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A fortnightly video game podcast produced in Western Australia. We dive into the issues and topics that are making the rounds in gaming, and interview developers from Australasia each week about the games they've made and how they made them.

A fortnightly video game podcast produced in Western Australia. We dive into the issues and topics that are making the rounds in gaming, and interview developers from Australasia each week about the games they've made and how they made them.
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A fortnightly video game podcast produced in Western Australia. We dive into the issues and topics that are making the rounds in gaming, and interview developers from Australasia each week about the games they've made and how they made them.






Thomas Janson (Death Hall) & why wishlisting matters

Death Hall is a mobile sidescrolling platformer where you try to survive to the end, that draws heavily from the challenging flash games of the early 2000s. Developer Thomas Janson has just won a spot at 2019's PAX Australia Indie Showcase with his game Death Hall, but it's not the first time he's done it, he picked one up in 2014 as well! Every indie game always asks you to wishlist the game when it's announced and according to Ross Manthorp of YoYo Games, there is a tricky relationship...


Jay Armstrong (Never Give Up) & the days are numbered for random loot boxes

Jay Armstrong is Design Director at Massive Monster and joins us to talk about their latest project Never Give Up the action side scroller featuring fast paced gameplay a progressive player controlled difficulty management and violent traps. There is also a narrator that gives "encouragement" as you die, and die and die again... We also talk the wobbly future loot boxes with random with randomly rolled rewards. With Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft gearing up with new policies to make the...


Screenwest announces the first five games for its $100,000 Interactive Pilot Fund

You might have seen back in May that for the first time in over a decade, video games developers in Western Australia would have direct content funding support from their state government. Screenwest is the agency that administers the Interactive Pilot Fund and first round offered $100,000 for creators of interactive experiences in Western Australia. Well the first recipients of the fund have now been announced and include dungeon crawling dating sims, Virtual Reality ghost hunting...


Adventures in Interactive Writing - Live at XR:WA

In an extended live panel discussion episode at XR:WA 2019, interactive writers Alan Butler, Anthony Sweet, Christy Dena, and Glen Spoors share their experience in story telling in the digital space. How do you tell a story where elements can change? And what happens when players break the rules? Pixel Sift is produced by Scott Quigg, Sarah Ireland, Fiona Bartholomaeus & Mitch Loh. Gianni Di Giovanni is our Executive Producer. Thanks to Salty Dog Sounds for some of our promo music this...


Paul Jakovich (Pico Tanks) & IGEA's "Power of Games" Report

Paul Jakovich joins us to talk about Pico Tanks the competitive team based multiplayer game for mobile devices by Melbourne's very own Panda Arcade. Paul is the Creative Lead on the game and shared the challenges of balancing a game where 2 teams of 3 tanks do battle as well as maintaining a good work environment in his studio. The Interactive Games and Entertainment Association has released the newest version of it’s bi-annual report on the “Power and Impact of Video Games in Australia”....


Ellie Balson (Crime Scene Finvestigation) & indie devs petition G2A

Ellie Balson joins us in the studio this week to talk about her latest project Brine Scene Finvestigation, a point and click adventure game where the player investigates the disappearance of the dolphins at the local aquarium. Ellie creates quirky artistic games, with plenty of nostalgia and style. Ellie creates games from an artist's perspective, using the Adventure Game Studio to craft her work instead of another engine. Ellie's work can be found on her itch.io page. G2A the grey market...


Anthony Sweet, Cabalia & Pika Pi (How do you keep creating? Live at Supanova Perth)

Being creative can be hard, but there are those among us who seem like they are never ending creativity machines. On this special episode of the award-winning Pixel Sift podcast recorded live at Supanova Perth 2019 in front of a live audience, Twitch Partner Cabalia, Cosplayer PikaPi and Battlestar Galactica Deadlock writer Anthony Sweet about what it takes to make the things we all admire and enjoy, and what happens when the creative juices aren’t flowing. Pixel Sift is produced by Scott...


Leon Zawada & Simon Rance (Amid Evil) & the future of gaming is a subscription

Leon Zawada and Simon Rance were next door neighbours and grew up playing Doom and Quake, before deciding to make their own games. You can see that inspiration in their newest game Amid Evil, a retro styled magical shooter built with modern technology. If you like the speed of those nineties shooters, but with a contempory twist this could be the game for you. Amid Evil is now available on Steam, Humble Store and GOG. Microsoft and Google are both making their video game subscription...


Kate Raynes-Goldie & Sof Mather (XR:WA Festival) & have indie games stagnated?

XR:WA is a brand new Western Australian immersive reality festival running in conjunction with Revelation Perth International Film Festival. The event aims to bring together great VR experiences from around the state and bridge the gap between traditional screen and interactive media. We are joined live in the studio by Dr Kate Raynes-Goldie the producer of XR:WA and Sof Mather the Curator of Playup Perth Games Zone. XR:WA is on from the 6th to the 14th of July in Perth Western...


Where should I start listening? Your guide to Pixel Sift

Welcome! If you're wondering where the best place to jump in is, well here are a few suggestions for you of our favourite episodes. There is heaps and heaps to learn and stacks and stacks of games. Head to our website pixelsift.com.au to see all we have on offer.


Dean Walshe (Void Bastards) & controversy and excitement for Play Date

Dean Walshe is the 3D Art Lead at Canberra's Blue Manchu and they've just released their comic styled rogue-lite shooter Void Bastards. Looking like the science fiction comic worlds of the 2000AD comics, Void Bastards is a game built by System Shock and Bioshock designers, where every death is a lesson and a progression. Dean shared what it was like to build a game that even after years of working on it was still a blast for him to play. Void Bastards is available now on PC and Xbox...


Greg Dziemidowicz (VR Regatta) & the return of the Aus Interactive Games Fund

How do you translate the essentially visceral experience of taking to the sea into the world of VR? Well Greg Dziemidowicz is Director and Lead Programmer at Melbourne's MarineVerse and along with his crew of sailing VR developers have done just that. It's not just for people who sail regularly but it also allows those people who can't sail to enjoy the experience. VR Regatta is out now and has just released it's big arctic sailing map expansion. There is a big federal election happening...


"What does it mean to be indie?" Freeplay Festival celebrates 15yrs

Hey I know you know that we're a podcast, but did you know that on our website we've got articles as well? Cool right? Well here is a bonus episode and extended version of our story "What does it mean to be indie?" Freeplay Festival celebrates 15 years." If you like this please jump on the Pixel Sift Facebook page or send us a message over on Twitter or say hello on Discord.


Hamish Wagstaff (Double Shot) & two very different approaches to crunch

Hamish Wagstaff is the Director of Aberrant Realities in Canberra, the studio behind Double Shot, a virtual reality game that has players pour and concoct drinks for their customers all while defending their bar from attackers with a variety of weapons. It's set in retro 1980s aesthetic and it's a cocktail filled to the brim with style. You might have read this week that Epic Games, the makers of Fortnite, and Respawn Entertainment, who developed Apex Legends two blockbuster battle royale...


Neil Rennison (Table of Tales) & Neil's storied career in games

Neil Rennison is the Co-Founder and Creative Director at Tin Man Games and one of the developers behind Table of Tales: The Crooked Crown, a VR adventure game featuring an evolving game board, a fully voiced dungeon master companion and an evolving story based on your actions. Neil started Tin Man Games over a decade ago now and has had an extensive career in video games before that. We spoke to him about his extensive experience in the global industry and how the scene has changed here in...


Katie Stegs (Critter Clash) & should all games have an easy mode?

Katie Stegs is the Marketing director of Lumi Interactive a company that started out as a marketing and consulting company but then started creating games of their own. They've just launched Critter Clash, a mobile PvP game that combine the classic sling shot mechanics of Angry Birds with the nuanced complexity of deck building wrapped in a colourful animal filled package. You can pick up the game now - Critter Clash on Google Play. Well when From Software's newest title Sekiro:Shadows Die...


New episode NEXT WEEK & Australian Podcast Awards Finalists!

We've got some exciting news! We're finalists at the Australian Podcast Awards in their inaugural Gaming category! It's super exciting and there are a lot of big names also nominated. You might also be wondering why there isn't a new episode this week, well we've gone and done a switcheroo so we'll be bringing you episode 118 next week when we speak to Katie Stegs of Lumi Interactive about their move from games PR to game developers!


Matt Sanderson (Mars Underground) & parents spending 34% more on games than last year

Matt Sanderson is the creator of the brand new game Mars Underground, a post apocalyptic adventure game inspired heavily by the movie Groundhog Day where players are trapped in an endless time loop of their first day in a new school. Matt worked on this game mostly by himself, programming, creating art and music, a project that he describes as "consuming him" for years. If you like retro inspired adventures with the look of the Mother series and the wit of Monkey Island this might be for...


Owain Bolt (Dismantle:Contruct Carnage) & Game dev job losses around the world

Owain Bolt from Canberra's Great Helm and joined us to talk about their latest game Dismantle: Construct Carnage, a game with customisable characters and fast paced limb ripping combat. As long as you've got a head and torso you can still win in this local multiplayer arena brawler. We first spoke to the team at Great Helm back in 2016, so we find out exactly what's changed that time. It has been a turbulent couple of weeks for the international development community with massive job...


Ian MacLarty (JUMPGRID) & working as a solo developer

Ian Mclarty joins us again to talk about his latest game JUMPGRID a fast paced puzzle game that features a combination of quick fire action gameplay, sort of a plays a bit like Pacman but with teleporting. With a kicking soundtrack and cosmic level design JUMPGRID looks like it's a big departure from Ian's last game Dissembler but things might be closer than it seems. We first spoke to Ian on Episode 96 of the podcast so you check out that if you're interested in learning more about how he...