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Episode 45 - Is Atlas Worth Sailing?

Join the GS2 Crew as we talk about the new early access game Atlas. Is it worth it? Wouldn't you like to know? We lay it out for you, while also warning everyone to beware of the chickens. Stay tuned to the show for the news that you may have missed over the holiday break.


Episode 44 - Gaming, The Year in Review

Dame and Steven, along with some puppet friends, talk about their picks for Game of the Year, as well as the major letdowns, disasters, and surprises 2018 had to offer. Join them for the last show of GS2 in 2018!


Episode 43 - The Game Awards and News of the Week

Join Dame, Steven and Bowman as they talk about what happened at the Game Awards, including exciting reveals, and the heated debate over the best titles the industry had to offer in 2018. Stay tuned for the news of the week at the end.


Episode 42 - The Fallout of Fallout 76, is the Player or Company to Blame?

With the contentious release of Fallout 76, Bethesda has left a lot of players mad and scratching their heads as to what exactly happened there. Steven and Dame chat about Bethesda and Fallout 76. All the goods and most certainly the bads. The Gaming News of the week is broached at the end of the episode.


Episode 41 - Don't Call it a Comeback Server

Classic Servers of popular MMOs have started to pop up more frequently, Join Dame, Steven and Bowman as they talk about the rise of classic servers and what that means for some of the older MMO's on the market. Stay a while as they then talk about the news of the week.


Episode 40 - Blizzcon, Beta and beyond

Join Dame, Bowman and Steven as they talk about Blizzcon, Fallout Beta and stay around as they talk about the turmoil of the contentions Diablo Mobile reveal.


Episode 39 - Fallout 76 Pre-Release Questions Answered

Join Dame, Robin, Bowman and Steven as we talk about the Fallout 76 and the News


Episode 38 - The Fortnite Effect and Gaming

Join Dame, Chris, Bowman and Steven as we talk about the Fortnite Effect, what it means, and if it's really Fortnite that is responsible for it. We also have the news of the week. It is good news.. news that you will like. Please like the news.


Episode 37 - Turmoil Week, Gaming Takes a Few Hits

Join Steven, Flops and Dame as they talk about all the turmoil that happened in gaming this week. Stay awhile for some news about the New World, a game from amazon that finally released a "gameplay" video.


Episode 36 - News of the Week with Waffles and Wolfs

Join Steven, Ralph and Robert as they talk about what's going on this week in Game news, as well as some general frivolity which is always expected when the Waffle Flopper joins the show.


Episode 35 - All the Hype that Money Can Buy

Join Dame, Steven and Ralph as they talk about Spider Man, Destiny 2, and THQs big purchase. Stay for some other important newsworthy tidbits. Stick around for the end where they chat about what you can expect in gaming for the upcoming week.


Episode 34 - The Not Pax Show

Join Steven and Dame as they talk about their disappointment with the Friday PAX announcements, and then flub through some news and detours along the way. While the conversation may meander, the fun is real.


Episode 33 - Gamescom News with our Gamescom Crews

Join Steven, Ed and Gaz as they go through their picks of what was worth the watch at Gamescom 2018, then stay a while and listen, as there's a quick overview of other non-gamescom related news of the week, and oh, yeah, that pesky RTX 2080 from Nvidia is rearing its head, listen in and see what good it may actually do for you.


Episode 32 - Pantheon Special Edition with Brad McQuaid and Chris Perkins

Join Steven, Ralph and Bowman as they chat with Visionary Realms developers Brad McQuaid and Chris Perkins in this Extra Special and Extra LONG double Episode of GS2. There's SO much information about Pantheon that the new will just have to wait until next week.


Episode 31 - Elsword Developer Chat with Danny and Jae

Join Steven, Dame and Ralph as they chat about the news and stay tuned for the Interview with KOG Games' Danny and Jae as they talk about what's going on in elsword. In a reverse episode, Steven and Dame talk the news first, then join in for a prerecorded interview with the KOG Team as they talk about Elsword, the big changes they've made in the past 7 years, and what players have to look forward to in the future.


Episode 30 - Games are Spying on You

In this short episode we talk about the news of the week and hit an interesting news story about Red Shell, a program that spies on you while you game. Stay for the short show and listen to what else went on in gaming this week.


Episode 29: Developer Chat With Next Up Hero Director Joe Tringali

Join Steven and Ed with special guest Joe Tringali as they talk about the new rising start Next Up Hero, what it's all about, and what people can look forward to from the development studio Digital Continue. Steven plays a bit while they talk, and be sure to stay til the end where we talk about some interesting news for the week and where you can find the latest information and get involved in the development of Next Up Hero


Episode 28 - Mobile Games: Not Just for the Bathroom Anymore

Steven and Ralph wax unphilosophical about Mobile games, how far they've come, where they're going, and what they're playing. Stay until the end of the show to hear about a Giveaway and the news of the week, which includes a big charity event at Guardiancon and a follow up to the GW2 developer firing fiasco.


Episode 27 - Guild Wars 2 Controversy and the Social Media Execution.

Steven is on a solo mission as he runs through what happened this week with two Guild Wars 2 Developers, and talks of the social media posts that led to their firing. Stay awhile and listen for a few interesting news points at the end.


Episode 26 - Gaming News and Co-Op Alien Action

Join Steven, Chris, Dame and Bowman as we talk this weeks news while playing an unfamiliar Alien Action Shooter. They talk about all matter of things from what's going on with the PUBG/Fortnite lawsuit, to the aftermath of E3. Lets not forget Chris's love for friendly fire and Bowmans willingness to always die first. This week, on GS2.