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DFE Radio - Urban geekiness at it's best






Geekqualize Episode 180: Who You Watch Would Watch

In this episode we discuss… How fictional characters would fit in our current world and how they would interact with real world events and personalities. If fictional characters consumed the media we do, what would they like? Who would some of their favorite characters be? As always, Like, Share and Subscribe!


Geekqualize Episode 179: Bring That Old Game Back

In this episode that we present, we will discuss the following… What games are classics, but we’re really not that good? What game franchise became good that didn’t really start off good? What games are classics that should have gotten a proper sequel or reboot but didn’t? As always, Like, Share and Subscribe!


Geekqualize Episode 178: Let’s Get Down To Business

In this episode, we discuss the following… What fictional company would you run? What would you do with their assets/creations? What fandoms were popular growing up that have either exploded into mainstream or lost their luster and few still follow? As always, Like, Share and Subscribe!


Geekqualize Episode 177: Geek Confessions

In this episode, we answer a few questions we’ve asked ourselves… Those questions being… What fandom can you just NOT get into, and why? What fandom do you still plan to get into? What fandom do you think you might be a bit late for? What older fandom do you think they should reboot? As always, Like, Share and Subscribe!


Geekqualize Episode 176: How’d You Get To Be So Bad?

In this episode, we start off talking about villains and antagonists that we would like to see more backstory on. From there, we somehow get to talking about Dragon Ball stuff. I’m not sure how that happens. If you’re not a DB fan, forgive us. Either way, we hope you enjoy! Please Like, Share and Subscribe!


Geekqualize Episode 175: Substitute Ether

In this episode, we discuss movies and tv shows that we wouldn’t mind seeing as comic books. We also dip a bit into transhumanism and discuss what minds would be like if they could get transferred into new bodies. Check it out. Like, Share and Subscribe!


Geekqualize Episode 174: Looking Back As We Look Forward

This is our first podcast of the year and we do a look back at some of the things we enjoyed from 2017 and also talk about some of what we’re looking for for 2018. We’re gearing up for the next con and we have some more content on youtube. Check it out. Make a new year’s resolution to like, subscribe and share!


Geekqualize Episode 173: Wrestling with Universes

On our final podcast of 2017, we discuss… Why is wrestling the only thing in Geek fandom seemingly under its own genre? Which timeline would be the coolest to live in? Which would be the worst? Like, subscribe and share!


The Playlist #36 (Part 2): The Ghost of Wackness Past

We have no business calling out wack artists from the current day if we can’t say something about the awful ones from the past. This part of the podcast is dedicated to talking about how as much as listeners our age complain about current rap, there was a lot to complain about when we were coming up to. Check it out.


The Playlist #36 (Part 1): Underrated & Overrated

We resurrect The Playlist and bring back friend of the show Ken to discuss underrated and overrated music artists. This is part one of the podcast. We had gone so long without doing one of these that we had to do a whole extra hour the same day. Hope you enjoy!


Geekqualize Episode 172: We Really Want Your Upvotes

So we don’t get ‘corrected’, check out our topics for this episode… What characters from the same universe do you think would make a great sitcom together? What fictional ruler would have the greatest impact on our current geopolitical situation? How would society function if everything we did was voted on? (Inspired by Orville’s ‘Majority Rule’ episode and Black Mirror’s ‘Nosedive’ episode) As always, Like, subscribe and share!


Geekqualize Episode 171: Let’s Mix It Up At The Arcade

The topic for this episode are… What video games did you spend the most time playing at the arcade? If you could get a technological or genetic alteration/augmentation done to your body, would you and what would you get done? If you had to have your dna spliced with an animal, what animal would you choose? Like, subscribe and share!


Geekqualize Episode 168: There’s Always More to Discover

In this episode, we discuss what fictional character we wouldn’t mind having as a roommate, and what fictional characters would be good roommates together. We follow that up with our thoughts about Star Trek and it’s latest serial incarnation, Discovery. Like, subscribe and share!


Geekqualize Episode 164: An Invasion… How Would You Prepare?

How would you invade a planet? (With particular parameters) What is one fictional artifact or place that if we had real legends in our world about it (tied to real places and clues) that people would either swear exists or spend their lives searching for? If you had the power to shapeshift, how would you use it? Like, subscribe and share!


Geekqualize Episode 163: Heroes, Villains, Family… Who’s On Your Team?

In today’s episode, we’ll be discussing… What hero/villain team would be interesting or powerful? What about parent/child teams? Sibling teams? What villains deserve a spin-off, origin or original series? Like, subscribe and share!


Geekqualize Episode 160: Collateral Damage…

The topics for this episode are… If you had a Deathnote, would you use it? If you did use it, and found out it was affecting innocent people of the same name, would you continue to use it? You can alter one small event in a fictional timeline what would you affect? What tv shows would be good as a video game (that don’t have a game already)? If you were immortal like (like Vandal Savage), what would you do with your time? Would you wish you could end your life eventually? Like,...


Geekqualize Episode 159: Choose Your Character…

In this episode, we’re talking about… SDCC happened and trailers were released. Opinons, reactions and what we are excited for… If we were in an RPG, what sort of character class would you be and what skills would be your focus? If microchipping people became mandatory, how would things change it and do you think people would volunteer? What are some superpowers that would be useless, especially when given limitations? Like, subscribe and share!


Geekqualize Episode 158: If You Really Wanna Party With Me…

In episode 156, we start off with our reactions and thoughts on Spider-Man: Homecoming… If you haven’t seen it, and don’t want spoilers, skip to about 27 minutes in… We follow with talking about a couple trailers and then move on to a recap of Indy Pop Con. Also, if you were to compose a D&D/Dungeon Crawler team from various teams of fictional characters, who would compose it? Lastly, if you start your own spy agency. Who are your top 5 operatives. Who are your leads? Who is your...


Geekqualize Episode 157: Recorded Live! At Indy Pop Con 2017

Listen in as we talk about some of our favorites fandoms and ask the audience about some of theirs! After the podcast, there’s an impromptu interview with the team from the upcoming animated feature ‘Bunny Bravo’. Check it out! (A little disclaimer, there are a few ‘gaps’ in audio in the live podcast as the audience members didn’t come up to the mic to respond/ask questions, and the interview is a little rough as it was done out on the convention floor unexpectedly. Sorry about that!)


Geekqualize Episode 155: To Survive, You Must Adapt…

Here on Episode #155, we discuss the following… Hollywood has done remakes and adaptations for some time, so it seems live-action anime is the new thing. Opinions? If you were to make a movie, what genre would you make? If the world worked like a traditional RPG, how would you try to live life? What fictional creature would completely wreck our eco system? What creature would help it? Given your current knowledge and skill set, what video game worlds could you survive/thrive in?...


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