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Real Dudes Ep. 54 Welcome to the End

This week is weird for us here at RDP. While the format stays the same something went terribly wrong with an object Donovan found. We seem to be doing okay but we all feel a You'll have to listen to find out. We discuss Welcome to the Dreamscape by FyreGames. While Karrington doesn't give a full review on the game he does discuss his initial impressions on the game and plans to do a full early next year. Following that Kyle tells us about his time with Transistor on Nintendo...


Real Mini: K and K in the morning round 7

This week Karrington and Kyle discuss the 2018 Video Game Awards. What were some our of favorite games that won awards? Who won best indie game of the year? What were some of the amazing new games announced during the awards? We were extremely happy with some of the nominees this year and how well indie games were represented! Stay tuned towards the end as we briefly discuss our involvement with a special play through of Minecraft Hardcore! RedyJenny's Sneak Peak of Minecraft Hardcore...


Real Mini: K and K in the Morning round 6 with Chris of Play Comics Podcast

This week Kyle and Karrington go at it again with another K and K in the morning but this time its different. There's a new voice that is joining them this episode. There's a new cowboy that is wanting to voice his thoughts on things. Play Comics Podcasts very own Chris joins us as we chat about his most recent episodes of his show and talk about other super hero video games. This is a very open and laid back discussion so get ready for anything! You can check out Play Comics down in the...


Real Dudes Ep. 53 Sky Scrappers

This week Kyle Reviews Sky Scrappers, a game that puts a twist to the brawler genre. After that the guys discuss a little news and then go into a discussion of their thoughts on why PS4 decided to announce that they will not be appearing at E3 2019! All that and more on this weeks episode of RDP! Time Stamps: Sky Scrappers 4:46 News 15:08 Off Topic 36:24 Intro / Outro: Music by Gitaruman Thank you everyone for you continued support! Please be sure to follow us on Patreon -...


Real Mini: Matt Entin and Ed Kuehnel of Suspicious Behavior Productions

This week Karrington interviews to fantastic writers! Meet Matt Entin and Ed Kuehnel of Suspicious Behavior Productions an Indie Comic Book Company. Matt and Ed have been writing video games for quite some time, they both had the ability to meet and work on projects such as Leisure Suit Larry from High Voltage Software, Valiant Hearts: The Great War from Ubisoft. Individually they still write games, for example Ed Kuehnel got a chance to write for Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle and Matt...


Real Dudes Ep. 52 Pocket Sized Bomber Mechs

This week we have the President of Video Games on who gives us a chilling story of his visit to West Virginia and the Chef himself Phil joins us to chat about his visit to the beautiful state of West Virginia as well. Karrington and Cody discuss Vox Machinae and Donovan reviews Bomber Crew! After we chat briefly about some news we go into a discussion topic which Karrington brought up "Fallout 76 is said to have servers online "forever" are there any games you wish still had servers today...


Real Mini: Interview with Illustartor & Artist Joe Corroney

This week Donovan and Karrington travel to a galaxy far far away just to talk to the artist Joe Corroney! Joe is an artist that they met at the Cincinnati Comic Expo. Joe has been illustrating official Star Wars artwork for books, games, trading cards, comic books, posters, prints and magazines since 1997. They talk about Joe's journey from Apprentice to Jedi Master! Joe's Website Joe's Facebook Joe's Twitter Joe's Instagram Please be sure to follow us on Patreon - Patreon Twitter...


Real Mini: WVGDE 2018

Here's a bonus episode for you guys and gals! This past weekend Kyle and Karrington went to the 2018 West Virginia Game Developer Expo located at Mountwest Community & Technical College in Huntington, WV. We got to listen to an awesome keynote but the VFX Artist Brad Kalinoski. After the keynote we set up our booth and interviewed a few of the local developers which included Connor Rush of Fyre Games, Steve and Jay of Wraith Games, a few students of the MU Gamers Guild, and Jack Daniels of...


Real Dudes Ep. 51 Time Stamp!

This weeks discussion starts out with Karrington chatting about going to see Mystery Science Theater 3000 live and then we briefly discuss West Virginia Game Developers Expo (Stay tuned for this week because we've got a special episode we will be releasing about WVGDE) After our intro discussion Cody discusses a game by The Voxel Agens called The Gardens Between. For a guy that does not enjoy puzzle games, he had a lot of good things to say about The Gardens Between. Things take a shift...


Real Mini: Interview with Scott McMahon (Scoot)

This week we have another interview lined up and you do NOT want to miss this! Karrington and Donovan had the opportunity to sit down with Scott McMahon, also know as Scoot! They met him at the Cincinatti Comic Expo this past year and they were excited by his art style, the way he draws and some of the comics he has been able to produce. They discuss his time with Aw Yeah Comics, how he got started, what he loves about the Cincinnati Comic Expo and the convention circuit in general! Don't...


Real Mini: Interview with Max Striebel of Team Maniax

We have got a special guest! This week Kyle sits with Max Striebel to chat about Team Maniax and the creation of ReTimed which was discussed in our most recent episode. He explains how the game came to be and how it was inspired by famous movie The Matrix. While discussing ReTimed we also talk about his time spent at cons and watching other peoples reactions while playing ReTimed. Make sure you pick up ReTimed available now on the Nintendo Switch and soon to come on Steam! Team...


Real Dudes Ep. 50 ReTimed and 49 Episodes of Pure Chaos

This week Kyle, Karrington, and Donovan are joined Garret! A long time personal friend of theirs. While he jumps into the conversation, Kyle reviews ReTimed. This fun fast paced battle arena game by Team Maniax left him wanting more from them. What did he rate it? What more did he want from it? Stay tuned for later this week when we will be dropping a bonus interview with Max Striebel from Team Maniax. After a brief break and some news the guys discuss the "Classic Console". Why is this a...


Real Mini: Insert Coin Clothing Give Away!

Head on over to our instagram (realdudespodcast) and enter in to win a voucher from This short audio clip will give you all of rhe details that you will need to know to enter! You only have until 10/15/18 to enter in for your chance to win 1 of 3 vouchers!


Real Mini: Interview with JB Kalagayan of MeSseD Comics

This week Kyle and Karrington chat with JB Kalagayan of MeSsed Comics to talk about how he was able to turn his vision of MeSseD into an amazing story! Where did he find his inspiration for MeSsed? How did JB and Dylan get in contact with each other? What wise words does JB have for aspiring comic book writers? We had such a fun time and learned alot for this incredible man, after you listen make sure to follow MeSsed on Twitter and Instagram and check out their website below to get your...


Real Mini: PowerA Nintendo Switch Controller!

This weeks surprise episode we discuss power A’s Nintendo Switch wired controller and why it is so awesome. Listen at the end for a contest that we are hosting on Instagram over the weekend and how you can enter in for a chance to win this amazing controller that will be shipped directly to you! Intro / Outro: Music by Gitaruman Thank you everyone for you continued support! Please be sure to follow us on Patreon - Patreon Twitter - @Realdudes_pod Facebook -...


Real Dudes Ep. 49 The VideoKid, Heroki, & Cincinnati Comic Expo

We have a huge special treat with us today! Karrington, Kyle, Cody and Andrew are joined by Donovan! Donovan created the Star Wars audio drama that we shared with you some months ago and is here live to share his thoughts with everyone! The RDP crew cover 2 games this week starting with The VideoKid 80s Edition. This game from PixelTrip Studios certainly hits all the right nostalgia buttons when it comes to references. The real question is, does it hit that nostalgia button for the Real...


Real Mini: K and K in the Morning round 5

Kyle and Karrington are at it again! This week we sit down to discuss the Nintendo Switch 6.0 Update which included cloud saves and 20 NES classic games. We also give our thoughts on the news of the Playstation Classic coming out this holiday season. But to kick the conversation off Kyle gives his thoughts and impressions on Motion Twin's Dead Cells and lets you listeners what he would rate this game! Intro / Outro: Music by Gitaruman Thank you everyone for you continued support! Please...


Real Dudes Ep. 48 Overcooked Cells with Phil the Chef

Phil the Chef joins the crew this week as they discuss Dead Cells and Overcooked 2. With Phils background in Chefology he lets us know the similarities between the game and the actual kitchen itself. What did he rate this game? What did the crew initially think of this fast paced multiplayer cooking frenzy. Following Overcooked 2 Karrington and Phil discuss Dead Cells. A roguelike game metroidvania style game that will be sure to kick you right where it counts! It's brutal and rewarding!...


Real Mini: Brian Shea from Game Informer Interview

Hey Hey Hey everyone! We have an exciting guest on our show today! He is known as an avid Sonic fan and just so happens to be THE digital editor over at Game Informer, we have Brian Shea! Brian joins Karrington and Cody (in spirit) as they discuss Brian's journey to becoming one of the staff over at Game Informer which all began as a child and a SNES. You can follow Brian over at and also dont forget to read his work over at...


Real Dudes Ep. 47 Nindie's and an Interview with Adam Jeffcoat

This week we decide to discuss the incredible Nintendo Direct on Nindies that was presented last week. What are we most excited for? Is Nintendo the leading company for indie studios? You got to listen to find out! After our brief discussion on Nindies we talk with the Director over at Pixel Trip Studios, the master mind behind The VideoKid 80s Edition! Mr. Adam Jeffcoat! We pick at his brain about the developments of The VideoKid and find out his background with playing video games! Who was...