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Episode 7: Rogue-life

SUBSCRIBE I know you were probably worried sick that your favorite podcast crew was over and out, but here we are, back at it! In this episode we discuss Enter the Gungeon for the Nintendo Switch, we play a round of HQ live on the podcast, and we talk indies. We hope you enjoy it, … Continue reading "Episode 7: Rogue-life"

Episode 6: Venn Diagrams

SUBSCRIBE On this week’s episode… We talk about the late great Tom Mofo and his quest to catch us looking at Playboy pics when we were kids. Brad tells us about his initial impressions with Zelda: Breath of the Wild and how much he hates breaking his favorite weapons. We also discuss the new DLC … Continue reading "Episode 6: Venn Diagrams"


Episode 5: Doom & Resident Evil 7

SUBSCRIBE On this week’s episode… Sumner, a longtime Android user, tells us why he switched to the iPhone X after never owning an iPhone ever before. We talk game budgets and why AAA developers seem to hate single player experiences. We discuss the Xbox One X and Chuck’s opinion on Doom and the parity between … Continue reading "Episode 5: Doom & Resident Evil 7"


Episode 4: The Ruiner

SUBSCRIBE On this weeks episode of Back Back B… We talk about the Golf/RPG Golf Story for Switch (for the last time, I promise!) We discuss if Nintendo finally got “freemium” games right with Animal Crossing, Pocket Camp for mobile. Brad makes Dajut realize that he completely RUINED Undertale for yanR. We hope you enjoy … Continue reading "Episode 4: The Ruiner"


Episode 3: Game Difficulty and Loot Boxes

Episode 3 is out! SUBSCRIBE On this week’s episode Brad gives his FINAL Mario Odyssey impressions. SPOILER : he didn’t hate it! Sumner tells us about Wolfenstein II and we talk classic shooters and difficulty in games. Dajut takes us on a trip to Stardew Valley on the Switch and previews Square Enix’s upcoming Project Octopath … Continue reading "Episode 3: Game Difficulty and Loot Boxes"


Episode 2: Super Mario Odyssey Part 2

Episode 2 is out now! SUBSCRIBE In this week’s episode Brad joins us and we discuss his first impressions on the Nintendo Switch as well as Super Mario Odyssey. The rest of us discuss the endgame of Mario and some of the highlights we experienced while playing and finishing the game. We also discuss Axiom … Continue reading "Episode 2: Super Mario Odyssey Part 2"


Episode 1: Super Mario Odyssey

Our first Back Back B podcast episode is up! SUBSCRIBE In our first ever Back Back B podcast we discuss our early impressions of Super Mario Odyssey! We also discuss Golf Story, Cuphead, Steamworld Dig 2, Horizon Zero Dawn, Witcher 3, and Friday the 13th. It was harder to get going than we imagined it would … Continue reading "Episode 1: Super Mario Odyssey"