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A weekly podcast where the dark, and sometimes weird, true stories in American politics are discussed.


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A weekly podcast where the dark, and sometimes weird, true stories in American politics are discussed.






Episode 161: Richard Dawson | Rosewood Massacre and Bob Filner

Hillary and Tina cover the Rosewood Massacre and Mayor Bob Filner. Hillary’s Story Rosewood was a quaint Black community in Levi County, FL. BUT when a white woman falsely accused a black man of rape, Rosewood was burned to the ground. Tina’s Story Bob Filner served in the House of Representatives for twenty years before becoming mayor of San Diego in 2012. BUT when assault allegations arose, Filner’s career plummeted. Sources Hillary's Story Britannica Rosewood massacre of 1923...


Episode 160: Avenge Me, Bitch! | The Chamberlain-Kahn Act and the assassination attempt of Theodore Roosevelt

Tina and Hillary cover the Chamberlain-Kahn Act and the assassination attempt of Theodore Roosevelt. Tina’s Story The Chamberlain-Kahn Act was initiated to help stop the spread of sexually transmitted infections among service men. BUT instead, it led to the incarceration of thousands of women. Hillary’s Story In 1912 former republican President Theodore Roosevelt ran for president again under the Progressive Party. BUT while on the campaign trail, he is nearly assassinated. Sources Tina's...


Episode 159: Golf on the Moon | Mutiny in Space and John Joe Gray

Hillary and Tina cover Mutiny in Space and John Joe Gray. Hillary’s Story In 1973, NASA sent astronauts to the Skylab space station. BUT when they stop contact with ground control, many wondered if it was an act of rebellion. Tina’s Story John Joe Gray is a self proclaimed sovereign citizen who doesn’t believe in Federal authority. BUT after an arrest, he ends up leading the longest armed standoff in US history. Sources Hillary's Story Astronomy Was there really a “mutiny” aboard the Skylab...


Episode 158: Pack it Up, Grandma! | Hiram Monserrate and Florida vs. Pitts / Lee

Tina and Hillary cover the former NY senator Hiram Monserrate and Florida vs Pitts/Lee. Tina’s Story Hiram Monserrate moved quickly from the New York City Council to the New York State Senate. BUT it was his quick temper that led to his political demise. Hillary’s Story In 1963, two black men in Florida were wrongfully convicted of murder. BUT even when evidence clears them of the deed, racism and bigotry delayed commuting their sentence. Sources Tina's Story Associated Press NY Senate votes...


Episode 157: Chill Pill | 1951 Bagel Strike and Christopher Wright

Hillary and Tina cover the 1951 Bagel Strike and former Dawson, GA mayor, Christopher Wright. Hillary’s Story Bagels have been a staple in the US since the late 19th Century. BUT a famine hits when Bagel workers strike for more dough. Tina’s Story Christopher Wright made history as Dawson Georgia’s youngest mayor in 2012. But it’s the actions that led Wright down the wrong path that ended in an indictment. Sources Hillary's Story Atlas Obscura The Forgotten History of New York’s Bagel...


Episode 156: Because it's Jersey

Tina and Hillary cover former Kinloch, MO mayor Keith Conway and NJ Transportation Commissioner John Sheridan. Tina’s Story Keith Conway served as Kinloch, Missouri mayor for 12 years. BUT when he served himself to Kinloch’s money, he lost his seat and freedom. Hillary’s Story Republican John Sheridan served as NJ Transportation commissioner until 1985 before becoming CEO of Cooper University Hospital and chair of Cooper’s Ferry Partnership. BUT his suspicious death in 2014 led to an...


Episode 155: Snapping Turtles | End of Year Special

In this week’s year end special, Tina and Hillary answer questions and chat about the year ahead. For show notes and links to our sources, please click here (


Episode 154: Ohio is the New Florida | Esther Salas and Wayne Hays

Tina and Hillary cover US District Court Judge Esther Salas and former US House representative from Ohio, Wayne Hays. Tina’s Story Esther Salas was appointed to the United States District Court of New Jersey in 2011 and loved serving on the bench. BUT tragedy strikes when a plaintiff decides to be judge, jury, and executioner. Hillary’s Story By the book US House rep Wayne Hays was a powerful congressman who became known for his notoriously mean attitude. BUT when a spurned lover speaks out,...


Episode 153: That's Right, Daddy | Robert Livingston and Joel Greenberg

Hillary and Tina cover former US House Rep from Louisian Bob Livingston and former tax collector Joel Greenberg. Hillary’s Story As a US House Rep. Bob Livingston took an understated approach. BUT when he vies for the prominent Speaker of the House position, his undercover exploits come to light. Tina’s Story Joel Greenberg ran as a Trump-like figure who would stop corruption in Seminole County, FL. BUT when he misuses funds for a litany of illicit activities, he’s taxed with corruption and...


Episode 152: Bush Heavy | Pedro Espada, Jr. and the Terri Schiavo Case

Tina and Hillary cover former New York senator, Pedro Espada, Jr. and the Terri Schiavo Case. Tina’s Story Pedro Espada served in the NY Senate beginning in 1993. But when his high rolling lifestyle doesn’t match up to a civil servant’s pay, an investigation is launched. Hillary’s Story Terri Schiavo’s suffered a massive heart attack at just 27 years old. BUT the politics of the case led to a nationwide debate that ends up before SCOTUS. Sources Tina's Story Bronx Times After over 30 years,...


Episode 151: Rambo Jesus | Bobby Baker and the Occupation of Alcatraz

Hillary and Tina cover the 101st Senator Bobby Baker and the Occupation of Alcatraz Island. Hillary’s Story Political advisor Bobby Baker wheeled and dealed with DC powerhouses. BUT when he mingles with the mob, he risks his career. Tina’s Story Indigenous groups in America had their land brutally taken from them by colonizers. BUT in 1969, Native American activists fought to reclaim land. Sources Hillary's Story New York Times Bobby Baker, String-Puller Snared in Senate Scandal, Dies at 89...


Li'l Muck Episode 49: Maya Brown

Hillary and Tina interview Florida political strategist Maya Brown. Maya Brown has spent almost 10 years electing progressive democrats to offices and running issue-based campaigns up and down the ballot in Florida. Her political experience is matched by her fundraising and public spokesman skills. A known consensus-builder, she has collaborated with politicians, nonprofit leaders, and community advocates to help solve and effectively communicate some of our state’s most pressing issues and...


Episode 150: Happy Fun Time Party | Aldo Moro and Hitler Assassination Attempt

Tina and Hillary cover former Italian Prime Minister Aldo Moro and the assassination attempt of Adolf Hitler. Tina’s Story Aldo Moro was one of Italy’s longest serving Prime Ministers who enacted social and economic reforms. BUT when he is kidnapped, attempts to free him fail. Hillary’s Story In 1944, Adolf Hitler was at the height of his political power and instilled fear in his subordinates. BUT despite that, members of his inner circle plan to assassinate him for the greater good. Sources...


Li'l Muck Episode 48: Jayden D'Onofrio

Hillary and Tina interview teen activist Jayden D’Onofrio, Founder of the Teen Aspect and President of Voters of Tomorrow Florida. Jayden D’Onofrio has a lengthy political background and found it necessary to create the Teen Aspect organization to further the goals of youth education and awareness. Fighting for stronger influence in the political sphere for Generation Z, Jayden is the President of VOTFlorida, Deputy Strategy Director for Voters of Tomorrow, and formerly involved with Florida...


Episode 149: Hitman Sent by God | John G. Schmitz and Cooping

Hillary and Tina cover US House Representative John G. Schmitz and the election fraud cooping tactic. Hillary’s Story US House Representative out of California, John G. Schmitz ran and won on his far conservative moralism. BUT when a scandal erupts, his own morals are questioned. Tina’s Story In the 1800s, like today, most folks decide if they’re going to exercise their right to vote by showing up on election day. BUT some politicians resorted to violence and kidnapping to ensure high...


Episode 148: Last Gasp of Democracy | Lance Mason and America First

Tina and Hillary cover Ohio judge Lance Mason and the rise of America First. Tina’s Story Lance Mason served in the Ohio House and Senate before his appointment to the Cuyahoga County Court. BUT his violent actions move him from the bench to the defendant’s table. Hillary’s Story The America First Committee began as an isolationist group in early 20th century. BUT its anti-Semitic and racist attitudes are still being used by the GOP today. Tina's Sources Cleveland Cleveland judge accused of...


Li'l Muck Episode 47: Hillary Cassel

Hillary and Tina interview attorney Hillary Cassel, candidate for Florida House, District 101. Hillary Cassel is a proud Democrat, mental health care advocate, and co-founder of the law firm Cassel & Cassel, P.A. Beginning her legal career as an Assistant State Attorney at the Broward State Attorney’s Office, Hillary witnessed the devastating inequality of our justice system firsthand. For the last seven years, she has represented struggling families against large insurance companies in...


Episode 147: Lollipop on a Stick | Vincent Foster and Arthur Brun

Hillary and Tina cover White House Counsel Vincent Foster and Kauai County councilman Arthur Brun. Hillary’s Story Vincent Foster joined the White House Counsel to the Clinton administration in early 1993. BUT when the pressures of DC mounted, Foster made a devastating decision that republicans still weaponize today. Tina’s Story Arthur Brun won a seat on the Kauai County Council in Hawaii. BUT when he dealt drugs as a side hustle, Brun’s career went up in smoke. Hillary's Story All That's...


Episode 146: Aliens or Bust | Orville Enoch Hodge and the 1947 Flying Disc Craze

Tina and Hillary cover Auditor of Public Accounts Oliver Enoch Hodge and the 1947 flying disc craze. Tina’s Story Orville Hodge served as Illinois Auditor of Public Accounts after winning election in 1952. But when he lined his pockets instead of balancing the books, it cost him big time. Hillary’s Story When pilot Kenneth Arnold witnessed what he described as high speed flying discs. BUT little did he know that his sighting would spark a flying disc craze that still intrigues UFO...


Episode 145: Hamsterdam | Sheila Dixon and Anthony Seminerio

Hillary and Tina cover Baltimore Mayor Sheila Dixon and New York Assemblyman Anthony Seminerio. Hillary’s Story Sheila Dixon made history as the first female mayor of Baltimore. But resigns soon after amid bribery charges. Tina’s Story Anthony Seminerio had an illustrious 30 year career in New York politics. BUT that all came crashing down when he got charged with corruption. Sources Hillary's Story The Baltimore Sun Dixon convicted of embezzlement...