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076 – Lowering Our Standards With Fringe

We did the unthinkable and decided to lower our standards by having FringeAverage, host of the GankBush Squad podcast guest on our show today. We get into some meaty topics, definitely worth a listen! Sit back and enjoy! If you’re looking for Fringe and the GankBush Squad Podcast, check out their website at Interview with Fringe – 0:45 News ... Read More


075 – Heccu!

On the show today, we had famous streamer and HotS media personality Heccu join us to talk about her journey into HotS as a streamer and interviewer. But that’s not all, we also had a ram packed week full of Deckard Cain announcements, patch notes, developer updates and more! Sit back and enjoy! If you’re looking for Heccu online, follow ... Read More


074 – Who’s On Tonight? It’s Royalite!

Best show ever… If you’re going to watch one, this is the one to catch, because we’ve got @Royalite on the show today! We have a blast chatting about our favorite game with our favorite Twitter personality. Sit back and enjoy! Royalite Interview – 1:35 News – 18:48 Heroes of the Dorm – 26:57 Abby Support Meta – 32:20 PAX ... Read More


073 – Fenix and Goons

Mystic and Daz are joined by coach of Open Division’s Reborn, streamer, caster and HotS enthusiast GOON. We talk Fenix, how to play him safely, and not so safely. If you see GOON in the Nexus, run. Enjoy the show! News – 6:22 Getting Pwnd By Fenix – 17:00 Yoda’s Safe Fenix Build – 24:40 GOON’s Not-So-Safe Fenix Build – ... Read More


072 – Fenix Has Returned

Mystic and Daz are joined by recently very absent LiQiuD to talk Fenix, the new patch, Varian and Tracer in the PTR and more. Sit back and enjoy! News – 3:25 Patch Notes Blitz – 8:45 Eastern Clash – 36:18 Part 2 Preview – 42:15 In Development – 47:54 Mystic Got Fenix – 51:38 The Varian Sh*t Show – 1:01:44 ... Read More


071 – Who’s OP Now?

Mystic and Daz are joined by writer Rozai for the second week in a row, we’re again testing out our new format, taking our ‘Pardon The Interruption’ for a spin again. A lot of great topics this week! Sit back and enjoy! News – 3:13 Eastern Clash – 5:25 Space Age is Over (Spacestation Gaming withdraws sponsorship) – 10:29 ... Read More


070 – Pardon The Interruption

Mystic and Daz are joined by writer Rozai to try out a new format for The Nexus Trolls. We take a ‘Pardon The Interruption’ style approach to covering the news. Tell us what you think of the format, and enjoy! News – 6:02 Western Clash Impresses – 9:35 NA LUL – 15:05 Stale Professional Meta – 20:30 Pumping Brakes ... Read More


069 – Messing Around with Sonya and Medivh

LiQiuD is back again this week to talk with Mystic and Daz about the recent PTR patch, which includes reworks to Sonya and Medivh as well as some ‘interesting’ changes to Ana. See the Trolls take on the new changes. Sit back and enjoy! News – 5:05 LiQiuD’s Esports Corner – 21:20 PTR Patch Notes – 26:50 Our show notes ... Read More


068 – Creators of the Storm Preview

This weekend, we’re hosting a great event for the Heroes of the Storm community, a tournament that features all of your favorite content creators called Creators of the Storm. On today’s show, we’re joined by Trent Murray to analyze some of the potential strategies that may be employed throughout the tournament’s various game modes. Sit back and enjoy! You can ... Read More


067 – The Original Troll Returns

Shiz, who we haven’t seen in almost 60 episodes returns to the show to talk some HGC, Maiev and take some listener questions. News – 6:45 LiQiuD’s Esports Corner – 14:15 Maiev Nerf – 25:38 Listener Questions – 37:35 Our show notes for this episode can be found at: The Nexus Trolls is a weekly podcast all about Blizzard’s Heroes ... Read More


066 – Maeiv, Hotter Than a Pair of Shimadas

Who’s first banning Genji and Hanzo? Not the Trolls. Daz and Mystic are joined by Rozai to talk about the overtuned Maiev and the recent balance patch. Sit back and enjoy! News – 3:17 Maiev – 8:20 Patch Analysis – 51:13 Mystic’s Shakedown – 1:16:35 Our show notes for this episode can be found at: The Nexus Trolls is ... Read More


065 – Maiev Shadowsong

Daz is out on vacation with his family, so LiQiuD and Mystic hold down the fort, diving into Maiev Shadowsong’s kit. A great show so sit back and enjoy! Our show notes for this episode can be found at: The Nexus Trolls is a weekly podcast all about Blizzard’s Heroes Of The Storm. The podcast is hosted by Daz, LiQiuD ... Read More


064 – Bahgz Auditions for LiQiuD’s Job

Bahgz steps in to fill in for the sick LiQiuD (get better soon bud!) to cover the first week of HGC and the new patch with us. A great show so sit back and enjoy! News – 3:11 Esports – 15:10 Patch Analysis – 43:23 Mystic’s Shakedown – 1:09:25 Our show notes for this episode can be found at: The ... Read More


063 – Tyrael Gets Mana!

LiQiuD makes his triumphant return to the show just in time to talk mecha skins, and the brand spankin’ new rework to Tyrael. Sit back and enjoy the show! News – 2:42 LiQiuD Esports Corner – 13:20 Tyreal Rework – 24:27 Our show notes for this episode can be found at: The Nexus Trolls is a weekly podcast all about ... Read More


062 – Need A Light?

Mystic and Daz take a look at the recent patch which included changes to all of the stealth heroes, a reworked Malfurion and Blaze! The trolls do a deep dive into Blaze and his kit, confounded why he’s performing so poorly on release. Sit back and enjoy! News – 5:20 Patch Analysis – 14:00 Blaze Deep Dive – 54:25 Our ... Read More


061 – Sadfurion on Fire

In one of Daz’s saltiest episodes, you’ll find him rambling on about the death of Malfurion and how horrible Johanna’s Falling Sword ultimate is. Luckily, Mystic and LiQiuD are around to keep things on track as we also cover our first impressions of Blaze, and discuss his viability as a solo tank and solo laner. A great show, sit back ... Read More


060 – Blazing Into The New Year

Our final episode before the new year, and our first after Christmas! Understandably, it’s a light news week, so we decide to try and predict what Blaze the firebat’s kit will be once he joins the Nexus, and we also discuss ideal hero pools for ranked play. Sit back and enjoy! News – 5:20 LiQiuD’s eSports Corner – 8:20 Theorycrafting ... Read More


059 – ‘Twas The Night Before neXmas

Our final episode before Christmas… We talk the patch that dropped hours before the show with big changes to Garrosh. We talk our favorite heros, and what we want from Blizzard for Christmas. Sit back and enjoy the show! News – 5:40 LiQiuD’s eSports Corner – 9:10 Balance patch and Garrosh changes – 19:55 Our favorite heroes – 53:05 What ... Read More


058 – Grooving To Heroes 2.1

On today’s show we talk about the new “Heroes 2.1” patch that dropped yesterday with came along with most of the changes announced at BlizzCon. We discuss how we would change Hanzo as a hero in the game, and we finish off the show with a very special segment “Music of the Storm” where composer Russell “Rozai” Greene walks us ... Read More


057 – Hanzo and Alebeard

We’ve got’s very own Alebeard back on the show this week. A deep dive into Hanzo is on the docket, along with some discussion on the state of hero league and where we see it going down the road. You can follow Alebeard on Twitter at @AlebeardTV News – 3:40 LiQiuD’s Esports Corner – 11:10 Hanzo – 16:30 Ranked ... Read More


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