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Arresting Terrorists And Murderers. A Lifetime Fighting Criminals At All Levels.

Jim Plousis has worked in local, county, state and federal law enforcement agencies. He went from Patrolman to Sheriff, U.S. Marshall for Southern NJ and head of the State Parol Department. Much of his lifetime of law enforcement experience is documented in the book “Jersey Lawman”. Jim joins us to discuss the apprehension of the Ft. Dix Six terrorists, the 24 Carat Killer and more. Plus, he talks about his opinion on the state of law enforcement at all levels. Background song Hurricane is...


Injured In A Vicious Assault, City Says They're Too Broke To Retire Her.

Bri Kaplan, L.A.P.D. was permanently injured in a vicious assault. As a result she sustained life long permanent injuries. After many years of battling the City, they told her that they are too broke to retire her. Instead she was told to quit or be fired. She talks about the violent attack, her difficult ongoing recovery and her battles with the City of Los Angeles. Bri also discusses the impact the event, her recovery and the struggle has had on her family. Background song Hurricane is...


Rape On College Campus - Megan's Fight.

Megan talks candidly about the incident when she was the victim of a date - acquaintance rape on her college campus. She discusses the attack and how she was denied justice by college authorities and local law enforcement. Megan talks about her recovery after the rape and what it has taken to get to her new normal. Plus, she discusses how the rape motivates her and is a driving force in her quest for more self defense options especially for women. Background song Hurricane is used with...


Police Officer Shortage - Is The Crisis Point Near? Plus, The Novel “Hunting Of Men”.

Attorney, former Law Enforcement Officer and author Lance J. LoRusso is our guest. While working as a police officer he went to Law School. In addition to many facets of law, he represents law enforcement officers across the country. In his spare time he is also an author and has written several books, including his latest novel “Hunting Of Men”. In addition to his book, he talks about the current state of affairs for law enforcement officers, plus the national recruiting and retention...


The Pain And Impact From The Murder Of 2 Police Officers - Night Of The Devil.

Patty Tedesco, sister of Lodi NJ Police Officer Gary Tedesco is our guest. In August of 1963 Sgt. Peter Volk and Officer Gary Tedesco were brutally murdered in the Angel Lounge. One of the murderers was killed a few days later. The other was arrested, convicted and sentenced to death. The death sentence was commuted and he was later released. Patty talks about the murder, the impact on her, the family and much of NJ. The murder was the subject of the book “Night Of The Devil”. Background...


Shot Twice, Including Once In The Face, She Gave Chase And Caught The Perpetrators.

Police Officer Ann Marie Carrizales is our guest. She talks about the night she was shot during a car stop. Although shot twice, including once in the face, she was determined to make sure the suspects didn’t get away with it. Officer Carrizales made the decision, in spite of her injuries, to get back into her police car and pursue the shooters. She discusses the event, the heroic drive and determination displayed daily by police officers all around the Country. Officer Carrizales also...


“His Badge, My Story”... Insights Into Life For Law Enforcement Families.

Vicki Gustafson is an author, a Christian life coach, a public speaker and has been married for decades to Jay, a Law Enforcement Officer. She shares insights into the joys, challenges and pitfalls they’ve experienced as a result of his career in law enforcement. Vicki discusses her book and her passion to share what she has learned with other police, first responder and military families. Many of her insights can be benefit everyone, regardless of their occupation. Background song...


National Problem Of Recruiting And Keeping Great Law Enforcement Officers.

Sheriff Timothy Cameron, leader of one of our nation’s oldest departments, and John O’Connor a Police Officer and St. Mary’s County Commissioner join us on the show. They talk about the nationwide problem of recruiting and keeping great Law Enforcement Officers. They discuss how the problem affects their County and everyone across the Country. Most importantly they talk about the causes and solutions for the recruiting and retention problem. Background song Hurricane is used with...


The “Militarization Of Police”, Is It Needed? What Cops Can Learn From Special Forces.

Robert Vaughan, retired U.S. Army Special Forces Master Sergeant and former Law Enforcement Officer is our guest. During his military service he was awarded the Silver Star and three Purple Heart medals. Robert talks about the causes of and need for military style tactics and weapons in civilian law enforcement. He also discusses the need for on going Special Forces inspired S.W.A.T. training. Background song Hurricane is used with permission from the band Dark Horse Flyer.


Deputy Homero "Omar" Calderon E.O.W. 06-28-18. When He Needed Help The Most His Agency Wasn’t There For Them - Sharonda Calderon.

Deputy Homero Calderon died by suicide in 2018. Sharonda Calderon, talks about the death of her husband and how she feels that the agency wasn’t there for them. She shares the details of the days and months before his death. Plus, when he reached out for help, she feels that the agency abandoned them. Sharonda talks about the heartbreaking details of his death on the station parking lot, where he had been for days, with little or no search done by the agency. Background song Hurricane is...


Surviving And Thriving After Traumatic Incidents For Law Enforcement Officers And Other First Responders..

Cathy and Javier Bustos, a married couple, have both been law enforcement officers with more than 45 years combined experience. During their police careers they have both been through several traumaticincidents. They discuss the solutions they have found that helped them as individuals and as a couple. Cathy and Javi also talk about their passion for helping law enforcement officers, other first responders with their work as “That Peer Support Couple”. Background song Hurricane is used with...


Police Lt. Barely Survived Being Shot In The Head. Only To Be Abandoned By The Town and State Government.

Retired Oologah Oklahoma Police Lt. Neill was shot in the head during a police pursuit. The shot caused him to lose control of the car, which led to a tremendous accident. Thanks to first reponders, medical trauma teams and miraculous intervention he survived. In spite of life long devastating injuries the Town and State Government have failed to take care of him and his family. Read more about him and the incident here. Background song Hurricane is used with permission from the band Dark...


Overcoming The Challenges Of A Cop’s Life.

Ashlie and Clint Walton talk about the challenges that stem from his career in law enforcement. They discuss how the trauma and stress almost ended their marriage. More importantly, Ashlie and Clint discuss how they have learned to overcome these challenges to have a happier and healthier life. Their experience and successful tactics have led them to help other first responders and military to have healthier lives, through their Tactical Living podcast and life coaching services. Background...


Surviving Violent Attacks In Police Work.

Dennis O’Connor, a retired Police Master Sergeant and Law Enforcement Liaison for Government Training Institute, talks about his experience in surviving violent attacks while working in law enforcement. He also discusses the toll that repeated trauma from these violent encounters takes on our first responders. Dennis talks about his work and GTI's SWAT and tactical training for military and law enforcement officers. Background song Hurricane is used with permission from the band Dark Horse...


Think You Know Police K9s And Their Partners? Their Special Work And How You Can Help.

Kyle Briley, a Career Police Officer and President of the Ga.Police K9 Foundation is our guest. He talks about many aspects of Police K9 work. From breeding, initial training, on going training, the various roles they perform, and the special bond between the K9s and their partners. Kyle also discusses the unique needs of K9 teams across our Country and how you can help. Background song Hurricane is used with permission from the band Dark Horse Flyer.


One Of Our Top Homicide Investigators Now Has A TV. Show.

Retired Police Detective Fil Waters and the cases he has solved are the subject of the new show The Interrogator on the ID Channel. He talks about the challenges faced when investigating homicides. Fil also discusses inside tips and strategies he used to gain so many confessions and in the process solve an extremely high number of homicides. He talks about some of his toughest cases and the new television show on the ID Channel. Background song Hurricane is used with permission from the...


Hollywood Star’s Mission To Improve Police And Community Understanding.

Tracy Melchior, television and film star, talks about her unique documentary project called “Police Work Is Anything But Monochrome”. In addition to being a star on many daytime soap operas, she is an author and activist. Tracy is also married to a career police officer. She talks about the realities that our officers and their families face. Tracy also discusses Hollywood’s misconceptions and portrayals of police. Background song Hurricane is used with permission from the band Dark Horse...


When Cops Shoot - Separating Facts From Fiction.

The Investigation - Police Chief George Filenko joins us to talk about the facts and reality of investigating Officer Involved Shootings. While these shootings are not frequent, fiction and myths perpetuated in the reporting of these events still continue. He talks about the lengths that Departments go through to maintain transparency, while still conducting a thorough and complete investigation to get to the truth. From using outside agencies, to body cam and dash cam video evidence,...


Healing From The Traumas And Stress Of A Career In Law Enforcement To Become A Premier Charity Fundraiser.

The scars created by his career in the Md.State Police nearly cost him everything, including his marriage. George Wooden talks about the long term effects caused by years of trauma and stress. He also discusses how this affected him and his family. George talks about his ongoing efforts to recover and how he uses this to fuel his passion to help non profits and charities worldwide. Background song Hurricane is used with permission from the band Dark Horse Flyer.


The Horrific Murder of Deputy Kyle Dinkheller - His Father's Mission

Deputy Kyle Dinkheller was murdered during a car stop. The horrific murder was captured on dash cam video. Kirk Dinkheller, Kyle’s Father is our guest on the show. Kirk discusses the murder of his son. He talks about the type of person Kyle was, as a law enforcement officer, a father, a husband, a son and a friend to many. Kirk discusses how he uses the video of the murder to train countless LEOs across the Country and the World. Be sure to check out the documentary film...