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Each week News-Journal crime writer Tony Holt takes a look at the latest crime news, along with a deep dive into an old case. New episode every Monday afternoon.

Each week News-Journal crime writer Tony Holt takes a look at the latest crime news, along with a deep dive into an old case. New episode every Monday afternoon.
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Daytona Beach, FL


Each week News-Journal crime writer Tony Holt takes a look at the latest crime news, along with a deep dive into an old case. New episode every Monday afternoon.








Ep 46 - Daylight Stabbing in Gainesville

A Boca Raton murder suspect remains jailed near Belfast as extradition efforts continue; a nan who served a 20-year prison sentence for murder in Puerto Rico gets charged for the 2016 slaying of a woman in Deltona; and 13 years ago, Brian Sweat was stabbed by an unknown assailant in the front yard of his Gainesville home and police are still looking for his killer. Special guests: Palm Beach Post features writer and "Weird Florida" author Eliot Kleinberg, Volusia County Sheriff's Sgt....


Convicted Rapist Charged in 1990 Murder - Ep 45

A DeLand city commissioner was accused of dealing drugs, and a grand jury indicts a sexual predator for the 1990 murder of an elderly woman in New Smyrna Beach. Special guests: New Smyrna Beach Police Sgt. Chris Kirk, New Smyrna Beach Mayor Jim Hathaway


Murder of a Daytona Civic Servant - Ep 44

A man who killed a teen with a knife in 1979 is seeking a reduced sentence, and a Daytona Beach Planning Board member is killed in his home by two men who had a history of violence.


Ep 43 - Love Triangle Ends in Murder

Remains found under Clermont fire pit confirmed to be missing Disney employee, and a Flagler County man is slain by a jealous boyfriend and his burned car and corpse are found near a logging road in St. Johns. Special guests: Former prosecutor Jackie Roys, St. Johns sheriff's Sgts. Gene Tolbert and Jeremy Russell.


Bloody Day in Okaloosa - Ep 42

A South Carolina woman who snatched a newborn baby from a teen mother inside a Jacksonville hospital 20 years ago gets sentenced to 18 years in prison, and Edward Zakrzewski murders his wife and kids with a machete inside their home in Okaloosa County then flees to Hawaii.


The Sadistic Skipper - Ep 41

A pizza shop employee shoots and kills an attempted robber in Holly Hill and a Ohio mother and her two teenage daughters are murdered by a stranger on a boat and dumped overboard in Tampa Bay. Special guest: Tampa Bay Times columnist and author Craig Pittman


Killing to Gain a Fortune - Ep 40

A South Daytona man is convicted of murder and aggravated child abuse in 2013 death of 4-year-old boy; and the real-life story behind "Pain and Gain," how a group of gym rats turned to kidnapping and murder to get rich quick Special guests: Daytona Beach News-Journal reporter Frank Fernandez, Miami Herald reporter David Ovalle


Ep 39 - Tampa's Bloodiest Rampage

A Bunnell woman is sentenced to life in prison for killing her blind husband and burying him in the backyard, and Hank Earl Carr kills a 4-year-old boy and three law enforcement officers during a shooting spree that stretched across three counties 20 years ago.


Ex-cop Still Sits on Death Row - Ep 38

Highlands County sheriff's deputy slain after responding to a call about a cat shot by a neighbor; Wife of Tallahassee man who went missing 17 years ago gets indicted on murder charges; Former small town police officer convicted of killing 11-year-old girl and dumping her in a lake remains on death row after 30 years. Special guests: Tallahassee Democrat News Director Jennifer Portman; former Lake County sheriff's detective Rocky Harris, former prosecutor Steve Hurm


Fatal Robbery at Taco Bell - Ep 37

Jacksonville sex offender gets sentenced to death for the 2013 slaying of an 8-year-old girl he kidnapped from a Walmart; and revisiting the 1992 robbery at a Daytona Beach Taco Bell where employees were shot and another stabbed by a pair of teenage robbers. Special guests: Former state attorney John Tanner and Daytona Beach News-Journal reporter Frank Fernandez


Chaos Killed the Band Teacher - Ep 36

Two elected officials - a west central Florida county commissioner and a South Florida mayor - have been charged with felonies, and 22 years ago, a gang of misfits called the Lords of Chaos kills a high school band teacher on his front doorstep in Fort Myers. Special guests: retired prosecutor Randy McGruther, former Fort Myers News-Press reporter Peter Franceschina, retired News-Press columnist Sam Cook


Death of a Boat Salesman - Ep 35

A pair of Gilchrist County sheriff's deputies are killed in Trenton; an update on the killer clown case in Palm Beach County; and a look back at the 1981 slaying of DeLand salesman Robert Clemente by Chicago hit man Peter Ventura. Special guest: Dede Jorgensen


A Canadian Stuck for Life - Ep 34

Ky'Andrea Cook gets re-sentenced to a lesser prison term after her mother's emotional reaction to her original sentence of 20 years went viral, prompting the judge to look at the case again. Ontario native Russ Davies, who was charged with murder at 18, has remained behind bars for more than 30 years even though his five co-defendants served two years or less. He is seeking a transfer to a Canadian prison to be closer to his elderly parents. Special guests: Daytona Beach News-Journal...


Weeks Found Guilty - Ep 33

Polk County detectives arrest a suspected urn thief; and Ex-Flagler County elections supervisor Kimberle Weeks gets convicted of seven felonies related to illegal recordings. Special guest: Daytona Beach News-Journal reporter Matt Bruce


The Demise of Louie Da Lip - Ep 32

The widow of the Pulse nightclub shooter gets acquitted on obstruction and aiding and abetting charges, and one year ago Christopher "Louie da Lip" Keating was slain in a bar in Daytona Beach by a rival motorcycle gang member, but no arrests have been made. Special guests: Wisconsin-based organized crime investigator Charles Berard and Daytona Beach Police Detective Iriabeth Lee.


Did A Cop Kill Kim Howe? - Ep 31

A white nationalist gets arrested on suspicion of giving false information to the FBI about the accused Parkland mass shooter; An embattled ex-cop is on the short list of suspects linked to a 30-year-old cold case out of Brevard County. Special guest: Rockledge Police Cpl. Jeff White


Killer Comes To Terrytown - Ep 30

Convicted murderer of FSU grad student has death sentence changed to life in prison; Wisconsin man linked to the murder of his mother in Chippewa Falls is arrested for a double murder in Sumter County that was witnessed by a 3-year-old girl and 1-year-old boy. Special guests: Eu Clair County (Wisc.) Circuit Judge Jon Theisen, Sumter County Chief Deputy Gary Brannen, Florida homicide prosecutor Pete Magrino, former News-Journal reporter Richard Conn


Virginia Larzelere, The Sexpot Slayer, Part 2 - Ep 29

Former NASCAR Truck Series driver is arrested on allegations he tried to meet a 12-year-old girl for sex; and Part 2 of the arrest and trial of Virginia Larzelere and her son, and how the case mesmerized a tabloid-hungry audience. Special guests: News-Journal sports columnist Ken Willis, retired Edgewater police detective Dave Gamell, former News-Journal reporter Robert Nolin, former Orlando Sentinel reporter Ludi Lelis


Virginia Larzelere, The Sexpot Slayer - Ep 28

Authorities arrest hedge fund manager in deadly love triangle; Volusia County middle school teacher accused of having sex with 14-year-old student; Police arrested Virginia Larzelere and her 18-year-old son in the murder of her husband, who was gunned down inside his Edgewater dental practice in the middle of the day. Special guest: Mabel Perez, former reporter at the Ocala Star-Banner


Double Murder in the Beachside - Ep 27

An accused drug dealer is slapped with first-degree murder charge after a Palm Coast woman overdoses on heroin and Fentanyl; There's been a rash of threats against schools and school students in the wake of the Marjory Stoneman Douglas massacre; and two people were hacked to death 10 years ago inside a Daytona Beach apartment.