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One driver's insights and sometimes humorous views of truck driving and the trucking industry… and anything else he feels like dumpin' on ya

One driver's insights and sometimes humorous views of truck driving and the trucking industry… and anything else he feels like dumpin' on ya


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One driver's insights and sometimes humorous views of truck driving and the trucking industry… and anything else he feels like dumpin' on ya






TD145: Being An Oversize/Overweight Load Truck Driver

If you've ever been interested in how oversize/overweight loads work, you're in luck. Today we talk to Travis Jellison, who has pulled loads as heavy as 230,000 pounds, 22 feet wide, 15.5 feet tall, and 120 feet long. Yikes! In the news segment, we discuss how the coronavirus is affecting the trucking industry with regards to the loss of work and restaurants, and Hours-of-Service adjustments, including the upcoming HOS changes. We also look at technology such as electric vehicles and it's...


TD144: Is Truck Driving A Recession-Proof Job?

I’ve heard lots of people say that truck driving is a recession-proof job. But if that’s true, then why am I laid off from my trucking job right now? We’ll discuss the issue and hopefully get to the bottom of it once and for all. But like a good appetizer before the main entree, we’ve got lots of news to cover, including recalls from three truck manufacturers and pulling back the reins on emissions expectations. And of course, there’s still lots of Corona-related stories, including rules...


TD143: Coronavirus Trucking

Well, you can probably guess what today’s podcast is all about, and unfortunately it ain’t fluffy kittens. Nope, for today’s main topic I’ll be rebroadcasting an episode of the Payload Podcast where JT Peters talks to an epidemiologist about Coronavirus and how it relates to us truckers. But before that, we’ve got lots of news on how this pandemic is affecting the trucking industry; including suspended and forced rules, how truckers are gaining new respect, and some clarification on the...


TD142: Being An Expedited Truck Driver

On today’s show, we’ll be continuing the series where we highlight unique trucking jobs. This time Joshua Knode will tell us about expedited trucking and how it differs from a typical truck driving job. Lots of great information and fun stories in here, including rock bands, mercenaries, and a late night talk show host! But before we get to that, we’re going to learn about a new trucking podcast, truck-only lanes, truck-only tolls, dangerous parking, and an early roadcheck safety blitz this...


TD141: Women In Trucking With Ellen Voie

Today we’ve got an interview with Ellen Voie from the Women in Trucking Association, which is a non-profit organization that aims to help and promote women truckers. Dudes, don’t tune out. This is a discussion you need to hear too. But before we get to that, we’ve got a month’s worth of news to catch up on that includes a major southern corridor opening back up, mirrorless trucks, deaf truckers, and sexual harassment. We'll also look into what happens to your ELD data and what happens after...


TD140: The Listener/Reader Feedback Show #3

Well we’re back from a wee bit of a hiatus, so instead of a normal topic we’re going to catch up on listener feedback. We’ll hear from people looking into a trucking career, and we’ll discuss LTL vs OTR, Automatics vs. Manuals, Australian and military trucking, laughable rules, and of course, lots of hate mail about my tailgating episode. Those are always fun. We’ve also got over 3 months of news to catch up on. Trucking companies in trouble and CA causing trouble, recalls, new ELD stuff,...


TD139.5: Hurry And Submit Your Comments By October 21!

Running a bit behind on my podcasting schedule, so this is a just a quick reminder that the FMCSA has extended the commenting period on the New Proposed Hours Of Service Rules until October 21. Check out that link for my thoughts on the newly proposed rules. October 21 is just a few days, so don't delay! Go and submit your comments now! Want to hear something pathetic? There are over 3 million CDL holders in the United States, but there are only 7,500 comments submitted so far. That's...


TD139: Understanding The 2019 Proposed Hours-Of-Service Changes

In today’s show, I’ll explain the newly proposed hours-of-service rules so you can go leave your comments for the FMCSA. And speaking of safety issues, we’ve got a couple of truck recalls, yet another inspection blitz, more about ELD compliance, more about platooning, and you better watch out in Minnesota. We’ll also discuss the laws behind drug and alcohol screening and sleep apnea, then we’ll hit on deceptive factoring, yet another carrier shutting down and leaving drivers stranded,...


TD138: Being A Rental Equipment Truck Driver

In today’s episode, I’m starting a new series where I talk to truckers who have a speciality. Every now and then I’ll interview a driver who does something different than the average trucker. Today, you’ll hear from my good friend and fellow Trucker Dump Slack Group member, Shannon Holden about his job as a rental equipment hauler. But before that we’ve got lots of news to cover including more truck recalls, lots of new legislation, ELD privacy issues, and some stupid things truckers do,...


TD137: OTR vs. LTL Trucking

Well, there’s been a 2-month hiatus while I switched jobs, but it brought up a good main topic for today’s show; comparing OTR to LTL trucking. We’ve got not one, but two good places to eat for the Trucker Grub segment. Plenty of listener feedback too, including more information on the facial recognition system being used at the Canadian border, an audio comment with an oopsie from a driver (and one from myself), and of course I’m going to include some listener comments saying nice things...


TD136: The Emotions Of Changing Truck Driving Jobs

Man, we’ve got a colossal show today, headlined by me sharing the emotional rollercoaster I’ve been on lately as I prepare to change truck driving jobs. But before that, we’ve got interesting stuff like Dustin’s Trucker Grub segment on some good BBQ and some long lost listener feedback from Keith, who talks about hourly pay and has a military analogy to truck training, Scot has comments on the podcast and a question about driver suicide, and Mark sent in a audio clip about why there’s so...


TD135: Trucking Recruiters... Friend Or Foe?

In today's main topic, we discuss whether trucking recruiters are friend or foe? My views on the subject might surprise you. But before that we’ve a tribute to a friend, a couple of funny videos, and DriverChrisMc will point you to some good Mexican food in the Trucker Grub segment. We’ll discuss fancy pants new trucks from Volvo and Freightliner and what’s this about a truck with no mirrors??? Lots of other topics including trucker fatalities stats, a truck parking update, facial...


TD134: 3 Trucking Apps Every Trucker Should Have

In today’s main topic, I’ll share 3 Trucking Apps Every Trucker Should Have and tell you why they're so awesome. But there's so much more! We’ll also be discussing news stories about truck recalls, tolls, impending new emissions standards, HOS of proposals, and whether driver pay is the key to solving every problem in the trucking industry. I’ll tell you where you’re most likely to get a moving violation, and speaking of violations, we’ll be discussing the sentence that was handed down to...


TD133: A Trucker Gives Thanks

Truckers are an unappreciated group for sure; but there are lots of other people within the trucking industry that are even less appreciated. In today's show, I take the opportunity to thank those good folks who support us truckers. Other topics covered in the podcast are some truck recalls, some new emissions systems, a temporary truck parking fix, trucker tax changes, and I share my thoughts about the recent Washington DC trucker convoy and road blockage. We've got drivers suing carriers,...


TD132: Should We Call Out Bad Truckers?

We all see people doing stupid, inconsiderate, or just plain rude things every day. What do we do it about? Should we call these people out or should we bite our tongues? We'll discuss that in today's main topic. But the show is also jam-packed with news stories, including some recalls, some autonomous truck stuff, some good news for diabetic truckers, and more thoughts about dash cams. We’ll also talk about naughty booters and some even naughtier truckers. And I’ll tell you a couple of...


TD131: Review Of The FleetUp Trace ELD

In today's podcast, I tell you about an electronic logging device (ELD) called the FleetUp Trace. I also share news stories about a truck recall, the possibility of new Hours-of-Service rules, more happenings in the autonomous truck world (including what's up with your job), I point you to a survey for your opinions about the biggest trucking issues, and a lady trucker stands up to the man and wins. I also discuss dash cams and a conversation I had with OOIDA on Twitter. Trucker Grub...


TD130: How Much Should Truckers Bend The Rules?

I was in a situation recently and got called out by a friend for my actions. To me it was a technicality. To him it was a blatant lie. In today's podcast, I tell that story and the situation surrounding it. I'll let you decide. We also cover some trucking legislation stuff, the rise of guaranteed driver pay, more about truck parking, and something called Bus and Dump (which I’ve never heard of before). I’ll also point you to a test to figure out your driving personality. Trucker Grub is...


TD129: 4 Ways To Be A More Efficient Trucker

In today's podcast, I present four ideas that could help you become a more efficient trucker. I also cover a crapload of news stories, ranging from new ways to tackle truck parking, new proposed hours-of-service legislation, Electronic Logging Devices (ELD), a lost trucker, some surprises about driver pay, and possibly one of the most insane verdicts I've ever heard. I also tell you how social media can help you in a way that you might not have thought of before. In the Feedback section, we...


TD128: Interview With Make-A-Wish Mother's Day Truck Convoy

In this episode we talk to Ben Lee, president of Make-A-Wish for the Susquehanna Valley, who tells us about the awesome, Guiness World Record holding, Mother's Day Truck Convoy event. But before that, I talk about a few articles I saw involving California emissions, a new Hours-of-Service bill, and a horrible truck crash. I also point you to a cool gift for a trucker. I also have a nice, long chat with Dave Meltzer, a Principal at one of our sponsors, East Insurance Group. Believe it or not,...


TD127: Why Podcasts Are The Best Media For Truckers

In today's episode of the world famous Trucker Dump Podcast, we discuss why podcasts are so perfect for truckers. I also talk about losing my Kenworth and I share a funny quote from a million mile safe trucker I met. Driverchrismc tells us about a Mexican restaurant in the Trucker Grub segment and he also corrects me about Oregon speed limits. I point you to a couple of excellent health resources and fun little game I've been addicted to lately. I also discuss taking on sponsors for the show...