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Enlightened Grimoire

On today's show Charles Siegel joins us to talk about the Enlightened Grimoire, a book that contains every single rote ever published and updated for Mage: The Ascension 20th Anniversary Edition rules. We discuss the Soft Apocalypse RPG I’m working on based on Will McIntosh’s book and the game mechanics I'm considering to run it (Strain, Fate Core, Savage Worlds, GURPS, Simple World, etc); the 1,500 rotes that appear in 200 pages of the Enlightened Grimoire; why he wrote the Grimoire; the...


Tomes of Magick: Loom of Fate

Adam Simpson discusses Loom of Fate, one of the earliest supplements for the first edition of Mage: The Ascension; the order of the supplements; line developer Satyros Brucato; the “clockwork” construction of the Loom of Fate story; examples of challenges and solutions; styles of game play; Marauders and the Book of Madness; the Technocracy; moral quandaries; shortcomings of Loom of Fate; faction play; Book of Chantries. Subscribe to Mage: the Podcast on iTunes, Google Play and TuneIn....


Razors and Thunderbolts: The Ksirafai

On today’s show Travis Legge joins us to talk about his release for the Storytellers Vault, Razors and Thunderbolts: The Ksirafai. We discuss my locksmith who plays Dungeons and Dragons; how Travis got into role playing games; Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles & Other Strangeness; the Satanic panic; how he became a game publisher; the shows and games he releases on YouTube and Twitch; the tools he uses to manage his career; what are the Ksirafai; the appeal of Mage: The Sorcerers Crusade;...


Tomes of Magick: First Edition

Adam Simpson discusses the four editions of Mage: The Ascension and which ones are the best; Dungeons and Dragons 5th edition and Basic Expert; Satyros Brucato; Anders Mage Page; the Traditions and the Technocracy; Sleepers; Quintessence; Nodes; Talismans; the Umbra; power and politics; making Mage personal; people who become Mages; the Society of The Burning Wheel; Neil Gaiman’s Vertigo The Sandman comic book. Subscribe to Mage: the Podcast on iTunes, Google Play and TuneIn. Follow us on...


Lesson from the Windy City: A Mage Chronicle

Adam Simpson discusses his Windy City Mage Chronicle he ran online; expectation of characters and Storytellers; side plots run amok; minor villains who become major villains; allowing players to shape the Chronicle. Subscribe to Mage: the Podcast on iTunes, Google Play and TuneIn. Follow us on Twitter @magethepodcast


Adventure Writing Ideas, Part 2

Adam Simpson continues to wax eloquent on writing adventures for Mage: The Ascension. Adam discusses why he prefers to use the term “adventure” instead of “story;” globetrotting adventures; chantries; Neil Gaiman’s The Books of Magic and the synchronicity highway; traveling by ships, blimps and a Deep Umbra craft; collaborative story writing in advantures; jungle adventures; the Hierophant Altar. Subscribe to Mage: the Podcast on iTunes, Google Play and TuneIn. Follow our Mage Chronicle on...


Storytellers Vault

On today’s show we chat with Josh Heath, Chief Operations Officer at High Level Games and host of Werewolf: The Podcast, joins us again to talk about the Storytellers Vault. We discuss camping; his Rage Across Australia podcast episode; my Marvel Universe theme park dream; what is the Storytellers Vault; the Dungeon Masters Guild; guidelines for the Storytellers Vault; adult content; Black Dog; submitting artwork; High Level Games 5 Reasons to Write for Storytellers Vault article; High...


Adventure Writing Ideas

On today’s show Adam Simpson discusses Paradox; Anders Sandberg and Anders Mage Page 2.0; Mage: The Ascension, 1st edition; the Loom of Fate adventure; Samuel Haight; the Chaos Factor adventure; the Book of Chantries, Digital Web, Digital Web 2.0 and Manifesto: Transmissions from the Rogue Council supplements; Adam’s subtractive method of writing adventures; settings and locations; enemies and allies; themes and mood; opening scene; creating characters and assessing their strengths and...


Mage Chronicles: Ahriman Chronicles: The Vile Nature of an Ascension War

On today’s show Panos V. Skordas joins us to share the Ahriman Chronicles: Vile Nature of the Ascension War. We discuss how he got into role playing games; LARPs; what he enjoys about being a Storyteller; what he has learned in 19 years of Storytelling; the influence of authors Alan Moore, Neil Gaiman, Clive Barker and J.K. Rowling; how his players changed his Storytelling; the tools he uses to run his Chronicles; how long it takes him to prepare his Chronicles; John Constantine,...


Myth in Mage

On today’s show we chat with Josh Heath, Chief Operations Officer at High Level Games and host of Werewolf: The Podcast. We discuss Onyx Path’s Storytellers Vault; why he loves Werewolf: The Apocalypse; how he got into RPGs; Robotech and AD&D; his duties and responsibilities as Chief Operations Officer for High Level Games; Josh name dropped on last week’s Onyx Pathcast; the 25 Years of Vampire: The Masquerade podcast; what Josh has learned re-visiting Werewolf: The Apocalypse; Joseph...


Anders Mage Page

On today’s show Adam Simpson interviews Dr. Anders Sandberg of Anders Mage Page fame. Adam and Anders discuss building Mage pages for the early web; being a Research Fellow for the Future of Humanity Institute at the University of Oxford; how Anders discovered Mage: The Ascension; the similarities of Mage in science and academia; the movie WarGames; emails and message boards; the Internet Archive and the Wayback Machine; transhumanism; the Order of Hermes; Caribbean magic; Virtual Adepts;...


Thoughts on Paradox

On today’s show Adam Simpson talks about Paradox in Mage. Adam discusses why magick has limitations; playing Mage without Paradox; X/1999 manga; player knowledge versus character knowledge; how to get rid of Paradox; manifestations of Paradox; Paradox Spirits; Paradox Realms; the Quiet; Domino Effect; The Sorcerers Crusade; the Scourge; Wild Paradox versus Mundane Paradox; examples of Paradox; Marauders.


Mage: Refuge

Karin Tidbeck talks about Mage: Refuge, a text-based interactive game with a rich scenario full of plot twists, the action takes place in a world at the dawn of a political revolution.


Plot Hooks

Our guest on today’s show is Chris Zac, host of the excellent Twin Cities by Night and we talk about plot hooks you can use in your Mage Chronicles. We discuss the White Wolf RPGs Game Play and Media Facebook Group he moderates; Matthew Dawkins, The Gentleman Gamer; how he got into playing role playing games; Brazilian jiu-jitsu; Vampire: The Masquerade and Vampire: The Requiem; The Brian Diaries and The Brian Bookclub; internal monologues; characters embracing the consequences of their...


Themes in Mage

Adam Simpson discusses themes in Mage: The Ascension and how to use them in your games; Stewart Wieck‘s theme of Mage’s bringing change to society; Woodstock; Pi-hole; the Digital Web; Satyros Brucato’s theme of empowerment in Mage; HIT Marks; four themes in Mage: magic isn’t something you do but something you’re part of, needing to work with others who are different from yourself, transcending your limitations, and overcoming pride and self-centeredness to reach something greater than...


Jason Louv on Mage and John Dee and the Empire of Angels: Enochian Magick and the Occult Roots of the Modern World

On today’s show were joined by Jason Louv, who is a real life magician and author. Jason’s most recent book is John Dee and the Empire of Angels: Enochian Magick and the Occult Roots of the Modern World. We discuss his first book, Generation Hex; Jason’s introduction to Mage: The Ascension; Mage artist Leif Jones; what is Magick; the relationship between Magick and postmodernism; clinical psychologist Jordan Peterson; the Frankfurt School; Enochian magic; John Dee and Edward Kelley;...


Mage Chronicles: Sorcerers Crusade

On today’s show we launch a new segment, Mage Chronicles, in which we talk to Storytellers and players about what made their Chronicle unique. We’re joined by Mage co-creator Satyros Brucato and Walking Away from Arcadia podcast co-host Victor Joseph Kinzer to discuss his Chronicle set in Mage: The Sorcerers Crusade. We chat about how Victor got into role playing games and how that lead to playing Changeling and Mage; why splat books are called splat books; what The Sorcerer’s Crusade is...


The Perils of Paradox

On today’s show we talk with Lee Webb about the perils of Paradox: every modern-day fantasy story has to confront a fundamental question—if magic is real where has it been hiding all this time? The answer to that question in Mage is Paradox. We talk about Lee’s new baby, Leonora; how he became involved with role playing games, Werewolf and Mage: The Ascension; what is Paradox and how it might effect characters and reality; how to avoid Paradox and how to get rid of it; how Paradox effects...


Top 5 Books Needed to Run a Mage: The Ascension Chronicle

On today’s On today’s Mage: The Podcast hosts Mark Hope and Adam Simpson break down their top five books for running a Mage: The Ascension chronicle… with possible bonus books thrown in for good measure! Expect titles with Book of… and Guide to… in the title, and more! Mark and Adam discuss the pros and cons of each core book; The Infinite Tapestry; the Umbra; the Periphery; the Penumbra; Middle Umbra; Astral Umbra; Dark Umbra; the Beyond; the Avatar Storm; Wraith: The Oblivion; the...


Antonios Rave-N Galatis, author of “Life”

On today's Mage: The Podcast we talk with author Antonios Galatis about his short story, "Life," which appreared in the Truth Beyond Paradox anthology which you can purchase on Amazon or DriveThruRPG. You can also listen to "Life" here. We discuss how Antonios discovered role playing games and how he discovered Mage: The Ascension; whether Antonios is a storyteller or a player; nerds in Greece; how role playing games due to World of Darkness; the world of his protagnoist; Helenna; what...