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Well-known authority on things unusual, spooky, and conspiratorial – broadcaster Richard Syrett – hosts “The Conspiracy Show.” Every Sunday Night from 11pm to 1am on Zoomer Radio AM740 and FM96.7

Well-known authority on things unusual, spooky, and conspiratorial – broadcaster Richard Syrett – hosts “The Conspiracy Show.” Every Sunday Night from 11pm to 1am on Zoomer Radio AM740 and FM96.7


Toronto, ON


Well-known authority on things unusual, spooky, and conspiratorial – broadcaster Richard Syrett – hosts “The Conspiracy Show.” Every Sunday Night from 11pm to 1am on Zoomer Radio AM740 and FM96.7



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Globalists, Bioweapons And Pandemics

Richard welcomes a science writer to the likelihood that SARS COV-2 was deliberately created in a virology lab in conjunction with the National Institute of Health and the CCP's bioweapons program. They'll also discuss the possible connection between the alleged presence of graphene oxide in Covid vaccines and certain adverse vaccine events.


The RFK Assassination & Carbon 60 - The Miracle Molecule Update

Richard welcomes an author who has been researching the assassination of Bobby Kennedy for more than a quarter of a century. She'll discuss her latest work on the 1968 assassination of Robert F. Kennedy and how witnesses who had details of the conspiracy were silenced by the LAPD, evidence was deliberately altered and, in some instances, destroyed. Then, Richard welcomes a research engineer and scientist whose primary mission is to help people live longer, healthier, pain free lives. He'll...


The JFK Assassination: Through the Looking Glass & The Merry Pranksters, LSD, And The Mirale Of Structured Water

The JFK Assassination: Through the Looking Glass Richard welcomes one of the most respected researchers and writers on the political assassinations of the 1960s to discuss a brand new documentary film on the JFK Assassination directed by Oliver Stone, titled Through the Looking Glass. The film is based on new JFK files that have been released since Stone's Oscar winning film, JFK. ?Guest: Jim DiEugenio wrote the script for Oliver Stone's new documentary film, Through the Looking Glass. Jim...


Fauci, Gates, Schwab, And The CCP's Bioweapons Program

Richard welcomes a Harvard-trained psychiatrist to discuss the documents he and his wife, researcher Ginger Breggin, uncovered revealing the connection between the gain of function research funded by Dr. Anthony Fauci, Bill Gates' organization, CEPI (Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness Innovations) and the development of the Sars-COV 2 virus in North Carolina and Wuhan, China.


Remote Viewing Experiment / Messages From The Akashic Record

Richard welcomes Canada's Edgar Cayce who will conduct a remote viewing experiment, live on the air. He'll also discuss his intuitive abilities and how he accesses information from the Akashic Record.


Mysteries of Occult Hollywood

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The Authoritarians & Crop Circles

Richard welcomes a constitutional lawyer to discuss the state of individual freedoms in America, specifically as they relate to various government orders, mandates, and restrictions not addressed in the US Constitution. At its core, Emord said, power exercised in this way is a product of 'the administrative state,' which in turn is itself a product of authoritarian socialist ideology he credits to the 19th-century German philosopher Hegel. And later, Richard welcomes a researcher and...


The International Coalition For Extraterrestrial Research

Richard welcomes two members of ICER, a not-for-profit organization, is comprised of scientists, academics and leading UFO/UAP researchers from 27 countries on 5 continents who are unanimous in their recognition that we are not alone in the cosmos. Based on more than 75 years of research, ICER acknowledges that the UFO/UAP phenomenon is real; it acts with intelligence and is likely to be extraterrestrial/non-human in origin. ICER believes all countries now need to prepare for confirmation...


Strange Things with Joshua P. Warren

Richard welcomes a ground-breaking paranormal researcher and author to discuss his new podcast: Strange Things, as well as shape-shifting immortals, telekinesis, the art of manifesting, and sigils.


Ancient and Advanced Technologies

Richard welcomes a researcher who details his search for ancient and advanced technologies. The evidences from historical record, legends and myths are shouting that it wasn’t aliens, that the advanced technologies are echoes of a human society we do not have a written record of. We have the remnants of their buildings, genes, and the sciences that point to a highly advanced human race that survived multiple catastrophes and to this day may live among us. Human bones have been found back...


Hidden Finances and Secret Technology

Richard welcomes a prolific author and researcher to discuss financial fraud, international banking, hidden systems of finance, black budgets and breakaway civilizations.


Giants, Gods And Dragons & Cosmic Coincidences

Richard welcomes a broadcaster/author who connects the dots between history, archaeology, and Bible prophecy to reveal long-lost information about the imminent, end-times showdown between the fallen realm and the Kingdom of God. Later, a New England man recounts a lifetime of curious and enchanting serendipities involving rock concerts, full moons and meteor showers.


The Wormwood Prophecy

Is the Wormwood star from Revelation 8 already headed toward Earth? Are NASA and high-level government officials aware of an asteroid that is on a collision course with our planet? Is that why President Trump sanctioned a colossal increase to planetary defense? Do the prophecies from ancient cultures and religions across the globe all point to a catastrophic planetary event that has scientists and politicians taking extreme preventative measures under the public radar?


The Occult Origins of America

REPEAT BROADCAST FROM JULY 5TH, 2020 Richard welcomes two veteran researchers and filmmakers, specializing in the areas of theology, world religion, the occult, and supernatural/paranormal phenomena who discuss how ancient occult mystery schools and pagan spiritual traditions shaped the founding of America. ??GUESTS: Wes and Justen Faull are writers, directors, and producers of Faull Bros. Productions. Justen is the founder and host of the Fourth Watch Radio Network.


Abiotic Oil, Apollo Questions, and Dangers of 5G

Richard welcomes a science writer to discuss the theory of abiotic oil which states that oil arises from inorganic processes that occur deep within the core or lower mantle of the Earth, rather than from the slow transformation of animal and plant matter into hydrocarbons. He'll also discuss the latest research on the potential dangers of 5G and some perplexing questions surrounding NASA's Saturn V rocket and the Lunar Lander used in the Apollo mission to the moon.


Fake Environmental Catastrophes

Richard welcomes a founding member of Greenpeace who quit the organization after they became too radical and abandoned science. He'll discuss how dire claims about climate and the environment are based on scare tactics and fraudulent science.


Hypnosis and Healing & High Strangeness in the Pacific Northwest

Richard welcomes a clinical hypnotherapist and relationship coach to discuss how childhood experiences effect present day relationships and how hypnosis can be used to transform toxic relationships and heal a wounded heart. ? Later, Richard speaks with the host of a popular paranormal podcast who previews some of the strange, frightening anomalous adventures featured in season four of his documentary podcast series.


Vaccine Passports & Natural Remedies

A writer, historian and social critic examines the societal ramifications of a vaccine passport - proof of COVID-19 immunization, which would permit passport holders to travel, work, go to the gym, play sports, attend entertainment events, dine in restaurants, and ultimately, return to “normal” life. Later, an herbalist examines how powerful natural medicines found in nature can ease pain, boost energy, strengthen immunity, and reverse serious diseases-naturally.


As In The Days of Noah

Is our world actually reeling toward the prescient days of Noah those days of unparalleled global turmoil as foretold by Jesus in the Gospels of Matthew and Luke? Are we really on the brink of a universal shaking, as a number of today s prophecy watchers are warning?


UFOs & The Bible

Richard speaks with a former manager for Fortune 500 companies who has studied the Bible for over 40 years to discuss his work connecting aspects of the paranormal and UFOs with material in the Bible.