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A Texas true crime podcast hosted by Texas natives Shea and Erin.

A Texas true crime podcast hosted by Texas natives Shea and Erin.
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A Texas true crime podcast hosted by Texas natives Shea and Erin.








Ep 23: Suicide Attack on the IRS

Join us as we discuss what led a man to deliberately crash his personal airplane into an Austin IRS building in February of 2010. Was this the action of a domestic terrorist or a hero bent on sparking a revolution against tyranny? And in Good News this week, Shea tells us about a new campaign to help mow the yards of people in need across the country. And always remember: crime is bigger in Texas, y'all. Visit our new merch shop: Find us on Twitter:...

Duration:01:05:57 Mashup!

In this special episode, Erin describes the quadruple homicide of the Cooper-Allen family of Lubbock in 2004. This case is still unsolved. If you have any information regarding this case, please contact the Crime Tip Line at (806) 741-1000. You may remain anonymous and you may be eligible for a cash reward. Afterwards, hold onto your hats for a mashup of other mini cases presented by other true crime podcasts on the new network! The podcasts participating, in order of...


Ep 22: The Abduction and Murder of Lisa Rene

This week we bring you the horrifying case of Lisa Rene. We also talk to a local true crime blog author who covered this case over at Erin talks about the city of Fort Worth's new approach to the homeless crisis. Always remember: crime is bigger in Texas, y'all! New merch shop: Twitter: Instagram: Tip Jar: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit...


Ep 21: The Mary Morris Murders

Two women with the same name were murdered three days apart in Houston, Texas. Are these murders connected or are the links merely coincidence? Join us as Erin presents this bizarre case from the year 2000. Later, Shea brings us a story about some technology that is being developed right here in the Lone Star State that could change the world. Always remember: crime is bigger in Texas, y'all! New merch shop: Twitter: Instagram:...


Ep 20: The Broomstick Killer, Part II

The long wait is over: the grand finale of Shea's coverage of the serial killer Kenneth Allen McDuff has arrived. Learn the further atrocities the recently-paroled monster committed before finally being brought to justice. Shea also details how McDuff is a viable suspect in Austin's unsolved yogurt shop murders. Finally, in this week's Good News segment, Erin tells us about a Dallas Whataburger that's serving a good way. And always remember: crime is bigger in Texas, y'all New...


Ep 19: The Broomstick Killer, Part I

Listener discretion is advised in this week's case in which Shea describes the early life and first crimes of Kenneth Allen McDuff, the Broomstick Killer. Erin rants about the arrest of the GSK/EAR/ONS suspect and gives you some good news about a baseball-loving kid from Pearland. And always remember: crime is bigger in Texas, y'all. New merch shop: Twitter: Instagram: Tip Jar:...


Mini Episode: Live from Texas PodAcalypse

Meet some of the podcasts from the Texas PodAcalypse meetup in this mini episode! Special guests include Swindled, Secret Transmissions, Whiskey Boy Radio, Texas 10-31, True Crime Fan Club, Best Darn Diddly, Avert Your Eyes, Dark Divide, Nature of the Beast, and Big Conversations. Happy listening, and remember...crime is bigger in Texas, y'all. New merch shop: Twitter: Instagram: Tip Jar:...


Ep 18: The Texas Seven, Part II

The highly anticipated ending to the Texas Seven case is here! Tune in while Erin paints the picture of what happened to these men after they escaped. Let the man hunt begin! Later, a sporting goods store robbery goes terribly wrong, fanny packs become a crucial piece of the puzzle some how, and Shea tells us why he doesn't play volleyball indoors any more. Happy listening, and remember...crime is bigger in Texas...


Ep 17: The Texas Seven, Part I

In the first part of this two-part series, Erin describes the prison break of the Texas Seven from 2000. Shea's Good News segment is a little story about a boy and his favorite stuffed animal. The aftershow goes off the rails with international reviews, which the hosts decide to read in the accents of the country from which they came. We're everyone. Happy listening, and remember...crime is bigger in Texas...


Ep 16: The Unsolved Case of Hailey Dunn

This week Shea fills us in on everything we need to know about a tragic case involving a missing Texas cheerleader, Erin’s good news delivers a positive pick-me-up (waffles are involved), and we attempt to fight through recording in a Texas thunderstorm. Happy listening, and remember…crime is bigger in Texas y’all! Merch –>...


Ep 15: The Texarkana Phantom Slayer, Part 2

Here is the grand finale of the tale of the Texarkana Phantom, the serial killer who terrorized an entire town in 1946. Stick around for Good News where we will hear about a brand new technology presented at SXSW that might help to create affordable housing on a global scale. Happy listening, and remember…crime is bigger in Texas y’all! Merch –>...


Ep 14: The Texarkana Phantom Slayer

Come along as Erin takes us back in time to the spring of 1946, when the Texarkana Phantom Slayer went on a killing spree. Our Good News segment features a lost dog and is sure to give you some feels. Also, we spread the word to help volunteer this Saturday to search for a missing local, Typhenie Johnson. Happy listening, and remember…crime is bigger in Texas...


Ep 13: College Town Murder in Bryan, Texas

This week, Shea recounts the story of Jenna Verhaalen, a young college student from Bryan, Texas. As you listen, see if you can figure out which of the three suspects described is the actual killer. Stick around for loads of fans reviews and a promo from our friends at Dark Poutine! Happy listening, and remember…crime is bigger in Texas y’all! Merch –>...


Ep 12: Fort Worth Double Homicide

Erin presents the latest information about the murders of Shanna and Diederik Vandewege from December 2016. We finally have music for our Good News segment, which this week involves a heroic basketball team. And finally, Brandon Sanderson may be out to get us. Happy listening, and remember…crime is bigger in Texas y’all! Merch –>...


Ep 10: The Texas Tower Sniper

You are in luck ACNC True Crime Posse, we are giving you two episodes this week. Enjoy part one of two in this Lone Star Lunatic Series episode where Shea tells us about the Texas Tower Sniper, Charles Whitman. Strap in for a wild ride as we cover one of the earliest and worst mass shootings in American history. Episode 11, part two in this series, will be out in the next few days and will feature the conclusion. Also, Erin is definitely sick, we have some disgusting Spam talk, and bloody...


Ep 9: Murder in Tyler, Texas - The Case of Ty Underwood

Erin describes a murder case that happened recently inTyler, Texas. It involves some interesting topics on minorities and gender. Also, Erin hates the Philadelphia Eagles, we’ve got new merch, and we share a special message from one of our favorite podcasts, Texas True Terrors. Happy listening y’all! Get our merch at:


Ep 7: Death at Hotel Elegante

This week Erin brings you a mysterious case from Beaumont, Texas. Our audio quality has taken a huge leap forward, the television show Renegade gets brought up, two teens help a women’s shelter, and we have a special message from our friends over at True Crime Story Time.


Ep 6: The Truck Stop Killer Part 2

In the final part of our first Lone Star Lunatics Series, Erin and Shea wrap up the brutal details of the Truck Stop Killer. We run into a case of too many Dads, Erin fights through a cold, we hand out the first Texas True Crime Medals of Honor, and we get a special message from some friends of the show.


Episode 5: The Truck Stop Killer

Erin and Shea both tackle the story of this Houston-based trucker serial killer. An old woman becomes the Saint of the Parker County Doggos and Erin has man hands.


Episode 4: The Benefits of Kindness

Shea tells a tale of a double homicide in Houston, Texas in 1980. There’s two Bobs, two Bonnies, and a Clyde. Erin won’t stop singing a single bar from a song she can’t remember and Shea might just want conjugal visits.