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In Have Fun and Play, Join Tom, Anna, JT and Myron on a journey to where awesome experiences in virtual and imaginary worlds take us.

In Have Fun and Play, Join Tom, Anna, JT and Myron on a journey to where awesome experiences in virtual and imaginary worlds take us.
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In Have Fun and Play, Join Tom, Anna, JT and Myron on a journey to where awesome experiences in virtual and imaginary worlds take us.






Episode 12 - "Death by inches"

In episode 12 the HF&P crew tackles important topics like hard copy vs. e-books, and the resurgence of vinyl (not really). Myron has been busy playing a new Switch game called Darkest Dungeon. It’s a hardcore turn-based strategy game where characters die all the time, so don’t get attached. Characters die from seemingly any cause, including fear, stress, insanity, heart-attack, and the usual causes of death like monsters, disease, traps... Anna and Myron tried Bloodborne: The Card Game...


Episode 11 - If your hammer is big enough you will never miss.

In episode 11 Myron and Anna kick things off by discussing Once Upon a Time: The Storytelling Card Game by Atlas Games. It’s a fun storytelling game that’s easily accessible for anyone who’s familiar with either Grimm’s Fairy Tales or the kid-friendly Disney versions. But beware if you are playing with cheaters or low-harmony players, as the game can take a cut-throat turn depending on who you have at the table! Next Tom mentions that Destiny 2 is available for free, both Tom and Myron...


Episode 10 - Is there a “Hold onto your butts” card?

We made it to episode 10! YAY! On this very special 10th episode the HF&P gang discuss new DLC in the land of video gaming, take a visit to Tom’s coaching corner, review a new dino-themed board game, and wrap things up with some dice talk. Myron and Anna kick things off by reviewing the Surf ‘n’ Turf DLC for Overcooked 2, which adds 12 new kitchens, new chefs, new recipes, and a significant bump in difficulty. Kevin is back to torment you with impossible level design, and a new fourth...


Episode 9 - What is Victory? That is my goal!

In episode 9 Tom mentions it’s time for another round of lunchtime gaming at work and asks whether there are any new games he should try out for such an occasion. Myron and Anna have two new games that might just do the trick. Roll Player by Thunderworks Games is a fascinating combination of cards and dice where you get to build a character and try to score the most victory points. Even if you don’t win the game you may just wind up with a character you want to use for your next D&D...


Episode 8 - Speaking of football, would it be weird to have a Fantasy D&D league, complete with draft?

In episode 8 Myron and Anna kick things off by discussing Tabscon 53 (Toronto Area Boardgaming Society convention) - a quarterly event held in Toronto where boardgamers get together for open gaming, auctions, trading, and even prototype demos with game designers. Shout outs to chris@geekygoodies.com for introducing so many awesome games and to Marc at G-Wiz games marc@g-wiz.ca for sharing his prototype. Myron and Anna review a card game called Cat Lady, where one wins by collecting and...


Episode 7: Dominion Smackdown

Myron plays spoiler while JT plants a bountiful garden! In episode 7 the Have Fun and Play podcasters discuss what’s new in their gaming world, the latest developments in online Dominion play, and the demise of Steam machines. Myron kicks things off by introducing a new hilarious game called Two Point Hospital. It’s a sim-builder where you get to create and run hospitals to treat all sorts of ailments like Monobrow, Night Fever, and Jest infections. Meanwhile JT has been up to some no-good...


Episode 6 - This is a game where you get punched!

In episode 6 the Have Fun and Play podcasters discuss new gaming experiences, what it might mean to work in the gaming industry, and new developments from Amazon and Microsoft. Myron and Anna start things off with a review of Ghost Blitz. It’s a fast-paced game, where you might just get punched if things get out of hand. JT joins the ranks of Galaxy of Heroes and explains why she doesn’t like playing on “hard mode.” Despite her reservations on being forced to play on higher difficulties,...


Episode 5 - LEVEL UP!

In episode 5 the Have Fun and Play podcasters discuss their latest adventures in Faerun and what happened when they faced the deadly Wizard Acererak (spoiler alert, he was defeated but not the way you might think). But first, JT has an alarming tale to tell about Alexa and how she’s always listening. Was Alexa listening in on our review of Nmbr9 in the previous episode? Tune-in to find out. Anna, JT, and Myron try to convince Tom to join the dark side of console video gaming so he can...


Episode 4 - Maximum Damage for Maximum Fun!

In episode 4 the Have Fun & Play podcasters discuss the evolving nature of game releases and the trend towards Games as a Service. Whether it be No Man’s Sky, Warframe, The Division etc. gamers seem to be more accepting of an initial launch, sometimes even unsuccessful initial launches, with continued commitment from the game developers to make it better over time. How did we get here and is it a good or bad thing? Anna introduces a new board game purchase called Nmbr 9, which Myron...


Episode 3 - And now for the D&D

In episode 3 the Have Fun & Play podcasters discuss what’s new - Anna and Myron share interesting tidbits from Noclip’s Fallout 76 documentary. Tom explains why the Crying Suns demo did not live up to its FTL comparison. And JT laments her long and lonely wait for Crackdown 3. The crew rounds out the show with a more in-depth analysis of the D&D characters and the latest developments from their campaign, while Myron gives an overview of what a day in the life of a DM looks like, and what...


Episode 2 - You had me at Space Ninja

In episode 2 the Have Fun & Play podcasters discuss exciting Warframe news from Tennocon as Myron and Anna attempt to convince Tom and JT to “come join the team.” Meanwhile JT’s on a mission to entice Tom, Myron, and Anna back to Pokemon Go by offering up in-game bribes, er…, “gifts.” The crew rounds out the episode with a discussion of what being a gamer means to them personally and discuss how personalities define play style: Tom - Command and camaraderie, JT - Perfect completionist, Anna...


Episode 1 - Can you die in this game?

In the inaugural episode of the Have Fun and Play podcast Tom, Myron, JT, and Anna talk about why we enjoy gaming in general, and more specifically why we play D&D. We give some background about ourselves and our play styles, while discussing various games from Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes, to Pokemon Go, Dead Island and beyond. We’re here to have fun and play. Come join us!