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Two Sides to Every Story_Part 2

You've already heard poor, poor, pitiful Kyle's side of the story that he was a broken man who snapped under the stress of losing everything he loved. But Melissa's side of the story paints a very different picture of a man hell bent on maintaining power and control, no matter what it took. And it's time for me to tell it. Sponsored by Sentry On Site Security (& Private Investigations) sostx.us Social Media: Twitter: @lonestarlawpod email: lonelaw18@gmail.com FB Messenger:...


Two Sides to Every Story_Part 1

In the cozy little university town of Nacogdoches, Texas, one family almost made history. Two members of the same family became victims of two separate crimes in two different locations at the same time. Or was there something much more sinister to the story? Kyle Barnhill may paint himself as a victim, but there are always two sides to every story. Join the discussion on the Lone Star Law & Disorder Discussion page on Facebook. Click on this link:...


Houston, We Have a Problem

Michelle Warner was a small town girl who decided to follow her dreams from Houston County to the city of Houston. Not long after, she would meet Mark Castellano. Everyone always thought it was an odd match, but no one imagined it would end this way. Sponsor: Sentry On Site Security and Private Investigations http://sostx.us/ True Crime Article: https://crimesyndicatemagazine.com/2018/08/05/5-true-crime-podcasts-crime-fiction-writers-will-love/ Sources: courtlistener.com click2houston.com...


Forgive and Never Forget

When James Byrd Jr. of Jasper, Texas accepted a ride while walking home on the early morning of June 7th, 1998, he couldn't have known it would be his last ride. Twenty years ago, shock and outrage roared through the tiny quiet timber town of Jasper Texas at what scholars, media, and officials alike agree unequivocally was nothing short of a modern day lynching. . Social Media: Facebook & Twitter - @LoneStarLawPod Facebook - fb.me/LoneStarLawPod Send Messages to m.me/LoneStarLawPod Email -...


What's in a Number?

Deborah (Debbie) Fontenot Davenport was a beautiful, spirited, kind-hearted mother of three. There wasn't anyone that didn't love her. Except Willie Mack Modden. Modden took Debbie's life, but he was going to fight for his. The trials and subsequent appeals would be a string of firsts for the state of Texas and for the US. And a land mark US Supreme Court decision to ban the execution of persons with intellectual disabilities would save him only hours before he was set to die by lethal...


10-4 Little Lady

Emma Thompson was a feisty red haired free spirit. And then a monster took her life. It could have all been prevented. But how do you vanquish a monster that you're own mother let into the house? . . . . . Music/Sound by: ShadyDave-https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCvVALGal_WCJqMVC4HXNUKw Setuniman at www.freesound.org/people/setuniman/ CheesePuff-freesound.org dominictreis-freesound.org tubbers-freesound.org Sources: Houston Chronicle Abigail Elizabeth Young v State-fourteenth district court...


Stand Whose Ground?

Texas has some of the most relaxed gun laws in the nation. Citizens can defend themselves and their property at all costs.It's a rule rather than an exception. But when an argument between neighbors in Huffman, Texas turns deadly, you'll discover that even Texas has an exception to the rule of when you can and when you can't kill in Texas. Sources: https://law.justia.com ABC News Houston Chronicle Sound/Music by: Setuniman at www.freesound.org/people/setuniman/ ValentinSosnitskiy at...


The Sound of Silence

When Jennifer Schuett's abductor left her for dead in an overgrown field, he thought he had silenced her for good. But Jennifer didn't die, and she spent the next 19 years using her voice to speak out until he was caught. Sound/Music by: Setuniman at www.freesound.org/people/setuniman/ The Music Forge Audio Sources: CBS 48 Hours Live to Tell Missing Kids Rescued


Father Knows Best

Jessie's daddy knew she was in trouble before she did. But his baby girl was all grown up, and there was nothing her daddy could do to save her.


She's No Angelina

Every day, millions of Americans receive life saving treatments from medical professionals they trust. But what if the treatment that was designed to save your life, is what ultimately results in your death? And what if the person you trusted your life with, if ultimately the person who takes it? In 2008, the residents of a small town in East Texas got answers to questions they never thought to ask.


Coming This Spring

This introduction to the podcast and the host provides a glimpse into what you can expect from future episodes. Every episode will contain a Texas sized serving of all things true crime from the Lone Star State. Subscribe now so you never miss an episode! Music credits: Valentin Sosnitskiy https://soundcloud.com/solomka Setuniman http://www.setuniman.com/ Sources: Dateline NBC 48 Hours-Texas Confidential