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Let's get into the strange and unusual.

Let's get into the strange and unusual.
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Let's get into the strange and unusual.






Episode 5 Intuition

Join us this week as we talk with our special guest, Serenity Artlip, about everything intuition. Is intuition definable? What is it? Can we measure it? How does it work? Did you know, micro-organisms in your gut can affect your intuition? All these topics are talked about on this weeks episode as well as some crazy example stories of intuition in the works. Please rate, review and subscribe! Email us about this weeks show or topics you would like us to cover at...


Episode 4 Subliminal Messaging

Everyone has an idea of what "subliminal messaging" is and after this episode you may find that idea to be wrong. This week, Jesse and Ashleigh talk about the what, how, who, and why in regards to subliminal messaging. Learn the difference between subliminal messaging and supraliminal messaging and about the experiments that caused nation wide panic. All this and more on this episode of Unusual Insight. Email the crew with comments on this weeks episode at unusualinsightpodcast@gmail.com


Episode 3 Cursed Movie Sets!

In this weeks episode, join Ashleigh and Jesse as they go over all the crazy/freaky things that have happened behind the cameras on some of your favorite classic horror movie sets. Rosemary's Baby, The Exorcist, Poltergeist, The Omen. They all have something in common. Tragedy followed the cast and crew that were involved in them! Coincidence or curse? Let us know at unusualinsightpodcast@gmail.com and make sure to follow us on Facebook! Remember, it's a strange strange world out there....


Episode 2 Nazi Experiments

In this weeks episode, Jesse and Ashleigh start off with some current events (which includes a full dairy-free ice cream review), then go on to discuss some of the main Nazi scientists in the holocaust who were conducting human experiments and what the worst experiments were. The episode ends with a conversation on current ethical concerns about using data from these horrific and gruesome acts. It's a strange, strange world out there and we want your insight on it! Email us with your...


Episode 1 Cults

On the first episode of unusual insight, Jesse and Ashleigh talk about cults. What exactly is a cult? What is the difference between a religion and a cult? How to people find themselves in one and why do they stay? Find out on this episode. Also some highlights on the most popular cults as well as a more in depth insight of the NXIVM cult.