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Rough & raw criminal addict comedy with your host Telegram Sam...

Rough & raw criminal addict comedy with your host Telegram Sam...


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Rough & raw criminal addict comedy with your host Telegram Sam...






Ep.14=The Gang that Couldn't Think Straight

...with your host Telegram Sam This episode... reminded that time clean means kinda zero when you get hit with all the rose-colored memories of the good times and ignore the shit times and you get bored and wonder what the hell you're doing in the square life and how you'd rather be on a hard run... Didn't happen but came close... And a couple letters from the Our Wicked World Mailbag... A listener asks if she should leave her alcoholic, violent asshole husband. The short answer is No...


Ep.13=Ethical Drug Dealer Prize Goes to...

...with your host Telegram Sam Our Wicked World Addict Radio now on https://patreon.com/ourwickedworld ---------------------- Become a cult member for 3 bucks to 20 bucks per month. Win valuable and virtually illegal prizes. -------------------- Okay okay. It took me too long to get this Episode Lucky #13 up and running. It was a big pain in the ass to get the Patreon thing done and working. Then I had to deal with some shithead crying to iTunes I was putting out hate speech cuz I...


Ep.12=Women Who Dig Jailhouse Heroes

Episode 12 ...with your host Telegram Sam We're going to do a crowdfunding thing soon to raise the scratch to get some badly needed help with all that social media gack I'm so bad at, along with some production help to up our game. If you want details on contributing, send an email to: ourwickedworldradio@gmail.com or go to the website ourwickedworld.com and sign up there and buy a t-shirt or other apparel and accessories. Okay... we have a bunch of informative and possibly offensive...


Ep. 11=Russell Brand: Man Bun Addiction Expert

Episode 11 ...with your host Telegram Sam In this second episode of the new year, we get into Russell Brand's claim that there is no such thing as "gateway drugs" and addiction is all down to "childhood trauma." I think he got this idea from a writer called Gabor Mate... Is it a dangerously stupid notion? #russellbrand, #gabormate Also... one of the regular contributors to the Our Wicked World Mailbag, a woman called Heather... She's cool, she's funny but she's gotten on this obsessive...


Ep.10=Junior Rehab? Here. Fix our kid.

...with your host Telegram Sam The first Our Wicked World Addict Radio podcast of 2020... Now doing video summaries cuz I've been told by alleged marketing gurus that I gotta show my old mug on YouTube to build up listeners. To see the video... go to: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jxMkaMTbz7Y Seems ironic. Gotta show your face to be heard. Anyway... So I began recording short video summaries of the podcasts... I don't know... maybe it's me but the whole podcast industry seems chaotic...


Episode 09 - New Year's=Drugs made me kill rats with my skull

...with your host Telegram Sam To listen on other platforms like: Spotify, iTunes, Podbean, Google, Stitcher, InTune, YouTube etc, and to buy a cool Our Wicked World t-shirt and other gear, go to the website at: https://ourwickedworld.com And do us a solid and write a review wherever you listen to the show... So another year slips by, goes slumping off, all those promises to finally quit gone with the passing days and months... Aw well... could be worse. You could have OD'd. This is the...


Episode 08: The Addict's Nightmare Before Xmas

Episode 08 ...with your host Telegram Sam... If you enjoy the show, do us a solid and write a review on whatever platform you're listening... It helps. AND... Good news... Our Wicked World Addict Radio is now approved on iTunes at: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/our-wicked-world-addict-radio/id1492405590 If you do listen on iTunes, a positive review there would also be solid shot in the arm, so to speak... More info at the website: https://ourwickedworld.com About this...


Sex, Drugs & the OWW Mail Bag

Episode 007 ...with your host Telegram Sam SUBSCRIBE AT: No, addiction isn't funny but can make funny happen... I had a few podcasts that covered some serious news and inquiries into the Addiction Industrial Complex. People were interested but a lot of current or former addicts began bugging me to tell side-splitting tales or drug-induced mayhem... Okay... so first there's the twisted tale of Donny the Douchebag and how he got his carbon fiber head wound... followed by... The good...


Episode 06: Loco Joe Fucks Up

Episode 006 ...with your host Telegram Sam Go to... OurWickedWorld.com for more listening options... stuff you can buy & other info... Highlights in this episode include... Introductory rant about the countless organizations and their highly paid executives, living off the misery and death of addicts and their families, the addiction/recovery industry vampire organizations playing along with DEA (Drug Empire of America) bullshit videos shot at some school, no doubt scoping the next...


Faking Addiction

Welcome to Episode 005 ...with your host Telegram Sam... In this episode the weirdness of people who fake addiction so they'll be taken seriously... and... From the OWW Mailbag... "What do I do after I quit using, put my life back together and I get the Now Whats?" and "What if you're good at being a junkie but you quit and try the recovery lifestyle and then think Fuck This?" and Check out our store with Our Wicked World clothing & accessories at: ourwickedworld.com and more...


The Coldest Turkey

...with your host Telegram Sam In Episode 004... THE COLDEST TURKEY A few listeners requested that I describe just how fucking awful going cold turkey really is so others may know the hellish time they can look forward to if they become addicted to narcotics. I go into hideous detail about the truly disgusting things your body does as it turns on you like a sadistic enemy and you melt into a writhing bag of stinking, toxic agony and how it takes weeks and weeks AND ENDLESS WEEKS to feel...


13th Steppers

with your host Telegram Sam Episode 003: - 13th Steppers + how they love to love new members of NA/AA/etc A - Quitting Meth with weed that's got scientific names 'n' shit: Interview with medical cannabis advocate Anthony Smilis @karthia / karthia.ca - Prez Bernie to de-criminalize weed but must first stand up to DEA heavies. As if... MUSiCA from ccmixter.org: I Dunno (Grapes of Wrath Mix) by Spinning Merkaba (c) copyright 2017 Licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution (3.0)...


OUR WICKED WORLD Addict Radio- Speak Junkie Speak!

with your host Telegram Sam EPISODE 002 Monologues Re-Mix New/recent. If This Is all You See Dirty Water ReMix J Lang Ft Forensic (c) copyright 2018 Creative Commons I dunno - Grapes Ft J Lang, Morusque (c) copyright 2008 Creative Commons


OUR WICKED WORLD Addict Radio- Is the DEA a drug cartel?

...with your host Telegram Sam - Episode 001 MUSIC: I Dunno (Grapes of Wrath Mix) by Spinning Merkaba, Ft: J Lang, 4nsic, Grapes (c) copyright 2017 Creative Commons (3.0) license.