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Episode 25: Wii Wee

How far would you go for the latest game console? A mother of three enters herself in what seems like an innocent contest in order to obtain a Nintendo Wii for her children. However, what seems like harmless fun soon turns deadly.


Bonus Round 2: Games We Play in the Dark

Paranormal activity in games is not limited to the digital realm of video games. Supernatural games have been played with simple household items for years. The One True Cabinet returns with a haunted tale about a game that simply needs a dark place and a match. No console or P.C. needed. It’s another Bonus Round as Little Timmy Gibson’s Haunted Cabinet takes over the story telling duties. Prepare for the Tale of the Matchstick Man.


Episode 24: Ghost Town

A time, a place can tell a bigger story than a well scripted cut scene in a game. The images of the Old West is filled with the desolate landscapes and ghost towns where supernatural creatures are free to lurk in the dark corners of your mind. Gather around the campfire as The Cabinet spins a tale of spirits haunting an abandoned town in Rockstar’s Red Dead Redemption.


Episode 23: The Wolf of the Wasteland

The land is scarred from the bombs dropped in the Great War. The fires of nuclear war engulfed the landscape and forged a new world. A lone wanderer hunts a monster, a wolf that preys on the children of New Vegas. He is the Courier. Join the Cabinet on a journey into the world of Fallout. (Songs featured in this episode are “House of the Rising Sun” as performed by Clarence “Tom” Ashley and “Black Betty” as performed by an unknown Texas prison choir. Both are currently in the public domain.)


Bonus Round: Trick or Treat Techno Terrors

Halloween’s not over yet. Time for one last treat. While Little Timmy Gibson is away, I, the One True Cabinet, Technological Terror Incarnate, will weave three tales of a twisted vision of the digital realm. Don’t think I’m limiting myself to just stories about video games like that other host. HAPPY HALLOWEEN, GAMERS!!!


Episode 22: Arcade Anthology: Polybius Rises

It’s a video game urban legend so big one podcast couldn’t tell the whole story. You’re in for a Halloween treat, gamers, as four other shows join the Cabinet Podcast to tell the story of Polybius. This is Arcade Anthology: Polybius Rises featuring the Cabinet Podcast, Conspeared, 2 Girls on a Bench, Karaok Big E, and the Totally Unreal Book Club. When the screens go dark, Polybius rises. Trick or Treat, gamers. (Part of the All the Horror collaboration.)


Episode 21: Chicken

Ignore the messages on the screen. Once you answer the texts on your phone, you’re already playing her game. There is no winning against the monster MoMo. The creepy mutation of chicken and woman will only accept one outcome from her challenge: your death.


Episode 20: Cult of No Personality

Don’t call it a video game. It’s more than that. It’s a gateway to a dark dimension. It’s an eye looking towards the future. Your path to become a warlock of the highest order. At least, that’s how one lonely boy saw what many gamers call the most boring Nintendo game ever made. He became so obsessed with Rare’s Taboo: The Sixth Sense that he formed a cult around it. Learn more about Little Dwayne’s strange obsession on this episode of the Cabinet. (Listen at the top of the podcast for a...


Episode 19: Bad Moon Rising

There’s always a price. A video game from the 1980s promises riches untold to one gamer who solves its complicated riddles. The prize buried beneath the white moonlight instead will leave a dark spot on his soul for the rest of his life. Sit back, gamers, as the Cabinet weaves the tale of the classic creepypasta Pale Luna and examines the truth behind the story. (***Warning: This episode contains graphic descriptions of murder and violence. Listener discretion is...


Episode 18: Mario Isn't Dead

They don’t call it Super Luigi Brothers. Luigi has always lived in the shadow of his older, more successful brother. However, Luigi’s luck is about to change. He’s just inherited a luxurious mansion in the Mushroom Kingdom countryside. Just as things are looking up for our favorite plumber in green, Mario goes missing. Oh, and his mansion is haunted with swarms of ghosts. You wouldn’t think those things are connected, but they are. Time to go on an adventure to save Mario and uncover the...


Episode 17: The Maddening

It’s third and long. The whole game is on the line. It would be a lot easier if our star running back was on the field. Too bad he took the offer to be the cover athlete for that Madden football video game. The curse got him. Snapped his ankle like a twig. Now, the whole team is paying for that decision. We’re all victims of the Madden Curse now. The Cabinet Podcast Patreon Twitter: @thecabinetcast Facebook Instagram


Episode 16: Adventures in the Haunted Child Casino

The dark origins of Chuck E. Cheese are revealed along with a tragic ghost story. Join the Cabinet Podcast on its radical paranormal journey in Part Two of this two part series on the famous 1980s family arcade. Enjoy your Adventures in the Haunted Child Casino. Just beware. You may bring home more than a stuffed Chuck E. Cheese doll and plastic ring from your trip.


Episode 15: Mayhem at Mechanical Rat Pizza

A robot rodent invites you to his arcade wonderland to share a slice of pizza over a round of video games. However, the neon lights of Chuck E. Cheese fade to give way to a dark story of murder and loss. Don't miss Part 1 of this two part episode as the Cabinet spins the first of two creepy tales surrounding this 1980s-1990s childhood icon.


Episode 14: The War Gameboy

A comfort from home can mean the world to a soldier deployed during war. During Operation Desert Storm in the 1990s, one United States soldier chose to bring his Gameboy as his reminder of home. However, an attack on his barracks leaves the device damaged. On this July 4th episode of the Cabinet, hear the miraculous tale of how the War Gameboy came through the fire and survived the Persian Gulf War to make it home to America.


Episode 13: My Personal Dystopia

The SimCity games allow gamers to create a world in their own image. One gamer tried to push limits of this PC game and ended up creating a twisted, dark vision of urban planning. Join the Cabinet Podcast as it takes you on a tour of one artist's dystopian nightmare created with SimCity 3000.


Episode 12: Spiritual Kinection

Xbox's Kinect had its moment in the sun after it was unveiled at E3 2010, but that moment has passed. Gamers now consider it dead technology and are looking to new horizons like virtual reality and 4K high definition gaming. However, the Xbox motion controller is rising from the grave, resurrected by paranormal researchers hoping to catch evidence of ghosts. On this episode of the Cabinet Podcast, see how ghost hunters are hoping to use video games as a way to reach out and touch the...


Episode 11: Down with the Sickness

The Corrupted Blood Plague is tearing the mythical land of Azeroth apart. The body count for the Alliance is rising faster than any of the old wars with the Horde. Out of the chaos, a dwarf and elf form a bond as they try to save what they love about the World of Warcraft. Join the Cabinet in this fantasy epic that explores the legend behind this accidental, digital epidemic.


Episode 10: Ghosts of Spartans Past

You're not alone on your Xbox. There's a ghost hiding in Halo 2, and he's hunting you. Stalking you with no mercy across the snowy corridors of Lockout. Join the Cabinet Podcast as we search for the origins of the white armored, spectral Spartan hiding in the Halo franchise.


Episode 9: Marathon Men

They live to play their video games. The most extreme cases die during extended play sessions. They are the Marathon Men, young men who binge on their desired digital worlds for hours or even days on end. However, one country's answer to the problem is more dangerous than the behavior it tries to fix. On this episode of the Cabinet, you'll find that reality can be more frightening than any ghost story we can tell.


Episode 8: From the Wreckage

A tragic plane crash claims the lives of six video game developers. It seems like their game will be lost to the sands of time. All they want is for gamers to acknowledge their last earthly deeds. Can they convince executives at Sony's Playstation headquarters to release their last four levels with a ghostly message from beyond the grave? On this episode of the Cabinet, the story behind how a burned letter signed by six spirits lead to the release of Twisted Metal Black's Lost Levels on PS2.