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Brew Crime is the brain child of both Beck and Mike. We are a True Crime, Craft Beer and Comedy podcast. Join us as we pair great tasting beer with the all kinds of messed up stories.

Brew Crime is the brain child of both Beck and Mike. We are a True Crime, Craft Beer and Comedy podcast. Join us as we pair great tasting beer with the all kinds of messed up stories.
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Brew Crime is the brain child of both Beck and Mike. We are a True Crime, Craft Beer and Comedy podcast. Join us as we pair great tasting beer with the all kinds of messed up stories.






Episode 17 - Game of Crimes

This time on Brew Crime we have called the episode Game Of Crimes not because of a TV show that is all the rage but because in some way Games tie into the two cases we will be covering on this episode. Life is not a Game. But it was for The Scorecard Killer Starting in the early 70’s someone was leaving the bodies of young men beside freeway off-ramps. To make matters worse, they were keeping a coded tally. Beer pairing for this story is Parklife Passion Fruit Ale from Bomber Brewing out of...


Episode 16 - Parents That Kill

After last weeks episode we thought we would turn the tables and talk about parents that kill. You can run, but you can’t hide. A horrible murder is committed, the killer calmly cleaned up then disappeared for 18 years. This is the story of John List. This story paired with Naughty Hildegard ESB from Driftwood Brewing. Andrea Yates Was a Sick Women She was warned to stop having children but she didn’t unfortunately. This story paired with Broken Dream Breakfast Stout from Siren Craft Brew....


Episode 15 - Kids that Kill

This episode we talk about children that fall down the wrong path and commit murders. Gingers don’t have souls. The story of Eric Smith Eric Smith was young when he murdered the 4 year old Derrick Robie . This is the story. This story paired with Clifford the Big Red Ale from Callister Brewing out of Vancouver. Sources Wikipedia Seattle Times Life Death Prizes Murderpeida For Whom the Bell Tolls: When a Child Dies We Are All in Pain Two children have been murdered and two more are the lead...


Episode 14 - Cannibalism

We hope you are not hungry while listening to this episode! We delve into the dark and disturbing world of Cannibalism. The Russian Cannibal Couple The Russian Cannibal Couple: The Ultimate Matryoshka Dolls. A person in a person… A lovely stroll, a few drinks and why not a little cannibalism? This story paired with Total Domination IPA from Ninkasi Brewing out of Eugene Oregon. Sources Genwhyphod Washington Post All Thats Interesting Audio Clip And Thats When the...


Episode 13 - Bruce McArthur (Dismemberment Part 2)

Episode 13 brings us the conclusion to our Dismemberment episode. Bruce McArthur In Part 2 of this series we do our first deep dive into a horrendous case. Bruce McArthur was a recent serial killer from Toronto Canada. He was arrested in January 2018 and sentenced in February 2019. Tune in to learn more about this despicable human and his victims that need to be remembered. This story was paired with Origin of Darkness – Forbidden Root Imperial Stout by Collective Arts Brewing out of Ontario...


Episode 12 - Dismemberment Part 1

EPISODE 12 – DISMEMBERMENT PART 1 On episode 12 we get into the dark and dirty subject of Dismemberment. Tamara Samsonova Baba Yaga is a famous witch of the East, well-known in Russia. She has spooked and scared little children across Eastern Europe for many centuries. The name of Baba Yaga is composed of two elements. Baba means “grandmother” or “old woman” in most Slavic languages. The other names she received was Granny Ripper and my personal favorite nickname “Grannyball Lecter” This...


Episode 11 - Saint Valentine's Day Massacre

On episode 11 we did things a little differently. The whole episode is about the Saint Valentine’s Day Massacre. Nina covers Al Capone, Mike Covered the North Side Gang and Beck covers the Massacre. Let us know what you think of this episode layout. Al Capone One side of the Saint Valentine’s Day Massacre was Al Capone’s gang. Here Nina gets into the history of Al Capone. This story was paired with Stone Brewing’s Arrogant Bastard Ale. Sources North Side Gang...


Episode 10 - Conspiracy Theories

On Episode 10 we welcome our new full time host Nina into the mix. We also delve deep into conspiracy theories. From the far fetched to the ones you would wish were far fetched. True East When his parents are murdered this former Vancouver resident now living in Washington States life changes forever. This story was paired with What the Huck a Huckleberry Wheat Ale from Fernie Brewing. Sources Is it cold in here or is that just your blood?: The...


Episode 9 - 2018 Bloopers

We started Brew Crime off in 2018 and have had many bloopers alone the way. We thought we would start out 2019 with just a silly episode to see what it is like behind the scenes while recording. We hope you enjoy this one. This epiosde was paired with The Nucking Futs a Hazelnut Milk Stout from Bridge Brewing out of North Vancouver Hopped Up Network Promo – Bitch Beer Podcast True Crime Promo – I Siaid God Damn


Episode 8 - Stupid Criminals

Some times the criminals are just not as smart as others. This episode we dwell on just this kind of criminal. Martyr or Murderer? Time Will Tell . The Story of John Allen Chau Young man spreading the word of God? Or moron blinded by faith risking the lives of an entire civilization? This story paired with Stupid Stout Imperial Stout 2015 Vintage from Coronado Brewing. Sources Wikipedia Audio Clip used under Canadian Copyright Law for Fair Use...


Episode 7 - Crimes Involving Celebrities

Some times Celebrities snap and sometimes they are victims. This episode we cover just that. SON OF A… Godfather. The Life of Christian Brando. The life and times of Marlon Brando’s son. Well one of them that is. This story paired with Langley BC’s Dead Frog Brewery Nutty Uncle Peanut Butter Stout. Sources Wikipedia Audio Clip used under Canadian Copyright Law for Fair Use Britney Spears Womanizer (30 second clip) The Best Was Yet to Come This is the sad story...


Episode 6 – Workplace Crimes

We spend much of our waking hours at work as adults. Sometimes things go very wrong. This episode we discuss workplace crimes. We also have our first guest on the show Nina! H2NOOOOO! A nice Monday morning chat around the water cooler ends in death. As if Monday mornings weren't bad enough! This story paired with Uganada Sipi Coffee Brown Ale from Bridge Brewing North Vancouver BC. Sources AP News Youtube Going Postal Sometimes delivering mail can make you go Postal. Nina shares her story...


Episode 5 – Theme Parks and Freak Shows

This episode we get down and dirty with the theme of Theme Parks and Freak Shows. Be ready for the weird and depraved. A Selfish Shellfish: The Story of Grady Stiles Jr. Young love, family conflict, murder and not one but 2 bearded ladies. I can't make this shit up. This story paired with Funk Royal from Brasserie Dunham out of Dunham Quebec. This beer was a Foeder grisette saison with local Mont-Royal plums. Sources News Interactive Historic Mysteries Wikipedia Audio Clip used under...


Episode 4 – Spooky Crimes for Halloween

For Halloween we decided to do an episode on spooky crimes. There will be something odd or unsettling in these stories. Ghost, Guilt or The Green Eyed Monster? Murder in the Red Barn It's been months since their daughter eloped and they still haven't heard from her. That is until the stepmother is haunted by a ghostly figure. This story paired with Redrum Spiced Red Ale from Dead Frog Brewery MURDERPEDIA.COM Moyse's Hall Museum Audio Clip used under...


Episode 3 – Cults!

Cults are just as terrifying as they are intriguing. This episode we sit down and discuss two crazy cults. The Church of God with Signs Following There’s a Snake in my Scripture!! Maybe it's a religion, maybe it's a cult. I'm just not sssssure. This story paired with a snake bite made with Dead Frog Brewery's Steel Toe Lager and Lonetree Dry Cider both from Metro Vancouver. Sources Wikipedia- Snake Handlers Wikipedia – George Went Hensley Audio Clip...


Episode 2 – Back to School

With school on the horizon we thought it made sense to hit up the topic of Back to School. This will not be back to school shopping though. One rotten apple spoils the whole bunch. Or in this case one rotten teacher spoils it for everyone. Joanne Chambers was an elementary school teacher with Pocono Mountain School District in Monroe, Pennsylvania. It was a job that she enjoyed. She was popular with her students and got along with her co-workers. Or so she thought. This story paired with...


Episode 1 – On the Road One Last Time

Episode one of Brew Crime takes on the theme of murder on the road. Here are two stories of terror that took place on the highways and roads of North America. Here is Bob Seger Turn the Page. Blondes have more fun. And by fun I mean blood on their hands - The Jodi Arias story. 29 stabs, 1 slashed throat, 1 gun shot to the head. Self defense? This story paired with East India Porter from Iron Road Brewing of Kamloops. Jodi Arias Pride Flag in front of Mormon Temple Sources Wikipedia...


Brew Crime the Pilot

Welcome to the first Episode of Brew Crime our Craft Beer and True Crime podcast. This episode deals with two very different stories with an accidental tie in. Gilles de Rais - In 15th century France he was a nobleman, war hero, comrade in arms to Joan of Arc! Disillusioned by the King that did not protect his comrade he became a serial killer. Guilty of slaughtering over 100 innocent children. Or was he?... This story paired with 3 Monts from Brasserie De Saint-Sylvestre of France. Photo...