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Cults, Conspiracies, and the History of Wild Beliefs

Cults, Conspiracies, and the History of Wild Beliefs
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Cults, Conspiracies, and the History of Wild Beliefs








Black Paste and Mohs

This episode I talk about Black Paste, Black Salve, and Mohs Surgery. How they are connected and why black paste is important to medicine today. Also I give an update as to what has happened in my Lost world lately. Enjoy Michael


Christmas With Kaylin

Christmas With Kaylin. I sit down with my 3 year old niece Princess Kaylin and we talk about Christmas, Santa, his first 6 elves, and we learn a little history about how he used to be viewed in the Americas. Also, Kaylin tells us about a surprise we all never knew about when baby Jesus was born. Enjoy Michael


Magnificat Meal Movement Part 2

Magnificat Meal Movement - Part 2. Concluding this series on Debra Berslum and MMM. No longer running around in blue habits and robes, sadly the cult continues to dwindle, the cathedral has yet to be built. News of more shocking scandals and lies are revealed, then Debra disappears. Is she running from the law, upset followers, or herself... who knows? Enjoy Michael


Cult Of Politics

Cult of Politics. Can the BITE Model be applied to analyzing politics. Behavior control, Information control, Thought control, Emotional control. It is a stretch. I take a look at how people are so controlled by politics in their life and wonder if they might just be in a cult. The world is divided by negative emotions and the leaders of political parties are using that to control the people. Enjoy Michael


Magnificat Meal Movement – Part 1

Magnificat Meal Movement - Part 1, started by Debra Berslum. An Australian cult that Debra would center around the Eucharist Adoration, visions of the Virgin Mary, and dreams of a wealthy empire built upon the backs of her followers and the Debra's twisted teachings of numerology, astrology, and snake oil. Enjoy Michael


Piecemakers – Part 2

Piecemakers - Part 2. Concluding this series on Marie Kolasinski, the cult leader known for her colorful quilting shop and her colorful language. This episode we get into the many legal battles the Piecemakers wind up in and the ambush of the country store by the health inspectors. It would wind up with several gentle, kind, humble Piecemakers; these servants of God being arrested. Enjoy Michael


Piecemakers – Part 1

Piecemakers - part 1. When the world of quilt making meets the world of cults. There can be but one grand leader, Marie Kolasinki. From her humble beginnings growing up on a farm, to starting a quilt supply store out of her garage. She would manage a quilting empire and a cult called the Body of Christ Fellowship. Marie kept rather quiet in public, until she would rage against the machine, threatening the government and the news outlets would come storming in to hear what this feisty grandma...


Canoodling The Boston Harbor

Canoodling the Boston Harbor. It's a Friday Short for you! Canoes on the Boston Harbor, the youth are paddling, or is it petting, and getting into trouble. What could they be doing? Kissing? Hugging? Sex? How dare they! The fun police must go into action! A little history on canoes and the menace to society they once were. Enjoy Michael


173rd Airborne Brigade Part 3

173rd Airborne Brigade, part 3. Finishing up this series on the Sky Soldiers in honor of my Dad. This is the final years of the Brigades combat in Vietnam, Operation Washington-Green goes into effect. Also I talk about what is happening outside of the 173rd that is a black eye on the US Army. The Sky Soldiers would be inactive for a long time, until Operation Iraqi Freedom and they will be flying again! Thank you for taking this journey with me as I have been honored to learn about this...


173rd Airborne Brigade – Part 2

The 173rd Airborne Brigade, part 2. Dedicated to my Dad and all those who served in the armed forces this Veterans Day. This episodes follows the Sky Soldiers as they move into the deep jungle of Vietnam and into the bloodiest battles they will fight. Their training will be put to the test as they encounter the North Vietnamese Army, tactics that they used against the Viet Cong will not be as effective against the PAVN. They will come to learn what the Hill Fights are all about and it will...


173rd Airborne Brigade Part 1

The 173rd Airborne Brigade, part 1. This is a two part series dedicated to my Adopted Dad who recently passed away. He is one of these amazing Sky Soldiers. This is the beginning of their 100 year history in the United States Army. Starting off as Infantry in 1917, they would be recreated into one of the greatest forces of paratroopers in the world. I am honored to be to learn of their history and share it with you. Enjoy Michael


Where Have I Been

This is a short update about my absence. I explain why I have not been uploading any episodes lately. I will be back soon. I lost a part of myself, I may have dropped it under my bed, or the couch, maybe Ozzy stuffed it in a shoe. When I find it I will let you know, I promise. Michael


Nicole Mafi the Leaders Daughter

As I have promised, Nicole Mafi is on the podcast! She is the daughter of Paul Kingston, the cult leader of the FLDS polygamist group, the Order. Nicole wrote the book The Leader's Daughter, she is here to talk about her life growing up int a very abusive cult, life within a polygamist society, the pressure placed on young women just hitting puberty to be married to men who have a goal of marrying wives so they can produced as many children as possible. The extreme sexual, physical, mental,...


Church of Wells – part 3

The Church of Wells - part 3. I conclude my series on this destructive cult. This episode I talk about more incidents the cult has been involved with. Also I share what it is like inside the cult from the views of ex-members of the Church of Wells. There is shocking information of their abusive practices of mind control and brain washing. Ending this episode is the other side of the Catherine Grove story, what the news has not been reporting. Enjoy Michael


Podcast Updates

Where is Nicole Mafi, the Leaders Daughter? She will be on next week, I explain the great news she had as to why she was not on this episode. So this is an updates episode. What has been happening within the LDS church lately, former guest on the podcast Bishop Sam Young, McKenna Denson, my Jehovahs Witness journey, etc. Short episode this week. Do you like the new updated intro music? Let me know! Enjoy Michael


Church of Wells – Part 2

Church of Wells - part 2, this episode I talk a little more about the beliefs of the church, how Sean Morris vies women, and I get into the story of Catherine Grove. She left her parents home in 2013 to move in with the Church of Wells, abandoning her family, her parents losing their daughter to this destructive cult. Enjoy Michael


Olga of Kiev

Do not kill a Russian woman's husband, especially if she commands an army! Olga of Kiev was not one to mess with, this is the story of her revenge against the Derevlians after they killed her husband, Igor of Kiev. Enjoy. Michael


Elmer McCurdy – The Embalmed Bandit

Elmer McCurdy, he was The Outlaw Who Would Never Be Captured Alive, though in reality he was nothing special in this world when he was alive, it was after his death that his story really becomes interesting. Traveling all over the country, creating history, villains, and lighting imaginations afire. Enjoy Michael


Church of Wells Part 1

The Church of Wells part 1, started by Sean Morris, with his two lackeys Ryan Ringnald and Jacob Gardner. They met in college, preached on the streets, then ended up in Wells, Texas. This little cult started with controversy before they ever decided what to believe in. This episode is about their beginnings and how they ended up in the news. Enjoy Michael


Cussing Out JW Elder Bill

I lost my mind a bit this morning, I had breakfast with Elder Bill from the Jehovah's Witnesses and I ended up cussing out him and the JW organization. It was not planned, I explain it all in this episode. Maybe it did some good, maybe it did not. One could only hope that I had opened his eyes to the reality of the harm that is caused by blaming the victims of sexual assault, rather that helping them. Enjoy Michael