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Constantly Calibrating is your source for Gaming & Geek news. While the focus is gaming, we may tackle any subject that passes by our whims or fancies. Join us live on our now bi-weekly show at

Constantly Calibrating is your source for Gaming & Geek news. While the focus is gaming, we may tackle any subject that passes by our whims or fancies. Join us live on our now bi-weekly show at
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Constantly Calibrating is your source for Gaming & Geek news. While the focus is gaming, we may tackle any subject that passes by our whims or fancies. Join us live on our now bi-weekly show at








Calibrating PAX West 2019 ft. Chloe Naylor, Ben Bellevue, & Kate Sanchez

Wrapping up our PAX West 2019 coverage this week, Josh and Justin chatted with a bevy of new guests on the Constantly Calibrating Podcast! Our duo chatted with Kinda Funny Up and Comer Chloe Naylor (EchoChlo), screenwriter Ben Bellevue, and Editor in Chief of But Why Tho? Kate Sanchez! The topics this week focused all around our experiences at PAX West, and featured an all-time record of technical issues for Constantly Calibrating. Seriously, we probably should've spent time editing in a...


Calibrating D23, Marvel News, & Star Wars Theories with TwoHeadedGiant

Look, we're not even at episode 300 yet, and we're only on episode like 5 or 6 of our return from hiatus, but this may be the best show Constantly Calibrating has ever done. Top 20 at least. We were joined this week by Nathan Brandt (aka TwoHeadedGiant) to talk about his brand new podcast, The New Entertainment System Podcast ( and to talk D23 news. What we ended up doing is introducing a new segment devoted to wholesome content, explore World of Warcraft Classic,...


Calibrating Outgrown Content with Mr. Bad Bit Games

This week we had Mr. Bad Bit Games on the show for one of the wildest rides of a podcast we've ever had. From talks of content we've outgrown, to over-sized webcam shenanigans, to every other direction a podcast could possibly go. This show went places and we'd love if you could join us on this journey! Watch the show recorded live every Tuesday at 5:30PM PT / 8:30PM ET on Listen & Subscribe Here: iTunes:...


Calibrating Ninja on Mixer, the ESA, & More with Hunter Bond

It's a busy week for news, which means it's a good thing we brought our old friend Hunter Bond on the show for his debut appearance. Hunter is here to chat about Ninja making a move from Twitch to Mixer and the implication that has for the streaming world as a whole. He's also here to talk about the ESA and their colossal mistake in leaking thousands of journalist's information. Oh, and he also helped us come up with a way more interesting to watch: combine it with the drama of...


Calibrating Exato Games Studios' Elo Hell with HologramDream II

For this week's episode we have the returning HologramDream from Exato Games Studios to talk their newly released game, ELO Hell! Watch the show recorded live every Tuesday at 5:30PM PT / 8:30PM ET on Listen & Subscribe Here: iTunes: Spotify: Google Play Store: Stitcher Radio:...


Calibrating Us: Justin Stanley

For our first episode back we thought we'd ease you in with a chat between two best friends. Two best friends who also happen to be the faces of Constantly Calibrating, and former Kinda Funny Games Daily Co-Hosts. Come watch and listen as Josh and Justin take a journey through Justin's gaming history, their personal history, and finally get to the bottom of where BearPunch began and who stole it from whom! Watch the show recorded live every Tuesday at 5:30PM PT / 8:30PM ET on...


Calibrating Micro-Influencers Live from PAX East

Back at the end of March Josh was invited to record a podcast live from Versus Evil's booth at PAX East. Joined by Derek Van Dyke of SDGC, Christine Marten, & Dan Nichols of Adult Swim Josh explored the importance of micro-influencers and small content creators in the current entertainment industry. Our thanks to Versus Evil for giving us a spot on their show, and to our wonderful guests. Watch the show recorded live every Tuesday (premiering July 23rd) at 5PM PT / 8PM ET on...


Calibrating Dylan Ilvento

Rounding out the last of our end of the year 2018 Constantly Calibrating Podcasts, we have a chat with Dylan Ilvento. Josh talked to Dylan about his work on Ward Games, getting guests for a podcast, and the running of RVA Game Jams. The conversation explored game development and the game industry as a whole, and features another chat about favorite gaming experiences of 2018. If you're at PAX South this weekend, make sure to check out Dylan Ilvento's PAX Hidden Gems panel. Watch the show...


Calibrating John Donadio

Joining the show for the first time (after a couple of streaming appearances) we have John Donadio, Chief Operating Officer & Writer for Gaming Access Weekly. From John's gaming journalism career, to helping to build Gaming Access Weekly, to proper beard care, this episode goes places. Where else those places may be is up to you to figure out.


Calibrating John Phipps

Let's ring in the new year of 2019 with a brand new Constantly Calibrating Podcast recorded at the end of 2018. (Buckle up tight, there are a few of these 2018 stragglers left over.) On this episode Josh chats with John Phipps, Founder of Super Deformed Gamescast, Kinda Funny Games Daily Guest Co-Host, and Master of the Twitter Dunk. In his first Constantly Calibrating Podcast appearance, John Phipps talks to Josh about the state of the games industry, being politically cognizant on Twitter,...


Calibrating 2018 End of the Year Awards Semi-Spectacular ft Bytes N' Brews

The time has come at last! As the 42nd month of 2018 draws to a close, join our crew as we bring you our 7th Annual End of the Year Awards Semi-Spectacular! This year Josh is joined by our Social Media Coordinator, Jordan "Cutwright" Woodruff. Alongside him are our special guests, Tony Pisano and Rob Zoeller of Bytes N' Brews. This is one festive two and a half hour experience you do not want to miss. Seriously, you do not want to miss this one. Our awards range across "Film of the Year",...


Calibrating Cissy Jones

After over a year of planning and attempts, Josh finally got to talk to Cissy Jones on the Constantly Calibrating Podcast. Cissy Jones (Fury in Darksiders III, Delilah in Firewatch, & much more) talked to Josh about her journey into voice acting. There's some tips & tricks for aspiring voice actors, as well as a look at the process of being a woman in the voice acting world. Cissy and Josh go through a surprising amount of topics in this shorter show, and you should not miss it!


Calibrating FCFL with Patrick Dees

Time for double-up Constantly Calibrating Podcast day, as there are two brand new episodes releasing today. (Never you mind the lack of an episode last week.) This week on the podcast Josh & Blake welcomed their old friend Patrick Dees onto the show. Patrick, the Co-Founder and Chief Gaming Officer of the Fan Controlled Football League (FCFL) was here to take our hosts, and you, through the history and future of the FCFL. Speaking personally, we're incredibly excited to see what this new...


Calibrating Bryden Keks II

After two years, Bryden Keks has returned to the Constantly Calibrating Podcast. Joining Josh this week, the topics range from working the holiday season in PR to desired game length as we get older. The topics are both broad and narrow on this over an hour-long podcast experience, so make sure you're paying attention. Also, Bryden Keks may be the only person able to ramble as well as Josh, which is not something that is said lightly around here.


Calibrating Exato Game Studios' Elo Hell with HologramDream

Time for another trip around the podcast land. This week Josh had the pleasure of chatting with Angelina (HologramDream) of Exato Games Studios about their upcoming narrative comedy game, Elo Hell. Elo Hell comes out of the world of esports & plans to let players experience a true coming of age story in this industry. Each episode is set for short, truly episodic experiences, where players will actually play, versus watching a series of cutscenes. With this week's guest the topics ranged...


Calibrating The Streamer Squad with Sam Neal

What is the future of personality-based streamer? What even is the present nature of the industry? These questions and more were the topics at hand when Josh talked to Sam Neal, the founder of The Streamer Squad. Starting out as a Mixer stream team, The Streamer Squad has grown across all platforms as a place for content creators to grow and learn together. Sam Neal is at the head of this community & offers his own insight into the path this industry is currently on. Join us this week for...


Calibrating 'Take this' with Eve Crevoshay

Here we have the last of our PAX West 2018 interviews. For our final foray onto the PAX floor we have Josh's chat with Eve Crevoshay, Executive Director of 'Take this'. To learn more about what Take this does for event attendees or to learn what resources are available, check out this episode. If you're looking to see what bad lighting can do to Josh's already shiny head, you'll want to swing by the YouTube video.


Calibrating Jared Petty

At the start of October Josh & Justin embarked on the wonderful opportunity of visiting San Francisco. The reason for the trip: a chance to co-host Kinda Funny Games Daily with Greg Miller. During that trip another opportunity arose: our wonderful duo was invited into the home of Jared Petty to record an episode of the Constantly Calibrating Podcast! The chat with Jared was delightful, ranging from discussions on visiting San Francisco, co-hosting Kinda Funny Games Daily, and into chats...


Calibrating Escape the Fest w/ Chris Michelotti

Before the start of PAX West Josh has the opportunity to sit down with Chris Michelotti, creator of the upcoming tabletop game, Escape the Fest. Escape the Fest is a card-based game meant to simulate the music festival experience. The original plan for our interview was for Josh and Chris Michelotti to do a play session, but like all good Constantly Calibrating plans, things went awry. Join us for this exploration the upcoming tabletop game, and what goes into making a game such as this.


Calibrating Sean Baptiste

At PAX West 2018 Josh & Justin sat down with Sean Baptiste, Influencer Manager for Bethesda. The conversation took many different turns, but was one that you definitely do not want to miss. Simply put, if you are a content creator, streamer, or broadcaster online, there is one person you should know: Sean Baptiste. Sean has been a part of the game industry for many years, coming up through Harmonix, Adult Swim Games, and now Bethesda. What Sean does better than most is engage with people...