells you where to look.


Episode 04 - People "Falling" Off Cruise Ships, Airline CEO Stunt Doesn't Sell Seats, Trending Airport Prank

This week, Mark validates his take that people don’t just fall off cruise ships, they actually jump! Are airline ceos serious? "Look at me, a 15-minute interview and I’m doing it in one of my economy seats! Stop complaining travelers! I could travel in my dog’s kennel for 15-minutes, but I sure as hell don’t want to go to Shanghai in it!" Also, don’t get scammed - how to spot a real travel agent and not get taken... and more!


Episode 03 - Instagram Model Bitten by Shark, How to Avoid Being Burglarized, Money Saving Fall Travel Ideas and Saving an Hour of Your Life!

Just back from Cancun and we are all alive! 46 employees from TravelPulse had a great time despite the MSM hysteria on travel to Mexico. What you need to know before you go. Travel tips to keep you from coming home to a house that’s been robbed and ransacked. What are you waiting for? Less than $20 bucks a year and you can fly through the airport security and immigration…duh! Fall is the top deals season for travel, with cruises starting at $99 per person! Try Alaska for less than $800 per...


Episode 02 - Shark Week Hostage & TSA Quiet Skies Causing Lots Of Noise

Shark Week leads to a shark hostage taking in San Antonio and other travel related news happenings. TSA’s Quiet Skies and your privacy - and why air marshals should take down people with no shoes on planes. How some want you to “stick to your own kind…” with claims of cultural appropriation, creating the opposite affect and something that is counter to what travel is all about. Political correctness run amok. Some last minute summer travel deals to jump on now!


Episode 01 - Sorting out MSM Travel Slams and Social Media Losers

This week, we cover the MSM distortion of travel news and set the record straight. From MH370 and CNN’s endless coverage to Ebola in Africa to Murders and Mexico, and making sense of all of it. Don’t talk about AirBnb!!!! How dare you! You call yourself a “Travel Expert”?! We tell ‘em to shut up.