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Demosode 36.5 -- GTA's Music License, Atari Console, Backwards Compatible Consoles

In this week's demosode, the boys discuss what games have been staying in our disc trays, as well as some interesting gaming news: What does GTA IV removing music tracks means for the future of "games as a service?" What exactly is Atari trying to do with their new VCS indiegogo campaign, and will Microsoft and Sony take the news that nearly 1 billion hours have been spent on Xbox's backwards compatible titles as a reason to build it into their next consoles? Plus, we announce our next game,...


Episode 36 -- TMNT: Turtles in Time (Arcade)

Cowabunga! We're taking you back to the sewers and the adventures of Leo, Raph, Mike, and Don. That's right, we're talking about the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and this time they're battling Shredder through time... for reasons! Plus, in a first, we played the arcade version, complete with a count of how much we spent to beat this puppy. Check it out! Here's some social media stuff: romoftheweek.com Twitter: @romoftheweek facebook.com/romoftheweek morse code: .-. --- -- / ---


Demosode 35.5 -- Battle Royale Games, Anthem, Billy Mitchell Update

On this week's Demosode, we're talking about the recent rumors that both Call of Duty and Battlefield will have battle royale modes. Is this a good idea? When will it end? Also, we talk about Anthem, and what it means to both EA and Bioware. Finally, there's more news on Billy Mitchell's fall from grace. Can he ever recover from cheating allegations? Want more? How about the announcement of our next game?


Episode 35 -- The Karate Kid (NES)

It's time to wax on, wax off! No, that's not a confession that we've become a BDSM gaming podcast, but rather a celebration of the cultural phenomenon of The Karate Kid! Yes, they actually made an NES game of the film, and we just had to check it out. This game has everything you want in a RotW game: it's really short! Annoying enemies! Ridiculously hard mini-games! Did we mention it's incredibly short? So dust off your rising sun headbands and get ready, because Daniel-San is ready for...


Demosode 34.5 -- Drug Carts!

In this week's demosode, the boys talk about Billy Mitchell's fall from grace and what it means to the future of arcade records and record keeping. Plus, is a hacker fixing the Nintendo Switch's biggest issue a preview of the kind of future where consumers decide on console features? Plus, Megaman and we speculate on what exactly is going on with an uncovered Nintendo cart that was discovered to be filled with drugs!


Episode 34 -- Bonk's Adventure (Turbografix-16)

This week, we introduce you to the forgotten 3rd video game console mascot! He's a caveman... or a cavebaby? That's right, it's Bonk time! And we decided to go all the way back to the original Bonk's Adventure and play it the way it was meant to be played... on the original Turbografix-16! Along the way, we discuss Bonk's strange evolutionary backstory, LeRoy introduces us to his knew educational business adventure, and oh yeah, we unlock the next step in the mystery of Hudson Soft's King...


Demosode 33.5 -- Remakes, Griefing, and Pokemon Go

We're back at the top of the rotation, and while we're not going to spoil anything, let's just say Ian's pick blazes into brand new territory. Plus, we talk about the announcement of the Spyro remake and re-release, and wonder where all these remakes will end. Plus, what effect will Ubisoft and Rare's latest anti-griefing policies have on the online gaming world, if any? All that, plus more, including a special announcement! Here's some social media stuff: romoftheweek.com Twitter:...


Episode 33 -- ECCO the Dolphin (Genesis)

Another listener request! This time, a fella named Jim wanted to see what was beyond the 5 minutes of ECCO the Dolphin he played as a kid, so we set out to see for ourselves. Well Jim, we've got good news and crazy news that you literally would not have believed when you started playing this. This game is insane. It's crazypants. You will not believe where a story with a cute dolphin who has fun in the ocean ends up. Trust us. Here's some social media stuff: romoftheweek.com Twitter:...


Demosode 32.5 -- Meteors, Kirby, and Luigi's Privates!

This week, the boys talk about what they've been playing through, including Meteor in 60 Seconds, a new free game on Steam, and Kirby All Star Allies for Switch. Plus, does the release of A Way Out and Star Wars Battlefront's revamped progression system signal a new wave of how EA does business with its AAA titles? Also, you can't miss out in-depth expose on the recent revelation of Luigi from the Mario Universe and what exact he's packing under that plumber's uniform. Plus, we announce...


Episode 32 -- NBA All-Star Challenge (SNES)

Is your bracket busted? Is March Madness getting you a little TOO mad? Well, we've got just the thing for you! How about a half-assed series of NBA mini-games featuring players from the early 1990's? Does that sound awesome? No? What if we told you Michael Jordan is in this game, and plays exactly the same as some guys you've never heard of? Still no? Hmm... well, there's a funny referee... Here's some social media stuff: romoftheweek.com Twitter:...


Demosode 31.5 -- Grant Swanson!

Remember our episode on Plumbers Don't Wear Ties, where Ian mentioned he knew someone who appeared in the game? Well guess what? We reached out to Grant Swanson, who graciously agreed to sit down with us and talk about his experience acting in one of the most notoriously bad games in history! We thought we knew the story, but we had no idea! Check out this episode to find out all of the amazing details! And stay tuned to find out what game we'll be playing next week!


Episode 31 -- Adventure Island 2 (NES)

What's that? A sequel? Already? Yep! After enduring the first one in season 1, we had to revisit the craziest island around! Master Higgins is back, and the question of who exactly he's trying to save is STILL confusing! And who are we fighting? What the hell is going on?!?! Music Credit: OurMusicBox (Jay Man)Track Name: "The Headlines" Music By: Jay Man @ https://ourmusicbox.com/ Official "OurMusicBox" YouTube Channel: http://www.youtube.com/c/ourmusicbox License for commercial use:...


Demosode 30.5 -- Overwatch League

On this week's demosode, we talk about what we've been playing and delve into the world of the Overwatch League. Who's watching? Will it be successful? How long before PEDs are involved? We also discuss "games as a service" and how it'll impact the future of our favorite past time. Will LeRoy ever be on board for a living game after the way GTA 5 did him dirty? Plus, it's Grant's turn to pick a game! Here's some social media stuff: romoftheweek.com Twitter:...


Episode 30 -- Home Improvement: Power Tool Pursuit (SNES)

This is the show you've been waiting for! Well, if you're some kind of Home Improvement super-fan I guess. If you're not, you still might want to know exactly how they ported a half hour family sitcom to an SNES platformer. The answer is... they didn't! They just slapped the name on this game and went about their day. And we got to play it 25 years later! Good times. Here's some social media stuff: romoftheweek.com Twitter: @romoftheweek facebook.com/romoftheweek morse code: .-. ---...


Demosode 29.5 -- Google's Console?

It's time to find out the next game the gang will be playing, but first, we'll talk about what we've been playing lately, as well as some thoughts on an unintended economy that's sprung up in one of Ian's favorite games. Also, with news that Google is actively hiring Xbox and Playstation executives and developers, can a gaming console be far off? What must Google do to make it work? All this and more in this week's demosode! Here's some social media stuff: romoftheweek.com Twitter:...


Episode 29 -- Bomberman Hero (N64)

It's listener request time! We got an email from a fan named Kyle who really wanted us to check out this game and thought it never really got a fair shake. We live for you, the fans, so we played through (almost) all 72 levels. This is a long episode, but we felt like the game deserves it to really dig into things like "how did a race of bombermen evolve?" "How close did Lucasfilm come to suing Hudson Soft and Konami?" and "Why do the bad guys always laugh in video games?" Thanks again to...


Demosode 28.5 -- So We've Pretty Much Fixed Toys R Us

Is this week's demosode, the boys talk about what they're playing, give some thoughts on Nintendo's Labo, and oh yeah, come up with a completely foolproof plan on how to fix Toys R Us! Feel free to use this idea, Toys R Us people! It's all in a days work for your favorite retro gamers. Oh, and it's out first listener request of the year! Whose suggestion are we taking and what are we playing? Find out! Here's some social media stuff: romoftheweek.com Twitter:...


Episode 28 -- Plumbers Don't Wear Ties (PC)

If you thought we've been a little too easy on ourselves when it comes to game selection, this is your episode! If you thought we had never really been HURT by a game, look no further! If you want to hear our collective wills be sapped, you're in luck! That's right, we actually did it. We played Plumbers Don't Wear Ties for the PC, and none of us will ever be the same. Want to take a peek at the game? No? What about the whole playthrough? Check it out here Here's some social media...


Demosode 27.5 -- Story Time!

Another week, and it's time for our next game. But first, we'll catch up with the boys. What are they playing? What's going on in their lives? Plus, LeRoy tells us a story about growing up that you need to hear! All that and more in this week's demosode! Here's some social media stuff: romoftheweek.com Twitter: @romoftheweek facebook.com/romoftheweek morse code: .-. --- -- / ---


Episode 27 -- Taz-Mania (Sega Genesis)

Was your New Year's Resolution about traveling? That's weird, us too! That's why we decided to start 2018 off by heading down under to play through a game starring everyone's favorite psycho animal! It's Taz-Mania for the Sega Genesis, a game we've all heard of, but very few have played. Is this another crappy cash-in? Listen and find out! Want to take a peek at the game? Check it out here! Here's some social media stuff: romoftheweek.com Twitter:...


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