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S4E36 - The Age of Subscription Models - “I’m drinking subscription water right now”

In This Episode: We discuss the craziness that is subscription models. They’re everywhere now from Netflix to tooth brushes to cat food. We went in thinking about subscription services like Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime. You know, the stuff that everyone talks about. By the end of the discussion, however, we've realized that so much of what we consider as parts of our daily lives come as subscription services, too. Toothbrushes, kitty litter, even water bottles. We take advantage of the...


S4E35 - Staying With a Game Long Term - “Dragon Quest is bland on purpose”

In This Episode: We discuss what makes us decide to stick with a game long term and what can push us away from those games after we’ve committed to them. For geekery BJ has been diving into Collection of Mana while Void finally rewatched Endgame and gave She-Ra a shot. Support the Podcast on Patreon You can go to to support the podcast, and you can get some cool stuff, too. You can be a Patron Saint of Geekery and get some neato Reddit flair. We are...


S4E34 - Star Wars Sizzle, MCU Updates, Fire Emblem 3 Houses, and More - “Like two lightsabers duct taped together”

In This Episode: We catch up on our geekery with a wide variety of topics this week! We talk about the Star Wars Sizzle reel from D23, thoughts on rewatching the MCU with kids, more Fire Emblem 3 Houses discussion now that we’ve both beaten it, and lots of other games and movies. Support the Podcast on Patreon You can go to to support the podcast, and you can get some cool stuff, too. You can be a Patron Saint of Geekery and get some neato Reddit...


S4E33 - Lessons from Podcast Movement 2019 - “Navel Gazing Hug Attack”

In This Episode: BJ went to Podcast Movement 2019 and loved it! He got so much from it, and he wants to talk about all the takeaways that he got regarding the industry, being a creator, being a listener, and just how things can move forward in the future. What is Podcast Movement?Podcast Movement is aconference for podcasters and industry professionals. Not so much podcast listeners in every respect, but not always. Everyone there was a listener of some kind, so anyone can get something...


S4E32 - Butterflies Flutterby - “When there’s an app connected to your nightlight you know you’ve strayed too far”

In This Episode: We discuss butterflies with a special guest host while BJ is away at a conference. We also touch on houseplants, losing control of your houseplant situation, how many houseplants have snuck into Void’s house without him realizing it, and night lights! Support the Podcast on Patreon You can go to to support the podcast, and you can get some cool stuff, too. You can be a Patron Saint of Geekery and get some neato Reddit flair. We are...


S4E31 - Meditation - “Avoiding the woo-woo with Captain Marvel”

In This Episode: Void Meditation update!I deleted most of my meditation apps except for…HeadspaceInsight timerHeadspace is my preference for guided meditationInsight timer has a ton of free courses and guided meditations but I couldn’t find ones that clicked. But…Insight timer is great for customizing your own timers and for ambient noise or music choicesTimer customization is mainly what I’m doing with it Why meditate?BJIt keeps me from getting overwhelmed with all the things in my...


S4E30 - Fire Emblem Three Houses Initial Impressions - “No one believes in democracy here”

In This Episode: Fire Emblem: Three Houses is a turn-based strategy RPG, but it’s also totally a game like Persona where it’s just as much about relationships on a one to one level as it is about the battlesFirst time I’ve played FE not on a handheld system Radiant Dawn?There hasn’t been one since the Fire Emblem on the Nintendo WiiPremiseKingdom of Fargus?Lester Alliance?Something Empire?EdelgardDimitriClaudeThree countries on this continentThere’s a monastery in neutral ground in the...


S4E29 - Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 & SDCC MCU Reveals - “Yes, we are recommending a bad game because it's great"

In This Episode: We go in-depth on Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3, covering the good and the bad and recommending it all the same. But here's the thing: it's not a very good game, mechanically. But it's a lot of fun and we are loving it, and we think you should play it. It's junk food. It's like eating movie theater candy. You know it's not great, but you are absolutely loving the experience. It’s a great low key co-op couch game, but neither of us have played it online co-op. We want to. It...


S4E28 - Tabletop RPGs in 2019 - “The Final Boss is… Scheduling!”

In This Episode: In the beforetime, the long, long ago (season 3), we covered tabletop RPGs. It's 2019, things have changed somewhat, and we wanted to revisit the topic. Beej has taken up playing Dungeons & Dragons with a local group, mainly with the Adventurer's League. Basically, the AL is the Wizard's sanctioned D&D league where rewards travel over between everywhere, and no matter where you go, you can find a table to play at. It's a really interesting idea, and it lets newcomers to...


S4E27 - 2019 Summer Games and Movies - “Mario Maker 2, Spider-Man, Shadowbringers, and More”

In This Episode: We discuss a bunch of the games and movies that are finally releasing this summer! We cover things like Mario Maker 2, Spider-Man Far From Home, FFXIV Shadowbringers, Magic The Gathering Arena Core Set 2020, Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night, Stranger Things Season 3, and more. Plus we sneak in some bonus geekery near the end of the show and Beej gets a new furry friend. Things are finally releasing again! The late spring / early summer slump looks like it’s over.Mario...


S4E26 - Best of 2019 (So Far) - "I love how you say July"

Support Geek to Geek on Glow.FM/geektogeekcast In This Episode: Void and Beej recap the best of… basically everything from the first half of the year. If you want a condensed list of awesome (or intriguing) recommendations then this is the episode for you. At the end of every year, we go through the best stuff we experienced that year so that you folks can have the best recommendations and experiences possible. Unfortunately, those recommendations have to be boiled down, so we do a...


S4E25 - Unplanned Geekery - “Not surprisingly, about the moon landing”

Support this podcast on in 3 clicks! In This Episode: BJ’s voice has rebelled and overthrown his tyrannical rule! His dulcet tones are sadly absent. Void does his best to fill in with some geekery catch-up and excellent recommendations. He catches up on geekery with topics like 13 Minutes to the Moon, Anime, Rumble Stars, Contest of Champions (Arcade), Final Fantasy V Four Job Fiesta, and some other upcoming games. Support the Podcast on Patreon You can go to...


S4E24 - Cadence of Hyrule and Rhythm Games - “Two participation points”

Support this Podcast in 3 Clicks! In This Episode: We discuss Cadence of Hyrule and our feelings about rhythm games in general! One of us loves them and one of us apparently has no rhythm. Can you guess which one is which? Go ahead. Guess! Tweet us @geektogeekcast before you listen with your guess! 50 points* if you get it right. *points are redeemable for a hug from Beej IRL if you ever get to meet up in person Between DDR, Just Dance, Amplitude, Guitar Hero, Rock Band and so many more,...


S4E23 - E3 2019 - “Something About Keanu”

In This Episode: EA - June 8Jedi Fallen OrderMetroidvania-ish (Metroid Prime)Not hack and slash combat. More measured. Looks like an approachable dark souls combat style (minus the frustration?)After order 66 and before Rogue OneMicrosoft - June 9, 3pm CSTThe Outer worldsThe interesting parts of fallout in a sci-fi settingOn game passOctober 2019Bleeding Edge4v4 Online melee combatGame passMinecraft DungeonsMinecraft DiabloMy kids want thisSpiritfarerWay to the WoodsCyberpunk 2077Keanu...


S4E22 - Spoiler Culture - “Shouting Spoilers Out Of Car Windows”

Support this Podcast in 3 Clicks! In This Episode: We discuss... spoilers! No, we're not trying to keep the topic from you. We are talking about how spoiler culture exists today and how radically different people can be when it comes to their reaction to spoilers. In terms of when we were first introduced to the idea of spoilers and keeping things sacred, so to speak, differed for both of us. For Void, it was when Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince was released. People would drive...


S4E21 - Returning to Final Fantasy XIV (and other MMOs) - "I don’t know why she didn’t dump me"

Support this Podcast in 3 Clicks! In This Episode: We discuss returning to MMOs, especially through the lens of Final Fantasy XIV in prep for the upcoming expansion Shadowbringers (it launches July 2). What in particular makes us start back into games like this that we know tend to be major time sucks? For Beej, it's mainly friends. Having a social group to be a part of means a lot to him. And so does being able to find hella cool gear that makes his Red Mage look amazeballs. For Void,...


S4E20 - Geekery in Florida and the Slow Video Game Year - “Dragons are like Spider-Man”

Support this Podcast in 3 Clicks! In This Episode: Beej traveled to Florida and stayed with Austin for a week. He geeked out a lot while he was there, and we catch up on all the stuff he did while he had a friend to nerd out with. Dragon Quest Builders is a really fun game, but the bosses are kind of insane. And by insane, we mean super annoying and make the rest of an otherwise fun game a chore that may not be worth playing. Hopefully Dragon Quest Builders 2 will fix that. The Final...


S4E19 - Story Endings - “Swords and Shields and Way Too Much Magic”

Support this Podcast in 3 Clicks! In This Episode: We discuss story endings, especially with all the big endings happening this year like Star Wars, Avengers Endgame, Game of Thrones, and more. BJ pulls out some of his professor skills to let us know a little bit more about what makes for a good, bad, or interesting ending. For geekery, Beej has been playing FFXII on Switch, Dragon Quest IX on DS, and is still totally into the Wheel of Time series. Void finished the Shovel Knight Boss...


S4E18 - SteamWorld Quest - "Cards are an aesthetic"

In This Episode: We cover a quick main topic of SteamWorld Quest and then jump into an extra long Weekly Geekery since we skipped it for our Avengers Endgame spoilercast last week. In short, the SteamWorld games are pretty fantastic. They take a steampunk look and put the robots and cogs and gears into different settings. SteamWorld Dig is a western, SteamWorld Heist is in space, and now SteamWorld Quest is medieval fantasy. They all work so incredibly well that you almost forget you're...


S4E17 - Avengers Endgame Spoilercast - “Emotionally Devastated in Different Ways”

Support this Podcast in 3 Clicks! In This Episode: We have a spoiler-filled discussion about Avengers Endgame. Like a lot of spoilers. Spoilers on top of spoilers. We even manage to throw some extra spoiler discussion at the end about Game of Thrones Season 8. But even the GoT stuff is right at the very end, we warn you, and you can totally skip out on it if that's not your thing. And when we say spoilers, we mean it. We don't do Weekly Geekery in this episode because we don't want to...