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Episode 40: Kim Proctor | World of Criminal Intent

Kim Proctor was an impressionable teen, like most. However, this is going to leave her vulnerable when exposed to two interdependent sexual sadist...that she sits next to in math class. paypal: Fabfitfun code: TCC to get $10 off your first fox code: TCCHoliday


Episode 39: The Brobergs | A Family Invasion

In the early 1970's a protective initiative was put in place to protect children from predators, it was called Stranger danger. This was constructed to make the public aware that there are people who only want to hurt your children and you need to be constantly aware of those around you. However, this did not work. At all. It actually caused mass panic, creating a climate of fear and suspicion. It also averted parents eyes away from those who are most likely to be hurting their children,...


Episode 38: The Hi-Fi Murders | The Other Side of Murder

In episode 38 we cover the horrific events that became known as the Hi-Fi Murders. We will discuss the torture five individuals had to endure at the hands of the sadistic captures as well as the strength some had to survive. This is a story of the other side of murder, the story of the victims, one, that in the 1970s and 80s was not often told. Thank you to the book Victim: The Other Side of Murder by Gary Kinder


Episode 37: Daniel LaPlante | The Stuff of Nightmares

In this episode we discuss a tale involving ghosts, obsession, vengeance, loss, love, jealously, and as always...murder. This case is too good to even give the smallest detail away.


Episode 36: Listener Stories II | Creepy Men and Torture Attics

Join us for your second annual listener and personal story episode!


Episode 35: Vampchick | Malice Afterthought

In the town of Piehl, Wisconsin three siblings ages 9, 8 and 2 slowly finally opened their bedroom doors. They had been locked in by a plastic zip tie that was wrapped around the final staircase wrung and then their door knob. The oldest of the three girls told the others it was safe to leave. They slowly walked around their house, and saw again the reason why they had been locked in their room. The blood was everywhere and the house was so quiet. They saw the body of their mother lying on...


Episode 34: The Final Boy | The Murders at Lake Bodom

There are some tropes that commonly exist in horror movies, blown out tires, no coverage, the abandoned house, death by sex, vengeful spirits. But there is one old faithful that will reign true until the end of time. Sinning teenagers being killed off each meeting a fate more brutal than the last...all except for one. We call her the final girl. But what if we told you there is a true story behind this one. Not an urban legend that really actually happened to that one girl’s cousin’s best...


Episode 33: Killer Cult | The Ant Hill Kids

If I were to ask you to tell me the craziest cult you’d ever heard of you would probably tell me the Manson Family, Aum Shinrikyo, Children of God, or maybe Heaven’s Gate. But there is always a cult that is kept out of the conversation surrounding the damaging effects and dangers that these deadly cults pose. That would be Ant Hill Kids. However, the members of this cult would not do harm unto others, harm would be done unto them at the hands of their charismatic leader....


Episode 32: The Dardeen Family Massacre

Deep in the heartlands of the United States just on the outskirts of the bible belt lies Jefferson County, Illinois and by 1987 the county was in crisis mode. For the passed two years, despite having a small rural population, there have been 15 murders- 3 of them remaining unsolved. The people of the county think they have seen and heard it all. Everyone is on high alert and not a soul can be seen on the streets after dark. But the cautiousness does not prevent more murders from taking...


Episode 31: Missing | Mariah Woods

Today we will be covering a case that broke the hearts of a North Carolina county in November of last year. A three year old beautiful girl was taken from her home despite the fact that her mother, her mother's boyfriend and her two older brothers were home. There were not signs of forced entry- just an empty pink bed and a frantic couple. So who took Mariah Woods? Sponsors: (promo code TCC)


Episode 30: The Massie Affair | A Dishonorable Killing

Unfortunately history repeats itself. I could say the words to you racism, violence, torture, and lynching and you wouldn’t know if you were going to hear a case from colonial times, pre-civil war or post. Or maybe it could be during the second revival of the klan post WWI. Or the civil rights movement of the 50s or 60s. But this case isn’t that. It is does involve the things I mention above but today we are going to talk about what became known as the Massie Affair. In 1931 the young...


Episode 29: Wineville Chicken Coop Murders | Part 2

The rampage of Gordon Stewart Northcott continues. However, sometimes boys don't need to read about heros, they become them.


Episode 29: Wineville Chicken Coop Murders | Part 1

This case involves a cruel and brutal family, isolation, psychopathy, kidnapping, torture, murder, duress. It is everything that nightmares are made of. It’s one of those stories that torments you, makes your stomach hurt and you never truly forget the first time you hear about it. But it’s also a story of bravery, justice, perseverance, and survival. Today we are going to talk about a man who is evil in every sense of the word and of a boy who is equally as brave. Both men coming from the...


Episode 28: Zapata Drive | Murder in Broad Daylight

In today's episode we go back to 2004 in a small TN town where a neighborly dispute ends in murder. What was it over? What happened? Could it have been avoided?


Episode 27: Megan's Legacy | The Monster Next Door

In today's episode we will tell the heart breaking story behind Megan's Law which require sex offenders to register their personal information and for communities to be notified when they move into their area. Listener discretion is advised.


Episode 26: The White House Farm | A Family Murdered Part II

Here is part II of our White House Farm murder case! In this episode we delve into the trial and theories that surround just what happened on the night of August 7, 1985 when five members of the Bamber family were brutally murdered.


Episode 26: The White House Farm | A Family Murdered Part I

A family is murders in the early morning hours of August 7th 1985\. A man was put away for this heinous crime, but could it have been him?


Episode 25: Hotel Hell | Room 1046

In today's episode we will cover a mystery in every sense of the term. A man dies in a hotel in 1935\. No one knows who he is, who killed him, or why he was acting so strangely. Sponsors:


Episode 24: Obsession and Murder | Dorothy Jane Scott

This story’s backdrop is the horrors of stalking and the dangers of obsessions. We will go over what our victim went through and the effect it had on her life. However, we will also talk about her stalker, how he tormented her before her death. And how that just wasn’t enough. This man, who is still unknown to this day, tormented the victims family for four years after their daughter was murdered. **** **Our sponsor:** ** enter prome code TCC30 for...


Episode 23: The Alabama Hit List | Stories of Survival

In today’s episode we are going to discuss the ruthless and heartless murders that plagued eastern Alabama in 2002\. We are also going to tell you about some of the strongest people in this country, those that survived acts of brutality, both Katrina Ryan and Butch Bowyer. A group of killers were working their way down a list of families that were to be targeted. But why these families? And how far down their list would these men get before they were stopped? If you would like to support us...