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Episode 45: PC woes, Cops and Robbers, Betas and a fistful of news

What do we have here? The sleeping giant returns for a long overdue episode, in which we discover that PC building is not all it's cracked up to be as Goadie found out the hard way whilst also having a crack at the Hitman Beta test. Meanwhile, Dan finds time to strap on his riot gear and take out some Crims in Battlefield Hardline. The gaming news is discussed, as Sony put out the information about the PSVR system that we've all been waiting for, reactions to yet another delay for...

Episode 44: Daddy Issues Abord The Nostromo

On this episode of the show, Dan brings us a special announcement before tackling more atmospheric horror in Alien Isolation whilst Goadie spends a little time getting stumped by the recent beta trial of Tom Clancy's The Division. The gaming headlines for this show include shady goings on at the trademark office and a look at this month's free game offerings from both PlayStation Plus and Xbox Games with Gold services.

Episode 43: Two Guys, One Pubcast - A New Beginning

DON'T TOUCH THAT DIAL!!!! This is a new beginning for the Beer and Video Games Podcast. Welcome ournew lookandnew name. We have retained the same team and thesame content show but it's now less of an ego trip for Goadie. This is Two Guys, One Pubcast!!! In this inaugural, forty-fifth episode, Dan finishes his time with Far Cry 4 after completing the latest DLC offering and Goadie becomes the grapplling hook adornedfreedom fighter Rico Rodriguez and wingsuits around an oppressed island...

BVGC Episode 42: Game of the Year 2015 Awards Show

This is the final episode of the show for 2015 and the guys look back at the games they played, hand out the most prestigious awards in the podcasting world including the Ubisoft award for biggest cock up of the year and open the doors to the Hall of Fame.

BVGC Episode 41: The difficulties of Grand Theft Auto at 18

As one of the staple gaming franchises turns 18 years old, the boys take a look at the original instalment of the Grand Theft Auto. Will the nostalgia goggles come off or will it be as good as everyone says it was? Meanwhile, Dan wonders why he wasn't invited to the party when Goadie checked out one of this months PS+ games and the guys take a look at the full release of Star Wars Battlefront. The gaming headlines include a roundup of all the news from this month's PlayStation Experience...

BVGC Episode 40: He's Worth A Deus Ex

On this episode of the show, the guys get augmented and rebuilt to take on somecyberpunk terrorists in Deus Ex Human Revolution. Elsewhere, Goadie checks out the latest iteration of Codemasters' Formula One racing sim, F1 2015, and Dan finishes off the some DLC adventures, as well as Sauron, in Middle-Earth Shadow of Mordor. This week's gaming headlines include great sales figures from recently released titles. This week's beverage is a cold bottle of Sticky Toffee Pudding Ale.

BVGC Episode 38: Four guys and a lightsaber (or two)

On this bumper episode of the show, the boys welcome back Kyle and Darren til help the with their expedition to the ice planet Hoth and enter an battle of epic proportions in the multiplayer beta test for the upcoming Star Wars Battlefront. Meanwhile, Dan checks out the Nathan Drake collection on PS4. Goadie chills out with some more Minecraft. Kyle empties his bank account to progress with Lego Dimensions and Darren walks us through, literally, every game he's played since his last...

BVGC Episode 37: Gamechanging times at EGX 2015

On this episode of the show, the guys check out the BBC docu-drama, dubbed the GTA movie, The Gamechangers. The lads also welcome back Kyke to the show to give us a round up of his experiences at last weekends Eurogamer Expo. Dan takes a peak at the demo of Nathan Drake collection and Goadie try to get into the Witcher 3 This weeks gaming headlines for include the news that last gen Call of Duty fans are getting less of the game they love this year

Episode 35: Overkill-ing it at the House of the Dead

On this episode of the show, the guys take a visit to a motion controlled hive of the undead in the so-bad-it's-awesome on rails shooter House of the Dead: Overkill. Elsewhere, Dan takes a look at the new interactive survival horror drama Until Dawn and Goadie takes a second look at Luftrausers on the PS3. The gaming headlines include news of an late birthday present for Dan coming next year and bad news for the PS360 generation.

BVGC Episode 34: Grab your Goat Sim, You've pulled

On this episode of the show, the lads a four legged chaos machine in the WTF-is-this game, Goat Simulator Meanwhile, Dan manages to try out one of this month's PS+ titles, Goadie plays some old favourites and both lads try out the Call Of Duty: Black Ops 3 Beta The gaming headlines include several Playstation announcements and an old favourite hits a big milestone Tonight's beverage is a bottle of Carling Cider with Cherry

BVGC Episode 33: Scaramouche, Scaramouche will you play Grim Fandango?

On this episode of the show, the guys take a trip to the Land of the Dead and try an help out a reaper in need in Lucasarts'remastered classic point and click adventure Grim Fandango. Meanwhile, Goadie just can't seem to tear himself away from Rocket League and Dan creates some what of a paradox and finishes the Unfinished Swan. A round up of the highlights coming from this week's Gamescom in Cologne is featured in this episode's news headlines. Tonight's beverage is a bottle of Happy...

BVGC Episode 32: Arkham Knights of The Round Table

On this Episode of the show, the boys return to Gotham City to become the hero that the city deserves in Rock Steady's third instalment of their comic book trilogy Batman: Arkham Knight. Elsewhere Dan heads back to Middle-earth to check out his new season pass in Shadow of Mordor and Goadie plays This War Of Mine on a new platform. Gaming headlines include an offer you can't refuse from Bethesda and Kojima productions prepare for the end This episode's beverage is a cold bottle of Boon Doggle

BVGC Episode 31: Change of Plan, Escapists... LEG IT!!!

In this episode, the guys access their inner Houdini and try to escape from various 8-bit prisons in Mouldy Toof's The Escapists. Dan tries out the new backwards compatibility feature of the Xbox One with an old favourite and Goadie finally finished off Mortal Kombat X's story mode The gaming headlines include stories of record revenues for a certain YouTuber and one this month's Playstation Plus games isn't quite up to scratch Tonight's beverage is a bottle of St Peter's India Pale Ale

BVGC Episode 30: E3 2015 Round Up

On this episode of the show, the guys take a look at all the major announcements from this years Electronic Entertainment Expo, E3, in Los Angeles, California. They take a look at the Microsoft and Sony press conferences and also take a look at the smaller conferences from Square Enix, Ubisoft and Nintendo. Meanwhile, Dan is pleasantly surprised by Call Of Duty: Ghosts and Goadie tries to get in some gaming whilst on holiday in Italy and gets a drubbing on a favourite from years ago....

BVGC Episode 29: Dishonored but a lots to discuss

On this episode of the show, the guys break out of prison to rescue the Empress of Dunham's daughter in Arkane Studios' 2012 first person stealth action game Dishonored. Meanwhile, Goadie rediscovers one of his favourite time sinks and a sick Dan tries to make himself feel by playing Assassin's Creed: Unity Pre-E3 game announcements and a new refund system unveiled by Steam are just some of the gaming headlines Tonight's beverage is a interesting bottle of Pimm's Cider Cup

BVGC Episode 28: Back to Castle Wolfenstein

In this episode, the lads take a look at the follow up to their Game of the Year and return to 1946 with BJ Blascowistz to take down the Nazi regime in Wolfenstein: The Old Blood. Elsewhere, travels to Portugal mean extra gaming is hampered. Dan picks up his go-to game, Resogun but Goadie manages to take a look at newly released Project Cars on the PS4. E3 plans are grabbing the headlines, as well as a new Xbox One controller emerges. Tonight's beverage is a cold bottle of Bulmers' Zesty...

BVGC Episode 27: Happy Birthday, Young Padawans

It's our anniversary show!!! Break out the beer and celebrate with us!!! We're celebrating late, likeeverything else on the show, and also have a late celebration of the recent Star Wars day, May the 4th (Be With You), by playing Lucasarts' Force Unleashed. Meanwhile, Goadie has some problems with his PSN account and PS Now but manages to overcome them and Dan takes to the high seas in Assassin's Creed 4: Black Flag. In the news, E3 starts to take shape and Ubisoft make some announcements,...

BVGC Episode 26: Leo, Mikey, Donny & Raph's Excellent Adventure

On this episode of the show, the chaps delve into their nostalgia and take a look at the 1991 SNES beat-em-up Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles IV: Turtles in Time. Elsewhere, Dan finishes up the second episode of the Telltale Borderlands series and Goadie puts his 10 year old PSP to good use as an emulation device. In the news, Konami go nuclear on Silent Hills and a Halo tournament is cancelled due to the Masterchief Collection still being broken. Tonight's beverage is the Day of the Dead beer...

BVGC Episode 25: Going Down To South Park, Gonna Find The Stick of Truth

On this episode of the show, the guys round off their "Games-We-Should-Of-Played-In-2014-But-Didn't" Trilogy and take a trip to that quiet little mountain town to fight Aliens, Jews, Elves and Nazi Zombies (of course) in Ubisoft's South Park - The Stick Of Truth. Goadie finds the time to tear up the south of France in the Xbox exclusive freebie Forza Horizon 2 Presents Fast and Furious whilst Dan finishes up The Order 1886 and the guys also discuss the ending to last episode's club game,...

BVGC Episode 24: The Jack of Valiant Hearts

The boys are back to tear up your Bank Holiday weekend with this episode of the show, where they travel back to 1914 and trace the paths of several people (and a dog) living during the Great War in Ubisoft Montpellier's Puzzle Platformer, Valiant Hearts. Elsewhere, Dan spends an awful amount of time with his PS Vita and Goadie discovers what the guys have be missing in DriveClub In the headlines, Hideo Kojima is given the cold shoulder by Konami and the monthly freebies are confirmed...