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Episode 98 -- Week of August 20th 2018

This week, the boys talk about a Steam employee who had a VERY bad day, and discuss Nintendo's ongoing crusade against ROM sites on the internet. What will it mean going forward? Who's in the right? Also, LeRoy takes us on a tour of... Mario's private island? AND... we've got teasey-weaseies! Twitter: @romoftheweek morse code: .-. --- -- / ---


Episode 97 -- Week of August 13th, 2018

This week, the boys talk about Fallout 76's answer to griefing, Luigi's sudden death, and the IGN plagiarism scandal. Plus, find out what the guys have been up to lately, and who's our honorable and dishonorable mentions of the week? Find out! "Cherished Times" by Jay Man Twitter: @romoftheweek morse code: .-. --- -- / ---


Episode 96 -- Week of August 5th, 2018

Season 3 Premiere! Welcome to the new era! Don't worry, it's not all that different. Same hosts, same jokes, even the same music. This week, we talk not only about what we're up to, but Nickelodeon's plan to use a game engine to animate a forthcoming show. Also, with the news that the NES classic outsold the PS4, XBOX, and the switch, we talk about its place in the console world. But is it a console?! Find out in this week's episode! Twitter:...


Episode 41 -- Wall Street Kid (NES)

SEASON 2 FINALE! It's a bittersweet episode for the boys as they close out this chapter of the podcast. But before they transition into a new era, they've got an important game to take a look at. It's one that holds a special place for them, as it was part of the inspiration for the podcast. It's also their first (and let's be honest, last) financial simulator. What could be more fun than buying and selling stocks? Find out by checking out our season finale! Twitter:...


Demosode 40.5 -- Announcement

Yes, some changes are coming, but they're all good, we promise! Listen to our latest demosode to find out what's going on and hear us tell you the name of the next game we'll be playing! Here's some social media stuff: Twitter: @romoftheweek morse code: .-. --- -- / ---


Episode 40 -- Dragon Spirit (NES)

We're going to tell you about a game, and we SWEAR we're not making it up as some sort of prank. It's about a king and his children. The king has the ability to turn into a dragon using a sword, and also his son can do it? And then a wizard kidnaps his daughter and so his son goes to save her? Also there are two versions of the game? Oh, and did we mention that this was sold as a sequel even though it's literally a port of and arcade game with almost no changes? Seriously. THIS IS REAL....


Demosode 39.5 -- Gaming Addiction, Friday the 13th, PS4 Cross Play

It's Demosode time again, and this week, we're talking about the WHO's recent report on gaming addiction. We've all got a take, but it may not be the one you expect. We also discuss the effect of the Friday the 13th lawsuit on the online game of the same name. Plus, how does it feel for Sony to be mocked BOTH Nintendo and Microsoft for refusing cross-play? Plus, it's time for LeRoy to reveal his game for our next episode. What will it be? Find out! Here's some social media...


Episode 39 -- Out of this World (Genesis)

Listen, we all know Grant is kind of the wildcard of the show, so we never know what the hell he's going to bring in for us to play. Imagine our surprise when he came in with something completely outside his wheelhouse -- Out of this World, one of the most revolutionary games of the 16-bit era. This game is the work of pretty much one man, and is considered one of the most unique games in history. Does it stand the test of time? Find out by listening! Here's some social media...


Demosode 38.5 -- We REALLY like this new Friday the 13th Puzzle Game

When a game comes along that we all LOVE, that's usually pretty big news, and this week is no exception. Listen to us gush over a free-to-play steam game. Also, we talk about PUBG suing Fortnie, James Marsden starring in an upcoming Sonic movie, and most importantly, we announce our next game! Here's some social media stuff: Twitter: @romoftheweek morse code: .-. --- -- / ---


Episode 38 -- Colony Wars (PSX)

After a tumultuous E3, the boys are back to what they do best: playing through old-school games you may have missed! This week, the boys are going to space to fight for the freedom of the galaxy! It's Colony Wars for the Sony Playstation, and we're changing things up and playing it straight through: no cheats, no loads. Whatever ending we get, we get. How will we do? How many times will we be branded as traitors for shooting our own ships? Check out the episode to find out! Here's some...


Special Edition E3 -- Day 3 (The Final Day!)

It’s the final day of E3, and the boys tried (key word: tried) to make the most of it. We found new friends with “The Division”, Grant tried VR, and LeRoy may have been called up to the major leagues!


Special Edition E3 -- Day 2

We had an action-packed Day 2 at E3! We finally answered the Call of Duty, caught up with some Pokémons, and saw the saddest exhibit ever. Oh, and we did some hang gliding.


Special Edition E3 -- Day 1

It's finally here! The E3 Expo kicked off today, and your favorite podcast was on site and is going to give you a full report of all of the awesome games they saw! Destiny! Fortnite! CoD! You name it, we saw it, and even played some of them! More coming as E3 rolls on!


Special Edition E3 -- Square Enix, Ubisoft, Sony Press Conferences

Ian's alone again, God help us, but he's got plenty to talk about after 3 huge press conferences today. Is he still on board with The Division 2? (Spoiler: fuck yes) What about Spider-man? And what in the hell was going on with Square Enix's press conference? Find out! More tomorrow from the floor at E3!


E3 Special Edition -- Xbox and Bethesda Press Conferences!

Ian and Grant talk about their experience being at the Xbox E3 briefing today: what games struck them? Which look good? Which look bad? Which have they already forgotten? Plus, the guys discuss Bethesda's conference which took place after! Check it out and stay tuned for more E3 coverage this week! Twitter: @romoftheweek morse code: .-. --- -- / ---


Special Edition -- EA Play 2018!

Ian's flying solo on this one, and he talks about his reactions to Electronic Arts' big press conference as well as his time at EA Play 2018. What does he think of Anthem? What about Battlefield? How much were the food trucks? Find out in this special edition! Twitter: @romoftheweek morse code: .-. --- -- / ---


Demosode 37.5 -- We're going to E3!!

That's right! Your favorite indie podcast is going to be at the E3 expo this year, and you can expect as many reports and we can squeeze into a couple days. We'll be talking about what we played, who we talked to, and what the future holds for the world of gaming. We break down the details in this week's demosode, and, as if that weren't enough, Ian announces this pick for the next game the boys will be playing! Here's some social media stuff: Twitter:...


Episode 37 -- The Twisted Tales of Spike McFang (SNES)

It's another listener request! A fan named Josh asked us to check out a game he loved growing up for the SNES and get out take on it, and we obliged! Surprise, surprise, we're playing as a child vampire and we're trying to save the world! Is this an RPG, a platformer? A vampire simulator? Listen to the episode to find out! Here's some social media stuff: Twitter: @romoftheweek morse code: .-. --- -- / ---


Demosode 36.5 -- GTA's Music License, Atari Console, Backwards Compatible Consoles

In this week's demosode, the boys discuss what games have been staying in our disc trays, as well as some interesting gaming news: What does GTA IV removing music tracks means for the future of "games as a service?" What exactly is Atari trying to do with their new VCS indiegogo campaign, and will Microsoft and Sony take the news that nearly 1 billion hours have been spent on Xbox's backwards compatible titles as a reason to build it into their next consoles? Plus, we announce our next...


Episode 36 -- TMNT: Turtles in Time (Arcade)

Cowabunga! We're taking you back to the sewers and the adventures of Leo, Raph, Mike, and Don. That's right, we're talking about the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and this time they're battling Shredder through time... for reasons! Plus, in a first, we played the arcade version, complete with a count of how much we spent to beat this puppy. Check it out! Here's some social media stuff: Twitter: @romoftheweek morse code: .-. --- -- / ---