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The world of Xbox as seen by adults with full time jobs The Xboxcast happens to be 4 people talking about the world of Xbox while managing to have full time jobs. Based in the sleepy town of Napier, New Zealand, The Xboxcast is made up of Kyle (South African), Simone (Kiwi-South African), Lee (English) and Paul (Full Kiwi).

The world of Xbox as seen by adults with full time jobs The Xboxcast happens to be 4 people talking about the world of Xbox while managing to have full time jobs. Based in the sleepy town of Napier, New Zealand, The Xboxcast is made up of Kyle (South African), Simone (Kiwi-South African), Lee (English) and Paul (Full Kiwi).
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Napier, New Zealand


The world of Xbox as seen by adults with full time jobs The Xboxcast happens to be 4 people talking about the world of Xbox while managing to have full time jobs. Based in the sleepy town of Napier, New Zealand, The Xboxcast is made up of Kyle (South African), Simone (Kiwi-South African), Lee (English) and Paul (Full Kiwi).








#222: Lee’s Return To Normal

Lee is back, and so normal programing can resume! We have beta news for Skull & Bones, Fishing Sim World news and get your Warface on, because its coming to Xbox. For new releases, Minecraft on the Switch is making big waves with the aquatic update and Simone catches us up on all the games we missed that you should care about. Give us a listen, share and like and tell your friends. And don’t forget to join our Xbox [...]


#221: The Xboxcast’s Fireside Chat

You’re looking good. Have you lost weight? We are back and we even live streamed this episode! Hit up our YouTube if you want to see our big beautiful faces! This week, we are joined by Jeremy and Lee as we just have a chat about games. Something we don’t do often enough. And certainly a little different to normal. From what we are playing, to our gaming wish list, to even a few unpopular gaming opinions - this f [...]


#220: The Xboxcast’s Post Xbox E3 Hype Show

Put seatbelts on your ears, because this is the Post Xbox E3 Hype Show and boy do we have a lot to cover. To start off, Xbox showed off 52 games, 18 exclusives and 15 world premiers to a crowd of 6,000 people! And to help you digest it all, we are going to go over everything they covered, in the order it was shown. Joined by Simone and Jeremy to keep Kyle’s heart from exploding with hype, lets jump right in. And what better way to kick it off than with Halo Infinte!


#219: Road To Eeeeee Three

With Lee away, the cat is out to play. And that cats’ name is E3. Only the biggest time fo the year for gaming fans. Kyle, Paul and Simone couldn’t really care much about the news or the new games this week, BECAUSE E3 GUYS! So to make sure you are just as excited as we are, we go over the games getting us the most excited. Both confirmed and rumored to be shown off or on the show floor. And of course, Fallout 76! What are you most excited about for E3?


#218: Pratt On A T-Rex

Chris Pratt riding a T-Rex and saving the world is the brand new franchise that you never knew you needed. Until now! So while that happens, we stop everything to completely go gaga for State of Decay 2. Seriously, no other game exists for The Xboxcast any more. We’re all playing it, and you totally should to. In fact we even get Jeremy to join us and talk about his adventures in the zombie wasteland. Fortnite gets sued by PUBG, more dinosaurs get shown off for Jurassic World Evolution...


#217: Just Expect Sarcasm

Sarcasm. Its that thing that you never expect. Unless, of course, you do. In that case, its not unexpected. This week, Kyle and Simone are back, and we are almost back to normal programing. We talk about Apple giving all the 3.5 jacks to Microsoft for use in their new Xbox Adaptive Controller, more titles leaving Game Pass and Fortnite getting $100 million for its foray into e-sports. Its also no smooth sailing for Sea of Thieves. Also, did you know Australia bans games? We have a...


#216: Underground Warframe Trading

Kyle and Simone are still away and so we have mixed things up. A guest introducing the podcast! This is almost a special episode… Today Lee and Paul are joined by Rebekah and her sister Charlie as we learn the best ways to trade in for Warframes in Warframe, the upcoming expansions for Overwatch and City Skylines, how Minecraft and Te Papa are teaching kids about earthquake safety. and we finish off with more war stories from Paul (this time it’s not about his warmongering...


#215: Paul is a Warmonger!

Kyle and Simone are enjoying a well deserved break. Which means the podcast has been left in the hands of Paul, Rebekah and Lee…anything could happen! During the news Lee and Paul try and sell Gamepass to Rebekah Rebekah feels at home in our top platformers run down, and gives us a great review of what we should all be playing. Lee and Paul show their age when talking about the Gaming Hall of Fame. But mostly important we discover Paul is a warmonger!


#214: Pop Out A Goat

Did you know we have a website? Well now you do. So whats stopping you from visiting it? Join our heroes this week as they talk about getting free goats. In Pure Farming 2018 of course. No one goes around these days just handing out goats. Sea of Thieves is riding the wave to be the biggest game Rare has ever done. And we’re not going to take any wind out of their sails. Its not Rare these days to see this game get all the holes patched up. And I think I am out of puns now. We’ll...


#213: The Cake Episode

We have cake. And beer. And its great. You should have been there. To celebrate hitting our first 1,000 listens of the year, we brought in cake! And ate it all. Thank you guys for listening to us, and please remember to like and share and tell everyone about us. Because we’re awesome. And its the right thing to do. This week, a bunch more games decide to go Battle Royal, Sam is getting Serious for the fourth time, getting hunted by Ewoks is all we ever wanted and is Crackdown 3 close...


#211: What The Actual Even?

Kyle is away on important study leave and Lee has bailed. That leaves Simone and Paul to champion this week’s news and games! Joined by guests, Jeremy and Rebekah, we discuss the latest Spyro Remaster, this week’s backwards compatible games, the Fastest-selling game in Far Cry history, and PUBG weekly events! We also have information on the new game arrivals this week, including Extinction, Owlboy, Robocraft Infinity and Bombslinger.


#210: Best Employee Evar!

Can you believe it! We’re already 10 episodes into Season 2. And Destiny 2 is pants? For episode 10, we have a very sad Simone. It seems life in Fable 2 is getting a little too realistic. But we soon forget about the sadness with a few awesome Sea of Thieves stories. In the news, Sea of Thieves has become a behemoth of a game, Fortnite breaks all the YouTube records, Resident Evil VII and The Division are getting enhanced for Xbox One X and No Mans Sky is coming to Xbox. That makes...


#209: Sandwich Mode

Simone entertains us with even more Fable fables, Kyle takes us on his Sea of Thieves adventures and Lee struggles with news, in what is probably our most profressional episode ever. Playstation console exclusive Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice comes to Xbox, with Xbox One X support in tow, Doom is coming with a 4K patch and Xbox is having another sale. We take a trip down memory lane and discuss the legendary Duke controller as well. But all the news is drowned out over the tidal...


#208: Sea of Theewbs

Yarrr! Welcome aboard Ye Ole Xboxcast and sail with us on the high seas, as we seek to unravel the mysteries of this week in the land o’ Xbox. Take a wild guess at what we are super hyped about! Oh, just a small game called Sea of Thieves. You’ve probably never heard of it. Thats why we’re here. To help you out. You’re welcome. Apart from being pirates, we listen to Simone’s continued trials and tribulations in Fable 2, The Xboxcast’s Gears of War 4 event and even Kyle [...]


#207: Simone’s Fable Fables

Now with 100% more stories about Fable II! With a bunch of new games that are lauching, or have launched, this week, we get stuck talking about Surviving Mars and how hyped Kyle is (but isn’t he always hyped?) and Vicious Attack Llama Apocalypse gets everyone quite excited again. Xbox unveiled the world’s first Priate Blaster, PUBG gets some future planning, Everspace goes full 4K and the adorable PixARK gets shown to the world. Lee goes down the rumor rabbit hole and starts randomly...


A Conversation With Josh

The Xboxcast Present: A Conversation With Josh For our March Special, we chat to Josh, who is long time friend of Jordan, and certainly knows his stuff. Josh is super knowledgeable about all things gaming, and it was a pleasure to talk to him. From Elite Dangerous, Monster Hunter World, For Honor and Halo, we cover exactly how many hours he’s played. And lets just say that you will be surprised. And jealous. He’s inspired at least one member of The Xboxcast to devote more time to...


#206: Stupid Clown Wizard

Nah ah, you’re a stupid clown wizard! In what has been the quietest week ever for Xbox news, we have all decided that we really like games. And so we played a bunch of different ones! Simone has started Fable 2, Kyle decided to play Batman Arkham Knight and even Lee, much to everyone’s surprise, started 2 news games - GTA V and Super Lucky’s Tale. Want to hear what we thought of these games? Well listen and find out. Adding to that we discuss Mixer’s new controller sharing feature,...


#205: Lightning VS Cloud

We’re trying to make sense of Lee. But it seems impossible. Can you help? This week Xbox 360 versions of The Witcher 2, Crackdown (which is 11 years old), Fable and Forza Horizon (yes, the original) got enhanced for the One X, which is pretty amazing, and they are looking better than ever. We go over the best selling games of January and number 10 will underwhelm you, Ubisoft is making all the right moves, Burnout Paradise is getting remastered and Destiny 2 gets an update. We also...


#204: I Always Want A Cookie

What we thought was a quiet week on the news side ends up with info coming at us from all sides! Luckily we are here to help break it all down for you. EA might lose Star Wars, mods coming to Cities: Skylines, Xbox One is on fire in Japan and GTA 5 sells how many copies!? Simone tries to prepare us for a llama apocolypse but we get distracted by Age of Empires Definitive Edition and we hear all about the other new games that have headed, or are still heading, our way this week.


#203: Pillars of Paternity

ESports in the olympics? It could be coming sooner than you think! This week in the world of Xbox, we discuss Fortnite getting 3.4 million concurrent players and then promptly crashing, Battlefront 2 getting Clone Wars DLC, Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire coming to Xbox One, Destiny 2’s Crimson Days and Kingdom Hearts 3’s new Monster’s Inc reveal! All this and more in this weeks episode of The Xboxcast. Also, 30 something days until Sea of Thieves, which continues to get us hyped...