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True crime boot camp starts now! Camouflage can't conceal these twisted murder stories...

True crime boot camp starts now! Camouflage can't conceal these twisted murder stories...
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True crime boot camp starts now! Camouflage can't conceal these twisted murder stories...




Ep7. MURDER: The Alleged “Wiccan” Murder

In 2011, Air Force Technical Sergeant Curtis Eccleston was found murdered in his off-base apartment in Okinawa, Japan. But who wanted this soon to be father dead? Was he involved in the rising illegal activities of drug smuggling or was the murder a result of a wiccan spell gone wrong? Dig in with Margot as she discusses the 2012 murder case against Air Force Staff Sergeant Nicholas Cron and Brazilian national, Barbara Kiki Nicandakari. ----- Read about Military Murder Podcast as featured...


Ep6. MURDER or SELF-DEFENSE? Two Love Triangles, Two Dead Husbands, Who Pays For Their Death?

Two cases today, one about a UK Army Veteran involved in a love triangle that left one person dead and one charged with murder. The other case involves a U.S. Navy love triangle that ends terribly when an estranged husband unexpectedly returns from work early. Two juries in different continents consider the same question – were the deaths of the husbands a result of murder or a result of self-defense? Dig in with Margot as she discusses the 2019 murder cases against UK Army Veteran Jeffrey...


Ep5. MURDER: Marine Catfish Murder

In early 2006, Marine Justin Huff was on a temporary assignment at Dam Neck Naval Station in Virginia Beach, Virginia. When he failed to show up for class on January 2, 2006, it seemed as if he vanished in the night. A catfishing game that went too far would soon be revealed as the culprit for his disappearance. Dig in with Margot as she discusses the case against Navy Petty Officer Cooper Jackson. Flub Fix: (1) Justin and Jake are the same person. Justin is the victim's first name and...


Ep4. MISSING: The Air Force’s Maura Murray - The Disappearance of 1Lt Nonnie Dotson

In November 2006, Air Force Lt Nonnie Dotson was months away from separating from the Air Force. The week before Thanksgiving she flew from San Antonio, Texas to Littleton, Colorado, never to be seen again. She seemingly vanished into thin air, leaving behind her 16-month old baby girl. There have been zero leads from the moment of her disappearance, but Nonnie was surrounded by sketchy characters. Could someone be hiding a dark secret? Dig in with Margot as she discusses the disappearance...


Ep1. MURDER: The Decapitation of an Army Specialist by a Fellow Soldier

In the series premiere of Military Murder, listen to the gruesome story of an Army love triangle that literally caused someone to lose their head. Many in the military have already heard different versions of this story. But Margot digs into news articles and investigative files from the 1990s, to tell you what really happened that frightful afternoon on December 7, 1993, in front of the dining facility at the Sickles Army Air Base in Fulda, Germany. Dig in with Margot as she discusses the...


Ep2. MURDER (x’s 2): Tweed Creeper-RAF Colonel Russell Williams Kills 2 Women (Including One of His Troops)

Welcome to Military Murder’s first international case out of Canada. This case made headlines in 2010. A Canadian Air Force Colonel burglarized countless homes, wore his victims’ underwear, and stalked his neighbors while they slept...but he wanted more. Once burglary no longer quenched his thirst, his actions turned deadly. But for the keen interrogation by the Canadian investigators, this man would have been able to camouflage himself because of his status and rank. Dig in with Margot as...


Ep3. MURDER (x's 3): The Eastburn Family Murders & The 3 Trials of Timothy Hennis

In 1985, the family of an Air Force Captain (his wife and two of his three daughters) were found brutally murdered in their home in Fayetteville, NC. After an eye witness pointed at Sergeant Timothy Hennis as a suspect, he was quickly brought to justice. But the Eastburn Family Murders case would be riddled with various errors that would ultimately lead to Tim’s acquittal. The case went cold, until 2005, when the case was reinvigorated by the cold case team. A DNA hit was made, but who was...


Trailer: Introducing Military Murder Podcast

From one true crime enthusiast to the other, welcome to Military Murder Podcast, a podcast about true crimes committed by military members, veterans, or their family members. The list of cases to cover keeps rolling in – so we will not run out of content! Did you know that some of your favorite serial killers are military veterans? BTK, DC Sniper, Jeffrey Dahmer, Son of Sam, Gary Ridgeway! Yes! Follow Military Murder Podcast to get 4 fresh new cases a month (if the month has 5 Mondays –...