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Historical true crime podcast telling the stories of lynching victims in the American South

Historical true crime podcast telling the stories of lynching victims in the American South
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Historical true crime podcast telling the stories of lynching victims in the American South




Episode 9 Shubuta Hanging Bridge

Six documented lynchings were carried out on a bridge in Shubuta, Mississippi. Four in 1918 and two in 1942. Known as the Hanging Bridge, it still stands as a haunting reminder of racial terror The complete show notes for this episode, along with photos of the Hanging Bridge can be viewed at Website: Facebook: Twitter: Email: Learn more about...


Episode 8 Elmore Bolling Lowndes County Alabama

Elmore Bolling was a successful black businessman in Lowndes County, Alabama. He ran an inclusive business in the Jim Crow South and was known for his philanthropy. His success angered a group of white men who murdered Bolling in 1947 Website: Twitter: Email: Learn more about Elmore Bolling and his life The Bolling Foundation Penalty for Success by Josphine Bolling McCall An era of terror: Montgomery...


Episode 7 Christmas Lynchings

Black Americans weren’t spared lynching on Christmas Day during the lynching era. Featured are the stories of Rev J.N. McClinton of Prairie Blossom, Texas; Colvin Nicholson of Scooba, Mississippi and Willie James Howard of Live Oak, Florida Website: Twitter: Email: More about this episode 60 Years Later, a Cry for Justice in Florida Killing by Audra D.S. Burch, McClatchy-Tribune The Legacy of Harry T....


Episode 6 1906 Lyerly Murders and Salisbury Lynching in Rowan County, North Carolina

In the summer of 1906, five members of a prominent white farming family, were murdered in Salisbury, North Carolina. With no evidence, only an accusation, six black sharecroppers were accused of the murders. Within the next month, three more innocent lives would be taken in Rowan County. Website: Twitter: Email: More about this episode Read more about the lynching in "A Game Called Salisbury" by Susan...


Episode 5 Elwood Higginbotham Lafayette County, Mississippi

In September of 1935, black sharecropper and union leader, Elwood Higginbotham stood trial for murder in Oxford, Mississippi. The murder of his white neighbor had been a case of self-defense. As a jury deliberated his fate, a white mob stormed the courthouse and kidnapped Elwood Higginbotham. Website: Twitter: Email: More about Elwood Higginbotham and efforts to memorialize him Read Kyleen Burke's...


Episode 1: History of Lynching in America

Before you hear stories of victims of color line murders, it's important to understand the history of lynching in America and how lynching became an acceptable act of racial terror in the American South. Website: Twitter: Email: Learn more about the history of lynching Read the report "Lynching in America: Confronting the Legacy of Racial Terror", by the staff of the Equal Justice...


Episode 2: Mary Turner - Brooks County, Georgia

In May of 1918, a white farmer was murdered in Brooks County, Georgia. Within a week of his death, 11 African Americans would be lynched, including Mary Turner, who called for the arrest of the men who lynched her husband Website: Twitter: Email: More about Mary Turner and the Lynching Rampage of 1918 Learn more about the Mary Turner Project The organization is always looking for more people to get...


Episode 3: Rubin Stacy - Broward County, Florida

In July of 1935 Rubin Stacy was accused of attacking a white woman. A white mob, that included the local sheriff, lynched Stacy. A photo of the lynching was so disturbing that the NAACP used it in a campaign to call for anti-lynching legislation. Website: Twitter: Email: More about this episode The Day They Lynched Reuben Stacey by Bryan Brooks July 17, 1988 | Includes first hand accounts from witness...


Episode 4: Frazier and Julia Baker - Florence County, South Carolina

In 1897, Frazier Baker, became the first African American postmaster of Lake City, South Carolina. The circumstances of his lynching in 1898 shocked many in the country and galvanized the anti-lynching movement to seek federal intervention Website: Twitter: Email: More about Frazier and Julia Baker lynching and aftermath Collection of newspaper articles chronicling lynching of Frazier Baker and articles...


Why a podcast about lynching victims?

The answer to the question I've been asked over and over: "Why are you launching a podcast about lynching victims?"


The Color Line Murders - Coming Soon

Historical true crime podcast telling the stories of lynching victims in the American South. Coming soon.