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Ian and Taryn Podcast - Ep.46 - Brody Shemansky, fitness and more!

Brody Shemanksy is a fitness competitor, Myoblox athlete, Repping WestCA (West Coast Aesthetics) Gym in San Jose and C.E.O. of Hara Flow CBD. He and his girlfriend Sara "Drizzy" are quite the power couple too! Brody was Iowas "Golden Boy" when it came to gymnastics and was more ripped than most of you even back in College. He has a youtube channel @KeepTHEpumpAlive where he and Sara have some fun and informative videos. We talk about post training protein windows, grip hooks, feelings...


Ian and Taryn Podcast - Ep.45 - Michael Lenoci, Comedian

Michael Lenoci is a stand up comedian and is currently traveling the country with Chris D'lia and having fun doing it. Make sure to follow him on Instagram @MichaelLenoci he has some great posts! He has been on other podcasts if you want to hear about his life story so I chose to keep it fun. We talk about neighbors hating his dogs poop, what its like to play universities in this P.C. climate and having rich friends. Please like and subscribe and be sure to follow us and Michael on IG...


Ian and Taryn Podcast - Ep.44 - Ft. ChamplooSloppy

We have special guest Champloo Sloppy who is a rapper from North Carolina and is now living in Colorado, He has songs like Hit a lick, Peek, Mizu, Trap the Trap and more! He became a big deal when his song was reposted by lil Toe, Trapzilla then Riff Raff. Unfortunately I get word during the podcast that there was a shooter in the youtube HQ which was terrible to hear and we talk a bit about gun control due to that. We talk about losing loved ones, dealing with abuse and wether that makes...


Ian and Taryn Podcast - Ep.43 - Ft. Shomi of Messy Mondays Podcast @Shomi_ent

Taryn and I speak with Shomi of Messy Mondays Podcast (@Shomi_ent on Instagram) Unfortunately Marley her co-host couldnt make it, Shomi is a New Yorker that currently lives in Miami. Although she lost her voice we had a fun conversation about topics like reality tv, politics and places to live. This will likely be part one as we will have a follow up when Marley is back in action.


Ian and Taryn Podcast - Ep.42 - Ft. Michael Carr @bougieblackbro wine talk and more!

Today I have quite a fancy guest on Michael Carr @bougieblackbro on IG and Bougie Black Brother Network on youtube. If you were curious about wine or already know a little something something this will be a fun podcast for you, we both had fun doing this podcast and since he is a seasoned podcaster it really went smooth. I on the other hand forgot to turn on my mixer in the beginning but we only lost a minute or two. We talk about fun facts like a wine bottle containing 1/2lb of grapes per...


Ian and Taryn Podcast - Ep.41 - Comedian Vincent Blackshear

I get to talk with up and coming comedian Vincent Blackshear @vincentBlackshearComic about the comedy game and the struggles that come with it. Vincent is really putting in the work and I know we will be seeing him on the big stage one day. He was The Laugh a War winner in 2016 which helped get him some clout and he continues to stay hungry for more! He was actually a correctional officer and was buff as hell at one point. We talk about some of his influences like Burt Kreisher, Bill Burr,...


Ian and Taryn Podcast - Ep.40 - Ft. Based Lord Jorffy

Today we are joined by Based Lord Jorffy one of the hottest rappers on soundcloud right now with over 250k listens. We talk about new rap and old peoples rap, lil xans comments about 2pac and the trajectory of a poppin young artist. Jorffy is a drummer but started his career by making beats for animation and quickly found he could rap better than people he was having use his beats. Although he has yet to get a face tat he assures me he will check in when he gets one which will signify his...


Ian and Taryn Podcast - Ep.39 - Ft. Dave Hall of CBD Life Balance

Happy St. Patrick's Day everyone, today we talk about the benefits of CBD with CBD Life Balance Owner Dave Hall. We talk about levels of CBD, and discuss things like will you test positive for taking Dave's product? The answer is no, we get into a bit of Daves life and I find out he is also very much into fitness and owns a gym in Alabama called Agoge Fitness Systems. I talk with Dave about the potential struggles of distributing CBD in a place like Alabama but due to Lennys Law he is all...


Ian and Taryn Podcast - Ep.38 - Ft. Larry Fox aka "Poppy"

We have a very special guest for this podcast featuring my grandpa Larry Fox aka "Poppy" Yeah with a Y haha. We talk about Jeff Bezos being the most wealth man ever and likely it will stay that way for a while. We talk about smoking vs vaping and how both are bad, We have a usual A.D.D. podcast and get inot autonomous cars and are they safe? Later we talk about Trump and people resigning and some higher ups seem to be weathering the storm. We talk about the netflix series Flint Town,...


Make up tutorial and News - Ian and Taryn Podcast - Ep.37

In this episode Taryn does my make up and we attempt to try and also give the news while she is making me on fleek. I do believe we got out some news like possible lead in vape coils, las vegas offers weed amnesty boxes, the value of the offset migos chain. Later we talk about how Smuckers dog food could contain euthanasia drugs, nearly 500 people killed in Syria over the last week causing a truce and the carnival cruise brawl kicking off 23 passengers. We had a fun show hopefully you...


Ian and Taryn Podcast - Ep.36 - ft. Marc Rivera (Gun control, News and more)

In this episode we talk with Marc Rivera @thatVatoMarcRivera who is a comedian, pabst blue ribbon drinking, beard wearing, vaper who is having a hard time holding his gators down! If you have listened to previous episodes you can expect some fun news and some sketchy news, some humor and most of all a regular conversation. We talk about the florida shooting, plane crash in Iran, the dog walking app the olympics and more. Hope you all enjoy and be sure to follow us on Instagram...


Ian and Taryn Podcast - Ep.35 - News, Fun, Facts

In this episode Taryn and I talk about the hackers jackpotting atms and making them spit out money, We answer the question when was the first bowl of soup made, years or business fiscal years? Jeremy Piven sexual assault allegedly, we talk about pizza toppings in brazil that we might find weird. Later in the show we answer the question do fruit loops taste different individually, in some sad news we talk about the car bomb in Kabul killing 95. If you were curious we answer when tea bags...


Ian and Taryn Podcast - Ep.34 - Ft. Phil from Three Drunk Geeks Podcast, Craft beer, Hipsters, Cars

In this episode we talk with guest Phil from the Three Drunk Geeks Podcast (@3dgpod) on Instagram and get into topics like craft beer, starting a podcast, Canadian things, Kale, the art of selling a car, hipsters and non functional beards and weather sake is more digestible for asian drinkers. We later talk about medical marijuana in canada and cbd use. If you guys are into movies and/or craft beer check out their podcast! @3dgPod @ianANDtarynPodcast @ianFbaby @_tarynJones_


Ian and Taryn Podcast - Ep.33 - Hot topics, Logan Paul, Trump remarks and Kylie Jenner pregnant

n this episode we get a little less fun after the would you rathers and get semi serious, we talk hit topics like Logan Paul and his huge mistake posting a video of a deceased body at suicide forest. We talk is Kylie Jenner pregnant and what will the offers be like to get the first baby pictures? Lastly we get into the daily news that is what did Trump say today, and it wasnt today but it was very bad and was not fake news. What ever your political views may be his comments are not seeming...


Ian and Taryn Podcast - Would you rather ft. Grayson Culbreth

In this episode we play some fun would you rathers and get into some regular news like the Hawaii missile false alarm and the california mudslides (which is not a drink lol) We talk about Tom Seguras new netflix special, Jon jones and his most recent update. Later in the episode we talk about Paris Jackson picking up hitchhikers and them stealing her debit card, the whole H&M thing and a porn star being paid $130k to keep quiet about an alleged meeting with trump (Meeting in quotes) follow...


Ian and Taryn Podcast - Ep.31 - The cruise, Rose Bowl, New Years and more!

On this episode we get into the Rose Bowl game that was one of the craziest ever, with the first overtime ever not to mention a double overtime it was fun. We talk about our Christmas cruise to Jamaica, Mexico and Hati. We happened to be on jet ski's in Hati on Christmas day with the biggest smiles on our faces. We were joined by my cousins, aunt and uncle. Bob, Lorie, Lena and Jonny. I managed not to get sea sick which is a plus but I did get hangover sick in front of two bus loads of...


Ian and Taryn Podcast - Ep.30 - Straight arm challenge, News and more!

In this episode we feature the #straightarmChallenge and alot of things that Taryn cant recall. We talk about the horrific train derailment, Taylor swifts potentially new boobs, Kylie and Khloes pregnancy and the potential that Kylie is not pregnant, We talk about where Snooki and Pauly D are now and later we talk some womens equality and sexual misconduct problems in the workforce. Taryn explains she doesnt like podcasts and hates people just talking so this will be our last episode (just...


Ian and Taryn Podcast - Ep.29 - Almost xmas, CA fires and more!

I this almost christmas episode we talk about fixing a stove, how you should buy a google home mini, California roots wine, california being on fire again and Justin Beiber pledging to help. We talk some Christmas traditions around the world like the Caganer that is a statue that is defecating. We also talk about George Washingtons fake teeth made of lead, brass, horse bone, human bone and was spring operated. We get into some 50/50's like bottle of ranch or bottle of ketchup, Giant...


Ian and Taryn Podcast - Ep.28- Thanksgiving Giveaway

In this episode we talk about our favorite thanksgiving meals, like french fries or mashed potatoes.We talk a little bit about black friday, Christmas movies, celebrity news, news. New netflix shows, stranger things. There is an amazon gift card give away to the best comment and subscription on youtube. Don't forget to leave your instagram to claim your prize ! Thanks for listening! @ianANDtarynPodcast @ianFbaby @_tarynJones_


Ian and Taryn Podcast - Ep.27 - We back

We are back from a short vacation to bring yall some heat, follow us on Instagram and remember best youtube comment gets a $20 amazon gift card! @ianANDtarynPodcast @ianFbaby @_tarynjones_


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