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Legendary Loot Box #28

News Blizzcon 2017 Moira MOY RUH New support hero live on PTR. Abilities: BIOTIC GRASP Using her left hand, Moira expends biotic energy to heal allies in front of her. Her right hand fires a long-range beam weapon that saps enemies’ health, healing Moira and replenishing her biotic energy. BIOTIC ORB Moira launches a rebounding [...] The post Legendary Loot Box #28 appeared first on Legendary Loot Box.


Legendary Loot Box # 27

News Blizzcon 2017 Attending Blizzcon or purchasing the virtual ticket will unlock a Winston skin. Ultimate Changes Ultimate charge is now immediately expended when a hero’s ultimate ability is activated, instead of depleting over a short period of time Ultimate charge goes immediately to 0% after hitting “Q”. Additionally, any ultimate that can be interrupted [...] The post Legendary Loot Box # 27 appeared first on Legendary Loot Box.


LOOT 26 – D.Va Playa

News Overwatch is Free to Play for the weekend from 9/22 through 9/25. It’s also $20 off until 9/28. Regular version ($29.99) Game of the Year ($39.99), and you can upgrade to GotY for only $9.99. New details on Overwatch’s toxic player actions have emerged. Starting Sept 27th, a player that is repeatedly banned over [...] The post LOOT 26 – D.Va Playa appeared first on Legendary Loot Box.


LOOT 25 : Blizzard Arena

News Blizzard Unveils the Blizzard Arena at Burbank Studios First event there will be the Overwatch Contenders Season One Playoffs on Oct 7-8. Then Oct 13, the Hearthstone Championship Tour Summer Championship will compete there. Later this year, the Overwatch League will play their first season at this location. Tickets are now available and they [...] The post LOOT 25 : Blizzard Arena appeared first on Legendary Loot Box.


LOOT 24 : No Mercy in Junkertown for Mei

News Gamescom Announcements Junkrat & Roadhog Short (video) New Escort Map: Junkertown (video) (Unit Lost Walkthrough) Looks like several side rooms, like the vault, a karaoke stage? Big room with rotating platforms in the middle Video narrated by the “Queen” of Junkertown Mei Short – (video) Changes to Season 6 2 months long, a month [...] The post LOOT 24 : No Mercy in Junkertown for Mei appeared first on Legendary Loot Box.


LOOT 23 : Lucioball Deathmatch

News 5 more (regular) loot boxes are available with your Twitch Prime subscription Summer Games – August 8 – 29 (video intro) Lucioball – 3v3 play with a new map located in Sydney. Competitive Lucioball – Copa Lucioball – placement matches, skill rating tiers, leaderboards, competitive points and more. New Skins/emotes/intros – (view here) Deathmatch [...] The post LOOT 23 : Lucioball Deathmatch appeared first on Legendary Loot Box.


LOOT 22 : Doomfist Live

News Overwatch League – Announces player pay details (Source) Minimum $50k / year with 1 year guaranteed contracts w/ option to extend for 1 year. Teams will provide players with health insurance and a retirement savings plan. Teams will distribute at least 50% of their team performance bonuses (i.e. money from winning playoffs or other [...] The post LOOT 22 : Doomfist Live appeared first on Legendary Loot Box.


LOOT 21 : Doomfist the Doodlemuffin

News Doomfist! – Hes out! (on PTR) – Hand Cannon: Doomfist fires a short-range burst from the knuckles of his fist. Its ammunition is automatically regenerated over a short time. – Seismic Slam: Doomfist leaps forward and smashes into the ground, knocking nearby enemies toward him. – Rising Uppercut: Doomfist uppercuts enemies in front [...] The post LOOT 21 : Doomfist the Doodlemuffin appeared first on Legendary Loot Box.


Loot 20 : The Denver BlahBlahBlahs

News The changes we talked about last show are now in live. The current build being used on the PTR is called “ Doomfist/Summer Games” according to the crash logs. Jeff Kaplan – Developer Update – on the PTR Highlights System The game will continue to auto generate highlights for you based on your recent [...] The post Loot 20 : The Denver BlahBlahBlahs appeared first on Legendary Loot Box.


LOOT 19 : Competitive Discussions

News Player posts on the Blizzard forums a simple question: “Does blizzard even play their own game??????” Jeff Kaplan responds: “We play the game a lot. Looking at your profile, I’ve won approximately 800 more games than you have. That’s not counting the daily internal playtests I am in, the time I spent in Alpha [...] The post LOOT 19 : Competitive Discussions appeared first on Legendary Loot Box.


Loot 18 : Horizon Lunar Colony

News Overwatch Item Tracker – Moon Base: Horizon Low Gravity mode New arena maps!!!! McCree and Reaper get huge buffs. McCree’s deadeye locks on much quicker and Reaper now gets healed 20% of the damage done to enemies instead of orbs. He’s going to be really hard to kill when ulting without using a [...] The post Loot 18 : Horizon Lunar Colony appeared first on Legendary Loot Box.


LOOT 17 : Hanzo

News Nexus Challenge ends on May 22nd Overwatch Anniversary event May 23 – June 12 New dance emotes!! Symet, Sombra, Zenyatta, Lucio 3 New “Arena” maps (looks like Dorado, Anubis and Eichehwalde) Destiny 2 Free Weekend May 26-29 Season 4 competitive ends May 28th, 5pm PT 5 Secrets about Overwatch’s support heroes Getting [...] The post LOOT 17 : Hanzo appeared first on Legendary Loot Box.


LOOT 14 : Roadhog

News Animated Comic is out. Super cool, has skins for the new event in it. (Torb, Mercy, Reinhard, Tracer) (source) New content being launched on April 11th. The omnic crisis, or King’s Row uprising – will be the game’s first in-universe event. Previously, events were seasonal and tied to real-world festivities like the holidays, Chinese [...] The post LOOT 14 : Roadhog appeared first on Legendary Loot Box.


LOOT 13 : Ana

News Eichenwalde- new side route open on PTR! More defined reporting system on PTR. Orisa is out! Will be available for comp this week. Custom game and game browser fixes: Fixed a bug causing players to respawn in the enemy spawn room after being pinned against a car by an enemy Reinhardt on Oasis [...] The post LOOT 13 : Ana appeared first on Legendary Loot Box.


LOOT 12 : Orisa

News New Hero on PTR : Orisa She is a 4-legged robot designed by an 11-year old engineer named Efi Oladele. She’s a Tank character and is intended to be a anchor tank like Reinhardt. Main Weapon – Fusion Driver – An automatic gun with good range and accuracy even at a distance. Orisa’s [...] The post LOOT 12 : Orisa appeared first on Legendary Loot Box.


LOOT 11 : Widowmaker

News WoW Tokens can now be used to buy Overwatch loot boxes Activision Blizzard releases quarterly results 2016 highest average Monthly Active users at 36 million (up 37%) The last quarter it rose to 41 million More than 60% of revenues come from franchises other than WoW. 20% came from consoles. WoW subscribers grew by [...] The post LOOT 11 : Widowmaker appeared first on Legendary Loot Box.


LOOT 10 : Year of the Rooster

News Lucio coming to Heroes of the Storm Blizzard bans 22,865 Korean players. However, the problem continues in South Korea. Players play at shops called PC Bangs. There you can play for around $0.80-$1.50 an hour and you don’t have to enter any personal information. If your account gets banned, you just create a new [...] The post LOOT 10 : Year of the Rooster appeared first on Legendary Loot Box.


LOOT 9 : Genji

News Overwatch: Year of the Rooster – January 24th Blizzard tweeted a video showing Mei in what is likely a skin for her and the info about the events date and title. Jeff Kaplan will be presenting the keynote at the DICE Summit on Feb 21-23. It’s entitled: Overwatch: How Blizzard created a hopeful vision [...] The post LOOT 9 : Genji appeared first on Legendary Loot Box.


LOOT 8 : Overtime in the Oasis

News Name Change – Now Legendary Loot Box Diablo’s 20th Anniversary is here. Each game is going to have some special in-game events and goodies to celebrate. Here is a breakdown of what you will find. Diablo 3: Play through the original Diablo with the Darkening of Tristram tribute event. You go through a reimagined [...] The post LOOT 8 : Overtime in the Oasis appeared first on Legendary Loot Box.


LOOT 7 : Mei-rry Christmas

News Merry Christmas!! New Skins! Tracer comic 🙁 Overwatch dev update- recap of the year and what is coming next! Sombra changes are being evaluated “slowly”. They don’t want to mess things up like they feel they did with Ana. Oasis should be coming early 2017 More seasonal events coming in the future (some you [...] The post LOOT 7 : Mei-rry Christmas appeared first on Loot Box.