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Episode 57 - House of Horrors: The Murder of Tia Sharp

12 year old Tia Sharp adored her Grandmother’s partner, Stuart Hazell. He'd been in Tia’s life since she was a baby, and he'd always been her loving “Grandad”. But unbeknownst to anyone in the family Hazell, a man with a dark past, was starting to have sick sexual fantasies about Tia... One day, out of the blue she vanished and her panic stricken family had no idea that they would eventually find her closer to home than they could ever have imagined.


Episode 56 - Snowtown: The Bank Vault Body Barrels - Part 2

This week in the concluding episode of the harrowing Snowtown saga; John Bunting and Robert Wagner start to spiral. As they killed with increasing impunity, the net began to close - and their eventual capture led to a trial so gruesome members of jury walked out in disgust.


Episode 55 - Snowtown: The Bank Vault Body Barrels - Part 1

On the 21st of May 1999 police in South Australia went to investigate the contents of a derelict bank in the small town of Snowtown. Inside, they found 6 large barrels full to brim with decomposing human remains. Little did they know, this was just the beginning of what would become one of Australia’s most unrelenting and harrowing cases. Australia Expert - Kelly Ryan


Episode 54 - Charlie Brandt & His Demons

Charlie Brandt was a happily married family man, until September 2011 when he was found hanging in his niece's garage. The scene he left behind was brutal beyond belief, and no one could make sense of what had happened - until his sister Angela turned up to reveal Charlie's dark childhood secret. All families have secrets, but none quite so dark as the one the Brandts had kept hidden for almost 30 years.


Episode 53 - Crocodile Tears, Sex Caravans & Arson: The Mick Philpott Story

In the early hours of May 11, 2010 a fire tore through 81 Victory Road; inside 6 children were trapped, outside stood their parents.Tragically all 6 of the Philpott children died and the nation mourned for a grieving Mick and Mairead Philpott. But as the days passed, their behaviour, and their stories about what had happened that night started to raise serious suspicion...


Episode 53 - Cruise Crime: The Disappearance of Amy Bradley

One morning 23 year old Amy Bradley got up, got dressed, grabbed her cigarettes - seemingly went for a walk - and vanished. And what makes this case even stranger is that Amy was on a ship, out at sea on a Caribbean cruise with her family. How does one just disappear from a ship, never to be seen again?


Episode 51 - The Moors Murders: Beyond Redemption - Part 2

In this week's episode Myra Hindley and Ian Brady escalate; abducting, torturing, raping and murdering four more children. In their arogance and hedonistic pursuit of violent pleasure, they make the grave mistake of trying to involve a new accomplice - one who would ultimately reveal their evil to the world.


Episode 50 - The Moors Murders: Beyond Redemption - Part 1

Between 1963 and 1965, Ian Brady and Myra Hindley - a seemingly ordinary pair of twenty-somethings abducted, tortured and killed 5 children in North West England. The Moors Murders, so named because the victims' bodies were found on the barren and remote Saddleworth Moor, still remain Britain's most infamous case half a century later. But what drove these two to commit crimes so heinous that they scarred the psyche of a generation?


Episode 49 - Dinner with a Cannibal: Armin Meiwes

If you want to be killed, is it still a murder? This is the question that sits at the heart of this week's case of cannibalism and consent. Even at the dawn of the internet there were dark corners where you could find anything you wanted - as Armin Meiwes and Bernd Branders knew only all too well. They were a perfect online match, Armin wanted to dine and Bernd wanted to be dinner... Audio mastered by Conrad Hughes


Episode 48 - Can Dreams Kill? - The Ryan Ferguson Story

On Halloween night 2001 Chuck Erickson got blackout drunk with his friends. 2 years later a 19 year old Chuck, who had been plagued with dreams that he and his friend Ryan Ferguson had killed a man that night, went to the police and confessed to the murder of local man Kent Heitholt. Ryan was adamant this never happened, and there was no physical evidence linking either of them to the crime - so what really happened that night?


Episode 47 - Submarines & Snuff Films

Intrepid, super journalist and wonder woman Kim Wall was killed last year by a sick and twisted man, living out his sordid sexual fantasies 20,000 leagues under the sea. What do Wallace, Gromit and this weeks' killer have in common? We're heading to Denmark this week to find out. Audio mastered by Conrad Hughes.


Episode 46 - Stephen Lawrence

The brutal, racially motivated murder of 18 year old Stephen Lawrence on the streets of South East London was a watershed moment in British history. It revealed the shocking institutional racism that lay at the heart of the London Metropolitan Police. In this week’s episode Hannah and Suruthi trace this difficult, but desperately important, story from the climate of race relations before Stephen’s murder, how this fed into a corrupt police investigation - and ask why 25 years later,...


Episode 45 - The Virgin Killer & The Angry World of the 'Incel@'

Rage fuelled by violent misogyny; the defining trait of the ‘incel’, or so-called ‘involuntary celibate’. It's rage like this, coupled with psychopathy, that led to the recent Toronto attack and the Isla Vista Massacre in 2014. Join Hannah and Suruthi as they reveal what they discovered when they went creeping into the grimy depths of the ‘manosphere’ to understand this rage, the radicalisation and the ramifications of the hate group known as ‘incels’. Audio mastered by Conrad Hughes


Episode 44 - Sex, Drugs & Satanism: Miranda Barbour

A man is found stabbed to death in a small Pennsylvanian town and unbelievably a young, local couple were arrested and charged with his murder. Despite there being no clear motive it seemed an open and shut case, until the 19 year old woman confessed to being a demonically possessed, satanic serial killer - who had already killed 22 people... Vote for us in the British Podcast Awards here: Audio mastered by Conrad Hughes


Episode 43 - The Swedish Case

In 1989 Swedish backpackers Heidi Paakkonen and Urban Hoglin went into the bush on the Coromandel Peninsula in New Zealand; they were never seen alive again. The police quickly apprehended a local man, David Tamihere, and before any bodies were even found they convicted him of double murder. But 10 months later Urban’s body was discovered and the finding contradicted almost every part of the police’s case against Tamihere... What really happened to Heidi and Urban? Vote for us in the...


Episode 42 - Murder or Suicide: The Mysterious Death of Rebecca Zahau

Rebecca Zahau’s naked body was found hanging in the mansion she shared with her millionaire boyfriend Jonah Shacknai and his son, Max. Just days before Rebecca's apparent suicide she had been babysitting Max when he was fatally injured - had Rebecca taken her own life out of guilt? The evidence suggests otherwise... Audio mastered by Conrad Hughes


Episode 41 - How Not to Fake Your Death: John Darwin - Canoe Man

Dying is easy, coming back is hard. In 2002 John Darwin took his red, handmade canoe out to sea and disappeared. He was eventually declared dead, but 5 years later in 2007 he walked into a police station claiming to have no memory of the past half decade. How had John Darwin vanished? And why had he come back? Audio mastered by Conrad Hughes


Episode 40 - How Larry David Saved a Man From Death Row

What would you do if you were arrested for a crime you didn't commit? What would you say if the police told you they had definitive proof it was you? When 16 year old Martha Puebla was shot dead, Juan Catalan faced this exact nightmare situation - and his life seemed doomed - until he was saved in the most unexpected way... Audio mastered by Conrad Hughes.


Episode 39 - A Killer in the Family: The Murder of Becky Watts

In 2015, when shy 16 year old Becky Watts suddenly went missing no one could believe it. But tragically within days her dismembered body was found just a mile from her home. As the true motivations behind the murder were revealed it quickly became clear that someone in the family knew more than they were letting on... Audio Mastered by Conrad Hughes


Episode 38 - Phil Spector & Lana Clarkson: Murder & Music Production

The Los Angeles celebrity justice system comes under scrutiny this week. Convicted murderer and one time music producer Phil Spector sits in a Californian prison medical centre, actor Lana Clarkson is dead and River Deep Mountain High is regrettably still a banger. Audio mastered and Hannah's editing tantrum patiently endured by Conrad Hughes.