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Constantly Calibrating is your source for Gaming & Geek news. While the focus is gaming, we may tackle any subject that passes by our whims or fancies. Join us live on our now bi-weekly show at

Constantly Calibrating is your source for Gaming & Geek news. While the focus is gaming, we may tackle any subject that passes by our whims or fancies. Join us live on our now bi-weekly show at
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Constantly Calibrating is your source for Gaming & Geek news. While the focus is gaming, we may tackle any subject that passes by our whims or fancies. Join us live on our now bi-weekly show at








Calibrating Bryden Keks II

After two years, Bryden Keks has returned to the Constantly Calibrating Podcast. Joining Josh this week, the topics range from working the holiday season in PR to desired game length as we get older. The topics are both broad and narrow on this over an hour-long podcast experience, so make sure you're paying attention. Also, Bryden Keks may be the only person able to ramble as well as Josh, which is not something that is said lightly around here.


Calibrating Exato Game Studios' Elo Hell with HologramDream

Time for another trip around the podcast land. This week Josh had the pleasure of chatting with Angelina (HologramDream) of Exato Games Studios about their upcoming narrative comedy game, Elo Hell. Elo Hell comes out of the world of esports & plans to let players experience a true coming of age story in this industry. Each episode is set for short, truly episodic experiences, where players will actually play, versus watching a series of cutscenes. With this week's guest the topics ranged...


Calibrating The Streamer Squad with Sam Neal

What is the future of personality-based streamer? What even is the present nature of the industry? These questions and more were the topics at hand when Josh talked to Sam Neal, the founder of The Streamer Squad. Starting out as a Mixer stream team, The Streamer Squad has grown across all platforms as a place for content creators to grow and learn together. Sam Neal is at the head of this community & offers his own insight into the path this industry is currently on. Join us this week...


Calibrating 'Take this' with Eve Crevoshay

Here we have the last of our PAX West 2018 interviews. For our final foray onto the PAX floor we have Josh's chat with Eve Crevoshay, Executive Director of 'Take this'. To learn more about what Take this does for event attendees or to learn what resources are available, check out this episode. If you're looking to see what bad lighting can do to Josh's already shiny head, you'll want to swing by the YouTube video.


Calibrating Jared Petty

At the start of October Josh & Justin embarked on the wonderful opportunity of visiting San Francisco. The reason for the trip: a chance to co-host Kinda Funny Games Daily with Greg Miller. During that trip another opportunity arose: our wonderful duo was invited into the home of Jared Petty to record an episode of the Constantly Calibrating Podcast! The chat with Jared was delightful, ranging from discussions on visiting San Francisco, co-hosting Kinda Funny Games Daily, and into chats...


Calibrating Escape the Fest w/ Chris Michelotti

Before the start of PAX West Josh has the opportunity to sit down with Chris Michelotti, creator of the upcoming tabletop game, Escape the Fest. Escape the Fest is a card-based game meant to simulate the music festival experience. The original plan for our interview was for Josh and Chris Michelotti to do a play session, but like all good Constantly Calibrating plans, things went awry. Join us for this exploration the upcoming tabletop game, and what goes into making a game such as this.


Calibrating Sean Baptiste

At PAX West 2018 Josh & Justin sat down with Sean Baptiste, Influencer Manager for Bethesda. The conversation took many different turns, but was one that you definitely do not want to miss. Simply put, if you are a content creator, streamer, or broadcaster online, there is one person you should know: Sean Baptiste. Sean has been a part of the game industry for many years, coming up through Harmonix, Adult Swim Games, and now Bethesda. What Sean does better than most is engage with people...


Calibrating PAX West 2018 with Raidhyn

PAX West 2018 came to a close at the beginning of this month. Right after the closing of the event, Josh & Justin sat down with Dan Nichols (Raidhyn) of Adult Swim Games to talk about the games played & experiences lived at PAX West 2018. From enjoyable and odd games -- looking at you Quiet Man -- to the debut of the GLORIOUS ONE, Justin Glorious, there was much to discuss! So sit back and listen to the tales from one of Constantly Calibrating's favorite events of 2018!


Calibrating Live Podcasts with LoZelda

Back at Dreamhack Austin Josh, Blake, Chris, & Jenn (LoZelda) took to the stage to talk about the process of running a live podcast. This of course was a live podcast, on doing a live podcast, done live. That may have been one to many uses of the word live, but we wanted to clarify the meta nature of things. The panel itself was an exercise on just how much of a cluster running a podcast can be, and then how insane adding an audience can make it.


Calibrating PrettyRob

Back in the days of yore (June 2018) our team of intrepid podcasters talked to a man of mystery; the retired Dab-Master General™️. That's right, we had Arizona streamer PrettyRob on the show to talk about his experiences with both Twitch and Mixer, and his journey into the wide world of broadcasting. While some things have changed in the months since he was on the show, one thing hasn't. He's still streaming, he's still Rob, and he is certainly still very pretty. Learn the tale of...


Calibrating Josiah Renaudin

Once upon a time Josh happened across a podcast that helped refocus his thoughts on podcasting. That show, The 1099 Podcast, featured friend of Constantly Calibrating Vanessa Marie of Gaming Access Weekly talking to Josiah Renaudin. At that moment Josh realized he needed to have both Vanessa and Josiah on podcasts at some point. Vanessa made her guest debut earlier this year, and finally as the summer closes out we were able to chat with Josiah Renaudin. Josiah is an Associate Producer...


Calibrating RTX 2018 (Featuring Raidhyn, SnowBikeMike, & LoZelda)

Here we have the final piece of our RTX Austin 2018 coverage. Finally, for the first time ever, Constantly Calibrating gathered around a table for an in-person recorded a podcast. It was rushed, there were tech issues, but it was glorious! Come join us and our special guests Dan Nichols (Raidhyn), SnowBikeMike, & Jenn VanGemert (LoZelda) as we talk about our experiences at RTX Austin 2018. Topics ranged from getting the show together, to sights seen, to the greatest explanation of an...


Calibrating Troy Baker

At RTX 2018 an opportunity was presented to us: Ten minutes with Troy Baker, voice actor, non-generic sock enthusiast, and wonderful person. Originally Josh had the idea to simply repeat "Troy Baker" with different inflections for ten straight minutes. Blake countered with the idea of conducting an actual interview. They reached a compromise, and that compromise is what we present to you here.


Calibrating What's Good Games

Our final interview of RTX Austin 2018 involved a chat with Andrea Rene, Brittney Brombacher, & Kristine Steimer of What's Good Games. From a look at the first year of What's Good Games to a look at what the future may hold for them, there is a lot to listen to in this interview. You may also hear Andrea Rene break Blake on a fundamental level, and who wouldn't have paid money to hear or see that? All of that, plus the sound of Josh's unsilenced cell phone on this final RTX Austin 2018...


Calibrating Ray Narvaez Jr VII

Another RTX Austin; another chat with one of our favorite people: Ray Narvaez Jr. Every year Josh tries to find an interesting topic to discuss with Ray. 2015 was all about his leaving Achievement Hunter. 2016 was about how the first year on his own worked out. 2017 was about Twitch Partners being angry at Affiliates, and finances as a streamer. 2018 is the year the discussion shifted to Twitch versus Mixer, and how everyone should just get along. Join us for a chat, some insight,...


Calibrating Kinda Funny

For years Justin and Greg Miller have had their annual chat at RTX Austin, but no more! Now Josh has joined in on the fray, with Greg Miller bringing in Tim Gettys and Andy Cortex to even out this battle of wits! Well, that and it made for a fun planned chat at RTX Austin 2018. From a year in review, to Kinda Funny Prom, to the future, and Andy's favorite Gundam, the combined team covered much during their extended chat. Also, technically Constantly Calibrating has now had three members of...


Calibrating Drawfee

Mixing improv comedy and art, Drawfee explores different aspects of people humor and psyche. There's also crazy, funny art and shenanigans. At RTX Austin 2018, Josh had the opportunity to chat with Julia Lepetit, Jacobs Andrews, and Nathan Yaffe about the birth & future of Drawfee. There was also an exploration of Josh's inability to properly say certain words.


Calibrating Dealing With PR as a Content Creator - Live from Dreamhack Austin 2018

Live from Dreamhack Austin 2018, it's a Constantly Calibrating Podcast. On this edition of the podcast, Josh, Blake, and Chris are joined by special guest Vanessa Marie. The topic: how to deal with PR as a Content Creator. When joining the game's media, whether as press, a streamer, YouTuber, or something else, we all reach the point where we need to start interacting with Public Relations people. The question is, how do you best interact with them? How do you make a situation that is...


Calibrating Kyle Gaddo

On the Internet there are many types of people: the Positive, the Negative, the Trolls, the Helpers, and more. Then, there's the Kyle Gaddo. The Kyle Gaddo is an awesomeness level above the rest, and cute to boot! At E3 Josh had the chance to meet Kyle Gaddo and work with him on a photoshoot, and that led to a friendship and then a podcast appearance. On this week's episode Josh & Blake talked to Kyle about being a positive influence on the Internet, toxic masculinity, being cute, and more!...


Calibrating Brandon Stennis

For one of our return podcasts we talked to Brandon Stennis (iamBrandonTV), a guest Josh has wanted on the show for a long time. During this episode Josh & Blake talked to Brandon about being fashionable as a gamer, maintaining positivity online, and the ins and outs of building a streaming career and beyond. From lively chats to exploring this shifting industry, this conversation delved into many important and amazing topics.