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EP:33 Connecting With Spirit & Healing Through Sound Bath!

Kate interviews Kathy Murphy and Alex Taylor owners of the MauSOULeum in Bothell, WA, about the spiritual connections and healing powers of "singing bowls", the Sound Bath and sound therapies! Find out how this sound emersion is so impactful and enlightening. Hear the story of this Mother/Daughter team and find out about their journey, why they created their unique healing sanctuary and how sound has impacted their own lives. We will get insight into how sound is more than meets the ear and...


EP:32 Singing Lifts Our Spirits & Changes the Brain!

Alicia Dara, Classically trained singer & voice coach and Lori Hardman, singer, songwriter & lead vocalist with The Lori Hardman Band, to find out about the power singing has in lifting our spirits and giving voice to our very essense and true self. Singing is not only fun and healthy, but it actually changes the brain. We will find out about the qualities of the voice, why you should sing and what it's like to sing for your super or career. Tune in for an interesting & fun show.


EP:31 Fire Up Your Creativity!

Kate interviews Diana Ruiz, Author, Singer, Songwriter, Video & Film Artist & EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique & Pain Relief Coach and Halli Bourne, Creativity and Spirituality Coach to talk about how to ignite that creative spark within and bring out your special talents. Everyone is creative and has gifts and passions that need to be expressed. Self-expression is an important part of mental, emotional and physical wellness. We'll find out how you maintain your beliefs, confidence and...


EP:30 Bringing Your Vision To Life!

Kate interviews two inspiring and creative guests, Geraldine Banes, owner of Studio Beju in Duvall, WA, about how she was able to manifest and create her vision and the lovely and talented Anna Quinn, Author, teacher and owner of The Writers Workshoppe and Imprint Bookstore in Port Townsend, WA., about how she envisioned and created her book and the way she uses her voice as a writer. We'll find out how it feels to see your vision come to life and get some insight into the processes that...


EP:29 Imagine Living Your Passion!!

Kate interviews a fortunate Ron Foos, who feels blessed to have been lucky enough to spend his life living his passion. His interest in music began early. Ron said, "I would stay inside on my recess and listen to "Blueberry Hill by Fats Domino a million times. I still love that song!" At 17, he began what has turned into a fourty plus year career, doing exactly what he dreamed of doing and loves. It has been a rare and rewarding journey. We will find out from Ron what it took to live this...


EP:28 The Magic Healing Power of Creativity!

The ability to be creative is something we are all born with and we all have talents and gifts that we can draw on and get great pleasure. Creativity is not just something we can indulge in as an option, but it is a need for unique expression that is part of well-being. Learn how expressing your creativity and spending time on creative passions can heal your mind, body and spirit! Kate will interview Denise Marie Gaber, Singer, Songwriter, Spiritual Coach and survivor and Dr, Karyne...


EP:27 Creativity Brings Music to The Soul!

Kate interviews Emily Lewis, singer, songwriter, writer, Creativity and Organization Coach and all around creative spirit! Emily is part of Sweet Medicine, a wonderful duet that recently released their first album. She is currently in the process of releasing her first solo album and also recently did her first music video. Emily's passions are coaching others in their creativity and keeping people organized in their business and personal lives. Stay tuned for more info!


EP:26 Let your Outer Self Reflect Your Inner Beauty

Michelle interviews an expert in the self-care and beauty field, Molly Klipp, owner of Carefree Beauty, who helps people look and feel their best with her amazing talents. She uses her magic with permanent makeup and other techniques to bring out people's true inner beauty by helping them feel confident. Molly helps clients to shine from the inside out! Tune in for what will certainly be an inspiring show.


EP:25 Positive Ageing - A Fundamental for Vibrant Living

Kate interviews expert, Holley Kelley, Gerontologist, speaker, coach, founder of the Latter-Life Planning Institute and host of Ageing GreatFULLy! on Contact Talk Radio. Holley will give insight into how our attitude and the way we take care of ourselves can make a profound difference in how well we age; our longevity and vitality. Society seems to lean toward either denying or viewing getting older negatively, rather than the beautiful and inevitable accomplishment that it is


EP:21 Taking Care of You Inside and Out

Michelle will interview Angela Bern Castagnola a nationally renowned creative leader and business woman. She currently owns a popular skincare line, Castagnola Skincare, and coaches beauty & style integrated with wellness, in her Seattle-based business. Through her second business, Creators Quest, Angela creates workshops on Mindfulness, Creative Project Completion, and she coaches individuals in specially designed Life’s Passion Lab/Career Boost courses. Be sure to tune in for an...


EP:23 Sleep & Laughter: The Best Plan for A Healthy You

Kate interviews three guest experts and talks about the importance of sleep and laughter to living a healthy, vibrant life. There is an old Irish Proverb - "A good laugh and a long sleep are the two best cures for anything!" and science bears this out. It turns out that two of the best ways to take care of yourself are making sure you laugh a lot and get enough sleep. Did you know that not getting enough sleep can not only age you prematurely, make you less alert and less productive, but...


EP:22 Joyful Parenting to Grow Families that Work

Kate and Michelle interview two special guests to gain insight into parenting. What does it means to be a "functional family" and raise heathy children who are ready for loving relationships? Today it is commonly said that we all come from "dysfunctional families" and dysfunctional family patterns. Still it is our duty and aim to raise our children to be loving adults capable of healthy, lasting relationships. Maybe there is more we can do to show our children an example of loving...


EP:21 Self-Love Comes First

Kate and Michelle talk about why self-love is not only desireable, but an essential building block for healthy lasting relationships. They will interview a fascinating guest, Maria Salomao- Schmidt. Maria is an author, speaker and coach. Her book, FINALLY FULL OF YOURSELF: UNLOCKING YOUR SPIRITUAL DNA, was published on Amazon in June and is in the top 100 books on HAPPINESS! She is known for her humor, zaniness and getting to the core of things. She has the distinction of being one of...


EP:20 Where Has All the Romance Gone

In honor of Valentine's Day, Michelle pays tribute to the part that romance plays in relationships and love. She and her husband, Michael, will tell their story, and will add insight on love, communication, respect and conflict resolution! They will give some tips on how to keep the romance alive and have a healthy, loving relationship that grows over time! Stay tuned to learn how they keep the romance alive after 16 years of marriage


EP:19 Dating & Connecting in Today's World

Kate interviews an expert in the Dating and Relationship field, Lisa Amador, owner of Santa Barbara Matchmaking, to find out more about why people have so much difficulty meeting, connecting and forming healthy relationships that last. They will discuss ways that work for making better, healthier and more satisfying connections and possibly finding the love of your life.


EP:18 The Powerful Impact of Mindset on Your Future

Kate & Michelle talk about the importance of mindset on the life you will live tomorrow. Your mindset quite literally sets the stage for your future. What you think, you create! Kate and Michelle talk with a special guest and mindset expert, Kristi Turznik, author, speaker and mindset coach and find out how we can maintain the mindset we need to envision and create our best life. They will discuss how to make awesome automatic! Tune in for an inspiring show as they sum up an impactful...


EP:17 Never Quit, Never Give Up Hope

Kate and Michelle interview a special guest who picked themselves up and turned their life around after going through circumstances that left them defeated and suffering from PTSD. Jo Standing is a coach, author, speaker, spiritual warrior and a survivor. Even with this traumatic condition recovery is not only possible, but you can move forward to live the life you deserve.


EP:16 Turning Weaknesses into Strengths

Michelle interviews Bonner Paddock, the first man with cerebral palsy to climb Mount Kilimanjaro and complete the brutal Ironman Kona competition. He shares the exhilarating adventure that led to his achievements. Bonner is an expert on how to lift yourself up and turn your weaknesses into strengths to live the life you deserve!


EP:15 Overcoming the Obstacles On Your Journey

Kate talks with a special guest, Rosemary Workman, who is the author of Blindsided to Blessed: A Road map to Success When Life Hits the Fan! which takes you through a roller coaster event in her life that nearly destroyed her and her family, and how she overcame it by telling her story of surviving and thriving!


EP:14 The Right Mindset to Manifest Your Best Year in 2018

Kate & Michelle discuss how to start your year off on a positive note and make it your best year yet! Yes, we are talking about setting goals and possibly doing so with resolve (as in resolutions), only on a bigger and more imaginative scale. We are talking about mindset and how to have the mindset that will allow you to manifest the life you dream or wish for ( or better) and make it the life you live. Our guest, will be Chris Salem


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