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We are a True Crime, Craft Beer and Comedy podcast. Join us as we pair great tasting beer with the all kinds of messed up stories.

We are a True Crime, Craft Beer and Comedy podcast. Join us as we pair great tasting beer with the all kinds of messed up stories.




We are a True Crime, Craft Beer and Comedy podcast. Join us as we pair great tasting beer with the all kinds of messed up stories.






Introducing The Jury Room

Ed Kemper- Co-ed Killer Suicide Prevention 1-800-273-8255 The Jury Room Links The Oracle Network Forms General case suggestion Missing Person Episode Feedback Q & A Form Peter Bleksley Promo's trashypodcast That Trophy Wife Life...


Episode 62 - New Mexico Cults

On this episode of Brew Crime Mike is joined by Eric Carter-Landin of True Consequences Podcast and Dos Spookqueños Podcast as well as returning guest JT voice of Active Shooter Podcast. We cover the theme of New Mexico Cults as Eric is from the state and he sticks with the state he knows. Beer Pairing for this episode is The More you Know Imperial Sour a collaboration between Another Beer Co and Sundown Beer Company. Story 1 – Mike Aggressive Christianity Missionary Training...


Episode 61 - Virginia Crimes

On this episode of Brew Crime Mike was joined by JT formerly of True Crime Lab and the current host/voice of Active Shooter Podcast and future host of Emergen-Tea. This episode we cover cases in JT’s home state Virginia Beer Pairing for this episode is Home Sweet Home Pineapple Passion Fruit Barrel Aged Fruit Smoothie Sour from Yellow Dog Brewing. Story 1 – Mike Golden Years Killer Virginia had 14 women murderer in a 6 year span with all the women in their Golden Years. It wouldnt be...


Episode 60 - Domestic Terrorism

On this episode Mike is Joined with Guests Jen and Cam of Our True Crime Podcast and JT formerly of True Crime Lab and the current host/voice of Active Shooter Podcast and future host of Emergen-Tea. Beer pairing for episode is Navigating Darkness Stout from Paper Brewing a beer brand out of Vancouver. Story 1 - Cam The Bayou Killings (No actual Bayous) Located about 90 miles north of Little Rock Arkansas is a little area called the Illinois Bayou. It has everything that you would think...


Episode 59 - Metal Crimes Part 2

On this episode Beck and Nina cover the other spectrum of heavy metal. The kind that can poison you Thallium. ….OF DEATH Too many sugary beverages can lead to an early grave, especially when someone is trying to expedite this possibility. This is the case of Coca-Cola poisoning by George Trepal. Sources Murderpedia Youtube Delanirbartlette Theledger Audio Clip Youtube Teacup Poisoner Getting into poison at a young age made Graham Frederick Young dangerous a very young...


Episode 58 - Metal Crimes Part 1

On this episode we cover Heavy Metal Crimes in Europe and the Middle East. Slaying in Iran Since the Islamic Revolution Western Music is Illegal and playing Metal music could end up in the Death Penalty. This is the story of Arsames, Confess and Dawn of Rage. Sources Metal Injection Vice Loudersound Iran Wire Consequences of Sound Youtube youtube QZ NME Wikipedia Kerrang Wikipedia Iran Human Rights Audio Clips Youtube Youtube Youtube Hemmed In Everyone knows that Metal...


Episode 57 - Folie à Deux

On this episode we cover Folie à Deux defined as a shared psychosis or shared delusional disorder. Double Trouble Twins in desperate need of each other and in desperate need of time apart. June and Jennifer Gibbons. Sources NPR WIKIPEDIA Youtube All thats interesting new yourker Parker Hulme Murder Case When two girls think they will be split up things go terribly wrong. Sources Wikipedia Now To Love SYFY Christ church city Libararies murderpedia nz history Ursula and...


Episode 56 - Bleep 2020

On this episode we cover the dumpster fire that was 2020 with 3 cases of 2020. Surprise out baby is ________ In this story Nina covers the phenomenon that is the gender reveal party and some of the horrible outcomes from them. Sources Buzzfeed Telegraph The Blast That Shook a City This is the story of the massive explosion that rocked Beirut Lebanon Sources Wikipedia Ship Technology CBC BBC CBC YouTube YouTube YouTube YouTube YouTube Nova Scotia Strong Oscar Wilde said...


HPOC Bonus - Anniversary Crime 1B

This episode was originally a Patreon only Half Pint Of Crime Bonus episode on top of our Monthly Patreon episodes. As a holiday gift to our listeners as we take a break we decided to release this to everyone. We hope you enjoy. As we mentioned in our Anniversary episode Nina an I (Mike) messed up and did the same case by accident. So this is my take on the case with a special guest Emma of the True Crime Witch Podcast out of England. Here is my story on the murder of Jim...


Episode 55 - Holiday Crimes 2.0

On this episode we cover crimes of the winter holidays. Whatever holiday you celebrate we all hope it is a wonderful one. One of the Holidays most vile drinks once started a Riot 1826 saw a Riot break out at West Point Military Academy. This is the story. Sources History Collection Wikipedia History Today Mental Floss The Ultimate Christmas Cookie Crash This story is about a wealthy socialite couple and their worst Christmas ever. Was it a suicide attempt? a horrible accident? or...


Episode 54 - Terrible Neighbours

On this episode we cover a topic everyone seems to know. Bad Neighbours is just a time hated tradition to deal with. Ain’t No Fences High Enough! Everyone hates bad neighbours. But a bad neighbour is all about perspective. I think you are too loud, you think I am too anal. You think you are right. I know I am right. This is the story of the murder of Ann Hoover. Sources Youtube Pitt Edu Pitt Edu APNews Triangle of Bad Neighbours This story starts with a package going missing and...


Episode 53 - Imposters / Wannabes

This episode Nina and Beck hit the theme of Imposters or Wannabes. Hillside Stranglers Kenneth Bianchi and Angelo buono caused a ton of fear in California and then Washington. This is the story of a serial killer, rape and kidnapping. Sources Wikipedia Listverse Investigation Discovery All Thats Interesting Not All Crimes are Criminal This story will cover women that fought in the American Civil War as Men. Sources Smithsonian Battle Fields Battle...


Episode 52 - Halloween Cases 2

Its that time of year again. We are covering Halloween Crimes! Woodford Slasher John Joubert was a serial killer and slasher. Sources Wikipedia Murderpedia History A not so happy Halloween The Liske Family was a happy blended family in Ohio. That was up until Halloween in 2010. Beer pairing for this story is Doctor, Doctor, Doctor, Doctor, Doctor, Doctor a Lime Coconut, Guava Sour from Backcountry Brewing. Sources CBS Port Clinton News Herald Times Reporter Medium Sandusky...


Episode 51 - Piracy

On this episode we cover the gamut of Piracy from historical to internet Piracy. We hope you enjoy the episode as well as the bad Pirate Talk. Sometimes Hunting for the Truth is Harder than Hunting for Treasure This is the real-life story of Mary Read and Anne Bonny. It’s as close to the truth as I could get. Sources Post and courier Atlas Obscura All thats interesting Britannica Britannica Pirate all the Movies Geremi Adam was a big time Canadian movie pirate. Sources The Globe...


Episode 50 - 1970's Crimes

With this episode being out 50th episode we decided to cover 1970 Crimes as 1970 was 50 years ago! Dale Merle Nelson Spree killing is not what you expect when you think of Creston BC in the Kootenay region of BC. Beer pairing for this story is Old English 800 Milt Liquor brewed by Miller Brewing owned by Molson Coors Brewing. Sources Wikipedia Murderpedia Christopherdiarmani 50 years later but how much has really changed? This is the story of the Marin County Civic Center attacks as...


Episode 49 - Naughty Teachers

On this episode we cover cases of Naughty Teachers. Two cases will be just what you expect when we say that and one will be out of left field. ABC-123 You are just too young for me This is a story of a teacher who just couldn’t learn her lesson. that teacher is Mary Kay Letourneau. Beer Pairing was Never Tear Us Apart a collaboration between Dageraad Brewing and Yellow Dog Brewing. Sources Wikipedia Biography Spokesman Youtube Not the coach you need. This is the story of Cori Beard...


Episode 48 - Killed in Brazil?

On this episode we interviewed the author Jimmy Tobin about his book Killed in Brazil? The Mysterious Death of Arturo "Thunder" Gatti. Check the book out here Killed in Brazil? The Mysterious Death of Arturo "Thunder" Gatti We hope tune in soon and consider purchasing this book soon. True Crime Podcast – Reverie True Crime Oracl3 Podcast Network – Sublime True Crime Brew Crime Website, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Facebook Group, Youtube, patreon


Episode 47 - Most Wanted

On this episode we cover cases of people that were on the Most Wanted List. Chicago has a history of Gangs Jack Darrell Farmer was the leader of the little Mafia part of the Ukrainian Mafia. This is his story of being on the FBI most wanted list. Beer Pairing was Thick as Thieves Provisional Wild Saison from Strange Fellows Brewing. Sources CBS News Chicago Tribune Chicago Gang History Sun Sentinel Oregon had a serial killer This story covers the crimes of Richard Lawrence...


Episode 46 - Highway of Tears

On this episode we cover a series of cases in British Columbia that needs to be taken more seriously by police and Canada in general. We are talking about the Highway of Tears. This is a stretch of highway in British Columbia that way to many women have gone missing many with no finality. A disproportionate amount of the women are Indigenous. History of Highway of Tears Nina covers the background of the Highway of Tears Beer pairing for this story is the Driftwood Brewing Cooked...


Episode 45 - Canada Day

On this episode we decided to Celebrate Canada Day with some cases of Canadian or Canadian adjacent crimes. Canada’s Midas Touch Thaws a New Jersey Cold Case Richard W Rogers might have gotten away with multiple murders if it was not for a technique that came from Canada. Beer pairing for this story is the Profondo Rosso Sour Red with Dates and Figs from Parallel 49 Brewing. Richard Rogers Anthony Marrero Michael Sakara Sketch Michael Sakara Thomas...