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Graphic Detail is a serious-tone true crime podcast that covers lesser known brutal crimes, keeping in all the explicit facts, and mentions all the interesting rumors as well.

Graphic Detail is a serious-tone true crime podcast that covers lesser known brutal crimes, keeping in all the explicit facts, and mentions all the interesting rumors as well.


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Graphic Detail is a serious-tone true crime podcast that covers lesser known brutal crimes, keeping in all the explicit facts, and mentions all the interesting rumors as well.




Episode 24 - Wayne Garrison

Wayne Garrison mutilated, drugged and murdered several children in the 70s-90s, with a certain fondness for severing penises.


Episode 23 - Stephen Morin

Stephen Morin raped, tortured, and murdered his way across the United States in the 70's and 80s, sometimes holding his victims captive for weeks. Successfully convicted of four murders, this obscure American serial killer is thought to have possibly killed upwards of 30 people by the time he was in his thirties.


Episode 22 - Zack Bowen

On an October night in 2006, 28 year old Zack Bowen jumps off the side of the Omni Royal Orleans Hotel. Inside the man's pocket, they find a note addressed to them.


Episode 21 - The Death of Baby P

Peter Connelly was a seventeen month old boy living in London, when he sustained over fifty injuries at the hands of his mother Tracey Connelly, and her boyfriend Steven Barker. From 2006-2007 Peter Connelly visited the hospital several times for his numerous injuries, but still slipped through the cracks of Haringey child services.


Episode 20 - The Greensburg Six

**Includes update to Episode 2** Just outside of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania in 2010, a mentally disabled woman was found deceased and tortured, stuffed head-first into a trash can, shoved under a work truck in the parking lot of a Middle School. Six people were involved in the homicide, and some one them met each other, as well as the victim, only four days prior to the death of Jennifer Daugherty.


Episode 19 - Duane Morrison - Platte Canyon High

In late September of 2006, 53 year old Duane Morrison walked into Platte Canyon High School with two loaded weapons, and a backpack. Morrison would go on to hold several students hostage in an English class, while sexually assaulting seven victims during the crisis. Morrison had no known connection to the school or students, and no clear motive was ever discovered for the senseless tragedy.


Episode 18 - Maywand District Murders

Four United States Army soldiers were charged in the murders of several unarmed Afghan men from 2009-2010 in the Afghanistan War. This episode details what is known about the backgrounds of each soldier, and how these murders got carried out and hidden until one whistleblower came forward. The Rolling Stone published leaked, explicit photos from these crimes.


Episode 17 - Scottown and Paterson

This episode looks at a different type of true crime, as two firework-related tragedies are explored. The Scottown Fire in 1996 claimed nine lives, while the Paterson tenement fire of 1901 killed seventeen people.


Episode 16 - Appalachian Trail Part 2

This episode covers the most five recent murder cases on the Appalachian Trail. This case spans from 1990-2011, and exploring the circumstances of seven deaths . Three of these recent murders still remain unsolved today.


Episode 15 - Appalachian Trail Part 1

While statistically fairly safe and a lovely place to hike, Part 1 of the Appalachian Trail covers the earliest four convicted murderers who chose their victims on the Appalachian Trail.


Episode 14 - Stephen Roy Carr

On a Friday the 13th in May during 1988, two women are viciously attacked by a stranger on a hike near the Appalachian Trail - all seemingly because they were lovers.


Episode 13 - Michael Gargiulo

Michael Gargiulo is currently awaiting trial in Los Angeles County Jail, for the violent murders of three women, along with one failed attempted murder. All of the accused murders are of women Gargiulo presumably stalked, until he broke into their homes and stabbed them to death. Most recently, Gargiulo has plead not guilty by reason of insanity. The next court hearing is June 8, 2018.


Episode 12 - Edward Wayne Edwards Part Two

In the last episode, we went over the confirmed murders of American serial killer Edward Wayne Edwards. His first confirmed murder was committed when Edwards was in his 40's - and it's pretty unlikely that it was truly his first killing. This episode covers the suspected crimes of Edwards, going off of the book by John Cameron "Its Me: Edward Wayne Edwards, the Serial Killer You've Never Head About." Includes such gems as the black dahlia, west memphis 3, atlanta child murders, Zodiac,...


Episode 11 - Edward Wayne Edwards

Edward Wayne Edwards was a career criminal, who wouldn't be caught for any of the murders he committed until thirty years later when his daughter sees a program about a cold case on television. Her tip leads to Edwards confessing to five homicides, and it's likely that these weren't his only murders. As it turns out, Edwards wrote an autobiography in the early 70's, detailing his criminal escapades.


Episode 10 - James Edward Wood

James Edward Wood was a serial rapist, child molester,armed robber and murderer with several attempted murders under his belt. When he wasn't raping, killing and robbing, he was painting beautiful landscapes on antiques. This episode details Wood's early life, into his criminal career. The majority of Wood's crimes occurred in Louisiana and Idaho, between 1969-1992. This episode contains graphic content relating to rape, child molestation, necrophilia, body dismemberment, murder, attempted...


Episode 9 - Luke Woodham Part 2

Episode 9 is about Part 2 of the spree killing done in 1997 by Luke Woodham. Luke was 16 years old in Pearl, Mississippi when he killed his family dog, and eventually escalated to beating and stabbing his own mother to death before stealing her car to commit a school shooting. Luke's attack would lead to the arrest of his entire friends group for conspiracy to murder.


Episode 8 - Luke Woodham

This episode covers the crimes of Luke Woodham in Pearl, Mississippi during the late 1990's. This case contains heavy dog abuse, until Luke escalated to murdering his mother and committing a school shooting. This episode also contains hints of satanic worship, and magic, and a ton of disappointing life updates on Luke's friends.


Episode 7 - Hello Kitty Murder & The Rainy Night Butcher

The Hello Kitty Murder was a shock to the city of Hong Kong, as a disturbing homicide involving a brutal, weeks long torture of a woman was revealed after her boiled skull was discovered inside a plush Hello Kitty mermaid doll. This episode also features the Rainy Night Butcher case, where Hong Kong's second serial killer Lam Kor-wan strangled and mutilated several women while working as a taxi cab driver.


Episode 6 - Sharon Kinne

Sharon Kinne is an American serial killer, who shot three people to death in the 1960's. This beautiful housewife would viciously murder and manipulate, blaming her first murder on her two year old daughter. Sharon Kinne's actions only escalate to more disturbing heights from there!


Episode 5 - The Investor Murders

In 1982, eight people were murdered on a fishing boat, which was then set on fire near Craig, Alaska. This remains to be the largest unsolved murder in the state, although one man was acquitted for the crimes.