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PPP: 022 – Marriott + SPG Merger Discussion

On this episode of the Pursuing Points podcast we discuss the ins and outs of the SPG + Marriott merger. Although news of the merger and its effects has been out for some time, I wanted to wait for some of the dust to settle before giving my takes. Overall things look positive for the […] More


PPP: 021 – Talking Chase Sapphire Reserve Changes

Back in May Chase sent out an email detailing some changes to its Sapphire Reserve product. In the lead-up to the email, forums and Facebook groups alike were rampant with speculation about what the changes would bring. Luckily for us, the changes ended up being rather minor and in my opinion they’re not reason to abandon the Sapphire ship. On...


PPP: 020 – Deep Dive on Dining Programs

Episode 20 includes a deep dive discussion on all things dining programs. Most people have probably never heard of dining programs, we’re here to change that. By signing up and taking advantage you can earn thousands of points/miles or equivalent cash back every year. The best part about these programs is that they’re free to join so theres no reason...


PPP: 019 – Picking the 5 Best Credit Cards for Millennials

On todays show we’re going to take a deep dive on some of the credit cards that I think are best for “millennials”. Im putting it in quotes because its really about five cards that I recommend for anyone who meet the following criteria: Annual fees are a no-go. Things like lounge access and rental car insurance (secondary perks) aren’t...


PPP: 018 – SPG Starpoints Goldmine – New Card Alert!

On episode 17 of the podcast I detailed how I took three friends to a Phish concert at MSG in a luxury suite, all thanks to SPG Moments. The episode has become one of if not the most popular episodes in the history of the podcast, if you’ve not yet listened id recommend checking it out. During that episode I...


PPP: 017 – An SPG Moment to Remember + Plans for 2018

Goodbye 2017, hello 2018! Join me for the longest podcast to date as I discuss my plans for 2018, my new job / city, and the BEST redemption i’ve ever made! Myself and 3 friends got to spend the night in a luxury suite at Madison Square Garden for a Phish concert, all thanks to SPG Moments. Show Links SPG...


PPP: 016 – Protecting Your Online Identity

Todays episode is not going to focus on points and miles, rather, we’re going to focus on how to protect your online identity. With all of the hacks and breaches that have been happening at various companies over the world, there has never been a better time to take control of your online security. What you’ll hear is a list...


PPP: 015 – Signing Up For a New Card On Air!

Join me for episode 15 of the Pursuing Points podcast as I discuss my recent travel, recently due annual fees, and cards that I have on my radar. Also, at the end of the show I sign up for a new card on the air! Show Links Bank of America Premium Rewards Credit Card


PPP: 014 – Answering Quora Questions and Looking at Top Card Offers

In episode 14 of the Pursuing Points podcast I sit down to answer a few questions from Quora, as well as a user submitted question. We cover things like: “Why do rich people use credit cards?”, “Why doesn’t Gordon Miller like credit cards?”, “Do I need to use a credit card to improve my credit score?” and more! Listen in...


PPP: 013 – Status, Predictions, and More w/ AJ Krow

Join me as I speak with AJ Krow of MileageMayhem.com for the second time on the PursuingPoints.com podcast. AJ and I talk about everything from what happened in 2016, what we think will happen in 2017, and all things miles, points, and status. Show Links MileageMayhem.com AJ’s Twitter – @mileagemayhem AJ’s Instagram – @mileagemayhem Marriot/Starwood Merger Overview


PPP: 012 – Delta Medallion Choice Benefit Selection & More

Join me as I discuss my thought process regarding my Delta Medallion Benefit selection. We’ll also talk about the Chase Sapphire Reserve vs. the Preferred now that the sign-up bonus on the Reserve has dropped to 50,000 points. Show Links Delta Medallion Benefits


PPP: 011 – Credit Card Spring Cleaning

In this episode I talk about a letter I received from Chase telling me that a card i’ve had for the last 4 years was being cancelled effective immediately! My first reaction was to fight, but when I thought about it I decided to take a different approach. Come listen as I talk about that approach, and what it meant...


PPP: 010 – Applying for the American Express Platinum Card

In this episode I apply for the American Express Platinum Card live on the air. Lets just say that the results are a bit more interesting than the time I applied for the Sapphire Reserve on the podcast. Give it a listen and let me know what you think in the comment section below!


PPP: 009 – Good Cards for Bad Credit and How to Improve Your Credit Score

In this episode we take a look at credit scores, how they can be improved, and some of the good cards for bad credit. This episode was inspired by an iTunes review in which the reviewer said “I wish there was more info geared toward different credit ranges.”. Im glad to have received such a review as these are not...


PPP: 008 – SightDoing and Travel Planning w/ Becky Pokora

After years of traveling as a sightseeing tourist; visiting museums, and taking bus tours, Becky Pokora of TheGirlAndGlobe.com knew she wanted more. She ultimately coined the term SightDoing which she describes as discover the world through real, hands-on experiences that immerse and engage you with the local culture and natural world. In this podcast Becky and I talk about her experiences as...


PPP: 007 – Family Travel, Wallet Overview, Sapphire Reserve Mania w/ AJ Krow

Join myself and AJ Krow of MileageMayhem.com as we discuss; family travel, whats in AJ’s wallet, elite status, Chase Sapphire Reserve mania and more. AJ is a low volume high quality flier that calls DFW his home airport. He currently has gold status with American and in the episode we discuss what his future with the program looks like. At...


PPP: 006 – Debunking 5 Common Credit Myths

The world of credit is filled with myths and misinformation. If you’re not careful, taking some of this advice at face value can really hold you back when it comes to taking control of your financial life, specifically your credit score and credit card portfolio. In this episode I invite you to join me as I discuss 5 of the...


PPP: 005 – Personal travel, remote work, and 30k.com with Rui Bom

Meeting and talking with folks that you might not otherwise get the chance to interact with is one of the reasons I so thoroughly enjoy having a podcast. On todays episode I am joined by the Chief Marketing Officer for 30k.com, Rui Bom. As a co-founder of the site Rui and his team have spent the better part of the...


PPP: 004 – Explaining Delta Elite Status to my Friend Tony

My friend Tony doesn’t travel that much, and his main rewards card is the Bank of America 3-2-1 cash rewards card. After listening to the first Pursuing Points Podcast episode Tony messaged me and said “Great job, kind of confusing for a beginner though, still not sure how all that elite status stuff works.” Thus, an opportunity was born. Tony...


PPP: 003 – Whats in my Wallet?

Building off of the success of our last episode, this episode focuses on the 11 credit cards that I currently have in my wallet. In recent blog posts i’ve talked about doing a credit card inventory every so often to decide which cards are worth keeping and which ones are worth canceling. In this episode I mark several cards as “cancellable”...