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A fortnightly video game podcast produced in Western Australia. We dive into the issues and topics that are making the rounds in gaming, and interview developers from Australasia each week about the games they've made and how they made them.

A fortnightly video game podcast produced in Western Australia. We dive into the issues and topics that are making the rounds in gaming, and interview developers from Australasia each week about the games they've made and how they made them.
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A fortnightly video game podcast produced in Western Australia. We dive into the issues and topics that are making the rounds in gaming, and interview developers from Australasia each week about the games they've made and how they made them.






107 Zamfir Dumitru (Dawnblade) & Red Dead Redemption 2's 100 hour work weeks

Zamfir Dumitru, the Founder & CEO of MonsterScope Studios joined us this episode to Share his team's latest project Dawnblade the modern hack 'n' slash dungeon crawler and Action RPG for mobile devices. Zamfir talked about the challenges of taking his work to Gamescom in Germany and at the Tokyo Game Show and why exhibiting it at PAXAUS seems like a walk in the park in comparison and what it is like to be so close to the end of a long development journey. The launch cycle of the hotly...


#MIGW2018, Meetups, parties, podcasts, lets plays & more!

It's Melbourne International Games Week next week and the whole Pixel Sift Crew will be there! We'll have plenty of opportunities to meet you, bring you great interviews and videos and much much more. All weekend we'll be bringing you #PAXELSIFT videos from the PAX Indie Rising show floor, featuring interviews with developers from Australia and the world. Head over to our Twitter and Facebook pages for updates all weekend. We'll also be posting behind the scenes pics and videos over on our...


106 John Robertson (The Dark Room) & participatory culture

The infamous John Robertson, the mastermind behind the YouTube series turned popular stage show turned video game The Dark Room is our guest this episode. John has come back to his roots, working with Perth's own Stirfire Studios which brings the whole thing full circle. One of the first "games" on YouTube and based heavily on the 1980s style text adventures, John shared what it was like working with a team he'd known since he was 15 to make the Dark Room game. We also speak about...


UPDATE: Pixel Parties Winner & PAX Australia 2018 Meetup

Well we said we'd give away some games when we had our 100th episode party, Brief Battles, Screencheat, Birdsketball and Party Golf, and give those games away we shall. Have a listen for our winner of this fabulous prize! ALSO we'll be at PAX Australia 2018 once again this year, and we'd love to meet some of you!


105 Locky Betts & Jeff Hayes (Torque Drift) & in game licencing of real products

Locky Betts and Jeff Hayes of Fitzroy's Grease Monkey Games take us on a journey with their game Torque Drift. It's a competitve drift racing game made by drift enthusiasts. We learn about how they've translated the feeling of weight shifting in a car around a corner into a game you can take with you on your phone, and challenge your friends. For the hoon at heart, Torque Drift will be out in October. We also learn a little bit about how real products end up in games, and when a brand...


104 James Koehne & Daniel Spiteri (Hunt 'n Sneak) & crazy lengths to unlock in-game content

Two of the developers from Melbourne based studio Pixel Engineers, James Koehne and Daniel Spiteri join us this week, they're the creators of Hunt 'n Sneak the asymetric multiplayer game where light is both your friend and foe. We learn exactly what it took to make this game that's still in development and the challenges of making a balanced game where each player has different goals. We also take a look at drastic measures some Fortnite players are taking to get their hands on a limited...


103 Aladar Apponyi (Eatvolve) & Audiences make gaming better

Aladar Apponyi joins us from Melbourne to talk about his game Eatvolve, the "eat em up" platformer that has players take charge of a base level lifeform climbing its way up the food chain by consuming different animals and stealing their abilities. We learn what its like moving to solo development after working at Team Bondi and the future of the game. Patrick Klepek at Waypoint wrote an interesting article this week on how playing games for an audience makes challenging and stressful games...


102 Sean Simon (Snake Time) & a launcher for every game

Sean Simon AKA Those Six Faces joins us this week to talk about his game Snake Time. Developed by Sean alone Snake Time takes the traditional Snake gameplay and turns it into a move by move puzzle game. Sean spoke to us about building out his first released game, and what success looks like to him. We also take a closer look at the trend of games choosing to move away from traditional online marketplaces such as Steam and Google Play and create their own launcher and store for their games....


101 David Lloyd (Regular Human Basketball) & Pre-Order Game Changer

David Lloyd from Melbourne based studio Powerhoof joins us this week to share his new game Regular Human Basketball, where you take control of a giant mech to score dunks and three pointers in the normal sport of basketball. Following on from Crawl, another local multiplayer asyncronous couch game, Dave shared what inspired the game and what they learnt along the way. Regular Human Basketball is available on PC from 1 August 2018, and you can check out our PAXAUS first look here. A court in...


100 Tim Colwill (Point & Clickbait + Game Workers Unite Australia)

Our special 100th episode guest is Tim Colwill, creator of Point & Clickbait and union organiser of the Australian chapter of Game Workers Unite. Point & Clickbait is a satirical gaming news site, described as The Onion but for games journalism, that aims to call attention to all the things that gamers and the games industry take too seriously, or doesn't take seriously enough. With a recent successful Kickstarter campaign under his belt for a print magazine version, Tim shared his thoughts...


99 Abi Rahmani (Project Wingman) & Sony's "Epic" Fortnite Lockout

Abi Rahmani joins us in the studio to talk about his game Project Wingman, the arcade fighter jet combat game taking Kickstarter by storm. Abi let us know what is took to bring the various planes to life from right here in Perth. Sony’s move to lock out Epic accounts from playing Fortnite if they have been linked with Playstation Network accounts have the community grabbing their pickaxes in anger. With even hardcore Sony fans like Greg Miller strongly criticizing Playstation for their...


98 Matt Kelly (Molemen Must Die!) & Valve opts out of moderation on Steam

Matt Kelly from Mokomoto joins us all the way from Japan to talk to us about his latest game Molemen Must Die. Matt spoke to us about how his team achieved Molemen’s unique new style retro look as well as the advantages and the culture of developing games in Japan. You can also check out Pixel Sift Plays: Molemen Must Die! to see a little bit of the game or you can find out more information here: Molemen Must Die! on Steam Last month, developers of "adult" visual novel style games were...


97 Justin Ng (Muffled Warfare & Stifled) & Fortnite's $100,000,000 tournament fund

Justin Ng is one of the creators of Muffled Warfare and Stifled, and he joins us to talk about how his two games both use the mechanic of echolocation in very different ways. Justin spoke about what it was like to bring these concepts into reality as well, what it's like to build a game from an April Fools joke, and what the future holds for his studio Gattai Games Epic Games, the creators of the mega sensation Fortnite, have pledged a whopping $100,000,000, towards Fortnite esports...


96 Ian MacLarty (Dissembler) & the curse of mobile gaming timers

Ian MacLarty is a prolific game designer and one that loves making small experiential titles that challenge the way you think about playing games. We had the pleasure of speaking to Ian this week about his minimalistic puzzle game Dissembler, where you flip colour tiles to match 3 and clear the screen. You can find all of Ian's games here on his Itch.io page. Well this week a writer at Destructoid called the new Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery "The cruciatus curse of mobile gaming" and...


95 Nick McDonnell (The American Dream) & are games too long?

Nicholas McDonnell of Samurai Punk, is our guest this week, and he's joined us to share how his team created their new VR game The American Dream. The American Dream is a satirical VR title that has players navigate a world using only guns, and no problem is too big or small to be solved without them. Nicholas filled us in on what was like to make such a game and how the American audiences reacted when touring the game to US conventions. Nick joined us back in Episode 19, and you can listen...


94 Mike Blackney (Dead Static Drive) & cheating in games

Mike Blackney the developer of the highly anticipated road trip survival game Dead Static Drive is our guest this week. Dead Static Drive draws heavily on nostalgic classic americana, with drop of monster movie chucked in for good measure. We asked him about how it felt to leave his stable teaching job to become a full time game developer, what inspired the style of the game, and what sort of response he wanted players to have. Dead Static Drive is currently in development and you can check...


93 Lachlan Juzva (Nova Flow) & Game developer unionisation

We take a look at the first-person speedrunner Nova Flow, and to help us along is Lachlan Juzva, the Creative Lead at Wrecked Angle Studios, the developers behind the title. We found out what it took to bring the team together and finally settle on a name for the project, all while dodging the snarky remarks of Lachlan's co-workers in the Twitch chat. Game developer unionisation is a hot topic after the idea was addressed in depth at this year's GDC (Game Developers Conference). With...


92 Tim Bermanseder (Witch Thief) & archiving extinct online games

This week as we are joined by Tim Bermanseder, a Director and Technical Artist at Cardboard Keep, the studio behind Witch Thief. Witch Thief combines a fun magical girl art style with the chaotic projectile dodging action. Tim went into detail about what it took to bring such a game to life, and how it all started with a Witch. The game preservationists at the Museum of Art and Digital Entertainment (MADE), are leading the charge to preserve servers and other digital spaces,from falling...


91 Ally McLean (RUMU) & The Working Lunch mentoring program

We're joined by Ally McLean this week, and she's a Gamerunner at Robot House, the studio behind RUMU, a game that features a sentient robot vacuum cleaner with plenty of love and emotion. We spoke what inspired the game and influenced its design, as well as games that respect your time, and the giving your robot a hug. We also got the chance to speak to Ally about about a new program called "The Working Lunch" which aims at mentoring and supporting women in the Australian games industry...


90 Nico King (Rainbow Reef) & Facebook pivots to game streaming

Nico King is the Creative Director at Chaos Theory Games in Sydney and one of the creators behind Rainbow Reef. The game combines Nico's passion for coral reefs and aquarium building by putting players in charge of a small section of reef and cultivating the coral to attract and foster different sea creatures.We learn all about why Chaos Theory Games does what it does and what it's trying to achieve with the games it makes. Facebook has made a strong push to re-tool its platform to...