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This is our spin-off True Crime All The Time Unsolved podcast covering nothing but unsolved cases.

This is our spin-off True Crime All The Time Unsolved podcast covering nothing but unsolved cases.
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This is our spin-off True Crime All The Time Unsolved podcast covering nothing but unsolved cases.






Ep69 - The Keddie Murders

The Keddie murders refer to a quadruple murder that occurred in the small town of Keddie, which is located in Northern California. Three of the murders occurred late in evening of April 11, 1981 or early the next morning. The cabin was located in the Keddie resort. It would be discovered later that one of the family members had gone missing. Join Mike and Gibby as they discuss the details of this infamous unsolved California case. There is a lot of speculation in this case and most of it...


Introducing The Wonderland Murders

The Wonderland Murders takes you on journey back to the drug- and sex-fueled world of 1970s Los Angeles, building to a brutal multiple murder just off the Sunset Strip. You can hear the first two episodes right now by searching for The Wonderland Murders on Apple Podcasts, wherever you’re listening to this, or by visiting wondery.fm/wonderland


Ep68 - Robert Wone

On August 2nd, 2006, Robert Wone was staying with friends in their Washington, DC townhouse. Robert worked late that night and didn't want to drive back home just to have to get up again the next morning and drive back into the City. That night screams would be heard by both neighbors and those who lived at the townhouse. They would call 911 and say that their friend Robert had been stabbed to death. Join Mike and Gibby as they discuss the details of this mystifying case. Hear the 911...


Ep67 - Amy Mihaljevic

In October of 1989, 10 year old Amy Mihaljevic disappeared from a shopping plaza after school. It would come out that Amy had received a phone call from an unidentified man who said he worked with Amy's mother. The man wanted to take Amy shopping to pick out a gift to celebrate her mother's recent promotion. Amy's disappearance sparked a massive search effort that ended 104 days later when her body was found in a field. Join Mike and Gibby as they discuss the mysterious events surround...


Ep66 - The East Area Rapist

With the recent arrest of a suspect, this case has the world buzzing. No matter what name you call it, The East Area Rapist, The Original Nightstalker, or The Golden State Killer, this is one of the most brutal series of unsolved crimes. They have left devastation, heartache, and lives altered forever in their wake. But now, we may be close to removing that unsolved part from the equation. Join Mike and Gibby as they discuss the arrest of Joseph DeAngelo and a little big of background on...


Ep65 - The Wanda Beach Murders

We're headed to Australia for this week's episode. Marianne Schmidt and Christine Sharrock were best friends. On January 11th, 1965, the two 15 year old girls took Marianne's younger siblings to the beach. The tragic mystery begins there as they would become separated from the children. The next day, the bodies of both girls were found in the sand. Join Mike and Gibby as they discuss this unsolved murder mystery. Over 50 years later, this case still resonates in the hearts and minds of...


Ep64 - The Yuba County Five

On February 24th, 1978, 5 friends were coming from from a basketball in Chico, California. Somehow, they ended up off the beaten path way up on a high mountain road covered with snow. The police were called in by their parents when they didn't return home. 4 of the men would be found the next year, but one has never been found. Join Mike and Gibby as they discuss this ongoing mystery. What happened to the 5 men that night? There are differing accounts from various people that cast doubt....


Ep63 - The Lewis-Clark Valley Serial Killer

In the late 1970s and early 1980s, the area along the border of Washington state and Idaho experienced what most believe to be a serial killer. Christina White vanished from Asotin, Washington in 1979 on her way home from the county fair. In 1981, Kristin David disappeared from Moscow, Idaho. Incredibly, 3 individuals would disappear on the same night in 1982 in Lewiston, Idaho. Some of the bodies would be found but others would not. Many people believe they know who is behind the...


Introducing Felonious Florida

Leave behind the beaches, the theme parks and the tropical breezes. This is the dark side of the Sunshine State. Listen to Felonious Florida on Apple podcasts, wherever you’re listening to this or go to wondery.fm/florida


Ep62 - Rhonda Casto

In 2009, 23 year old Rhonda Casto went on a hike in Oregon with her boyfriend Stephen Nichols. The couple had a 9 month old baby that they left at home with Rhonda's mother. This was a hike that she didn't really want to go on but told family that Stephen had been wanting her to go for some time. Rhonda would plunge 150 feet to her death from one of the high narrow trails. In 2014, Stephen Nichols would be indicted for the murder of Rhonda Casto. Join Mike and Gibby as they discuss the...


Ep61 - The Connecticut River Valley Killer

The Connecticut River Valley Killer is a serial killer with a total of 7 known victims during the years of 1978 to 1987. You may also see this serial killer called the Valley killer, the New Hampshire serial killer, and the Kelleyville killer. The killer's preferred method was stabbing and he tended to dump his victims in locations that were known to him. Join Mike and Gibby as they discuss the specifics of this unknown serial killer's reign of terror. We dive into the details of the...


Ep60 - Judge Joseph Force Crater

By 1930, Joseph Force Crater was a judge in New York appointed by future president Franklin Delano Roosevelt. But on August 6th, Crater had dinner with his mistress and an attorney friend. That was the last time he was ever seen and it would start an investigation that would captivate the nation and span many years. Join Mike and Gibby as they discuss this unsolved case that has fascinated people for almost 90 years now. Crater had a penchant for showgirls, he had a mistress, and he was...


Ep59 - The Tylenol Murders

In September 1982, 7 people died near the Chicago IL area from taking extra strength Tylenol capsules tainted with cyanide. When the news broke it dominated the news cycle and caused mass hysteria across the country. People started tossing their Tylenol products in the trash. Investigators would soon determine that the capsules were tainted at the local level and then placed back on store shelves. Join Mike and Gibby as they discuss this case, which at the time, received the most news...


Ep58 - The Boy In The Box

In February of 1957, a box was found in a field outside of Philadelphia, PA that contained the body of an unknown child. This discovery started an investigation that extends to today to try to figure out who this boy was and how he died. Also known as "America's Unknown Child", this story has been profiled extensively on television and has kept investigators as well as amateur sleuths trying to solve it for more than 60 years. Join Mike and Gibby as they discuss the details of this case...


Ep57 - The Yogurt Shop Murders

On this episode, we are discussing the infamous Yogurt Shop Murders that occurred in Austin, Texas. On December 6th, 1991, four teenage girls were murdered inside of a yogurt shop which was then set on fire. As the investigation unfolded, police would be looking for someone who was pure evil. But tips kept coming in pointing in another direction which would lead the authorities to take a hard look at four teenage boys as the perpetrators of this horrific crime. Join Mike and Gibby as they...


Ep56 - The Icebox Murders

In 1965, elderly couple Fred and Edwina Rogers were killed in their home. The details of the double homicide were gruesome, as police would find body parts in the refrigerator. This fact would lead the case to become known as the "The Icebox Murders". The police wanted to question their son Charles but they were unable to find him. Join Mike and Gibby as they go through the details of this murder. The theories about the murder and those about the son Charles Rogers are far reaching....


Ep55 - Albert Dekker

Albert Dekker was an actor that had a prolific 40 year on both the stage and the screen. He played the leading man in many big Broadway plays and he was in some very famous movies. Dekker would be found dead at the age of 62 in his bathtub by his fiancee'. But it would be the state that Albert Dekker would be found in that would raise a lot of questions regarding his death. His fiancee' would uncover a side of Albert that she never would have imagined. Join Mike and Gibby as they discuss...


Ep54 - Michael Tardio and Christopher Monson

Michael Tardio was a 35 year old model who worked the door at one of the hottest clubs in Los Angeles. He was dating a playboy cover girl, named Sandy Bentley, who had just come off a relationship with a wealthy wall street hot shot. During that relationship, Sandy had been showered with millions in high-end jewelry. On Sept 1, 2002, Michael enlisted his good friend Christopher Monson to go with him to meet a buyer for that expensive jewelry. Both of their bodies would be found the next...


Ep53 - Bonnie Lee Bakely

Bonnie Lee Bakely grew up poor in a dysfunctional household. She told herself that one day she would be rich and famous. As she got older she tried to infuse herself into the inner circles of many different celebrities, first in Memphis, then in Los Angeles. It would be in Los Angeles where she would meet actor Robert Blake. They would eventually get married and have a child together. But one night after a meal at an Italian restaurant Bonnie was shot and killed. Robert Blake would...


Ep52 - Andrew Kissel

From the outside looking in, Andrew Kissel had it all. He had a great family and had plenty of money. But, it would come out that Andrew was making that money through fraudulent real estate transactions. And then on April 3rd, 2006, Kissel was found dead. Join Mike and Gibby as they discuss the life and death of Andrew Kissel. Was he murdered by one of the many people that he had bilked out of their life savings? Or was it someone much closer that was responsible? Two individuals would...


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