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Hollywood Casting Directors Lisa Zambetti and Brian Hill are joined by movie and TV buff Dean Laffan to discuss the shows we all love, which feature killer casting. Have a question or comment? Have a suggestion for our next show? Drop us a DM on our Social Media pages and we will get right back to you !

Hollywood Casting Directors Lisa Zambetti and Brian Hill are joined by movie and TV buff Dean Laffan to discuss the shows we all love, which feature killer casting. Have a question or comment? Have a suggestion for our next show? Drop us a DM on our Social Media pages and we will get right back to you !




Hollywood Casting Directors Lisa Zambetti and Brian Hill are joined by movie and TV buff Dean Laffan to discuss the shows we all love, which feature killer casting. Have a question or comment? Have a suggestion for our next show? Drop us a DM on our Social Media pages and we will get right back to you !




055 The Tragic Death of Halyna Hutchins

On today’s episode we react to the tragic death of cinematographer Halyna Hutchins who was accidentally shot while on set of the film “Rust”. Details are still emerging and it is unclear whether there was a breakdown of safety protocol, of communication — or perhaps the inexperience of a non union crew — that left Ms. Hutchins and director Joel Souza (who was also injured) unprotected and vulnerable to this tragedy. What we do know is that there are supposed to be checks and balances to...


054: Scream Queens

What do Jamie Lee Curtis, Neve Campbell, Betty Gabriel, Adrienne Barbeau, Vera Farmiga, Lupita Nyong’o and Anya Taylor-Joy have in common? Well that’s not really hard to figure out. They are all bonafide Scream Queens — that echelon of actress that is at the top of the horror genre. Joining Lisa to discuss how this archetype has evolved over the years is our favorite Queen who is such a scream himself, H. Alan Scott, aka Sadie Pines! You can listen to H. Alan’s...


053 Scariest Performances

t’s the scary month of October! And what really terrifies us? Is it the hairy creature, the slimy alien, the relentless psychopath? Or is it the monster within ourselves? Or both? (Jack Nicholson in “The Shining” anyone?) Join Lisa, Dean and our special guest producer Ben Raphael Sher (Eli Roth’s “History of Horror”) as we talk about the scariest performances by actors we’ve ever seen in film and tv.


052: Midnight Mass

Wait, you are telling me that there is a spooky series starring Hamish Linklater, Zach Gilford (aka Matt Saracen), set in a tiny coastal town with a bunch of Neil Diamond songs playing all over the place? Lisa is SOOOOO in! Lisa sits down with award winning writer Heidi Nyburg and dazzling actress Ashley Arpel Greenwald to breakdown the first ep of the hit Netflix series “Midnight Mass”. Created by Mike Flanagan We talk about how elegantly the show throws down the premise and intros...


051: Nitram

TRIGGER WARNING: This episode contains explicit descriptions of violence. Please exercise care when listening. SPOILER ALERT: This episode contains spoilers of the film “Nitram”. However, the true events that this film is based upon are well known particularly in Australia. On April 28th 1996, Australia experienced the worst mass shooting massacre in its history as 35 people were murdered in Port Arthur Tasmania by a 28 year old white male shooter. This week on Killer Casting, we cover...


050: Hulu Wrap-up

Lisa sez: "Cut the cord peoples!" Brian sez: "Don't forget your animated options" Dean sez: "Whats a Hulu?" Your intrepid reporters from the global resources of the vast Killer Casting Network (KCN) deep dive what is currently keeping them, up way too late, bed-less, bingeing and burning bits & bytes ("But honey ... just one more episode .... PUHlease ?") Lisa gives a big plug for Reservation Dogs (well she WOULD wouldn't she, coz she was part of the casting team for the pilot !) But...


049: Michael K Williams Remembered

Today we are paying special tribute to an actor we lost too soon, who was an astonishing talent, exceptional human being and whom Lisa had the great fortune of casting in two projects… Michael Kenneth Williams. Known for creating such iconic roles such as Omar in “The Wire”, Chalky White in “Boardwalk Empire” and Bobby McCray in “When They See Us”, Lisa, Dean and our special guest, actor Patrick Gallo, breakdown exactly what made Michael’s work so special. LINKS: Wonderfully detailed...


048: CODA

Every once in a while a film comes along that simply transports you with its sheer brilliance — the brilliance of the sea shining on a bright, crisp Gloucester morning CODA is one such film that approaches perfection. CODA (Children Of Deaf Adults) is many things at once, a coming of age story of a child finding her way into adulthood and independence; a rollicking chronicle of a loving hard working family; a damn funny movie that will in turn, touch, move, inspire and awe you. The success...


047 Cheers - Binging with your kids

Lisa can’t be the only parent who loves binging through old (or semi old) comedies with their kids, now that you can stream almost anything, anytime, anywhere. It is always interesting to go back and see if the comedy holds up, or alternatively what is so cringy you have to shut your eyes, ears and hold your nose….as well as tell your kids “now that thing they said, or did, was WRONG. It was wrong then and it is still wrong now”. It can lead to some good conversations. Anyway, after...


046: Contemplating Cosby

In this episode, we dive into the controversial release of the man previously known as 'America's Dad' ... who is now known as a predatory, sociopathic rapist. Yes, that would be Bill Cosby, the man who abused his public persona as one of the most trustworthy and beloved actor/comedians to drug and rape dozens of unsuspecting women. Mostly our pods are fun, but sometimes we need to shine a light on the cockroaches that lurk in the dark. This is one of those episodes. Your regular pod...


045: Nash Edgerton - Director of Mr Inbetween

Genchi Genbutso is a Japanese phrase. The English meaning of which, translates as 'Go to the Source'. It means when you want to fix a problem or find out the true facts about something, you have to eliminate all the in-between (!) steps and get your information direct from the source. So welcome to the final Genchi Genbutso version of our Mr Inbetween cast/crew episodes. To close out our Mr Inbetween deep dive in grand style, we sit down with Director/Stuntman/Writer/Producer/Editor ......


044 MRIB EP9 Finale Recap

After Lisa and Brian's mid-week pajama party for the live broadcast, Dean rejoins the crew for a group session on how it all went down.


043: Mr Inbetween Episode 9 (Finale) Live Reaction.

Brian and Lisa have a virtual snuggle via Zoom as they settle in to record their live reactions to the MUCH anticipated series finale of the brilliant Mr Inbetween. Can The Batman and Robin of Scott and Nash stick the landing ? Or will we get a 'Sopranos' ? (Only, please god ... not a Game of Thrones, anything but that ... 😱 The pair were only slightly bothered by a 10 second time difference between their respective viewing platforms. But Dean was a little more impacted, since his...


042: Recap of Eps 7+8 of Mr. Inbetween

First I gotta get all literary on your collective asses ... "Saudade ( /ˌsaʊˈdɑːdə/,[1] European Portuguese: [sɐwˈðaðɨ], Brazilian Portuguese: [sawˈdad(ʒ)i], [sawˈðaðɪ]; plural saudades)[2] is a deep emotional state of nostalgic or profound melancholic longing for something or someone that one cares for and/or loves. Moreover, it often carries a repressed knowledge that the object of longing might never be had again. However it acknowledges that to long for the past would detract from the...


041: Scott Ryan Interview - Mr Inbetween

Our interview with the man himself, creator, writer, actor, star of Mr Inbetween Scott Ryan ! Scott was very generous with his time and we covered a lot of ground digging into the details on topics such as; casting, his acting process with Chika who plays his daughter "Britt", how it was to work with FX in the US, Scott’s feelings on ending the series and the role he has lived in for so long, his acting and writing process and much much more. ... inc dimmies (Of course) Keep an eagle eye...


040: Mr Inbetween Episodes 5+6 Recap

That’s right folks we turn the big FOUR OH ! … And oh what a way to do it ! We are recapping the amazing episodes ‘Before I went to War and ‘Ray Who ?’ of our almost-done Mr Inbetween S3 deep dive. Ep 5 Before I went to War is one of this that just leaps out off the screen and makes you laugh, punch the air with righteous justice and cry .. all in 30 min. Scott, Nash and team at the top of their game. Whilst In 'Ray Who' The boy's High School reunion does (surprisingly) not go to plan,...


039: Actor Damon Herriman is here!!!

We are so psyched to welcome transformational actor DAMON HERRIMAN to the show! Mr. In Between fans will know him as Freddy the Strip Club owner, but there rest of the world knows him for tons of other roles including playing Charles Manson (twice) in Mindhunter and Once Upon A Time in Hollywood, Dewey from Justified, Kim from Secret City and so many others. Damon talks about working with Scott Ryan and Nash Edgerton, about his background growing up in the business as a child actor and so...


038: Nic Cassim from Mr Inbetween !

Please consider donating to research for a cure to this fatal disease. is a GLOBAL body dedicated to finding a cure for MND aka ALS aka Lou Gehrig's disease. The word 'rare' comes to mind here. You can put all of the following in that categor;. Scott Ryan, Nash Edgerton, Mr Inbetween Ray Shoesmith ... and it is impossible not to also include actor Nic Cassim's performance as Ray's brother Bruce who in the series is afflicted with Motor Neurone...


037: Mr. Inbetween Episodes 3 + 4 Recap

We delve deeply into these action-light, but setup, super, SUPER heavy episodes. Ray's world is closing in around him. Ray is pushed into a reflectivemode by the circumstances of his life ... choices and ghosts he made long ago are coming for him. How will it all end ? Maybe he really WILL see the bikie President in his dreams ... ? Tonight (at time of posting this, episode 7 goes out, so there are only two more episodes to tie it all together. WTAF! ? Who could possibly do this ?...


036: Unearth. A very different kind of genre film

Lisa sits down with the cast of the indie horror film she worked on, "Unearth" that will start streaming on Amazon July 6. Starring Adrienne Barbeau, Marc Blucas, Allison McAtee, Brooke Sorenson and PJ Marshall, the film is a very different kind of genre film. Two farming families in rural Pennsylvania struggle to survive the economic downturn. One farmer, desperate to provide for his two daughters and newborn grandson, makes a deal that he hopes will save them. But his decision has...