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On March 27th 1973, the nude lifeless body of 15 year old Tina Davidson was found on the cold rocky shoreline of Lake Michigan. She had been brutally stabbed 61 times and her killer has never been identified. This podcast attempts to shed light on the murder and possibly bring in new tips and leads.

On March 27th 1973, the nude lifeless body of 15 year old Tina Davidson was found on the cold rocky shoreline of Lake Michigan. She had been brutally stabbed 61 times and her killer has never been identified. This podcast attempts to shed light on the murder and possibly bring in new tips and leads.


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On March 27th 1973, the nude lifeless body of 15 year old Tina Davidson was found on the cold rocky shoreline of Lake Michigan. She had been brutally stabbed 61 times and her killer has never been identified. This podcast attempts to shed light on the murder and possibly bring in new tips and leads.






MCM6 - Shirley Stewart

The sixth suspected victim was 17 year old Shirley Stewart. On January 2nd, 1980, she was last seen leaving her job at a at a maid clinic in madison. Almost a year and a half later, on July 16th, 1981, four archaeology students where mapping a state park in the town of westport. Westport is a small town just north of Madison. Not too far from the Waunakee Marsh state wildlife area. As the students were mapping the Indanolo area on the north shore of Lake Medona, they discovered Shirley's...


MCM5 - Susan Lemahieu

The case of Susan Lemahieu is honestly one of the more tragic cases I've looked into since I started to investigate the mad city murders.. Normally when I run a newspaper search of victims names, I get hundreds of articles. When I ran Christine Rothschild name and narrowed the search results to only show articles between 1968 and 1969, I was shown almost 300 articles. But when i searched for Susan with no date restrictions, I only found 9. And the majority of them only linked her to the...


MCM4 - Julie Speerschneider

The fourth suspected victim in the Mad City Murders, was 20 year old Julie Speerschneider. She was described as a physically striking free spirit, who never held back when it came to speaking her mind. At the same time, she would never tease or come on to a guy who picked her up hitchhiking, but some agree that it’s possible she could say something to anger someone. On March 27th, 1979, Julie was last seen leaving the 602 club on University Avenue near downtown Madison. She hitchhiked to a...


MCM3 - Julie Ann Hall

The third suspected victim in the Mad City Murders, was 18 year old Julie Ann Hall. She had just moved to Madison two months earlier, after studying for a short time at a technical school . For the previous month and a half she worked as a library assistant in the archives section at the Wisconsin historical society of Madison. Friday, June 16th of 1978, was the last time Julie would be seen alive. That night she went on a date with a male friend at a bar just off the east side of Capitol...


MCM2 - Debra Bennett

The second suspected victim in the Mad City Murders, was 20 year old Debra Bennett. She was a popular girl, who always had a lot of friends but was not very good at keeping secrets. She was a good hearted person who trusted almost everyone. After she graduated high school, Debra grew restless in the small town of Ridgeway, and moved to Madison. Her sister Sharon described Debra as "sort of a little girl who never really grew up." Unfortunately, after she moved to Madison, she would never...


MCM1 - Christine Rothschild

The first suspected victim in the Mad City Murders, was 18 year old Christine Rothschild. She was an intelligent, beautiful, modest, and motivated young woman who was attending the University of Wisconsin Madison to pursue her dream of becoming a journalist. On May 25 1968, her bright future would be snuffed out far too soon, and to this day her killer is still unknown.


Case File 7: Murder in a Mad Town

On August 22nd 1972, 17 year old Elizabeth Flannery was attacked as she rode her bike on a pedestrian railroad underpass on highway 51 on the north side of Portage, WI. The unidentified man dragged her about 30 feet away from the sidewalk and up a hill, before he stabbed her over 30 times in the back, neck, chest and face. Luckily for Elizabeth, she survived her attack. So why am I covering this attack? How does it relate to Tina's murder? And how does everything tie into Season 3? It will...


Case File 6: Human Sacrifices

Pagans, and witches, and satanists, oh my! One of the first rumors about Tina's death that I heard, was that she was the victim of a satanic sacrifice. Now I already covered satanic panic on this podcast, but for today's case file I really wanted to answer a question. How common is talk of human sacrifice in the dark seedy world of pagans and satanists? Well, I got a black robe, turned on Black Sabbath, and dived deep into the world of pagans, witches, and satanists to try to see what each...


Case File 5 - Stab Wounds

Despite all the research and testing I've done to try and understand this murder, the one thing I never considered was the forensic aspect of identifying stab wounds. What tale does a stab wound tell? Can you determine the size or type of instrument involved? One of my forensic classes I was taking helped me understand 61 stab wounds a little bit better. Depending on what type of person you are, this episode will either enthrall you or put you to sleep. Some of it is hard to grasp, but I try...


Case File 4: The Murder of 7 year old Rose Ahnen

Seven year old Rose Ahnen was walking to school on Friday, March 2nd 1973, when a car stopped and abducted her. Her body would soon be discovered in a dump in Racine. Since this happened just weeks before Tina's murder, it leaves us to wonder, could her killer have also killed Tina? I give a definitive answer on today's episode. Today's episode is sponsored by Audible. go to and sign up for a free month and get a free book. This episode is also sponsored by Hunt...


Case File 3: Memories

No one should be remembered for the actions of someone else. One of my main goals since I started this podcast, was to find out more on who Tina was as a person. All we've heard so far is the brutal details of her death. I wanted to shed more light on her life, to show her as a person as opposed to a victim. On today's episode I interview one of Tina's childhood friends. She tells me what kind of person Tina was, what she would do for fun, and how she had such a bright future ahead of her....


Case File 2: Searching for Answers

Has there been any update on last years tip regarding a possible suspect? Was there any blood or semen found? Has Tina’s clothing ever been located? What type of stabbing instrument do police believe was used? Do police know the identities of the two boys or the man at the ice cream shop? Are police low on funds and that is why there hasn’t been any DNA tests? Why are police withholding so much evidence from the public? On today’s episode, i gave Deputy Chief of Police, Todd Schulz, and I do...


Case File 1: Inside the mind of a killer

Just a little bit of a warning, this episode might get a little uncomfortable, especially if you have been a victim of rape or abuse, or if you are close to someone who has been. I'm going to touch upon scenarios that are downright disgusting. I’m going to explore sexual deviancy. Some of the thoughts and images i'm going to describe can be very disturbing. But in order to hunt a killer, you have to think like a killer. It's not going to be pretty, or polite, but i think it must be done. My...


The way back, is sometimes the way forward

Welcome back, to the Searching for Closure Podcast.It's been over 9 months since I last released an episode, so forgive me if I'm a little bit rusty. On this episode, I examine two killers who were active near the time of Tina's murder. I investigate Patrick Arrowood, a man convicted of beating and drowning a woman in racine in 1979 and James Multaler, better known as the South Side Killer. He was convicted of murdering 4 women in the Racine and Milwaukee area between 1974 and 1976. Also, I...


4 - 900 Balloons

Off the top of your head, what's your worst memory from 9 years ago? Chances are, unless it was something catastrophic, you probably don't remember anything of importance. If you try hard enough, I'm sure you'll remember something. But chances are, you've most likely forgotten the bad things that happened almost a decade ago. But what if you couldn't forget? What if every morning when you woke up, you were reminded of something terrible that happened 9 years ago. It's been 9 years since 15...


Breaking News Regarding Tina Davidson

Originally I had planned on releasing an episode exposing Arnie Anderson as a parasite, but after giving it a lot of thought and talking to a few listeners, I've decided that he's not worth the time or attention. I have rather an incredible amount of information on him, and if need be I can revisit it in the future. So instead of giving a predator his 15 minutes of fame, I have an update on Tina Davidson. A few weeks ago, A woman, who I will not name, messaged me on Facebook, asking me to...


3 - Muddy Banks Of The Rumor Mill

There are a multitude of theories out there. While theories can be beneficial, helping explore avenues not yet thought of, it can also hinder Investigations by creating tunnel and by muddying the water. Kayla's disappearance is one of those mysteries that, once you begin examining it, is the same as chasing a white rabbit down a hole. It’s exceedingly frustrating to find all of the information available just doesn’t add up. The more questions you try to answer, the more questions you have....


2 - Afraid Of The Dark

“My daughter was extremely afraid of the dark. She had nightmares about people taking her and doing bad things to her. So for her to get out at a vacant house that is completely dark with no one around, that’s not my Kayla.”That was a quote by Hope, that really stood out to me. It leads me to question, why would a stoned, 15 year old girl, want to be dropped off at an abandoned house in the dark?On today's episode I detail the police Investigation following Kayla's disapperance, along with...


1 - Missing Kayla May Berg

On Tuesday, August 11th 2009, 15 year old Kayla called her mother to let her know that she’s going to be spending the day with a friend. The two hung out at home for awhile before heading out to spend some time at the local park in Antigo, WI. A small, rural town, some 160 miles northwest of Milwaukee. When they got back to her friends house, they were greeted by Kayla's brother and his lifelong friend, Kevin Kielcheski. Kayla made plans to hang out with Kevin later that even. The two just...


Season 2 Teaser: Missing Kayla May Berg

In August of 2009, 15 year old Kayla Berg went for a drive with her 24 year old family friend. They left the small northwest town of Antigo, WI for a night of driving. That night was the last night anyone saw Kayla again. Season 2 of the Searching for Closure podcast is dedicated to investigating and reporting on the unsolved missing persons case, of young Kayla Berg. New episodes start Monday morning.