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The ZMT Holiday Special Sweden and Italy

Well the Holiday Season has officially begun..we here at ZMT are celebrating with the some of the Christmas traditions around the World. Some may be just like the way you celebrated the Holiday or you may learn some interesting fact about other celebrations and just maybe it will give you the travel bug to visit some of these places next year. In any case we hope you will enjoy our Seasons Greeting to you the way we know how….Traveling Around the World Sweden and Italy are featured today....


Revisiting Thanksgiving How Much Turkey Did You Eat

Hopefully everyone survived Black Friday….and with that the Holiday Season is well underway. ..we here at ZMT are hoping you are enjoying the Christmas Traditions around the World we found for you. We are going to a little back tracking … since we didn’t mention much about the Holiday Season Thanksgiving; I know Jay thought we should do a little review. Jay also found out that actually 10 countries around the globe celebrate a Thanksgiving. So tips on making your Holiday Travel Smoother...


Holiday Special in Denmark and Mexico

The Holiday Season has officially begun and the ZMT wants to celebrate around the world. Zee takes on a trip to Denmark to discover an Advent Candle and a recipe for Danish Rice Pudding. Mexico is next and check out Three Kings Cake.


What's New In Cruising

Zee has an insight into so exotic cars from Enterprise. Check out what's happening in cruising ... book now! Jerry Nordun shares his Adventures at the Grand Canyon. When in Orlando, Sea World has opened Infinity Fall. What National Park is bigger that Death Valley and Yellowstone combined? So of the happiest places in the USA. The Recipe of the Week is for New York Style Bagels. The Destination of the Week takes us to Bernkastel-Kues, Germany.


Getting Our Happy On!!

If you want to go to a happy country, Zee will have some ideas for you. They may be a little cold but they are happy. Finland, Norway, Denmark, Iceland, I said they would be cold. And then there was Jay's favorite bucket list country New Zealand. Some place closer to home, Savannah GA. It might be to late but there is always next year. Zee also loves ... did I say loves San Diego. Check it out. Zee suggests The Grand Canyon and then Jerry Nordun's segment of Getting Around relives his trip...


Really Hear About Zee and Jay's Travels.

For once Jay really lets go and you can hear about his recent travels. Zee went to Denver on a big Airbus on Frontier Airline and she loved the airport in Denver. Jay DROVE to Illinois. What a trip. And by the way, Jay is really sold on the new Holiday Inn Express in Calhoun, GA. Zee stresses again and again the need to having your passport current. Of Course, Zee has an idea for the person that is hard to shop for. Nieman Marcus. Where else. You are going to find Jay in the kitchen with...


Cruise Around The World

Zee Michaelson shares so much that is happening in the travel industry with Cruises, Tours, and Food. Discover a tomb in Egypt or hear about the hotels in New York City. Jay Lawrence inserts what's happening at EPCOT. How about high adventure on the Queen Mary 2 on a 113 night world voyage. Zee has a Recipe of the Week that you can find on her blog and the Destination of the Week takes me to one of my favorite spots in the world .... Jackson Hole, Wyoming.


Spending Time in Alaska

With cruises and tours, Zee Michaelson shares about a Rhine Highlights cruise with SCENIC and a lot of time in Alaska on Royal Caribbean's Radiance of the Sea. Think about a 13 night cruise adventure to Denali Park. Think August 2019. The Rhine Cruise in April. Both are booking fast. Jerry and Jay talk about an Annual Pass at WDW. Zee's Recipe of the Week is a Sailors Stew. Jay tried it in his kitchen after the show. Destination of the Week takes us to Barcelona, Spain.


Halloween Around The World

Halloween is one of the oldest holiday in the world. All Saint's Day or Guy Fawkes Day Halloween is celebrated to some extent around the world. Of course, Zee had to challenge Jay to make sure he was going to have a costume to wear. Wait till you hear what Jay is going as. For a great cruise you might want to go on a Disney Cruise for the holidays. Zee has some good ideas on tours from Globus in the United States .... You can Re-Discover America. you can check out Zee's Recipe of the Week on...


Mexican Restaurants in Miami & Guacamole

Jerry is missing and Zee and Jay get all fired up for Mexican Food. You won't believe where they went for lunch after the show was completed. Zee's Recipe of the Week was for Guacamole and you can get a copy oh her blog. Jay had to sing the Sound Of Music because Zee's Destination of the Week is Austra the Home of the Sound of Music The most important information was Jay and Zee's discussion of Passports. Make sure you have one if you are going to do any traveling at all.



Jerry got all excited helping Zee with a Tour of Rome. And hear Jerry's story about being in the Sistine Chapel and Jerry's connection to Michelangelo. Jerry has some insight to the construction taking place around the Walt Disney World in Orlando. Jay is really close to the story about supporting Support and Service animals on planes and in hotels. Celebrity Cruse is going to the Galapagos Islands. Checking out Zee's Recipe of the Week on her Blog you will find Perfect Fluffy Pancakes. The...


Great Motorcycle Trips and SCENIC Cruises

Jennifer Reynolds is Zee's guest in the studio from SCENIC Cruises. If you like riding Zee also discovered some of the best places to ride in the US. From Death Valley to The Lower Catkills to Shenandoah National Park. Zee points out some of the most dangerous foods in the world. It's Holiday time already at Walt Disney and Jerry Nordun is on top of the activities at are taking place there. The Recipe of the Week is for a Biscotti and the Destination of the Week is Jordan.


America's Favorite Food & Disney's Food & Wine Festival

Zee Michaelson has found some great Dishes of America' s Favorite Foods and where to find them. Jerry Nordun delights us with some Disney news about the Food & Wine Festival at EPCOT. Jay says 'so much food ... so little time ..." How about a cruise on a yacht from Crystal Yacht Expedition Cruises in the West Indies.. Zee's Recipe of the Week is a Key Lime Pie and you can find the recipe on her blog. The Destination of the Week is New Zealand. Check it out.


Holidays Are Coming / Boo & Ho Ho Ho

Its tours / cruises / theme parks and FOOD. Zee Michaelson suggests a 21 Day Christmas Market Adventure including Prague and Paris. And her Recipe of the Week in for Christmas Stollen and you can get the recipe on her Blog. The destination of the week takes us to Jamaica mam. Jerry Nordun couldn't contain himself over what is happening at WDW in Orlando. Learn more about the TSA PreCheck plan offered out major airports. New York City or Philadelphis? Jay Lawrence can't even say his name. All...


Ireland Tours with CIE

Jerry Nordun is back in the studio with Zee and Jay. Zee has a great interview with CIE. Learn about Zee's Celtic roots. Jerry can't wait to talk about Disney. If you love food, its Irish Soda Bread from Zee. You can get her receipt on her blog. Zee's Destination of the Week is Toronto, Canada.



Zee's guest on the Podcast is Blanca-Stella Lanco with UNCRUISE. What a way to go cruise on small ships with Big Adventure. On the Foodie Segment in the show Zee shares a recipe from UnCruise Corporate Chef Sam Spiva for Smoked Salmon Rillettes, and it had Jay's mouth watering. There was an indecent at that Trevi Fountain. Who got the best selfie? Jerry Nordun's Getting Around segment focused on Japan. If you are interested in the 2019 Open in England, Zee has some exciting information that...



Kirsten Sanchez from Carnival joined Zee Michaelson in her studio for a fun time of talking about cruising. Zee tried to temp Jay Lawrence to go to one of the 5 top beaches around the world. Jay wanted a beach in the United States. Kirsten sent Zee a recipe of the best cake you will ever want to taste. The recipe is on Zee's Blog


Golf While Cruising plus EPCOT's Food & Wine Festival

Zee Michaelson surprised Jay Lawrence by discovering Azamara' 2019 British Isles Golf Cruise. Azamara Club Cruises has teamed with with Perry Golf and Jay's wants to go because you will be able to play 5 rounds of golf from Edinburgh to Southhampyon. plus you will be attending THE 148th OPEN. After Jay got down from thinking of all of that golf, Zee introduced this years Food and Wine Festival at EPCOT in Orlando. Jerry Nordun explained how he started Getting Around. Plus Zee has a receipt....


The ZMT looks at Crusing America plus going Foodie

Zee Michaelson's guest on the ZMT is Cindy Christen from Americn Cruise Lines. What a way to learn some history while cruise America's waterways. Did I say FOODIE? Zee has a receipt for Southern Baked Ham. It will make your mouth drool. And AMTRAK is updates contemporary dining on selected overnight trains. Jerry Norden takes you to the west coast and Zee has a great travel tip as well. Zee also has information about the new 007 BOND museum. And don't throw all of your sunscreen away yet.


Funtastic Travel

:Zee , Jay and Jerry have a good time getting together to talk about travel. I might not lead you anywhere but it sure was a fun ride. If you are looking for luxury travel .... they kind of touch on it. Mari Van Dyke cools off in Boulder, CO. Of Course Jerry has some good insight to what is happening at WDW. Jay gets excited about Six Flags Over Georgia and Zee gets excited over 2019 in New York City.