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Party Time

GM intro/flash back: Fifth crew just delivered weapons to park rangers on war-zodDuring that time, crew intended to guard space shuttle was ambushed by members of the churchGerry lost a handA Thunder-bear went through the shuttle craft causing massive damageAlso think there may be a Carsovax hidden somewhere in the ship, possibly eaten by the Thunder-bear but unconfirmedCarsovax = large man eating goannas with two legs, i.e. Gerry if you don’t feed himMission was ultimately successfulThe...


What is in the Space Shuttle?

In this Episode of the Star-Fall Actual Play Podcast GM’s intro: Park rangers on war zod decided they are taking sides and are supporting the resistance. But their weapons are designed to fight big animals, not other power armour etc. Terry, Lava, Mama Bear, Reza decided to deliver the goods to the forest. Remaining crew’s job is to keep the ship running ready for a speedy getaway. Received a message from unknown person, stating the church fleet is over our ship, orbiting, and we...


Gerry Gives A Hand

Gerry makes a small sacrifice to save the team What are those glowing red eyes? How can The Fifth Crew escape from the Church of the illumination patrol? Star-Fall RPG Science Fiction Podcast


Something is Hungry

Something is hungry and it's not Gerry (Ok he is hungry too) In this episode of the Star-Fall Actual Play Podcast. The Fifth Crew needs to escape again from the Church of the Illumination while something is lurking in the treetops. This Science Fiction RPG Podcast is told with Short stories Audio dramas and Actual Role Play


GM Vs Telemarketer

Gamemaster Vs Telemarketer the Audio version Hey, folks, this s is a much shorter episode today. We are going to be posting shorter episodes but more often. (let us know if that does not work for you) This episode is where I got fed up with a telemarketer calling even though I told them to stop calling. I'm on the Do not call list here in Australia so it's illegal for them to call. I also happen to know this particular call is a scam. So do not feel bad for this guy. I'm sure the police...


Episode 3 Season Two : Pills and Bad News

Star-Fall Actual Play Podcast is Back again Hey folks!! I told you that we were not done podcasting yet? We have brought you another Amazing podcast episode of RPG Science Fiction Goodness This Podcast Episode " Pills and Bad News" is Episode three of season two! I need to warn you that there is some Drug between some of the characters! I have to say this was some of the best roleplaying we have had so far in this series. I'm very impressed with the players and have awarded them some extra...


We are still alive and podcasting .... sooon

Still producing Science fiction RPG podcasts ... we just had to take a break as we had to a serious case of real life Website Failures Just as things were going good our website went down! This was a major disappointment as the backups were giving us trouble. After some choice words with our hosting company, we rebuilt the website only to have the website fail a second time. Now with a new website and new hosting company the new and improved Star-Fall Actual Play podcast website can be...


Star-Fall Season Two Episode Two

It's six months after the death of Primtel and the party has been working on some new training. Dave has a new arm, Reza has been working on a few new designer drugs. And the Fifth crew has a new boss.


Special Episode "In Memory of Xot"

A good friend of mine passed away and I'm not doing very well at the moment. I'm 5000K away from anyone who knew him and I'm not able to mourn his passing with the people who loved him most. Xot was one of the original gamers of Star-Fall. Though we did not have a chance to have him on the show his presence is felt throughout the Star-Fall universe as he was a key player during its early stages. The story "Chicken Soup" was about his party. Though he was not mentioned directly in the story...


Season Two Episode one "Rumble in Paradise "

The Fifth Crew don't have time to mourn their dead as we continue the confrontation between them and the Street Preacher Jeremiah Support our show by getting a Zapperburger Tshirt Or becoming a Patreon Backer.


Episode 15 Final Episode of Season One

This is the final episode of Season One. If you just discovered this podcast we recommend that you go back to episode one. The Fifth Crew makes it to the planet Helios to meet up with Eric Storge. On the way, Jeremiah makes a house visit. This Sci-Fi adventure will be back in a few months as we are working on upgrading our equipment as well as the characters. expect to have more characters, More Audio Dramas and more comedy in Season Two. (Oh yes the GM is not playing around anymore ... so...


Episode 14 "Zapperburger"

Zapperbuger is a fictional Fast food restaurant that caters to a diverse group. I wanted to have to create a place that was not a pub or a bar where the characters could interact without the having to worry about a battle. I have always had a theory that players who are good at roleplaying do not need to have battled all the time. In this case, I was correct. The players were having so much fun Roleplaying that they were almost disappointed that I had to move the story forward. Next...


Episode 13

In this episode of Star-Fall Actual Play Podcast, we discover why the party is called the "Fifth Crew'. They also spend some time learning about their new Space Pirate ship. Become A backer


Star-Fall Season One Promo

This is an ad for season one please download and play on your podcasts.


Star-Fall Episode Twelve

Hey, folks sorry that the into was so short as you can tell I have a cold. In this episode of Star-Fall Actual Play Podcast, the players get to fight space pirates. We also get to learn some of the mechanics for the combat system. This episode is not as fast-paced as some of the previous episodes but I'm sure that you are going to like it. For those of you who are wondering why I gave the players a pirate ship. There is a reason for it and I'm not telling you....


Episode Eleven Star-Fall Actual Play Podcast

In this episode, we meet the new players who just happen to be part of the crew of the Sandman a bad on ruthless space pirates. Peg Leg Stu is played by Dan Anfrazia is played by Xan Onboard the Sandman the party tries to make do with the situations they have in front of them. While a special Street Preacher gets an assignment meant to cause the party pain. Answers to these questions and more!


Pirates life for T'lee

In this episode, the party hangs out with Space Pirates. Support our show


Episode Nine

In this episode, the players try to negotiate passage to the planet Helios and things go south when the Church of the Illumination makes that negotiation tough with a counter offer. This is a longer episode, however, I do feel that you are going to like it. The later parts get exciting as the players start fighting their way out of the hanger to the space station. Listen to the GM struggle to not TPK the group when he realizes the obstacle he put up vs the party was WAY Too...


Episode Eight

In this episode, the characters are in the pub in the Thicket. During their drinking, they encounter "Lava" (Played by the lovely Jade) This Episode is a little more NOT SAFE FOR WORK than normal. Though we do not get graphic with the sex scenes there are a few points that would not be appropriate in a work situation or around little ears. You have been warned! Website: LibSyn: iTunes:...


Episode Seven Star-Fall Actual Play Podcast

The players land on the Thicket (Space Pirate Station) and encounter the G'dar mafia. In this episode, we have promos from all sorts of other podcasts we ask for you to check them out. Trivia: Underbelly refers to an Australian True Crime series called Underbelly. Join our mail lists Become a Patron Youtube Channel With Animations