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An investigative discovery, uncovering the series of events, circumstances, and state of mind which cause ordinary people to do unthinkable things….

An investigative discovery, uncovering the series of events, circumstances, and state of mind which cause ordinary people to do unthinkable things….
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An investigative discovery, uncovering the series of events, circumstances, and state of mind which cause ordinary people to do unthinkable things….




Episode 28 - William "Wild Bill" Holbert

Between 2007 and 2010, the Bocas del Toro province of Panama seemed to have become somewhat of a Bermuda Triangle for American ex-pats who had decided to take root in the Caribbean Coastal area. Within those 3 years, 5 Americans mysteriously vanished without a trace, leaving their family and friends desperately searching for answers. This is a really special episode because we got to partner up with the host of Pretend Radio, Javier Laiva. Recently Javier covered a case he thought our...


Introducing I, Survivor

Women get assaulted. Women get attacked. Women get harassed, manipulated, intimidated, but women are survivors. Time and time again, she persists, even against all odds. Hosts Jenna Brister and Wagatwe Wanjuki share their stories, and those of the men and women who fought back, who won, and who live rising above the trauma of their experiences. Subscribe to I, Survivor today


Episode 27 – The Railroad Killer – Part 2

PART #2 of 2 - In part 1 we last left off with the mysterious murder of Jesse Howell and the disappearance of Wendy Von Huben. You heard about Angel Mataurino Resendiz childhood and details about his lengthy history using the railway system to commit a string of crimes across the US. Music Credits: Sergey Cheremisinov - Lucerna Kai Engel -January Sergey Cheremisinov - Comets and Sparks Sergey Cheremisinov - Escape Sergey Cheremisinov - Our_Future Sergey Cheremisinov - Fog Kai Engel...


Episode 26 – Angel Maturino Resendiz – Part 1

PART #1 - On August 1st, 1960, Angel Maturino Resendiz was born in Puebla, Mexico. His mother, Virginia de Maturino, could never have imagined that the baby she held in her arms that day would grow up to become a murderer known as The Railroad Serial Killer. Music Credits: Sergey Cheremisinov – Sleepers Sergey Cheremisinov – Hibernation Kai Engel - Rejecting the Sirens Kai Engel - Shining Dawn Kai Engel - A Neon Flesh Kai Engel - Written in Ink The Minds Of Madness Theme Music –...


Episode 25 – Lyle Kopenkoskey

Just after 5am on October 2nd, 2012, in Petoskey Michigan, 911 dispatchers received a call from a man by the name of Carl Kopenkoskey. Standing on a remote country side road beside his brother Lyle’s red pickup truck, Carl had made the call out of concern for his missing brother. Music Credits: George Cattapan - Background Tension Kai Engel - Encore Tender Kai Enge – January Kai Enge - Will I Ever See Another Sunrise Kai Enge – aspirato Kai Enge - Between Nothing and Everything Kai...


Episode 24 – Theresa Allore – Part 3

PART #3 - In episode 8 and 9 we covered the cold case of Theresa Allore. A 19-year-old young woman, who completely vanished from her college campus in 1978. She had only attended 8 weeks at Champlain College, a school located in a small borough of Lennoxville Quebec, about 2 hours east of Montreal. 40 years after finding Theresa Allore’s body, the family is still searching for answers. Music Credits: Kai Engel - Embracing the Sunrise Kai Engel - Shining Dawn Kai Engel - Global...


Episode 23 – Levi King

In the fall of 2005, Levi King went on a rampage that left 5 people dead in 2 different states. A ten-year-old girl was the soul survivor of his second attack that left her entire family dead as they slept in their beds. How the little girl survived and the actions she took to remain safe are no short of a miracle. Music Credits: Josh Woodward - The Voices Instrumental Version Sergey Cheremisinov – Fog Lee Rosevere - A Role In Life Kevin McLeod - Virtutes Instrumenti Kai Engel - When...


Episode 25 - CrimeCon 2018 - Bruce McArthur

We recently attended CrimeCon in Nashville, Tennessee. We wanted to take advantage of having some of our favorite podcast hosts all in one place and brought along our portable recorder. We wanted to capture an informal conversation about the on-going investigation of Canadian Serial Killer, Bruce McArthur. Join us as we speak with Mike Browne and Robin Warder. This is different from anything we've done before, but we wanted to give you an opportunity to be a fly on the wall and hear what a...


Episode 24 – Angie Yarnell

Join me now, as we take a look into the suspicious disappearance of Angie Yarnell, the husband who fled with a very dark secret and the Missouri reporter who helped track him down. Music Credits: Kai Engel - Written in Ink Kai Engel - A Neon Flesh Kai Engel – Mercy Sergey Cheremisinov - Our Future George Cattapan - Background Tension Kai Engel – Plague George Cattapan - Mystery Beat Kai Engel - Rejecting the Sirens Kai Engel – Extinguished Kai Engel - After Midnight Kai Engel -...


Episode 23 – Jennifer Long

On January 22, 1998, in Kansas City Missouri, a young teenage girl by the name of Jennifer Long suddenly vanished. After 9 painstaking months of her family desperately scouring the area in search of her, the grisly truth about what happened to her finally surfaced. Music Credits: George Cattapan - Piano Slow Kai Engel - I Am Climbing on Air Kai Engel - Meekness Kai Engel - aspirato Kai Engel - January Kai Engel - Universe in Hands Sergey Cheremisinov - The Signals Kai Engel -...


Episode 22 – Stephen Paddock

On October 1, 2017, a man named Stephen Paddock began to open fire on a crowd of people attending the Route 91 Harvest Music Festival in Las Vegas. He fired over 1100 rounds from his his Mandalay Bay hotel room, killing 58 people, and injuring another 546. It was a night that not only devastated the city of Las Vegas, it was a horrific act of violence that made headlines around the world. A special thank you to Laura Urquhart for researching and writing this episode. Music...


Episode 18 – A Christmas Miracle

In the spirit of giving we wanted to do something really special for you all for the holidays. We decided to contact some of the incredible hosts of some of the podcasts that inspired me as a listener to start my own podcast, as well as a few that have been a tremendous support to us. We wanted to take this opportunity to pay tribute to them, and in doing so, also create an experience of a lifetime for you. An entire episode, where you’ll hear from some of the most fantastic True Crime...


Introducing Young Charlie

While we're busy working on our next episode I wanted to introduce you to a podcast that I've been listening to and have been finding quite fascinating. Its called "Young Charlie". With the recent passing of Charles Manson, I found myself revisiting his life and the reign of terror executed by his following. That's when I discovered the Young Charlie podcast. If you're interested in understanding the minds of criminals as we are, and hearing about their early years, then Young Charlie is a...


Episode 17 – Ken Rex McElroy

This is the story about a small town in rural Missouri, that’s been hiding a very big secret…for close to 40 years. A small town that bound themselves tightly together in solidarity in order to eliminate a monstrous problem. Music Credits: Kevin Mcleod -Lightless Dawn Kai Engel - Soli Kai Engel- Daedalus Scott Gratton - Forward Motion Dexter Britain - Telling Stories Dexter Britain - Lost in Light Sergey Cheremisinov - Lucerna Sergey Cheremisinov - Don't Lie To InnerChild Sergey...


Episode 16 - 2017 Halloween MEGA-sode!!

Welcome to the 2017 Halloween MEGA-sode!!! I'll be taking you through a guided tour of Funhouse terror. Haunting tales brought to you by some of the most twisted minds in podcast-land. So close your curtains and lock your doors, and settle yourselves in for a night of terror. Contributing Podcasts: Creepy Fairy Tales for Unwanted Children The Murder Road Trip Podcast Evil Podcast The Trail Went Cold Encrypted Podcast 36 Times Moms & Murder True Crime Island Cold Case Notes There Might Be...


Episode 15 - Derrick Bird - Part 2

PART #2 – Previously in Episode 17, Part 1…on June 2nd, 2010 the UK experienced one the worst gun massacres in history. Within an eight-hour period, a 52 year old taxi driver by the name of Derrick Bird executed a 25 mile rampage of mass murder throughout the county, indiscriminately anyone that crossed his path. Innocent people going about their daily lives. He also shot colleagues, acquaintances, and even his own twin brother. Music Credits: Kevin MacLeod- Neo Western – YouTube Audio...


Episode 14 - Derrick Bird - Part 1

PART #1 – On June 2nd 2010 one of the worst ever gun massacres in UK history occurred. In the space of an eight hour period, a 52 year old taxi driver named Derrick Bird went on a 25 mile rampage of mass murder throughout the county, indiscriminately shooting passers-by, innocent people going about their everyday business, his own colleagues and acquaintances, and even his own twin brother. Music Credits: Kevin MacLeod – J. S. Bach: Prelude in C - BWV 846 – YouTube Audio Library Chris...


Episode 13 - Marcus Feisel - Part 2

PART #2 - Previously in Part #1, of the Marcus Fiesel story, you heard about a little boys life, before entering into the foster care system. You also heard about how he was then placed into the home of a couple, who from the outside, appeared to be loving and caring child care providers. But sadly, things weren’t as they seemed. Music Credits: Damiano Baldoni – The One Who Spread The Sadness Twin Musicom – Not Without The Rest – YouTube Audio Library Kevin MacLeod – Echoes In Time V2 –...


Episode 12 - Marcus Feisel - Part 1

PART #1 - In August of 2006, 3 year old Marcus Feisel was reported missing by his Foster Parent, Liz Carroll. But after weeks of desperate searching, by the entire community, the horrific truth of what happen to little Marcus was revealed. Music Credits: Coldnoise - Dustwar Doctor Turtle – Know No No Nos Kai Engel – Warm Of Mechanical Heart Sergey Cheremisinov - Fog Kai Engel – Periculum Philipp Weigl – Subdiviosion Of The Masses All music is used under an Attribution License -...


Episode 11 - Chester Abbotsbury - Part 2

PART #2 - In episode 13 you heard how a former colleague of mine named Chester Abbotsbury, who found himself in an unimaginable position. In self-defence, he struck and killed a man who wouldn’t leave his home. We last left off, with Chester handcuffed in the back of a police car, being told he was being charged with 2nd degree murder. Music Credits: Hyson - Traces Borrtex - Silence Borrtex - Determination Hyson - All Will See Borrtex - Our Home Hawkin - Rain Borrtex - Ability Chris...