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The Bayou Strangler, Ronald J. Dominique - Episode 4, Season 1

This week's episode on is on the terrifying serial killer, Ronald Joseph Dominique. He confessed to killing 23 men in his 10-year crime spree. A special task force was formed to help bring him down after authorities realized they were dealing with a serial killer. He confessed to all the killings 3 hours after his arrest. DNA linked Dominique to many of his victims. He preyed upon men down on their luck in the drug, prostitution, and gay lifestyles. Some of his victims knew each other. If...


Serial Killer, Derrick Todd Lee Episode 3, Season 1

Serial Killer Derrick Todd Lee was linked by DNA to serval of his victims throughout 1992 through 2003. He was ultimately convicted of two of his victims' murders and sentenced to life in prison, plus death. He is thought to have been linked to a couple of the Jeff-Davis 8 murders, though no evidence confirms this. Be sure to like and follow us on our social media...


The Clinton Shooter - Season 1, Episode 2

The Clinton Shooter case of accused Ryan Sharpe and the 4 victims. These 4 victims were outstanding members of their community. They were gun down in their yards because of opportunity, not because the shooter had a score to settle with them. For a couple months the community surrounding these string of shootings were rattled as fear gripped everyone. The shooter came to admit his dealing in two phone calls and one interrogation. That person is Ryan Sharpe. He is currently awaiting trial...


The Jennings 8 - Season 1, Episode 1

The Jennings 8 are 8 unsolved murder cases out of Jennings Louisiana. These women are thought to be the victims of a serial killer or police corruption. More than a decade has gone by with no real answers to their deaths. The citizens blame the police. The police are keeping a tight lip around these cases. Will these 8 deaths ever be resolved? Be sure to like and follow us on our social media...