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Episode 93 - Show me the money

This week, not much goes on for progression. But news wise, oh boy. First we discuss the newest integrity changes, along with some QoL/content changes. Deagin finds this seasons DMM has a bit of a different tone to it. Bug strikes OSRS this week, and its a big one. Jagex is forced to roll back servers after players are receiving cash drops of 2.1bil. Dilz takes a look into non-osrs gaming communities as they discover the mobile beta. Along with a post on the subreddit in regards to a...


Episode 92 - Born Mobile

This week Deagin begins the week discussing his skilling ventures, and the Volcanic Mines. Dilz trails off to some Rimworld talk. For updates we discuss some more information on Theatre Of Blood Entry mode and our opinions on it. Jagex drops the Rune Fest 2018 theme on us. We see some more Game Integrity changes get introduced. And the biggest news of them all, Android Beta is released for all members on OSRS! For community rambles, an update on Rs3 Runepass, and some issues with past...


Episode 91 - Comboting Bats

Lots of new this week. We begin with Deagin talking about his skilling gains, and Dilz talks about burn out in OSRS. Servers suffer some DDoS this week, from who? Who really knows..? Jagex finally releases the devblog for the new Rev Cave uniques. Along with a new Entry Mode for Theatre of Blood. We see the beginning of previously mentioned game integrity changes to prevent scams, rwt, bots and other issues in the game. This week we saw the Deadman Mode Summer invitational begin, and...


Episode 90 - HCIM Will Fall.

Deagin blasts through his diaries, Dilz continues with his RC grind. With merch talk sprinkled in. Some Theatre of Blood tweaks, as usual. DMM summer finals is just around the corner. We see some changes, and their plans to prevent any shady buisness from going down. A content survey is out for you to tell Jagex what you like, dont like and want changed in the future. Servers get hit with some hurt. HCIM die. Coincidence? No, but Im sure some are going to. We also welcome on 2, maybe 3...


Episode 89 - Raiding into the Summer

This weeks episode we start off with a nice discussion on Runecrafting, and the different methods of training. Jagex talks about tweaks to the Theatre of Blood. We also get some previously proposed QoL changes, with some information on the next DeadMan Mode tournament. Mod Ayiza and Mod Sween hold a bot-busting stream with some nice cosplay to go with it. The anniversary of the Falador Massacre passes us by, some pro tips for doing the Fight Cave is released, along with a new strategy...


Episode 88 - The Theatre Of Blood

Deagin finally reveals his merching items. Dilz takes the week off to do some good ol' scaping. Some casual ramblings as always, but lets not bog down this description. The biggun' is released today. The Theatre Of Blood! Lots of news on the items, the bosses, our experiences, the race to world first and ofcourse, some bugs that came along. We get an update on the Solak bug abusing going on over at Rs3. This week for lore we discuss the Kingdom of Varlamore. Song of the week : The Fat...


Episode 87 - Early Access Raids 2

This week Deagin brings up the discussion of merching, and some odd trends going on in the market. With Theatre of Blood just around the corner, we discuss some more information about the players that flew out to Jagex HQ to play-test the raid. Some more mobile beta invitations are released. Rs3 sees a new boss, Solak. With it some drama goes on, on the other side of Runescape. Discussion on what Jagex should do about bug abusing for the Completionist Cape, and if OSRS should have the...


Episode 86 - A Classic Good-Bye

This week Deagin gets some fat raid drops, Dilz does some things on mobile. Some talk on the lack of Challenge Raid competition, and some more client talk. We begin to say good bye to one of the Runescape family members. The one that started it all, Runescape Classic. Jagex brings us the plans for the next Deadman mode tournament/season. And we get a new quest, A Taste of Hope. The pre-raids quest. Some streamers and youtubers head to Jagex HQ to test the new raids. We touch on the...


Episode 85 - EOC:Extinction of Clients

This week Deagin attempts the fire cape on his pure, Dilz notices a few things about the Mobile client. As for news, we get some progress reports about the Theatre of Blood, while Chambers of Xeric get a new hardmode version of the raid. Runefest comes out with the line up of events. And lastly we see the madness of Jagex vs 3rd Party clients. This week for lore we talk about the rise of a corrupt king within The Great Kourend. Our Discord is open for all to join. Server links are...


Episode 84 - A Clash of Clients

The Always-On Android beta begins this week! We also see a Summer Special for membership&bonds pop up, where Deagin busts out his tin foil hat. With the discussion of clients being a hot topic, we decide to try out the 3 big clients currently throughout the week and give our opinion on each. Lots of talk about each client, pros and cons, and where they each fall in relation to one another. This week for lore we talk about the rise of The Great Kourend. Our Discord is open for all to...


Episode 83 - Just Mossin'

This week we begin with the discussion of our preferred slayer lists, and what many people are looking for when blocking certain tasks. We briefly touch on the EHP Fantasy Draft season, and talk about ways Jagex could improve the Clan chat box. A new f2p boss gets dropped on us. Same with the announcement of RuneFest 2018, where we talk about the venue that Runefest will be taking place in. A new mobile closed beta is dropped on us, and so does the date for the new raids, Theatre Of...


Episode 82 - The W47 Massacre

We start er' off with the discussion of the terrible "clan chat" system that is in game, and ways it could improve. We see the proposal of a new moss giant boss, possibly f2p to join Obor. We also see some interface changes as well as the good ol' QoL trickling in. Quite the event happens this week, and we talk about the latest drama which caused the death of a innocent player, and 2 bots getting caught in the fires. Deagin drops the top agility xp gains this week Lore this week we...


Episode 81 - Raids Done Quick

This week we start off the show with the usual rambles, and also fall onto the topic of God Wars dungeon. The bosses, items, and mechanics behind it all. As for news.. We see a new quest come to Zeah, as well as many tweaks to favour amongst the houses. We also get the proposal of Chambers of Xeric's challenge mode. Will this bring intense competition to the high level PvM community, or will it break an influx of unique's? Who knows. In other news, Rs3 brings out a poll for their new...


Episode 80 - Membership Inflation

This week we start it off with some rambling on the topics of Barbarian Assault, talking about the armours and the minigame itself. Farming, and Deagins optimal patch route to level 99. We QoL updates, talk some Ios osrs mobile client, and we see Jagex pump up the price of membership. We also go over the Theatre of Blood raid items poll, with the release of the design for the new Justiciar Armour This week for lore we talk about the Third Age: The God Wars. Our Discord is open for all...


Episode 79 - Call Of Runite 2: Modern Scaping

This week, following the usual progression and rambles of Deagin&Dilz we touch on the money rates of Vorkath, comparing to Zulrah, Chambers of Xeric and the upcoming Theatre of Blood. Jagex drops on us a new skill that is sure to change the name of the game for years to come! We also get the new F2P PVP world, with the P2P PVP/PK worlds put on different server rotations. With the upcoming Justiciar armour the subreddit/twitter is being flooded with great suggestions for how it should...


Episode 78 - The Easter Touch Down

This week we start off with some general OSRS rambles, regarding bosses, money making methods, and all that fun stuff. But the week kicks off with some news about the mobile client, and Iphone users get their chance with the beta! We get some even more QoL dribble into the game. We get the annual Easter event into the game, with some controversial, if you can say that, cosmetic gear. And finally we end the news talking about a very old suggestion about the Elven city Prifddinas Lore this...


Episode 77 - Comparing Apples And Osrs's

This week we get to hear the long awaited Apple Mobile Client Beta, while also being teased on a open beta for all! Plus some changes to some of the interfaces. We see some more QoL dribble in, some changes to the Pking worlds, aswell as some Ironmen bossing tweaks. Deagin dives into some of the DMM/DDoS/Clan stuff while Dilz takes a peak at the Fortnite mobile client, and what it might do to the OSRS client. This week for lore we talk about the race Mahjarrat. Stay tuned for the...


Episode 76 - DDoS Man Mode

Quite the eventful week. We talk a lot about the DeadMan Mode tournament this weekend, and all the controversy that came with it. We discuss all the past events aswell as the problems that came with them. We also see some new changes for the new season of DMM. Jagex delivers some big game integrity changes. Gold sinks, bot prevention, all the good stuff. We also see some tweaks to the new raids equipment. This week for lore we talk about the race of the Vampyres. The new Bhooley give...


Episode 75 - The Gwen Stefani Tier

Quite the week this one was. First we start with Dilz and his Master clue grind, which leads to some rambling about Wintertodt. But into the big stuff, we see the first poll for the items for the Theatre of Blood, our 2nd raid! We also see some of the final QoL from February pop in, aswell as the DMM tournament approaching us. We talk about some of the stuff the community has been discussing for the new raid polls, as well as touch on the drama from a high profile youtuber. We bring to...


Episode 74 - The QoL Grand Finale

This episode, we begin with some good old fashion rambles about Zeah, giving the run down of its release, what is available, and what is still yet to come. We see the last of the QoL polls come into the game. Jagex also gives us the ability to rate our experience on OSRS for each session. DMM tournament beta pops up and, thank the gods /s, we see a buff come to raids. We also hear about some security issues on some websites and clients, so we touch on some ways to keep your account...