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The world of Xbox as seen by adults with full time jobs The Xboxcast happens to be 4 people talking about the world of Xbox while managing to have full time jobs. Based in the sleepy town of Napier, New Zealand, The Xboxcast is made up of Kyle (South African), Simone (Kiwi-South African), Lee (English) and Paul (Full Kiwi).

The world of Xbox as seen by adults with full time jobs The Xboxcast happens to be 4 people talking about the world of Xbox while managing to have full time jobs. Based in the sleepy town of Napier, New Zealand, The Xboxcast is made up of Kyle (South African), Simone (Kiwi-South African), Lee (English) and Paul (Full Kiwi).
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Napier, New Zealand


The world of Xbox as seen by adults with full time jobs The Xboxcast happens to be 4 people talking about the world of Xbox while managing to have full time jobs. Based in the sleepy town of Napier, New Zealand, The Xboxcast is made up of Kyle (South African), Simone (Kiwi-South African), Lee (English) and Paul (Full Kiwi).








#233: The Xboxcast & Jeremy

Simone is being slack. So lets talk to Jeremy! And what should we talk about? I am glad you asked. Forza Horizon 4! Its not like any other games exist right about now... We dive into some cool Forza stats, and spend way to long going on about the drifitng and the sound of crashing into the walls. Its great! And then as per usual, its new games, some gaming news - like For Honor getting a really pretty graphics update - and giving Jeremy a very hard time. But don't worry. He gives...


#232: WARFACE!

In case you haven't heard, Warface is coming to Xbox One... After coming to Xbox 360 in 2013. Its ok, we don't understand either. Simone is still Red Deading it up, Lee has finished the Forsaken story, and all three of us are still only slightly obsessed with Forza Horizon 4. Call of Duty: Black Ops Quadruple I is here to crush what remains of PUBG, and it brings a heap of ID@Xbox friends along. There really is something for everyone this week. What has really gotten us excited this...


#231: The Xboxcar's Forzathon

With the smell of petrol in the air, and the arrival of cars that cost more than your house, we can safely assume its Forza season! Thats right, Forza Horizon 4 has arrived, and its even on GamePass on Day 1! You have no excuse for not playing it. In this very special normal episode, join Kyle and Lee as they talk about their experience in what is the arguably the best racing game ever made. Did they enjoy it? What was good? What was great? And what blew the doors off? This is our...


#230: A Lack Of Leather Pants

No more fancy intros. Nothing different about the hosts. This is a 100% normal episode. There is nothing to be afraid of. Have you heard of Abzu? Well you will now. Its on GamePass so you have no excuse for not playing. On a completely unrelated note, guess what Kyle has been playing? Lee, of course has been playing Destiny 2 Forsaken - shout out to Northstar for adopting us into their clan! This week we have a ton of games that will, have, or are about to launch. Dakar 18, Fifa 19,...


#229: Just Ignore My Hands

Are you ready for some news? Because thats all we're doing in this one! Oh, and Lee has played a little indie game, not sure you'll ever hear of it - Call of Duty: Black Ops 4! Final Fantasy's are coming to Xbox, and we couldn't be happier! If you ask us, its about time. We can't wait to dive into 7, 9 and 10 all over again. Sorry 8, but you're a bit late to this party. PUBG was broken, and then fixed, and then fixed some more in what turns out to be a rollercoaster of emotions. Alexa is...


#228: Do Dinosaurs Eat Brussel Sprouts?

Do dinosaurs eat brussel sprouts? We try to find out! Simone is having a hard time with driving a horse and shooting the bad guys in Red Dead Redemption. And dating more pigeons. These two might be related... Kyle is getting absorbed into Gears of War 4 and has managed to convince Lee to play too. No seriously, check out our YouTube! And everyone is still being amazed at the beauty of Star Wars Battlefront 2. In the news, PUBG gets achievements, Forza Horizon 4 releases its...


#227: Xbox Axe(cess)

Do you want to learn all about tupperware parties? Do you even know what a tupperware party is? Well, you're in luck - our special guest Jeremy is here to explain everything you need to know about them. From how to get started, to what you need, to even what tupper really is. You don't want to miss this one! With Simone being away, we take the time to reflect on the lull of news by talking about Xbox All Access! It's real, it's a thing, and no, Phil will not come to your house if you buy...


#226: Gamescom Hype Train 2018

We're back! And Just in time to get on the Gamescom Hype Train for this year. Gamescom happened this week in Germany! And were pretty sure you aren't tired of hearing about it yet. There is a ton of news to get through. From PUBG controllers to Battlefield V Special Edition Xbox One X's and everything in between. Sea of Thieves gets an expansion, State of Decay 2 gets an expansion, PUBG gets a release date and Hunt: Showdown pops up on our radars. We have the freshest Xbox news, shipped...


#225: The 50th Episode

This here is a very special episode. For you see, its our 50th episode ever! What? We never did any beta episodes. No idea what you're talking about. Anyways! This time we start off a bitt differently. The format is undergoing a revision, so please let us know what you think. Kyle plays Sea of Thieves, becomes a drug addict in Fallout 4 and tells some really awesome jokes. Simone talks to us about Quantum Break and the amazing end boss fight. Lee... Lee has been driving cars. Not real...


#224: Soggy Milo

And out of nowhere, a normal episode appears! But how can you be normal with this bunch? Since we're back with your regularly scheduled episode, Lee comes at us with news, nuus, and knews... So much news! Xbox Scarlett and its streaming capabilities, Microsoft hitting $10 Billion with is gaming division, Shadow of War removing microtransactions, QuakeCON coming u, Destiny 2 news and... Fortnite took up 20% of all internet traffic in New Zealand? Say what? For new games, we have a big...


#223: The Xboxcast's One Year Anniversary Episode

A year ago, we came together to talk about games. Who would have thought we'd still be doing this? Not us, thats who! But here we are, officially one year old! And what better way to celebrate, than to eat cake while trying talk... Well that and have a look back at our very first episode - Episode Numero Uno. From the news of yesteryear, to what we were playing back then and then even a bit of introspection where Kyle asks everyone how happy they are to be seeing his face every week,...


#222: Lee's Return To Normal

Lee is back, and so normal programing can resume! We have beta news for Skull & Bones, Fishing Sim World news and get your Warface on, because its coming to Xbox. For new releases, Minecraft on the Switch is making big waves with the aquatic update and Simone catches us up on all the games we missed that you should care about. Give us a listen, share and like and tell your friends. And don't forget to join our Xbox Live Club to keep up to speed with our gaming (or lack there of)....


#221: The Xboxcast's Fireside Chat

You're looking good. Have you lost weight? We are back and we even live streamed this episode! Hit up our YouTube if you want to see our big beautiful faces! This week, we are joined by Jeremy and Lee as we just have a chat about games. Something we don't do often enough. And certainly a little different to normal. From what we are playing, to our gaming wish list, to even a few unpopular gaming opinions - this fireside chat has it all. -- PSA: The Xboxcast is now on Mixer!...


#220: The Xboxcast's Post Xbox E3 Hype Show

Put seatbelts on your ears, because this is the Post Xbox E3 Hype Show and boy do we have a lot to cover. To start off, Xbox showed off 52 games, 18 exclusives and 15 world premiers to a crowd of 6,000 people! And to help you digest it all, we are going to go over everything they covered, in the order it was shown. Joined by Simone and Jeremy to keep Kyle's heart from exploding with hype, lets jump right in. And what better way to kick it off than with Halo Infinte! Welcome to the...


#219: Road To Eeeeee Three

With Lee away, the cat is out to play. And that cats' name is E3. Only the biggest time fo the year for gaming fans. Kyle, Paul and Simone couldn't really care much about the news or the new games this week, BECAUSE E3 GUYS! So to make sure you are just as excited as we are, we go over the games getting us the most excited. Both confirmed and rumored to be shown off or on the show floor. And of course, Fallout 76! What are you most excited about for E3? -- You can follow The...


#218: Pratt On A T-Rex

Chris Pratt riding a T-Rex and saving the world is the brand new franchise that you never knew you needed. Until now! So while that happens, we stop everything to completely go gaga for State of Decay 2. Seriously, no other game exists for The Xboxcast any more. We're all playing it, and you totally should to. In fact we even get Jeremy to join us and talk about his adventures in the zombie wasteland. Fortnite gets sued by PUBG, more dinosaurs get shown off for Jurassic World Evolution...


#217: Just Expect Sarcasm

Sarcasm. Its that thing that you never expect. Unless, of course, you do. In that case, its not unexpected. This week, Kyle and Simone are back, and we are almost back to normal programing. We talk about Apple giving all the 3.5 jacks to Microsoft for use in their new Xbox Adaptive Controller, more titles leaving Game Pass and Fortnite getting $100 million for its foray into e-sports. Its also no smooth sailing for Sea of Thieves. Also, did you know Australia bans games? We have a...


#216: Underground Warframe Trading

Kyle and Simone are still away and so we have mixed things up. A guest introducing the podcast! This is almost a special episode... Today Lee and Paul are joined by Rebekah and her sister Charlie as we learn the best ways to trade in for Warframes in Warframe, the upcoming expansions for Overwatch and City Skylines, how Minecraft and Te Papa are teaching kids about earthquake safety. and we finish off with more war stories from Paul (this time it's not about his warmongering...


#215: Paul Is A Warmonger!

Kyle and Simone are enjoying a well deserved break. Which means the podcast has been left in the hands of Paul, Rebekah and Lee...anything could happen! During the news Lee and Paul try and sell Gamepass to Rebekah Rebekah feels at home in our top platformers run down, and gives us a great review of what we should all be playing. Lee and Paul show their age when talking about the Gaming Hall of Fame. But mostly important we discover Paul is a warmonger! -- You can follow The...


#214: Pop Out A Goat

Did you know we have a website? Well now you do. So whats stopping you from visiting it? Join our heroes this week as they talk about getting free goats. In Pure Farming 2018 of course. No one goes around these days just handing out goats. Sea of Thieves is riding the wave to be the biggest game Rare has ever done. And we're not going to take any wind out of their sails. Its not Rare these days to see this game get all the holes patched up. And I think I am out of puns now. We'll just...