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True crime podcast which focuses on missing persons cases.

True crime podcast which focuses on missing persons cases.
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True crime podcast which focuses on missing persons cases.




Maura Murray and Season Three updates

Updates on upcoming podcasts and Maura Murray.


New Hampshire cold cases and their potential ties to the disappearance of Maura Murray

In this episode, I discuss my research into several New Hampshire cold cases and their potential ties to the disappearance of Maura Murray. The episode's transcript will be made available to the Armchair Detective Podcast's patron's. To become a patron, simply click on the become a patron button on my blog main page. I will upload the transcript on patron tomorrow. You can become a patron for only 1 dollar per month. I hope you find this episode interesting. Feel free to drop a comment....


Clearing out all the Red Herrings in the disappearance of Maura Murray

Today we learned that Cecil Smith is no longer with us. My thoughts and prayers go out to Cecil's family and friends. My co-host Kasey and I decided to do a podcast episode to clear out all the red herrings in Maura Murray's disappearance. During this episode, we talk about a list of questions I had sent to John Healey, a private investigator who looked into Maura's disappearance. There was a total of 40 questions I sent him and out of the 40 questions, all ended up being red herrings in...


Potential lead in Maura Murray disappearance

I was discussing the case with my future co-host when she told me about this and I thought it may be a break in the case. Feel free to leave comments.


TADP – Update

Hello everyone, I've decided to do an update podcast to let you know what I have in store for 2019. Please feel free to contact me if you have any ideas or suggestions. Thanks!


TADP Season 2 Episode 12 – F.B.I Most Wanted Fugitive Robert Fisher

F.B.I. MOST WANTED ROBERT FISHER Welcome to another episode of the armchair detective podcast, I’m you’re host the armchair detective. Today’s episode will be much different than my other episodes. While in this episode I will be talking about a missing person, this missing person also happens to be on the FBI’s most wanted list. His name is Robert Fisher. This case was brought to my attention by youtube follower Ben. Thanks Ben for your suggestion. If anyone else has suggestions on cases...


TADP Season 2 Episode 11 – The mysterious disappearance of Denise Martin

The disappearance of Denise Martin Welcome to the armchair detective podcast, I’m you’re host the armchair detective. Today I will be discussing the disappearance of Denise Martin. This is a recent disappearance that was brought to my attention from Kirsten, a follow of the armchair detective facebook group. Thanks for the suggestion Kirsten, if anyone else has suggestions on cases you would like me to feature on my podcast, please let me know. I absolutely want my audience to be part of...


TADP Season 2 Episode 10 – The mysterious disappearance of Brookelyn Farthing

The mysterious disappearance of Brookelyn Farthing Today’s podcast episode will focus on the disappearance of Brookelyn Farthing. I went on website and read the following from Brookelyn’s sister: “My sister Brooke was a spunky, tell you how it is, loveable person. She loved animals and the outdoors. But she was a true girly girl, who loved pink and camouflage. She would do anything to help anyone. She had the sweetest deep long country sounding voice you...


Sneak Peek – Bonus patron podcast episode 1 – Maura Murray

I've created a podcast episode which is only for the patrons of the show. I've uploaded the episode to the show's patron page. I have included a short sneak peek for those interested. I will be uploading more content soon. The next content will be about the disappearance of Brian Lawson. Thanks for listening and supporting this podcast! For more information on how to become a patron, please click on the following link. ~Acdetective~


TADP Season 2 Episode 9 – The mysterious disappearance of Brian Shaffer

The mysterious disappearance of Brian Shaffer: Brian Shaffer on February 25th 1979. He was a medical student at the Ohio State University at the time of his disappearance. At the time of his disappearance, Brian was 27 years old and today he would be 39 years old. Brian is described as 6 feet two inches tall and weighing about 165 lbs. At the time of his disappearance, he was wearing an olive green short-sleeved polo shirt over a white long-sleeved shirt, blue jeans, white Adidas sneakers...


TADP Season 2 Episode 8 – The disappearance of Richard Petrone and Danielle Imbo

Richard Petrone Jr. and his friend, Danielle (Ottobre) Imbo, were last seen around 11:45 pm on Saturday, Feb. 19, 2005 leaving Abilene’s bar at 429 South Street in Philadelphia, where they met with some friends. They were heading for Richard’s 2001 black Dodge Dakota pickup truck, PA license plate # YFH-2319 parked in the neighborhood. Richard, Danielle, or the truck haven’t been seen since and there have been no traces or clues as to their whereabouts. They planned to spend the night at...


The truth about Brianna Maitland and Maura Murray

Here is a podcast about some of the things i've been discussing on my subreddit page. Please feel free to comment. Thanks.


Maura Murray’s outburst on Feb 5 2004 New theory

I've recently read an article about Maura's disappearance and the momments surrounding the night of Feb 5 2004 which is believed to be tied to her decision to leave Umass Amherst on Feb 9 2004. Please feel free to comment, I would love feedback on this. Thanks. ~Acdetective~


My theory about a potential serial killer in New England

Today I'll be discussing a theory that I’m working on. It involves unsolved murders and missing persons around the I-91 and I-93 and I-95 in New England. Now keep in mind this is simply a theory I have and should be taken as such. What led me to research this phenomenon was the disappearance of U-Mass Amherst nursing student Maura Murray back on February 9th 2004. There have been some thoughts that her disappearance may have been the result of a serial killer and I wanted to look at other...


TADP Season Two Episode Three – Rebuttal to Missing Maura Murray Ep 69

Hey everyone, I've decided to do a rebuttal to the Missing Maura Murray Ep 69 episode. In this episode they discussed the murder of officer Bruce McKay and the shooting of Liko Kenney. Feel free to comment. Thanks.


Could this be the answer to the Maura Murray disappearance?

The past few days I've been sifting and reading old articles regarding the disappearance of Maura Murray. I took the articles from the subreddit that was created by the user HunterPense I pulled every article regarding Maura's disappearance what was created in 2004 and compiled a word document. The document itself was over 100 pages. I will be doing another podcast to discuss some of my findings on the articles. The podcast episode will be very long,...


TADP Season Two Episode Two – More thoughts on the Maura Murray disappearance

In this podcast I discuss some more thoughts on the Maura Murray disappearance, focusing on the more recent comments made by the Missing Maura Murray podcast guys Tim and Lance, also some of the prominent trolls in the online community and several other thoughts. Please leave some feedback. Thanks.


Armchair Detective rebuttal of Missing Maura Murray EP 64

In this episode I speak about my opinions on the missing Maura Murray episode 64 podcast


TADP Season 2 Episode 1 – My thoughts on Maura Murray’s disappearance

Hello everyone, I've decided to relaunch my podcast as you can see. I will be bringing some changes to the podcast to make it an easier listen. I will be giving my opinions on some unsolved missing persons cases as well as unsolved mysteries. Fell free to contact me if you have any suggestions or if you have any information on the cases that I will be showcasing. ~acdetective~ Facebook link Twitter link


TADP Episode 31 – True Crime – Online How To’s on how to disappear

As most of my listeners by now have noticed that my podcast focuses on missing person’s cases so I figured why not look into the phenomenon that is the “how to disappear guides” that are floating around on the internet today. The internet is a very useful tool but when people create articles of this sort it can unfortunately give someone who is considering disappearing the tools to do so. These articles have been around for years but now are getting more and more present. I do not condone...