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A podcast for truckers, potential truckers, and curious non-truckers. The goal is to make you think about driving around trucks by telling interesting stories from the road that will (hopefully) drive the point home. I also share comments from listeners.

A podcast for truckers, potential truckers, and curious non-truckers. The goal is to make you think about driving around trucks by telling interesting stories from the road that will (hopefully) drive the point home. I also share comments from listeners.
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A podcast for truckers, potential truckers, and curious non-truckers. The goal is to make you think about driving around trucks by telling interesting stories from the road that will (hopefully) drive the point home. I also share comments from listeners.






TD131: Review Of The FleetUp Trace ELD

In today's podcast, I tell you about an electronic logging device (ELD) called the FleetUp Trace. I also share news stories about a truck recall, the possibility of new Hours-of-Service rules, more happenings in the autonomous truck world (including what's up with your job), I point you to a survey for your opinions about the biggest trucking issues, and a lady trucker stands up to the man and wins. I also discuss dash cams and a conversation I had with OOIDA on Twitter. Trucker Grub...


TD130: How Much Should Truckers Bend The Rules?

I was in a situation recently and got called out by a friend for my actions. To me it was a technicality. To him it was a blatant lie. In today's podcast, I tell that story and the situation surrounding it. I'll let you decide. We also cover some trucking legislation stuff, the rise of guaranteed driver pay, more about truck parking, and something called Bus and Dump (which I’ve never heard of before). I’ll also point you to a test to figure out your driving personality. Trucker Grub is...


TD129: 4 Ways To Be A More Efficient Trucker

In today's podcast, I present four ideas that could help you become a more efficient trucker. I also cover a crapload of news stories, ranging from new ways to tackle truck parking, new proposed hours-of-service legislation, Electronic Logging Devices (ELD), a lost trucker, some surprises about driver pay, and possibly one of the most insane verdicts I've ever heard. I also tell you how social media can help you in a way that you might not have thought of before. In the Feedback section,...


Interview With Make-A-Wish Mother's Day Truck Convoy - TD128

In this episode we talk to Ben Lee, president of Make-A-Wish for the Susquehanna Valley, who tells us about the awesome, Guiness World Record holding, Mother's Day Truck Convoy event. But before that, I talk about a few articles I saw involving California emissions, a new Hours-of-Service bill, and a horrible truck crash. I also point you to a cool gift for a trucker. I also have a nice, long chat with Dave Meltzer, a Principal at one of our sponsors, East Insurance Group. Believe it or...


TD127: Why Podcasts Are The Best Media For Truckers

In today's episode of the world famous Trucker Dump Podcast, we discuss why podcasts are so perfect for truckers. I also talk about losing my Kenworth and I share a funny quote from a million mile safe trucker I met. Driverchrismc tells us about a Mexican restaurant in the Trucker Grub segment and he also corrects me about Oregon speed limits. I point you to a couple of excellent health resources and fun little game I've been addicted to lately. I also discuss taking on sponsors for the...


TD126: Interview With Right Weigh Load Scales

In today's podcast, I speak with Ryan Backstrand, Product Engineer and Korina Velasco, Marketing Manager for Right Weigh Load Scales. If you haven't heard of Right Weigh, it is a system of weighing your truck without having to drive to the nearest CAT Scale. How cool is that?! You'll learn how this product works, how much it costs, and how to install it, just to name a few. Additionally, Troy from the Big Rig Banter podcast dissects trucker pay, I point you to an awesome FAQ about...


TD125: Reserved Truck Parking: Convenience Or Exploitation?

As you can tell from the title, today's show is about this reserved truck parking that is popping up at all the truck stops. But before we get to that, listener Kevin wrote in to tell me I screwed up the Meritor jacket contest from the last podcast. He was right! We also have some gift ideas for truckers, which is handy right before Christmas. We also discuss Telsa's fancy new electric truck and I share a mechanical tip I learned from listener Mike. But that's not all! Connor Smith from...


TD124: The Overweight Axle Debacle

Ever had one of those crappy days that just seems to drag on forever… and in fact, it actually does drag into the next day? Well, that's what happened to me recently when a shipper just couldn't get me loaded legally. I share the story with mind-numbing detail. Lucky you. I also interview Bill Busbice from HWY Pro, an app that helps owner-operators find, accept, and plan loads more efficiently than current methods. If you signed up to win the Meritor jacket, you'll want to stay tuned to...


TD123: Advice For New Truckers

Today's episode is devoted to helping rookie truckers. The advice I give is all stuff that you'll learn over time, but why wait when you can learn it now? I also discuss my recent visit to the Great American Trucking Show (GATS) and I tell you about a new trucking podcast. We cover stories about some recent trucking accidents and a thief who deserved everything he got. Furthermore, I discuss what's going on with the mandatory speed limiter proposition and talk about platooning. In the...


TD122: 4 Awesome Trucker Workouts

This episode is a continuation of TD120: Truckers And Exercise where I answered listener Jeremy's questions about exercising out on the road. TD122: 4 Awesome Trucker Workouts takes that further by telling you about some workout apps and methods I've used over the years. But before I get to the exercising junk, I talk about the new Kenworth T-680 I'm driving and my time on the road with nephew Jacob. I even go off on a tangent about rap music and the people who listen to it. We also...


TD120: Truckers And Exercise

Ever wonder how truckers stay in shape out on the road? Well, truth be told most of them don't. But Jeremy wrote in asking how it's done. He's curious because he's thinking about truck driving as a career and doesn't want to let himself go. He asked me a bunch of questions about truckers and exercise and I do my best to answer him. Links in the intro: TD119: Winter Driving Tips With An Alaskan Trucker was the last show. If you missed it, go back and check it out. It's got some great tips...


TD119: Winter Driving Tips From An Alaskan Trucker

If you could get winter truck driving tips from anyone, who would it be? How about someone who drives a 155,000-pound,12-axle tractor trailer on mountainous, snow-packed, two-lane roads nearly every day? Well, I found such a person. Even better, I commenced to bribe, cajole, and generally badger him into coming onto the Trucker Dump podcast to share his experience with you. I may have even threatened to set bear traps for his dogs. Don't judge. Gotta do whatcha gotta do. Kevin Lowery has...


TD118: Truck Safety: Constant Vigilance Or Fate?

I have two topics for you today. First is a review of the AeroPress coffee maker and then I ponder how much luck has a part in keeping a safe driving record. I also discuss the often false advertising of the term "Million Miler." Links mentioned in the podcast: TD78: A Trucker's Thanksgiving was my last Thanksgiving-themed podcast. It is also one of my favorite podcast episodes. The snark meter goes off the charts! I reluctantly discuss the 2016 presidential election and the results....


TD116: Diabetes And Trucking

Today we have a guest post that originally posted on The Diabetes Council website. Whether you are a trucker dealing with diabetes, a potential trucker wondering if you can drive a truck with the disease, or someone who simply has a major sweet tooth, "Commercial Truck Driving and Diabetes: Everything You Need To Know" has something for you. Links mentioned in the intro: I got to meet Buck Ballard from The Trucking Podcast in person! And of course, the Internet rule says that it didn't...


TD115: Product Review: weBoost Drive 4G-X OTR Cell Signal Booster

In today's podcast, I review the weBoost Drive 4G-X OTR cell signal booster from Wilson Electronics. Links in the podcast: Check out my new ebook/audiobook called Trucking Life and get some free samples of both the audio and text versions. @Holden657 was kind enough to leave reviews of Trucking Life on both Amazon and the iBooks Store. 35-year driver Daniel S. Bridger reviewed Trucking Life on his Trucking Blog. Todd Dills from also wrote an excellent review of...


TD114: Trucking Life: The New Ebook Is Finally Here!

You're thinking that the title of this podcast makes the topic clear… but you'd be as wrong as a 2nd grader taking a physics test. Nope, this podcast is not about the book. It's about the making of the book. I do describe the book a bit, but I pointed everyone to the Trucking Life sales page for all the gory details. Links mentioned in the show: I mention the latest articles I wrote for If you're a trucker who's also an Apple-junkie, you should definitely join the...


TD112: Truckers Can't Read

In this episode of the world famous Trucker Dump podcast, I tell about a couple of incidents that convinced me that truckers simply can't read. Have a listen and tell me about your experiences. I close the episode with a retelling of "Twas The Night Before Christmas: Trucker Style." One listener said she'll never look at Christmas the same. LOL Links mentioned in the podcast: A photo of my new house! Shaun from made an infographic out of TD95: 4 Reasons That Trucker...


TD111: Improving Our Reputation As Truckers

In today's show, guest co-host and fellow trucker Steven Gorman sits in as we discuss ways to improve the reputation we truckers have. I also have a couple of corrections to make and I go off on a rant about a run-in I had with a bonehead trucker. Links mentioned in the podcast: @MikeTheDriver got me started on a rant with a tweet about a slow driver. Stevens Transport Steven mentions the Smith System, which is a driving safety method for truckers. Correction from last week, Clive...


TD110: Jabbering With Jared

Welcome to the first interview I've done on Trucker Dump. I recently had my nephew out on the road with me and I forced him to talk with me about it afterward. I hope you have as much fun listening to it as we had recording it. Links mentioned in the podcast: Erich McMann's new video for the song Trucker Country I've been doing some writing for for the last few months. Check it out! Check out the new header and the new Trucker Dump logo and header...


TD109: Coping With Rookie Truckers

We truckers encounter rookie drivers all the time. The question today is how you handle these situations. I tell you two stories that happened to me recently that may open your eyes a bit. Or you can ignore them and continue to be a jerk face. Your choice. Links mentioned in the podcast: Check out for all your little needs. I'm betting someone over there can help you for $5. The Trucker Country CD by Erich McMann winners are SFC Sapper, Kevin I., and Eric M. Check out the 5:25...